Top Ten YouTube Scandals


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21 Matthew Santoro (Plagiarism)
22 McJuggerNuggets (The ice cream incident) V 1 Comment
23 PewDiePie (Fiverr)
24 Pewdiepie (Bear Simulator Scandal)
25 CJ SO COOLS (Tricked his kids into eating Laxative)
26 Venus Angelic (False Channel Claims and Lawsuit) V 1 Comment
27 Gabrielle Hanna (Humor Flip + Sex Addiction)

Another unique YouTuber, once good, but then went crazy, now she makes videos about sex, and she during that one video on December 2, 2015, she was told by Lucas Cruikshank, the Fred guy, that he "lost his virginity" to her, and that was just so crazy, he didn't even marry her, it requires marriage and respect to have sex, none of that happened, and he said it, we know it didn't happen on the video, but he talked about it, and so did she, what a load of junk. - nelsonerica

It doesn't require marriage to have sex. It requires consent from both parties. It also requires both of them to be at the age of consent. - SwagFlicks

28 Cassidy Boon (Sexism Claims)
29 LionMaker (Child Nudes)
30 Bashurverse (Pedophilia Accusations)

But is he one? No. So don't vote for him. - SwagFlicks

31 Sam Pepper (Butt Pinching Prank)
32 SpecialForm12 (Numerous Toei Copyright Complaints)
33 Casey Neistat and PewDiePie (Fake Positivity On YouTube)
34 Austin Jones (Child Pornography)
35 MattHossZone vs H3H3
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