Best Brands of Mountain Bikes

Remember when you were a kid jumping off curbs and plowing through puddles on your bike? How sweet was that And now things are even better. You can really get dirty, hit some serious jumps, and bomb down hills your mom never would have let you attempt back then.

Of course all that modern requires that you have a ride that is up to the challenge. Mountain bikes today are amazingly well engineered. They are so much lighter, stronger, and smoother than ever before so when you get a good mountain bike, your ride works for you instead of against you.

Deciding which bike to get isn't necessarily an easy decision. There are a lot of quality brands out there and you'll need to find something that fits your budget. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is get out and test drive a variety of models so I can't recommend that you use this list of best mountain bike brands as the ultimate authority on what to buy. Instead, use it as a good starting point that will end with you having great toy you can use to tear up the trails.

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Excellent, but very expensive once I grow up I'll get Glory DH, I swear!
I have a Giant Yukon, very comfortable to ride and maintenance free.
I'm sixty five years old but still enjoyed riding my Giant mtb, its very sturdy thanks to the asean craftmen who build it.
[Newest]I'm a big 15 year old and I like to ride hard. I'm 6'3, 280, and I've had my bike for years and I'm still riding hard
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I'm 6'5" and 310 lbs. After snapping the frame of a Cannondale then ruining the fork suspension on a Giant, I took the advice of my buddy at Bicycles Unlimited and gave Trek a try - that was seven years ago and it's still going strong, having only replaced the tires, brake pads, and a brake cable. With no disrespect to any other brands, Trek is the best brand to me.
I'm from Philippines, I have a great experience with this two brands the specialized and trek, both hardtail. First, I own specialized which gives me a smooth ride. But, after using for 1yr 4mos and 8days, I notice that the base part of my specialized body has a small crack, which is not good for me. Then I planned to buy a new one to replace my specialized body, I choose two brands trek and bianchi. I ask the owner of the store, which one has a good quality. He said, that both body have good quality in terms of weight. Bianchi, is like your biking in the mud. While trek has a good performance and high quality. No doubt, I choose trek 6500. And I never regret choosing my trek, now I'm using it for 2yrs and 22days.

Thank you trek bicycle company, you are the most reputable company in the whole worldwide... Keep up the good work guys...

By the way, I'm 5'8", 23y. O and male...
I have had four Treks so far, and all my family members also got Treks, and got some friends into Trek. Beaten, roughed up, they just take everything and still roll true. Also have a Marine Nail Trail 29er, a good one, but far from Trek.
[Newest]Best bikes in the world!
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Best bikes on the planet, hands down. There's a reason there were 5 at the olympics more than any other brand!
Invested in a StumpJumper 13 years ago, put billions of miles on it, and it still feels like new every time I ride it. Thanks to Specialized for making such a killer bike.


I have a Demo 8 II and simply there is nothing - for xtreme mtb - to compare in the market. If you are just a casual/recreational biker you cannot understand the real potential of this brand. Thank you, Specialized!
[Newest]Very good bike.. Comfortable to ride.. I love it
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I have cannondale SL3.

I just love my bike, gear shifting is effortless. The best part is that you get both derailers of Sram X5 at such low cost.
Trigger-1 (29r). Efficient climber and smooth DH rider; all with a flip of a switch on the handle bars and push of a button on top of the Lefty. In addition, can change seat position from full extension on a climb to 'down in between the front and rear wheel' with a push of a button; sense of lower center of gravity.
Started with a Cannondale Super-V Full Suspension for 'donkey's years'. All aluminum and great bike for it's time; AKA - Old Faithful.
I love my lefty! Smooth ride, easy downhill, quick change with front shocks.
[Newest]Cannondale bikes are better than trek and Giant..
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I have a 12 year old GT Aggressor and I batter it week in week out. It just doesn't break I am replacing soon with a GT 29er fantastic brand and heritage
I love my GT Fury Carbon. When I use it, it makes m feel like I'm flying because of the suspensions in the back and in the front. It's a 10-speed type of mountain bike.
I've got a gt legacy hybrid bike I ride 20 miles every day and have only changed the brake blocks I really think gt are great I've had it 5 years oh yeh and had to change the tyres a few times
[Newest]I have a 2001 GT Aggressor. Great bike! Handles well. Very durable.
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6Santa Cruz
This list sucks, Huffy, K2, Dunlop, Mongoose, and Magna all suck. And by the way speaking of Huffy's, it is a well known fact that the 2 worst kind of bikes you can get are Huffy's and Murray's. Schwinn sold out in the mid 1990's, and KHS is a sub brand of Diamondback another brand that sold out. Plus Gary Fisher is a sub brand of Trek. Sub brand meaning it's the exact same brand of bike with a different name on it. Plus Haro's and GT's may make decent beginner mountain bikes, but their both still brands of bike more known and better suited for being an aggressive trick/skate park & MBX style of bike. But just for the record, Santa Cruz bikes are the best for mountain they are one of very few bike companies that only make mountain bikes and have their bikes manufactured in the US.
Got my aluminum nomad and it is perfect for me up and down hill ride. It's geometry gives me ease pedaling either way. Arnimator
I have SC superlight 2012, eventhough still use single pivot but it is very good climber. Light frame and valuable price. I also had chameleon, and I'm satisfied with the performance.
[Newest]Worst bike EVER used to own one it was crap!
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What to say about the company that makes 899 grams frame?
Great bikes, reliable, well done and detailed at its finest.
Huge range to choose from road, to kids, womens, dh, all mountain, trail, xc and a few more varieties to choose from.

