Top Ten Worst Zoos of 2014

Zoos are captivity, animals belong in the wild, where they can live full lives! Free them!

What I decided to start is at the end of each year I would collect the most abusive zoos, and I decided I couldn't wait and did the past year, 2014.

The Top Ten

1 San Antonio Zoo

They have one surviving elephant. That zoo is so bad at taking care of their animals, the habitats are so bad for the elephants, they all died. She was alone for 3 years until they brought in another that died, and she remains alone. - ToptenPizza

I like some zoos some are good some are bad help the animals

Terrible habitat for a lot of the animals

2 Natural Bridge Zoo

One of their elephants, Asha, has been without company for a decade. She must be so lonely, elephants are extremely social and are usually with other elephants! She is forced to give rides in the sweltering heat under the threat of the dreaded bullhook, what elephants go through each day is beyond cruel. Apparently they use the bullhook so often people have complained seeing her get beaten! If that is what they are willing to do in the public eye, imagine what they do in private! - ToptenPizza

I've seen what happened behind the scenes at youtube and it was HORRIFIC! This zoo must get shut down immediately!

3 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

I've never been to six flags and now never will after hearing how they force the elephant to give rides (similar to forcing dolphins to swim with public) beat it with a bullhook and shocking them with sun gun, not to mention the BABY elephant getting beaten on the head with a bullhook and being pulled by the trunk. All for the sake of entertainment. - ToptenPizza

4 Bronx Zoo

I went there as a kid. Now I regret it. - RoseWeasley

This zoo does not have the right recources to keep elephants, they had 3 of their elephants must endure harsh winters and ridiculously small spaces, Happy, one of the elephants, has contributed to science by showing how aware and intelligent elephants are, but because the small spaces stress out elephants so the two other elephants had attacked her, so they now keep happy in confinement. It's terrible! - ToptenPizza

Most of the zoo is actually decent. Just sucks that they can't care for the Elephants properly. They likely are trying, but don't have the equipment.

That's unbleavable

5 Buttonwood Park Zoo

An elephant Ruth, has had frost bite and other infections due to the cold weather, she also got beat by her fellow cellmate to the point where she screamed in pain, the zookeepers did absolutely nothing, and they also hooked her with a bullhook (keep in mind she has arthritis) in order to make her walk faster. - ToptenPizza

6 Buffalo Zoo

Two elephants, Jothi and Surapa were born in warm India, now they were forced to adjust to 2 degrees, snowy Buffalo. Last summer was very hot, then it was very cold. It was hars for me so imagine being those two elephants! They live in a tiny barn with no room to even turn around, even after it was expanded. - ToptenPizza

7 Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

Imagine, walking down the gravel path holding your mothers hand, passing the pandas, the lynx, and finally coming to your favourite animal. The majestic lion. You run up to the fence, holding the cold railing, not bothering to read the description. It starts to stare at you, the big, yellow eyes. Suddenly you hear a BANG right behind you. As you turn around you can see a big crowd. You scramble through the legs of people and see lying on the ground, a dead giraffe. This is what happened in a zoo in Copenhagen zoo.

A healthy young male giraffe, Marius, was killed on 9 February 2014 on the recommendation of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. His meat was fed to the zoo's lions, while other parts were transferred to a scientific institution.
On 25 March 2014, the zoo euthanized four lions (two adults and two ten-month-old cubs). The zoo stated that they were introducing a male lion and did not want to disrupt the pride's natural structure and behavior. The lions ...more

Worst zoo in the world. They killed a 6 month year old giraffe in front of everyone because the giraffes were over populating. They chopped of many different parts of the giraffe and fed it to the lions. about 5 weeks later they shot and murdered 4 other lions(two adults and two 10 month old). for the same reason to many lions. They also declined offers from other zoos, because they thought It would be cool to show the kids. One man offered 700,000 American dollars, but they still declined.

