Top Ten Best Brazilian Soccer Players

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The Top Ten

Pele won 3 world cups with Brazil. He was voted Player of the century in 2000. He scored 77 Goals in 92 Games. A sensational
dribbler with an unstoppable shot. He scored
1243 Goals in his carer More than any else and
he scorred 12 world cup goals in 14 games
I asked 100 people who the best ever Player is for them 94 said pele 3 said maradona 1
said Johan Cruyff 1 said Garrincha and 1 said
Zinedine Zedane. The End
He was by far the best football player ever to grace this planet so good that when he touched the ball I was always a fantastic trick or amazing shot in an interview a defender at Red Bulls said in 1977 Pele is the the hardest person to get the ball of in football. In a match you need at least three men marking him all the the time or else he'll score a 100 goals before you can say hallelujah. When he's got the ball you need to tackle in the first seconds or else he won't be stopped.
He's the best player ever he's so good that he won everything that a player dreams of winning did you see his narrow miss from miles out of the box. Best shot football has ever seen
[Newest]I think he awesome! 1#
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I think that Ronaldo is the best player in the Brazilian soccer team because he had the scores when I was watching the soccer games and I really liked him the best because he had the best strikes and he was good as a goalie and he was a really good defense and offense players.!

Hope some people agree with me, and if they don't maybe they should post a comment about why they disagree with me and who they think is the best Brazilian player!
Beautiful, delicate and skilful dribbler, but powerfully inventive with a devastating finish. Best striker ever!
Zidane, Mourinho and Bobby Robson said he was the best player of all time and thats coming from 3 Legends!


[Newest]He is the best

He is another level of professional soccer player. He can do what others can't. He show what is impossible be possible if it comes to him. And more importantly, HE SMILE! JOY OF SOCCER CARVED INTO HIS FACE!
What he did was just out of his world! A simply a GOD! 1O times better then pele and ronaldo! He's smile and skills will never be seen again... A perfect example of how soccer should be played. HE BRINGS BACK THE SAMBA!
When I start selecting my top ten soccer player in the world. Don;t put Ronaldinho first, because He is the highest soccer player. He is not even in those top ten. Ronaldinho is has the another level of professional experiences. When you are making you list Start Ronaldinho, then go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, because that is the only List will sound good.


[Newest]The best of the best
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Zico was a beast, for me one of the greatest football players of all time!
One of the worlds best players, just not very famous, I think this is because he didn't win a world cup.

But his control and passing was second to none in my opinion.
If he had won a world cup he would be more well known outside of brazil.
[Newest]He was fantastic player.

He's is too good in FIFA soccer
Fast, strong and great skill in every aspect of the game. That is all you need.
kaka is the best in the world
messi is good but kaka is fantastic
[Newest]Kaka should be in the top 3

Neymar is very young only 19 years old, he has potential to become the best in the world.
Neymar is very tricky, fast and a great dribbler. Similar to Ronaldinho and Brazil Ronaldo.
Neymar has the speed of Ronaldo and the skill of Messi he will become the best player in the world.
Must be worth more than 1 percent Seriously, its Neymar we are talking about.
[Newest]Neymar got to be the best he's between Ronald and messi!

Garrincha won almost by himself 1962 world cup and was very important for 1958 too. His career was early interrupted due to drinking problens, otherwise he would have an even upper position in the all time best players of the world. Until now no one has ever played in a style similar to his. No one has ever dribeled like him so far.
The angel of the crooked legs
I voted for Garrincha because he's too low down on the list. He should be no.2 The best dribbler ever and won the 62 world cup on his own for Brazil when Pele was injured.
[Newest]He was pele's helper. He was a remarkable player.

I'm a PSV fan in the Netherlands and he played for that team. And never saw such a great player as Romario. That was really art. Sorry to say but in my opinion a mutch better striker then Ronaldo that also played for PSV eindhoven.
Romario is surely the best, he won the 1994 wc for brazil single-handedly ( pele and ronaldo has got a great team when the won the world cup ), he was a genius within the penalty box and can score from any corner and also could assist in many goals.
Did you watch 1994 world cup. He was the reason.
[Newest]The greatest goal scorer of all time

9Roberto Carlos
Roberto carlos was one of the best player in the world because he helped brazil a lot
One of greatest brazilian players. His also helped Brazil win the 2002 world cup, specially with his bannana freekick.
He'll always be remembered as the player who scored the 105 miles banana free kick for Brazil and the impossible 0°angle goal for Real Madrid.