Fully recomended and exclusive
Completely beautiful, gorgeous bikes, completely addictive to ride. I have both a road, Cyclocross and a Hard tail Race bike, and each serve me very well!
[Newest]Very smooth and silent
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I ride professionally and yeti is definitely my favourite brand of bike. All of there bikes are amazing.
I have owned Giant, Bridgestone and multiple Specialized bikes - all good, but once I owned a Yeti there was no turning back. I am on my second Yeti and they are simply amazing - I can do things on that bike that I could never do on mass produced brand bikes.
Probably too expensive and niche for people to know about, but these bikes should be WAAYY higher on the list, especially past Cannondale (mediocre/REI brand) and Marin (forgettable/boring).
[Newest]Great brand; Colorado based; high end riggs!
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This is the best brand. I'm from Mexico and it's complicated to get a Kona, but once you have get it you're gonna love it. This brand offers the best relation price - quality product, you should check what offers Kona in the same range of price before buying another bike, because you always gonna find a better bike por the same price. Also Kona always is innovating, and other brands only copy the designs that Kona and others are doing. Oh and don't forget the Africa programs that Kona is making. Sorry about my English writing. I hope it works for new cyclist.
I have ridden mountain bikes since '95, and my first real bike was a Kona Cinder Cone. Since then I have had a lot of bikes in between and went back to Kona after being not impressed with other brands. The difference is Kona is very careful on the geometry of all their bikes, and often the only difference between a lower end bike, and top end is the componants, but the rest of the bike is the same. This makes for amazing value. The big guys like Trek and Giant make crap bikes on the low and.. And no matter how much you try to upgrade them.. They will will always be crap bikes. This is not so with Kona. You can take a $800 bike, and change the drivetrain and fork, and have the exact same bike as a $1300 race ready bike.
I have had the privilege of riding top brands like Specialized, Trek, GT, etc and once I bought a Kona, I have never turned back. In fact, I have bought 3 since then. Great bikes! I do my homework before I buy anything and if you're the same, do yourself a favor and shop a comparable Kona to the style of bike you're looking for in other brands. You'll see that quality, fitment options, price, mean a lot to this company.
[Newest]I'm like it also because I have full suspension it very good bike thanks
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10Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Designed and tested on the technical trails of Vancouver's North Shore and Whistler, Rocky Mountain Bikes always impress. I'm currently running a Flatline Pro and absolutely love it.
I had an 02 instinct that I rode for 12 years before it was stolen and just recently purchased a '12 altitude which is the funnest piece of biking machinery I've ever ridden.
Nothing handles like a Rocky Mountain, it's sharp and fun. Every bit of energy is transferred to the rear wheel through their excellent frame design.
[Newest]Love them, 36 years old
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Just bought the Rapidino Bronto Pro series 27.5". Light weight, and looks awesome!
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This merida bike is high quality, this bike can not destroy quickly because every part of the merida is hard to destroy, for me the best mountain bike is Merida that's all
I love the merida I ride it to school every day and it is amazing. I also have went up millions of mountains it is great the suspension on it is amazing and the saddle is soft
Merida is great and make cycling fun and comfortable. High quality bikes.
[Newest]Big 7 40 great bike
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Great bikes, reasonably priced, cool colors, and they look amazing, have good quality parts, you get the most for your money.
Great bikes, value for money also the bikes are fitted with excellent parts.
Very reliable ride.
Absolutely great quality, expensive but it worth it, highly recommended... I bought 3 CUBE, 2 unit send to my dad and my brother in Philippines...
[Newest]There's no doubt these bikes are build for benders
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I have had three over the years and I have never regretted it. My latest is the Response. Adjustable forks, beefy tires, and bulletproof frame. Some say that the derailers and cassette is lacking, but put the rapid fire triggers and a proper adjustment and go pound the dirt.
I have a Diamondback Overdrive Comp and is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. I have ridden the Trek, Giant, and GT hard tail bikes that supposedly compete with the DB Overdrive, but in my opinion, they aren't as good as the Overdrive.
I have a Diamondback Hard Tail Response Pro the first bike I owned. Its Performance and Quality has no difference from other expensive bike in the market like Giant, Specialize, Trek, etc...
[Newest]Bulletproof on some places thick and heavy duty tyres good stuff on Diamondbacks
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Best bike. Outland cross country full suspension one of the top contender in quality
I got a Fuji bike when I was 6 and now I am 12. I have been mountain biking and also bike a whole lot on the road. I have not replaced anything, and it still runs PERFECT! Best bike I have ever had
Best bike ever. I have the Nevada 2.0 2011 and its hardcore and it has a really good price. I recommend it 100 %! Lifetime warranty.
[Newest]I had fuji 1.0 2011 model and it's a very good frame as I already used it many times!
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I have a 2013 Mach 5.7 Carbon - its sweet! Super light, super stiff, great geometry, great components = top notch all mountain bike!