This zoo sucks! I went there once and it is terrible

Can you put my post back please? I need it for some homework I have and its for evidence. so please show my post

8 Topeka Zoo
9 Wildlife Safari, Winston

Elephants died prematurely, the floors are hard, and there is little space so they get arthritis way to early and die young! They are also controlled with bullhooks, being stabbed, beaten, and poked, so they will wash the cars for entertainment! Are you kidding me? Are humans so dull, can we do so little, we need to get animals to do it? I'm sure we can carve statues that shoot water in a fancy way, or have humans do acts? Oh wait, they'd have to pay them, wealth before health! And I thought slavery was illegal! - ToptenPizza

10 Milwaukee County Zoo

The cages in witch they put the elephants resemble a produce plastic rap thing, for an elephant. Can we all just acknowledge elephants are big creatures, and need a large amount of space? Ruth and Brittney sway repeditly, and show other unnatural behaviours as a result of this! I remember my aunt needed to get dog food and a hamster was running back and forth, and it made me sick so much I wanted to vomit all over the cashier when I questioned if this was normal, because I researched this is the result of an inbred, and she kept insisting it was normal and my aunt got mad at me for pestering her, well I'm sorry but I think animals deserve better! - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia

They feed the tigers meat laced with formaldehyde!


This zoo is horrible and the workers are so lazy and abuse the animals! 😡
they fed a Giraffe plastic instead of food! they ripped a Lion's teeth out!
All of them! and they thinned out a Tiger! Tigers are beautiful and they're
endangered! and they force animals to
death! what kind of a zoo is this!? 😥Thank the participating kind animal
loving people this nightmarish zoo of
death is closed forever!

12 Cincinnati Zoo

I think moto moto likes you


13 Rosamond Gifford Zoo

The male elephants are removed from their mothers, transferred between zoos, and being exploited with breeding then simply thrown away. They seperated Chuck from his mom at 6, when in the wild, they leave at 14, and sent to another zoo. Early seperation is traumatic for calfs and the mother! They were reunited for only 3 years! Why? Just why, humanity - ToptenPizza

14 Disney's Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is better. - RoseWeasley

I like Disney world, but will never go to animal kingdom. They shipped a pregnant elephant mother despite that being unhealthy, and she died with her unborn baby! Also, a 10 year old elephant died of salmonella. Disney is an insanely rich corporation but they can't afford to treat their animals humanely? You know words. - ToptenPizza

15 Marwell Zoo, UK
16 Kabul Zoo
17 Southwick's Zoo

To this day the worst zoo I have ever seen enclosures too small

All of the animals are kept in tiny enclosures with nothing to do. The zookeeper are also undertrained

18 Peoria Zoo, Illinois
19 Jackson Zoo
20 Zoologico De Vallarta

This zoo doesn't even take care of their animals, they do not have room to do anything, it is disgusting.

21 Pata Zoo, Thailand
22 Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo
23 Franklin Park Zoo
24 Phuket Zoo, Thailand

Yep, one horrible zoo. They abuse monkeys and elephants. Elephants are seen swaying which is a common sign of stress. Tigers are drugged to keep tourists safe while taking photos. Parrots, baby emu, and a small creature called a civet are trapped in tiny, miserable cages. Deer and ostriches don't have any plant stuff around them like they would in the wild or in a sanctuary or ACTUAL zoo and are starving. Bears don't have any natural surface beneath their feet and live on concrete. The crocodile pen is really stinky and overcrowded and some dumbass puts his head between the jaws of the crocs. Hawks, eagles and vultures have their feet tied with chains so tourists can (once again) take selfies. A baby monkey is kept in a tiny cage and is let out only for tourists to take pictures while handling the monkey, causing stress for the poor creature. And then there's the orangutan. The good news was that the orangutan was rescued from the zoo, and the bad news is the primate was released into ...more

25 Dade City's Wild Things

This zoos is horrible. They got sued for killing 10 baby tigers and they are still standing! They only care about animals as babies then treat them badly as adults. Horrible place

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