Top Ten YouTube Scandals

YouTube is a very big place to go on, but many people are taking the wrong path and becoming horrible people, causing problems.

Some were even reported and got into trouble, and took scandalous paths, causing scandals for YouTube.

Here's a list of the idiots or scandals of YouTube.
The Top Ten
1 TheFineBros (Internet Crash)

I think people were misinterpreting their mission here - they were only trying to trademark their "format" (which is still a stupid idea on the internet) - but I can't believe they didn't run the idea through a focus group or something. The hoopla was quita entertaining, at least. Especially that live subscriber count!

TheFineBros were once the most popular group on YouTube, but then in 2016, their decided to trademark "React" and then they were at war with the internet, they lost so many viewers and subscribers, and they were even accused of copyright in his videos and then their react videos were no more.

This is by far one of the worst things a YouTuber account has ever done! I mean they called out other channels for ''copying'' them? I thought these guys were cool! Why did they have to do that? On top of that now they're actually gaining subscribers again! You heard me their sub count is going up again. Just no words for this.

I'm pretty disappointed. I loved TheFineBros and REACT. I still do, but I'm ticked at how they would sue someone for having their own reacting video...

2 Sam Pepper ("Killing Best Friend Prank" Video)

Sam was an awful YouTuber, he was making videos and his work involved attacking people for his "social experiments", he sexually harassed girls and he tried to kill a person as a prank(on his Killing Best Friend Prank video).
He got slammed so hard that he will never be forgotten, and when he apologized, we thought we would forgive him for what he did, but it turned out it was a joke, we really lost trust in him, thank goodness he made his content private.

This is still the biggest scandal that has ever happened on YouTube, he tried to kill someone as a "social experiment", and got busted.

This should be number one.

The fact that people overreacted on his pranks is proof how hypersensitive people are nowadays.

He is so gross and horrible, he was playing a killing best friend prank, and he messed up, he's gone crazy.

3 PewDiePie (Suicidal Videos)

His games were crazy, and he kept yelling at people, but the main thing is that he made videos of him attempting to kill himself, look at "PewDiePie is Dead", that just shows you what's happening.

It's sarcasm idiot. His viewers know it. He was just poking fun at all of the death rumours that surround him all the time. It's not even close to "suicidal"!

He isn't having suicidal thoughts!
Unrelated note: In the video "Pewdiepie is Dead", Pewdiepie sees that he's number 1 on the worst YouTubers list

He never actually did all this... Pewdiepie is a nice guy, but his content is just crap in my opinion.

4 Nicole Arbour (Dear Fat People) Nicole Arbour is a Canadian actress, choreographer, comedian, dancer, singer, and YouTube personality. She is known for the video "Dear Fat People"

I couldn't even watch the first 20 seconds of this cringe worthy video. All it is is just Nicole Arbor making fun of fat people in a way that's not even hilariously awful and her being narcissistic about her plastic body. samanime was right. It's sad people even think she is funny.

No, this isn't funny. This is ridiculous. Ignite this awful video so Nicole won't get any recognition anymore.

I wanna take Madoka's bow and smash it through Nicole Arbour and her dumb channel

Fat glorifying is bad, but fat shaming is bad as above

5 Anime America Podcast (Clannad Cyberbullying Incident)

Anime America Podcast is a YouTube anime channel infamous for the amount of bullying and death threats it throws at its viewers, just because they don't have the same opinions as they do!

CastlevaniaFanboy128, my friend. Where are you? Seriously, he knows just about how much this channel sucks. I am shocked that he hasn't commented on this item yet.

Black Critic Guy seems to be an underrated anime reviewer YouTube channel. I like Black Critic Guy more than Anime America, because he respects opinions, isn't harsh with his opinions, isn't a bully, AND IS ACTUALLY FUNNY AND KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT AS HE SPEAKS.

Who's Anime America?! Murican Earth Chan?!

