Top Ten YouTubers With More Subscribers Than the Population of Some Countries

The amount of subscribers that some famous YouTubers have is insane. But have you ever thought that they have more subscribers than some countries?

The Top Ten

1 PewDiePie is Bigger Than Canada

The main things Canada has that Pewdiepie's followers don't? Good education and free healthcare. - PositronWildhawk

WOW! Apparently PewDiePie is that big. But how do you have more subscribers than Canada? Huh... - Pony

I am surprised that he lots of subscribers and he is so cute


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2 JackSepticEye is bigger than Mauritania

I love him I always said he is cute

Jacksepticeye: 4,053,350 subscribers
Mauritania: 3,984,457 (population) - 1mabro

3 nigahiga is Bigger Than Chad V 2 Comments
4 Markiplier is Bigger Than Bulgaria

He's the best and funniest guy lol

V 4 Comments
5 Tobuscus is Bigger Than Denmark V 1 Comment
6 Smosh is Bigger Than Niger V 3 Comments
7 HolaSoyGerman is Bigger Than Romania

HolaSoyGerman: 21,822,705 subscribers
Romania: 21,640,168 (population) - 1mabro

8 Good Mythical Morning is Bigger Than El Salvador

They're the only ones on this list so far that actually DESERVE having a fan base bigger than the population of a country. - PizzaGuy

I love those guys. My favourite YouTubers. - BKAllmighty

GMM: 6,418,882 subscribers
Shane Dawson: 6,492,931 subscribers
El Salvador: 6,383,752 (population) - 1mabro

9 RayWilliamJohnson is Bigger Than The Czech Republic

Good God no, better hope for some czechoslovakia SWAT teams to take him down. - SuperHyperdude

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10 Pewdiepie Is Bigger Than Australia

Yeah pewdiepie is the best good bye australia die of hunger

The Newcomers

? VSauce is bigger than Belgium

VSauce: 12,448,603 subscribers
Belgium: 11,367,186

? HowToBasic is bigger than Belarus

The Contenders

11 Vanoss is Bigger Than Cuba
12 Jake Paul is bigger than Malta

He is so gay and he's a catholic whore

13 The FineBros are Bigger Than South Sudan V 1 Comment
14 Watchmojo are bigger than Serbia

Oh no...that's tragic and sad... - I hope Black hand takes them down - Ananya

Watchmojo: 7,501,215 subscribers
Serbia: 7,209,764 (population) - UniqueUniverse

15 Zoella is Bigger Than United Arab Emirates

My god, she's so fake and stuck up it's painful to watch her videos!

16 VannosGaming is Bigger Than Belgium
17 Shane Dawson is Bigger Than El Salvador

Don't know El Salvador, but l LOVE Shane Dawson.

18 Machinima is Bigger Than Rwanda

Never heard of the country before but I love Machinima

19 BuzzFeed is Bigger Than Finland
20 JennaMarbles is Bigger Than Zimbabwe

You should do it with the Puerto Rico Population and this girl is hot

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1. Vanoss is Bigger Than Cuba
2. Shane Dawson is Bigger Than El Salvador
3. Machinima is Bigger Than Rwanda
1. JackSepticEye is bigger than Mauritania
2. nigahiga is Bigger Than Chad
3. Tobuscus is Bigger Than Denmark



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