Top 10 YouTubers Who "Died"

When YouTubers gain views and subscribers, they become important, but when YouTubers quit their accounts or die of health problems, they are gone forever.

Here's a list of YouTubers who "died". Death falls into two definitions here, 1, passing away due to any health condition, and 2, quitting something important forever.

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1 Fred Fred

He was so annoying, but at least he left.

Died as in... Stopped making videos, right? It would be quite awful, although I never watched his videos, to hear that he actually died! - Flowersocks2137

The actor has a channel named after his real name, and I went on it almost 5 months ago, I kept seeing his videos, and his latest one, it said he was done, then he deleted it later, so he actually quit YouTube for good (not just the character, but the actor as well).

RIP Fred 2008-2011

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2 Caleb Logan

Caleb Logan, popular YouTuber, has died at 13, he gained fame as the oldest of 3 siblings, and later died.

Doctors have confirmed the cause of death to be hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which hasn't been diagnosed, and he will be remembered forever. - nelsonerica

It's sad that some people die so young. - RiverClanRocks

He was very special. But he will be missed forever.

He was awesome on bratayley and I miss the times when he used to vlog but at least there's still Annie and Hayley

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3 Edd Gould

He was a British animator and artist who was known for being the founder of the media franchise Eddsworld, which focused on an internet flash animation series by the same name, of which he was the primary creator.

He died on March 25, 2012 of a 6 year battle with cancer. - nelsonerica

He actually did die, and the channel kept on going until a couple months

He was my 5th grade childhood, I will miss Eddsworld :.(

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4 Talia Castellano

Talia was a CoverGirl and Internet star known for her YouTube channel "TaliaJoy18" that featured her unique makeup tutorials.

She inspired millions, and became a CoverGirl artist with the help of Ellen Degeneres.

But then on July 16, 2013, she died of a 6 1/2 year battle with neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer.

Ever since her death, fans have been signing a bucket list to her tribute event, and went on CureSearch for her tribute, we will all miss her forever, a sad day for YouTube. - nelsonerica

I'm not a girlie-girl but she will always be a role model of mine. - Cesium

5 Yakiwchuk

Born in January 17, 1973, has died in January 30, 2015, his cause of death is unknown, but surely he will be missed, R.I.P. - nelsonerica

6 Kingsley

He was a pop culture on YouTube, he made everyone learn more about YouTube.

But then in 2014, he announced that year would be his last year on YouTube, he told everyone that YouTube used to be a great site for everyone, but "now, YouTube's a business for most people, and there's just so much stupid **** going on behind the scenes, it’s ridiculous.".

Yet his "goodbye" wasn't fit well for a finale, and in 2015 he hosted his series, "Drama King," on ClevverTV. - nelsonerica

7 Kevin Wu

His channel had over 3,000,000 subscribers who were extremely distressed when a year passed and he left.

While his account became inactive since 2013, he has been using more time to focus on his acting career. - nelsonerica

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8 Essena O'Neill

She was an Austrailian vlogger and model, and her news about quitting social media went viral.

In "Why I REALLY Am Quitting Social Media.", she explained to 500,000 followers that "At 12 years old, I was miserable because of the numbers I saw on a screen and at 18… I was miserable as well, even when I had it all."

After having a meltdown with the online community, she launched her website,, and posts videos using Vimeo because, according to the blonde, it's "positive and value based ranking, not likes or followers or BS ads." - nelsonerica

9 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

Anyone who put it here hasn't seen enough of him, he made rumors about death, they aren't true, he's still alive and working on YouTube now.

The idiots who think he's dead. He isn't that popular anymore. That's what they mean by dead. He still has the most subscribers and still posts videos, but overall, he's kinda boring now in my opinion.

Why is he on here? He uploads every day - DoroExploro13

Why He Is Ranked Here He Is Alive Or Died In Sweden

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10 Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson is an American actor, comedian, producer, director, writer and rapper, who is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel, Ray William Johnson, and his web series on that channel, Equals Three.

At 34 years old, he left YouTube, yet since he's still interested in the Internet, he's been keeping his hands full with all types of projects. - nelsonerica

Oh man, I used to watch his videos all the time. I went years without watching him, & it didn't really surprise me when I checked back on his YouTube channel & found that it wasn't very active. - Luxam

Good I hope his channel stays dead because he makes profit off other peoples videos - christangrant

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? Angry Grandpa

It felt like he was my grandpa I watch the videos all the time he was so emurcher and silly and weird but that's why I loved and cared about him till the end of his Life.

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11 Dax Flame

Dax Flame had a wonderfully bizarre channel going for himself with tons of adoring fans, which is why no one quite understood why he just decided to up and leave YouTube one day. He randomly returned last year, showing off a new book of his and excited to share news of his appearance in 22 Jump Street. After following up with a couple of other videos, he pulled a Houdini and vanished yet again. - nelsonerica

12 Hannah Minx
13 Monty Oum

He was brilliant and died way before his time. He dropped out of high school and self taught himself how to animate in 3D. His first project was Haloid - an original fan animation that combines the Halo and Metroid series, followed by the Dead Fantasy series - a fan series that combines Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive characters in epic fights. He eventually had to put the series on hold when Rooster Teeth hired him to work on Red VS Blue, a popular web series. Later, he eventually created his own hugely successful original web series, RWBY.

14 Ryan Hyga

He still makes videos on YouTube.

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15 Alex Day

How the hell is Failrace on this list? Please someone tell me how his channel is dead!?

There's another YouTuber named Alex day who's channel did die. Not failrace

16 Animeme

You know what forget about animeme it's a bad channel now - lincolnloudness

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17 Annoying Orange

Um, he's still alive. I find most of these lists to be innacurate, especially the 'Top Ten Worst Kids Shows List' though there are SOME kids shows on it that suck. I saw Total Drama on that list and I'm like-What the heck?! TD isn't EVEN AIMED for kids! It's like, for teens! PG, fellers! Sesame Street I don't care about at all. I apologize if you like Sesame Street, but I personally think those puppets are creepy. Not as creepy as Teletubbies though.

The reason why lists like these are so inaccurate is because ANYONE can edit ANYTHING onto the list.

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18 Christina Grimmie

She was shot on June 10 during a concert, we'll never forget that day. - nelsonerica

HOW COULD SHE BE 20TH ON THIS LIST?! She has the voice of an angel, and some crazy fan found out that she had a boyfriend and decided to shoot her at her concert.

She should go MUCH HIGHER! She was the most amazing and beautiful YouTuber to inspire the world, and Kevin James shot her, He's EVIL and YouTube got struck for the FIRST TIME by TERROR!

My idol is dead!

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19 Charles Ross

Someone now add Angry Grandpa.

20 TheQuxxn

She was amazing - DisneyQueen

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