6 Logan Paul (Exploiting Dead Body On Tape)

I think the problem overall is how the United States would start to be represented by other countries via YouTube after this incident. In addition, I'm surprised Logan Paul actually traveled to one of the most infamous places in Japan. I do blame his crew for not taking precautions or even trying to determine any sort of consequence entering the Suicide Forest, let alone capturing a dead body on tape). Lastly, I am afraid of what the newest generation could turn out, considering the video actually has more likes than dislikes.

Incredibly disrespectful towards the person, as well as his family. I find it hard to believe people actually can defend this. Plus, Logan went off trail, which I'm pretty sure is restricted.

What a horrible prank!

How is this not first.

7 Toby Turner (Drug and Sexual Addiction)

I think he's innocent of sexual assault and drug addiction, but I'm not too sure about him not cheating.

They're just trying to get Toby's money.

We thought he was horrible, until he raped his girlfriend and took drugs, and he got accused for it, it's alleged that he did all of that.

He was accused of rape and drug addiction.

8 Lucas Cruikshank (Selling FRED Channel + Sex Addiction)

First, he came out of the closet as gay, then next, he used language, then later, he and Jennifer Veal were nude in one video (though censor blocks were added), later, he made videos in his bathtub. and later, he sold his Fred channel for money, What an idiot.

The Fred guy, Lucas Cruikshank, was once a mega hit on YouTube, being the first to get a million views and subscribers, guest star on T.V. shows, make movies and a T.V. show, he was the first to do all of that, he made an original character that annoyed lots of us, but at least it was original quality, and the lines were very unique.

But then in late 2013, he made a sexual revelation, and ever since that, he's gone crazy, and the next year, he was planning on going to Korea to save Fred from that new kid, as a way to bring Fred back to YouTube, but then he sold his FRED channel as a way to make more money, and now on his personal channel, which doesn't get a lot of views, he just shows off his body parts and talks about them for attention and views, yet he, like many other YouTubers these days, shares only the worst parts of his personal life to others, it's been known that he even watches porn on a daily basis, therefore, he's been suffering from sex addiction, yet one time, ...more

YouTube used to be about fun and entertainment, but now it's about sex and money, people like to show off their areas and talk about boyfriends for more views and money, even he's taken that path.

He changed his humor too much, it just shows you that YouTube is falling into a dump.

9 Nicole Arbour (Matthew Santoro Abuse) Nicole Arbour is a Canadian actress, choreographer, comedian, dancer, singer, and YouTube personality. She is known for the video "Dear Fat People"

She's on here twice. Shows how great of a person she is (not).

10 Matthew Lush (Airline Threat)

He was originally awful as being a gay psychopath, and his videos were awfully sexual and pornographic.
But then after an online glitch accidentally booked him a return ticket to JetBlue, he contacted customer service to get a refund, he contacted a reporter named Regina, he decided to play up the Mean Girls memes using her name and cursomer reference number, tweeting "One time Regina treated @MatthewLush badly, I punched her in the face, it was awesome #ByeRegina87346," and others.

When Lush entered the Terminal, he was denied access to the fight and was flagged a security threat to the airline.

After being removed and flying home on another carrier, Lush took to YouTube and encouraged his 580,000 followers to boycott the airline until he was allowed on flights.

For JetBlue’s part, they stand by their ban, saying in a statement, “The decision to remove any customer from a flight is made after careful and informed decision by local airport officials and ...more

Wow, I had no idea about this. Crazy! O.O

The Contenders
11 NigaHiga (Humor Flip)

Alright, this isn't even a scandal. This is just an opinion. Nigahiga's humor did not flip, it's just evolving into something more broad. He still makes puns, still surprises us, but the increase in quality and effort he puts in his videos is evident. I don't know why this is on the list in the first place, but most people can agree that this isn't a 'scandal' others are talking about.

Once a great guy who was extremely successful, took a dark path that ruined his channels, he ruined his humor and makes fun of things, like SpongeBob, and he lost his ideas and comedy as well as his originality.

He has just matured a little bit. It's the age factor. With more experiences, comes more maturity. It's not bad at all. And definitely not a scandal.

I've watched plenty of nigahiga, and I can say he hasn't really changed a bit. Not even physically. His videos are more high quality, that's all.

