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Unbelievable bike
I got a Talon 3 and I am 100kgs and it goes smoothly as you can expect
I put a lot of riding into it and take it on trips etc and its just awesome.

They wont be the largest bike manufacturer in the world for no reason.
They are the best bike brand you can buy for a mountain, normal running or just to have fun
Its true what they say, they make every part on a giant as light as possible. That comes to say that this company really cares about what they're making and take their time to make the "ultimate bike". They make some super light bikes. I have ant xtc 2 mtb, and it goes faster than a road bike. You actually feel the trail instead of just rolling over it. With gian, the possibiltiea are endless. So go and get one of them, right now!
Just bought my new XTC 29er 2. By far the best bang for the buck with some of the highest quality components already on bike. There is a reason why Giant is ranked number 1! I compared my Giant to equally priced Specialized and Trek and I got the best components on my Giant!
I'm 6.2" and am currently riding on a large giant reign 1 and it is amazing. It is super light, durable and agile. Not to mention that is probably one of the best all mountain/enduro bikes that doesn't drain your life savings. Trek, specialized (grumble grumble)
Giant makes great bikes. I have been riding an Anthem X for the past 2 years. The ride is incredible, very stable and plush but also stiff enough for racing. I am a huge fan of the Giant bikes, even their road bikes are incredibly nice.
I have a giant boulder se and it is tough as nails I have ridden on many trails and done things that would destroy any other bike, and I haven't had to fix or replace anything except tightening up the brakes or replacing a blown tube. The bike also has amazing suspension and it is also very lightweight. Overall I love this bike and will never go to another brand.
I relly like giant bikes because they are relly good, they don't need care, they are heavy duty, and most of all they are not that cheap and not too expensive I have seen giant bikes that have the same components as a Specialized and they cost less than a Specialized. So I really recommend a giant bike. Thanks
Been riding for 20yrs now, on a giant for the last 14yrs. Riding a reign 1 now. From budget to top end giant is the best. Best frame quality and component to price ratio. Love my bike and I suggest you try one for yourself.
Giant is my favorite bike maker because of its low cost and high quality.
I want to use giant forever.
Please vote giant.
If you are beginner, you should buy giant.
I have a Giant Glory 01 DH, this is the best bike I have ever ridden. Smooth around corners and a very stable even whist going fast. I highly recommend this bike to anyone who wants a good quality bike.
Awesome but expensive I have never seen a better bike than giant best bike ever!
I bought a Trance 650B last December. I just can't put the right words to describe my feelings when I'm hitting the trails with my Trance. Excellent perhaps... Still not enough! Maybe I'm exaggerating, but its true, its an amazing bike!
I got a entry level giant talon 27.5 4 and it is an amazing bike. Giant does great on all levels of bike. Giant bikes are worth a lot more than they cost. My talon is 700 dollars and is probably worth a 900 dollar trek or specialized
Great, A large selection of bikes from recreational to performance bikes at good prices. They look stunning and they have women versions. They're well built and well equipped. They are also very popular.
I had just bought a giant mtb for only PhP 10, 000.00 and I feel I am the luckiest guy on the planet, inasmuch as, if we try to check up on it, its frame would not cost below PhP 16, 000.00. On a road test, I came to know how elegant (people in the streets couldn't help but stare pensively at my bike) and durable this brand of mtb has been. No wonder, giant leads the way. Guys and gals, I recommend you giant bikes and enjoy your ride!
I have a " Giant Trance X3 2013 " And it is amazing! The forks are very smooth, the rear suspension works amazing going downhill, and on the climbs, it hardly goes down, which makes it so good! The gears are perfect also.
Just got the giant talon 1 29er and what a bike, solid smooth and well worth the cash I paid for it. Had a cube acid before and although there was nothing wrong with it the giant is a far superior bike
Amazing I got a new bike and its the best one I have ever bought it was £800 and I went down the Himalayas it survived the gear 4 is a bit dodgy now but amazing of what it can do well done to Giant!
2012 giant talon 29er is sick! Had many bikes and push them hard but none really come close to this one..
Had anthem x 29er 5months and the frame is showing stress cracks in paintwork on the seat tube also in the top tube weld. It has only been on light rides. Expect a bike costing nearly £2000 to last longer. Bad aftercare sales!
I have a Giant XTC SE2 30spd, excellent & very enjoy to ride.
The best bike I have ever had and ever will have I am taking cycling seriously when asked which bike do I want to use without a single moments notice I said giant
I love my giant many miles, much satisfaction. I intend to buy another giant soon. My boulder se has been a solid bicycle.
I bought a Giant, sold it, then bought it back- realizing that it was trully the best bike I'd ever ridded and owed...
It's the truth, the fact I will buy another 1 for my son so we could bike together

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