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List of YouTube channels who critique music the realest way they can.

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1 The Needle Drop

"The internet's busiest music nerd"

He is the most unbiased, smartest, and most versatile music critic out there. He listens to and reviews literally everything. From rock, pop, metal, rap, and jazz to everything in between. He is very knowledgeable about the underground of music's most obscure genres, such as death metal, black metal, grindcore, drone, avant-garde, jazz, you name it. He listens to and reviews everything, which makes his "best of the year" videos that much more interesting, because he isn't limited to 1-2 genres like most critics. He judges albums beyond the average critic, for production, artwork, guitar tones, the overall flow of the record and diversity. Check him out, he is awesome

A great critic. Although some of what he said is quite contradictory, and although his criteria is slightly questionable at times, he remains an open-minded, explorative, surprisingly objective(most of the time) critic.

When I started watching his videos I didn't know how famous he was. Now I realise he's easily as big as Christgau.

Deeply respect his knowledge, work ethic, thorough reviews and humour. Only about a 50% overlap in musical taste, but the Needle Drop has expanded my musical repetoire and taste hugely and I'm very grateful.

2 Todd In the Shadows

Todd likes anaconda because it's supposed to be controversial. The whole point he is making is it is provocative on purpose and getting mad at it is just helping the song.

Hands down the most entertaining music reviewer on the internet

My least favorite review from him was his Anaconda review. And not because of the butts in the video. I have no problem with butts. And not because of Nicki's horrible voice (Even Todd notices her voice is terrible). I dislike it because he thought why people rejected Stupid Hoe because it was meant to be unlikable while people didn't reject Anaconda which was also meant to be unlikable (Which was because butts sold millions that year).

Um, news flash for you Todd. People didn't want to listen to Stupid Hoe because the beat was too irritating, Nicki's voice was overly atrocious, and the music video... holy heck don't even get me started on the music video.

He probably already knew that. He was more surprised that something distasteful like Anaconda would be so popular. After all he did state that Anaconda is a complete train wreck but has stated some positive things about the song. Aside from Nicki's horrific voice.

I don't get why there's so much hate right now. Todd is awesome!

3 Spectrum Pulse

Spectrum Pulse is highly intelligent. He explores all venues of music instead of just sticking to one genre. The amount of work he puts in every single review is astounding, it's like he can know everything about an album and its artist inside and out. Most amazing critic on YouTube.

Probably my favorite Youtube music reviewer :) he's intelligent, very knowledgeable on music, explores many genres and doesn't just stick to one specific genre (he's actually probably the only music critic on Youtube that reviews country music daily) and he has excellent taste in music. He may sound harsh to some who's not used to watching his reviews all the time but he's very fair & balanced in his reviews & that's what some music critics especially in the mainstream like Pitchfork lack these days is unbiased balance & fairness. He's also very hard-working & puts a lot of effect into his reviews & his weekly series Billboard Breakdown is amazing to watch with such a wonderful & well thought-out analysis on the hot 100 & sometimes other world charts & his brief reviews on the newest tracks on the hot 100 every week. Mark Grondin (Spectrum Pulse's real name) is probably the best music critic on Youtube right now

Great reviewer, especially with Billboard Breakdown.

This guy puts a lot of effort in his video and has really great opinions. He's nerdy but in a good way. He deserves to go higher

4 The Double Agent

Very mature, cool, awesome, thorough and my favorite reviewer when it comes to songs!

How is this guy not higher?


This guy is awesome! when he reviews music, he's funny,thorough and fair.

5 Dead End Hip Hop

Four people with their own opinions really gives you a balance, unlike The Needle Drop or any other channel with just one reviewer, it doesn't feel that the opinions are being preached to you as "correct", it's just four dudes that love hip-hop and understand the art having a discussion like any hip hop fans would have in their living room, only difference is they capture it on camera.

No agendas or bias, real truthful and brutally honest opinions that are backed up by valid opinions and facts. Great diversity in the 4 different critics tastes leading to a varied and thought provoking discussion

Unique group dynamic combined with honest opinions makes for interesting, energetic and entertaining reviews. They have put me on to new artists whom I otherwise would've never known about or thought to listen to.

NOBODY Are yes men everybody really feel how they feel if that makes sense laugh out loud

6 Rap Critic

Great critic, falls short of fame appeal

Most hilarious person on YouTube. Also analysis the lyrics better than anyone.

7 A Dose of Buckley

I honestly think he's better than Todd In the Shadows. Check him out if you haven't.

Way better than Todd In the Shadows in my opinion.

Also makes great video compilations, falls short on creativity and better opinionism

8 A Critic Named Kevin
9 Kumerai Fang

Intelligent, funny, good at editing, and one of the very few female critics out at the moment. Kumerai Fang is awesome.

Wondering why this isn't higher. I generally love her.

10 CoverkillerNation

I love that he doesn't allow others to colour his opinion. Everything he says, he personally believes, which is shockingly rare these days.

Extremely literate and never resorts to "that beat or that riff is so badass". It sounds almost like he is a political figure reading off of his paper.

The best. Great review of clockwork angels album

The inspiration for music madness.

The Contenders

11 ARTV Reviews

He's just so genuine about music, you can tell that he really cares about it and the artists. I've been introduced to so much music I never would've seen and deep cuts that I'd never heard of. He inspired me to give The 1975 another shot, and now I'm going to my first real concert that they're doing in Auckland NZ, and I'm really excited! Favorite music critic, probably favorite you-tuber in general.

Another music critic I enjoy watching He truly loves music with a passion and his reviews are very spot-on & like Spectrum Pulse he's very open to all kinds of music from many different genres and not just one in particular & he puts a lot of effort & hard-work into his reviews & his other channel Beyond ARTV is pretty great to watch too with mulitple weekly series like "7 on Sunday" a list of the top 7 of basically anything mostly music-related like 7 songs that he currently likes or even theme-like lists like 7 songs for fall or 7 songs to help you sleep at night & there's his other series "Rant It Out" where he talks about a certain issue that's on his mind music-related or not there's also track reviews, CD collection videos, he even had podcast for a little while, etc. etc. Definitely one of my favorite music critics

Love him. He has great album reviews and is super quirky, it's hilarious.

He is usually a very good and smart music critic.

12 Bed Reviews

Get this dude to #1 asap.

Funniest/most honest reviewer on YouTube

Hilariously honest meme lord.

13 Diamond Axe Studios Music

Sean is the Next Big Thing is the Music Critic community. His videos are authentic, well thought out, well defended, and of course, very bold. I also admire that he doesn't shove humor down your throat. He's funny at perfect times. This man needs more subscribers because he is very interesting.

Sean has been reviewing less than three years. But, no one puts as much analysis, humor and production into every video.

14 Myke C Town

Eclectic music taste leads to intelligent & descriptive reviews.

Simon Cowell of youtube music critics

15 Rock Critic

This guys is hilarious! Especially his Rise and Fall of Weezer series!

So Underrated. His Green Day Retrospective was awesome!

Review Death Grips

16 Big Quint

Best music REACTOR on YouTube!

Dudes the best

17 Rocked Reviews

Very detailed reviews with a wide variety inside the rock genre that most critics seem to overlook

The best!

The Triforce of Suckage

18 The Rageaholic
19 Cdtvproductions
20 The Wonky Angle
21 Cicabeot1
22 TheRadicalDouche

Check him out, he tends to be... interesting...

23 Mr. 96
24 The Quotable Sayak
25 Ducky
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