12 SofloAntonio (Freebooting & Copyright Infringement)

This guy's channel needs to be removed from YouTube. All he does is freeboot stolen content, credits them to a false page, and recycles these videos for future use.

More like SoFlo Bignosio

13 Onision (Cheating Wife Scandal)
14 DaddyOFive (Abuse)

He should just go to jail

15 Keemstar aka Drama Alert (John Phillips and Tony)

Basically, Keemstar (host) made a story on a pedophile called John Phillips, who met a girl on Runescape and he is now streaming. However, the streamer was actually a man named Tony, while John was still in prison. He started to cry due to the amount of death threats. Keemstar immediately made an apology video, which has over 100k dislikes.

Oh yeah...this. Goes to show how little effort DramaAlert puts into research.

16 Lisa Schwartz (Personality Flip)

She was once a gaming person, which made her an original, but then she turned upside down by overdoing DIY videos and not games, she yells at her fans like PewDiePie does, and she steals Shane's work, which many others are also doing nowadays.
The main part of her being here is that she lies to her fans about her videos being "collabs" when they're really just her being by herself.

She really has changed into one of those idiots, and this was mainly ever since she broke up with Shane from her collabs, and they aren't even true collabs anymore.

Let's not forget she also evolved into a sex addict like many YouTubers nowadays.

17 Jinx (Accused of stealing content)

A guy that steals content and "reacts" to the video poorly. A good reaction videos is where after watching the video, you debate and discuss about the thing, share your thoughts. A bad way to react is to upload the entire video with your face in the corner

18 Jimmy Kindell (Serial Hoax)

Many people who watched the Sochi Winter Olympics were full of amusement, but then Jimmy Kindell made videos that seemed too good to be true, and somehow he did a twerking fail video, and he tricked us.
He was reported as a "serial hoaxer", a Daily Dot tech editor, Molly McHugh, wrote a message saying As Daily Dot tech editor Molly McHugh wrote back in February, “What [Kimmel is] doing is endangering any sense of wonder there is left in the Internet. We’re all so critical, so skeptical of anything even moderately fantastical we find online. We’ve been conditioned to call hoax before letting ourselves laugh or gasp or stare at something amazing.”

This again is barely even a scandal.

19 Miranda Sings (Sexual Addiction)

Once again, once a normal YouTuber with originality, but then developed sex addiction, but not so extreme on the scale like with many other YouTubers nowadays, so she's low on the list, she still makes original videos, but they're not the same quality that she used to make.

With more comments on this list being made, this should be lower, but not the lowest, she did mess up, but not as much as especially those on the top.

You're right about that, I went onto her channel, and saw that she's changed like everyone else, into a sexual psychopath.

20 McJuggerNuggets (The ice cream incident)

Just look it up.

21 PewDiePie (Fiverr)
22 Matthew Santoro (Plagiarism)
23 CSGO Lotto (Scam, Conflict of Interest)

In July 2016, it was revealed that ProSyndicate and TmarTn, who made CSGO skin-gambling videos using a website called CSGO Lotto, owned the website and didn't disclose it. With their gambling videos potentially targeting children and the possibility that their winnings could have been falsified, they were called out by, among others, HonorTheCall, h3h3 Productions and Totalbiscuit. After failed attempts at damage control, the offending channels' owners were added into a class-action lawsuit against Valve for knowingly allowing an illegal online gambling market.

In July 2016, it was revealed that TmarTn and ProSyndicate, who made CSGO skin-gambling videos using a website called CSGO Lotto, owned the website and didn't disclose it. Since their videos were potentially targeting children and their winning could have been falsified, they were called out by, among others, HonorTheCall, h3h3 Productions and Totalbiscuit. After failed attempts at damage control, the offending channels' owners were added to a class-action lawsuit against Valve for allowing an illegal online gambling market.

24 Leafyishere VS h3h3 (Autistic man death threats)
25 Venus Angelic (False Channel Claims and Lawsuit)

All thanks to her greedy mum.

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