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21Dani Alves

I joke at this page how can dani alves be 49th when people like terry carragher and luiz etc are in front of I'm laugh out loud by far the best attack minded defender in the world

He is the best right back in the world by far and part of one of the best teams ever. Named in the world XI but still placed in the 50s? Really? - onedaywecanrun

This is a joke he should be number 1

23Alessandro Nesta

A very good all around defender that played for AC Milan and Lazio.

One of the most talented defenders in the history of football. Sadly because of injuries he wasnt able to become the beast he should've become. Too slow at times and not physical enough. But a legend he is. Deserves to be top 20. Imagine if he hadnt had his injuries. From an Inter fan, the utmost respect for this man.

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24John Terry

The Chelsea captain, John Terry, should be in the top 10 for he is old and still playing pretty well for Chelsea. Even though he done some bad stuff.


He is the total package at Defenseman. He can conver anyone in his path and is strong enough to take down any Attacker. He can run and do everything. Maicon is a stud. - welter64

Quick as lightning and has an incredible shot from distance. His runs up the sideline should impress anyone in the right mind.

Ridiculous. Maicon and Dani Alves are terrible at defending which is what this list is about. How can Maicon have the same amount of votes as Zanetti?

Best Right Back ever

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26Gareth BaleGareth Frank Bale is a Welsh professional footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Wales national team.

Gareth Bale is truly a wizard. Should play for bigger teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United or Paris Saint Germain. I am Welsh as well, and a massive fan of Brilliant Bale. He's not really a defender, he is a Magical Midfielder. So proud of having him in the Welsh team.

Fast, powerful, vicious. He's UNSTOPPABLE. He was put in defense until. His goals came in handy therefore his manager put him midfield. He is number 1

By far the best defender in Premier League and midfielder for that fact. Maybe he'll get more votes when Man UTD buys him...

He's not a defender he's a right wing or plays as a striker - Vinniebrodieisboss

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He is still young, I would say he is one of the top left back in la liga, simply he's fast, got some skills could also be a left wing back.

He is the best defender he is super fast and scores so much goals he should be number 1

28Djalma Santos
29Mats Hummels

He was best player playing for Germany This year! Manchester United need to buy Mats

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Thuram quickly became one of the best defenders in the world after his debeut he became a very essential part of the France national soccer team he was fast and reliable on corner kicks he deserves to be on the top ten of this list not 17.

7th is too low for a great defender like Thuram. He doesn't let anything through. Top 5 definitely.

Simply the best. An incredible defender with speed and a lot of intelligence in his moves.
He didn't score much in his career but it's all thanks to him that France beat Croatia in semi final of 1998 world cup.

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31Giorgio Chiellini

The wall for juventus and become the captain for juventus... good luck for the eye of tiger for Italy

People who vote on this site don't know football so well
Please be objective guys...

Cheillini has proven that he is an amazing defender. When he defends on a player, the player can never pass him. His wide shoulders are very handy when blocking an opponent shot. He has great leading skills and is a very accurate passer. He can also use his head effectivly in deffence and attack.

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32Vlad Chiriches
33Jamie CarragherJames Lee Duncan "Jamie" Carragher is a retired English footballer who played as a defender for Premier League club Liverpool for 17 years.

27th?! This list is an absolute joke!

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34Carlos Alberto Torres

Yes, he's the best and he's playing in the best team - richie4life

36Carles Puyol
37Kolo Toure
38Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra (born 15 May 1981 in Dakar, Senegal) is a French-Senegalese international footballer, who plays for English Premiership side Manchester United. He plays in the left back position although he can also play on the left wing.

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39Ricardo CarvalhoV1 Comment
40Nilton Santos

Godfather of attacking fullback. - thebest

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