[Newest]You rock go Brazil

Rivellino, Zico, Maradona and Platini: The best midfielders of this game in all time! The difference between then is the Rivellino came first

The Contenders

3# time Brazilian league champ
This guy turned, almost single handedly, two "mediocre" sides in huge clubs, first Internacional in Brazil, then Roma in Italy. If you don't believe me check out the results of these clubs, before and after Falcao. He was the game changer.
I love this player cause he dribble most
[Newest]He is just to bad

Simply Put The Greatest One Touch Soccer Player I've Ever Seen. Great Leader Immaculate Ball Control With Superb Vision There's Not Enough Words One Can Use To Describe Such A Great Player. The Only Damper To A Wonderful Career Is Not Winning The World Cup. His 1982 World Cup Team Will Definitely Go Down As The Greatest Team Never To Win The World Cup, They Played Soccer Out Of This World, Soccer That Was Pleasing To The Eye Just A Joy To Look At. One Of The Greatest Of All Time, Such A Simple Ball Player, Gone But Never To Be Forgotten The Player We Called Doctor.R.I.P.
One Of The Greatest Players Of All Time. Smooth Full Of Grace Elegance And Great Leader Who Always Lead By Example. Those Who Saw Him Play Were Blessed To See A True Genius At Work, So Sad He Didn't Win A World Cup For His Beloved Brazil, But A True Visionary Of The Modern Game Who Thrilled The World With His Beautiful Ball Touches Heal Passes And Great Goals. In A Class All By Himself, We May Never See Another Player Like Dr. Socrates.
One of the great soccer players in history yet also became a doctor during his peak of his career. Try that messi.
[Newest]Fantastic player and a great play maker, had a presence on and off the field, would be a top 11 pick of all time footballers, simply an all time great, Brazil at it's very best.

I think the rivaldo is on of the greatest football players of all time and the best footballer playing the game
Rivaldo was a legend of Brazilian foot ball
The greatest attacking midfielder ever I have been seen...
[Newest]I think the rivaldo is the one of greatest football player all the time

Best attacking right back in his era
Only player to score in every match at a world cup.

His dribbling is amazing and has played along side the worlds best players so he has learned a few things
Robinho is a great football Player and I think the best Player in AC Milan
One of the best dribblers and ball controllers of all time. pity is has not been included in 2014 squad.

Cafu proved that hi is one of the best captain in the world in the world cup 2002. He combined all the team through out all the tournament.
Cafu is one of the best player for Brazil
Cafu of of the best to 10

One of the greats

18Carlos Alberto Torres
Captained 1970 World Cup winner. Brazil's best right-back.
He scored probably the best goal in World Cup history.
There can't be a conversation about the world best soccer
Players without the name CARLOS ALBERTO TORRES... Period.
By pupatalli

19Arthur Friedenreich
More goals than pele in less games.


21Waldyr Pereira (Didi)

22Nilton Santos

23Émerson Leão

24Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva is one of the best defenders in history... I think he should definitely be in top 10... Maybe top 5
T. Silva is the best defender in the world, I think He should be in a higher position in this list
True, he really is the best player in the world and the captain of Brazil national football team. I think he should be the 7th.
[Newest]He is th #1 defender in the world. He should be top 5 on this list.

Typical brazilian striker not the next ronaldo or pele still young only 26 and has time to score more goals when he scored against oman that was his 6th in 4 internationals

He is the best goalkeeper ever.

27Julio Cesar
I think he is the best brazilian goalkeeper OF ALL TIME
One of the best Brazilian goalkeapers if not the best. Helping them to get the 2009 and 2013 confederation cups.
He is the best goalie of all time
[Newest]The best goal keeper!

28Leônidas da Silva
He was a fantastic striker... In The world cup was Amazing!