March 6 is one devil bike. Should be one of the best 2014 AM bike.
Great frames. Very rigid. Top quality.
[Newest]Best bike in the world
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This list does not suck! Readers must understand that this list is based on votes. So vote. KHS build their own bikes after buying design rights they consider to be top of their game. They then construct it with their own expertise! Buy one and it will shut you up! Good budget bike is a bad description! My frame cost £500 15 years ago and Advertising is a good way to sell crap. If you like KHS then you are smart and know your Quality
I have a really customized XCT 555 and this thing rips! I absolutely love how I can ride all day on the trails and It just never gives me any hassles. I can also press it into a downhill bike in a pinch and it will hold its own against larger 8 inch travel machines! My husband now wants one instead of his GT. Having had Trek, Specialized and Giant bike I am a hardcore KHS fan now
The best for the money!
[Newest]Great prices for great bikes
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Raleigh's are on the comeback. They slipped a little in the past but the bikes are top notch now and still priced well. The Euro pro team is going to help with the dated perception some people may still be hanging onto.
This is the first 'branded' bike I own, (I would not consider Wal-mart bikes as 'branded'... More sort of generic) and I have had very good rides on it, both in paved and dirt roads, being the longest a 50 mile ride along the baja coast, it performed excellent going up hill, very light, and on the way down it it zoomed up to 45MPH very smoothly, no vibration, no shakes... Very pleased with mi bike, wonder why it's so up in the rankings...
Their bikes are very long lasting, I had a Mountain Bike from Raleigh brought in 1990, and till today, it's still running well with its upgraded components!
[Newest]Raleigh is the best bicycle ever and it's so faster then any bicycle... 100 out of 1000
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Jamis is thus far a good brand for a mountain bike. I was given the TRAIL X3 (2011) model and once I've began to use it on a recreational purpose, I saw how light it was, though was a bit apprehensive on the way it drags---turns out the tires are mostly for off-road terrains. However, once I got the hang of biking, we (along with my biker friends who are avid fans of the Giant, Cervelo, and other popular brand) decided to go on a hardcore biking, from mile-long uphills, which, owing to the thick threads of the tyres, was pretty challenging. However, come downhill, the geometry of the Jamis Trail X3 proved that it was designed to have a great gravity-geometry-aero-dynamics ratio. Was hardly pedaling but I kinda left most of my peers downhill. But that's not all, once put to the OFF-ROAD TEST, man, the combination of the specs and the design proved that it the Jamis Trail X3 will give out a powerful off-road performance. Am so satisfied with the Victory Red color given to me that I decided to give it to my nephew so he could donate his generic bike and bike with me. Oh, and I bought the "dirt" colored for myself. Yep, I so recommend this that I bought a second of the same model (though I got the 'dirt' color).
By the way, I'm from the Philippines, and a practicing lawyer/musician who just loves adventure so much that while very much eccentric with my ways, am veery meticulous when it comes to my equipment, expensive or otherwise. The Jamis Trail X3 is definitely worth every money you pay for it.
I am 'Dirt Jump' and 'All Mountain' bicycle player... And I just bought Jamis Komodo 26" and I am well satisfied with it... The frame strength is so amazing and it extremely stable.. I hope Jamis can keep Komodo serial in future... I very like it! Go.. Go.. Go Jamis Komodo!
Just got one at the start of summer and I can't love my new bike any more than I already do... This is a great bike for off road and on road biking. I find that it is quite comfortable, very light and seriously awesome in almost every way. Only thing is that when you first get it you want to replace the tire with nice thorn resistance ones... My tires popped the first day I took it out before I replaced the tubes inside them.
[Newest]Just kind of like it because its sturdy and comfy
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I had my mongoose mountain bike for 3months and it drives me crazy. I just love riding it because it is incredibly comfortable to ride any trail you go. It is a lot more affordable. And stylish among any brands
Mongoose is a brand for sporty people, not pros. Keeping in mind that not all their bikes are manufactured for a competition-like performance, they still offer a solid feel for an affordable price for not-so-picky riders. Their bikes are pretty durable, considering how much I've ridden mine continuously for numerous years to everywhere from state parks and forest preserves to bike trails. It still performs perfectly with no need for large fixes. The brand itself has nicely styled colors, which is hard to come by with other mountain bike brands, and is definitely a great bike for families or people that like to keep active
Certainly the best bike I have ever owned. I am not an avid biker by any means but with shocks in the front fork and a shock absorbing recoil spring mounted on the frame makes riding a lot more comfortable than my old Huffy.
Anything is better than a huffy. But both brands are walmart bike which all suck.
[Newest]I am 11 I love my mongoose
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Shimano is the best bike... Every bike makers use Shimano parts... Like Disk breaks, HUBS, WHEELS, and Cranks, Chains,

I recommend Shimano for every person who looking for best quality brand super faster machine... (y)
The most reliable bike ever..
I like shimano on my bike accessories really nice... Good performance...
[Newest]This bike drives me crazy its really awesome
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