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21 Pretty Songs with Death Metal Lyrics! - SteveTerreberry

I just watched it. LOL. It was uploaded only 2 hrs ago but already has over 80,000 views. - Metal_Treasure

22 Songs After Bad Translations METAL EDITION! - SteveTerreberry
23 Obscura - "Ten Sepiroth" Bass Playthrough by Linus Klausenitzer
24 How To Be Black Metal! - SteveTerreberry
25 Wake Up Dead - With EVERY Metallica Tone - That Headband Guy

This is an awesome video its fun to hear Wake Up Dead sound like Metallica - christangrant

26 Seasons in the Abyss - With Every Megadeth Tone (Symphony of Destruction Solo) - That Headband Guy
27 Creeping Death - With Famous Metal Tones - That Headband Guy
28 15 styles of metal (in 60 seconds) - Jared Dines
29 HAPPY Black Metal! - SteveTerreberry
30 Anthrax - ATL Medley - Big 4 Tones - That Headband Guy

Its fun to hear A Skeleton in the Closet with The Reign in Blood tone it fits so well - christangrant

31 Metal Musicians Write a Pop Song - Jared Dines
32 Guitar VS Violin - A heavy metal battle!!! - Charlie Parra del Riego

A video about guitar and violin uses in metal. - zxm

33 Kids React to Metallica - Fbe
34 If Eminem was metal - Jared Dines
35 10 styles of metal - Jared Dines

Its about metal vocals. Though it was a joke. But somehow its not totally wrong. - zxm

My explanation for what Jared did in this video, i.e. why he conveniently replaced metal with punk and some marginal "metal styles".
He is a deathcore musician and he knows punk-based vocal styles. Also, he probably can't sing metal vocal styles - I don't think he's good enough to demonstrate power metal vocals, heavy metal and traditional metal vocals, progressive metal vocals, and so on. - Metal_Treasure

This time I disagree with zxm (sorry my friend).
I am a massive Jared fan but this video isn't useful and is even misleading - out of the 10 vocal styles only 2 are metal: black metal and thrash metal. And he wasn't convincing because his thrash vocals didn't sound like thrash at all.
Why he called the video "Metal" when he did punk / core types of vocals - hardcore/punk, post hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, grindcore.
Then he added hair metal (what), Southern metal (? ) and beatdown. Yeah, all these are typical and well known metal subgenres (sarcasm).
It's odd but from this video you can learn better what are NOT metal vocal styles. - Metal_Treasure

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