29Lucas Leiva
He will captain Liverpool and he will captain Brazil at the next world cup in 2014
He good. Go liverpool. (dani luiz better)

30Luís Fabiano
Fabiano for the win

Pele said was the best player he ever seen

I can't believe no one added him here. He was an awesome striker, maybe not a top 10 but probably a top 30.
Best all time ever no more no less but 1 of the top 10
Babeto and Romario were the most lethal combo pair for Brazil in the 1994. they won the World Cup that year for Brazil.

33Junior Agogo

One his own kind. Free kicks master of century.
Master of free kick

35Gilberto Silva

36Denílson de Oliveira Araújo
Best footwork I ever saw. Brilliant
Best footwork the world has ever seen.



39Ademir da Guia

40Doca Madureira

Future of Brazil great skills also
He will be a star



44Marcelo Vieira
Well I'm with Brazil in every world cup and will stay till death. But I think that Marcelo is the most stupid player in the history of football. He scored a point in his own goal and didn't do his job of defending in the 2014 world cup. He might show his importance in the team later. But yet, he is pretty much one of the worst players in this world cup.
One of the best left backs in the world. Roberto Carlos named him his successor :D!
I think he doesn't have the appropriate spot on this list. Listed as 39 Marcelo is one of the best Lb in the world and also has the ability to score goals he has superb talent all around
[Newest]Should be lower than David Luiz

45Mario Jardel
Mario Jardel knows well where and when in a position. He scores in one touch usually.
Real Madrid fans know well that Super Mario Jardel made GALATASARAY have a SUPER CUP against R. Madrid.
A great player that never got selected to the national team... Winner of 2 UEFA golden boots

46Philippe Coutinho
Wonderful 10, he is the future rivaldo


48Lewis Gilbert
Such a good footballer

49Diego Costa
I think Diego Cost is the best. He moved from Spain to Brazil. He should at least be Top 10
What? I Think Diego Costa most be in the top 20
Best player in the entire premier league!


He was one of the great midfield maestro planet earth has ever produceHe is best among the rest and I give him No.5

52Nick Foster

53Camilo Sanvezzo

Gonna be great player for Brazil
The champ in Brazil

55Frederico Chaves Guedes
Fred proved to be a great player after his 2 goals against Spain in the 2013 confederations cup final match.

56Steve Jones
Awesome at leats on par with pele

57Willian da Silva
Very strong and agile
Very hard working and fast and is good at dribbling
No one can beat that boy

58Francisco Marinho Chagas

59Paulo Cezar

60Djalma Santos


62Luis Pereira

63Mauro Rosales

64Ademir Marques de Menezes

I would be very happy to see Lucio come back to the selacao defense with David Louis, Maicon and Phillipe Louis. Lucas of Paris St Germain should be helpful for the selacao to. Kaka, Rhobinio, Ramires, Hugues. Brasil needs tall players too.

66Dante Bonfim Costa Santos

67Filipe Luís

68Giovanni Silva de Oliveira

69Flávio Augusto do Nascimento

70Alexandre Pato
He's not that good he missed 2 open goals
He is one of the most unforgottable guy in the entry unverse

Oscar is a brilliant player and is really skillful
A very good player, who play more than his age.
He is one of the raising player in the world. He will be the finest player in future
[Newest]Oscar is a brilliant and Young player wish him all the best for him Love him so much

72David Luiz
David is the most hottest players I know and love
He is just lovely and all he wants to do is make his fans happy
He's very underrated in FIFA. Just 82 rated. Plays like a 87.
[Newest]Should be in top twenty

I think Hulk is a best and skillfull player.very amazing
Best long shot taker in the world
Hulk is like Marcello; both are extremely dumb

74Raul Plassmann

He is very active and skilfull midfielder.

Very strong right back. He took over Ronaldo Portugal.

One of the most skillful attacking midfielders. They don't make this kind
Of players anymore. One of the stars of Brazil's 1970 World Cup squad.

78Alexsandro de Souza
The player who actually play only with his brain
He is a Fenerbahce SK's legend. Amazing maestro!

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