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These are the best lines from superstars from the WWE(F). There are a lot of good ones, but which one is the best?
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1 If You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin - The Rock

The Rock signing autographs...
The Rock: What's your name?
Fan: (saying his name)...
The Rock: It doesn't matter what your name is...


I'm The jabRoni beatin pie eating trail blazin. Eye brow raising I'm the best in present future and past.. If you don't like me... Then you can kiss the peoples candy asss

This phrase was part of my childhood even though I didn't like WWE so yeah

The best line created on wwe. You gotta love the rock.

2 If You're Not Down With That We Got Two Words For You SUCK IT!!! - DX

Best quote ever in pro wrestling! They should have a reunion and comeback. Thumbs up for a reunion one more time

I love. They were my favorite tag team. I really miss them...And if you not down with that, I got two words for ya.. SUCK IT!

Best quotes by the best team. HHH and HBK are just awesome with the mic.

Everyone knows those 2 words suck it

3 And That's The Bottom Line 'Cause Stone Cold Said So - Steve Austin

This is THE catchphrase of Attitude Era... Because it came from The man who brought the attitude... Stone Cold...

I am a big fan of stone cold steve austin 3:16 and that's the bottom line

I am a big fan of stone cold steve austin

I love stone cold

4 WHAT - Steve Austin

It is still repeated to this day even after stone cold is gone.

Don't you hate it when you have to repeat yourself? WHAT!

What-its awesome when we all say it together-- WHAT

Sorry guy I have told what in the before seccion

5 You Will REST IN PEACE! - Undertaker

Every time he says this sentence there is a strange fear on his opponent's face which can be observed.

Smell what the Rock is cooking is #1? Screw that, Undertakers should be #1.

Undertaker the dead man this lines suites him

You go and fight with roman reigns and come

6 The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be - Bret Hart

He is the best

My all time favorite wrestler... :-)

7 It doesn't matter what you Think - The Rock

Man that line is just Epic.
Many great superstars like Edge, Stone Cold and "The Worst in the World" Michael Cole have gotten their asses handed to them by that line.

No its not correct it always matters what you think (YOU)

It really doesn't matter what you think.

Yeah that's nice, the rock way.

8 What ya Gonna Do When Hulkamania Runs Wild On You - Hulk Hogan

Hulkamania still runs wild

Hulk Hogan hall of famer I should vote for it

what are you gonna do when those 24 in. pythons are gonna wrap around you?

9 To Be The Man, You Gotta Beat The Man WOOOO - Ric Flair

The part that says in order to be the man you gotta beat the man, that's true. He's done great things. However, the woo really kills me.

John Cena is gonna be the man soon after his title win

Really? I dislike him with a burning passion

Well same for rich flair and hulk Hogan

10 Finally The Rock Has Come Back... - The Rock

The line changed the history off WWE attitude era

The rock has finally cm back to rock

I like the rock

The Contenders

I love John Cena and his slogans.. AND when he says you want some come get some then he will definitely show you what he is! Love you cena... Rise above hate

I am a Cena fan... I know him well... He s d only man who tells and does the things he said... So proud 2b a Cena fan...

Best catchphrase there is there was and there will ever be. Greatest wrestler of all time.#Legend

John Cena is one of the best wrestlers of 2016 and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

12 You're NEXT - Goldberg

That's great beacause time passed never come back but the time in our hand make use of it and get benefit from the suffiecient time whatever remains in your own hand

it's even scary when your mom says it to you

My bully said that to me Its SCARY

Plzzz return to. WWE


Everyone he says it to gets their asses handed to them-Rena

This line can screw any WWE megastar, lolz

That’s good if it’s Braun Strowman, The Hardy Boyz, Shinduke Nakamura, or Baron Corbin

14 Give Me a Hell Yeah - Cold Steve Austin

Baddest man on the planet

Just give him a hell yeah

15 Viva La Raza - Eddie Guerrero

Miss you eddie... Your lie your cheat your stole awesome... Really u stole our heary

What an awesome wrestler

16 "I Am Neither Weak Nor Dishonest I Am The Best In The World"
17 Kings don't win wars, Soldiers do. - Roman Reigns

It is a true fact. I mean after all, the kings only sit on their stupid chairs while the soldiers do all the hard work. Even if their own lives go in the process. BELIEVE THAT

True fact kings just sit on their lazy butts and command and threaten people. Soldiers actually fight even if they do't win.

I like this line by Roman Reigns it kinder of true.

This line is true. Believe That.

18 Can You Dig It...Sucka? - Booker T

No one says it better than BOOKER T.

19 I Am the Best At What I Do - Chris Jericho

He is the best in the world at what he does!

He is really the best

Best in the world

Raw is jericho

20 Here Comes The Pain - Brock Lesnar

They even made a game with that quote. Come On!

21 Suplex City, Bitch! - Brock Lesnar

Its awesome when Brock leaner 1st said this at WM31

It's suplex city bitch

22 You know your damn role and shut your damn mouth - The Rock
23 I can and I will, believe that - Roman Reigns
24 Thank You For Reminding Us Just Who The Hell We Are - DX Triple H
25 Try Me I and Will Make You Famous - Undertaker

What a beauty quote

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