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21 Crossbow
22 M60

I used to use this gun all the time. It takes 2-4 bullets to kill, and has 100 bullets per round. The only bad part of this gun is the horrible range. Use Red Dot Sight on this gun. - KoolAidzzz

2 shot kills at close range but a slow gun. Recoil is very bad. definetely need grip

23 CZ75
24 Thundergun
25 Python

Pretty good second weapon, 2-3 shot kill good for close range
And is always there to finish off an enemy when the primary gun
Needs a spank back into action

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26 PSG1

Best sniper out there, perfect for camping and a excellent rushing gun and with a ACOG at close ranges you can say hi to a 3.35 K/D like mine!

27 MAC11

I love this gun, it's very easy to use and very powerful (despite it's appearance of a pistol. I love to rush so I have been through every gun (smg wise) and I just found this to be my favorite after experimenting with it for awhile.

Incredible accuracy makes this smg effective at both close and medium ranges despite its tiny appearance. Slap extended mags on it and patiently mow down your opponents. Plus it sounds amazing

How the hell is the uzi higher on this list? The mac11 is very underrated, and with rapid fire and grip, the fire rate is amazing and there is absolutely NO recoil whatsoever

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28 Olympia
29 Uzi
30 Ray Gun
31 Mosin-Nagant
32 HK21
33 MP40
34 Sten
35 PPSh-41
36 MG42
37 STG-44
38 RDG-33
39 Panzerschreck
40 WA2000 V 1 Comment
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