Top 10 Greatest Electronic Artists


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The Top Ten

Daft Punk
Even a brainless monkey will no that daft punk are the true essence of electronica. There should be a statue of them in every city in the world!
With out a shout of a doubt, the best electronic duo ever! They made more memorable songs than ANY electronic artist ever! You cannot argue with "Da Funk, " "One More Time, " "Aerodynamic, " "Harder Better Fast Stronger, " "Robot Rock, " "Technologic, " & "Too Long, " because they are all the pioneer of the electronic genre!
Daft Punk are the creators of a genre, Thoma and Guy-Man alone brought us French House, and shaped the electronic music industry into what it is today. The Robots have worked alongside classic disco artists like Nile Rodgers, Georgio Moroder, and even more. While I don't disagree with Deadmau5 being on the list, these two belong on top. Joel said himself he was inspired by Daft Punk, and even the idea of a helmet came from them.
Without Daft Punk I never would have gotten into any form of electronic music, so therefore they have to be my favorite.

-The Lemon King
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Why is Deadmau5 no. 19!?! Has anyone hurd of em. He's amazing listen to strobe, aural pynapse, ghosts n' stuff then come back here and vote for him!
He revived the electronic genre scene and his talent shows in his original mixes and his remixes. He can be considered the "Kanye West" of the electronic scene with his oversized ego but a genius when it comes to his art.
This guy is a music genius! In todays electronic music scenario he is truly turning the tides! Just check out the number of genres he's into! Being where he is demands a lot of respect! His music is well thougt of, not randomly aranged pumping beats! I like his progressive style and the fact that he iexperiments a lot, not making music just for seling he truly puts his creativit to test which is a mark of a future legend!
He called skrillex a dumbass on phone! Its on youtube! That said skrillex rocks 2!
Deadmau5 all the way. that's all I can possibly say with his amazing tracks, especially Avarita.


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He truly is great. I feel that people only hate on him because he's gotten so popular all of the sudden, and a lot of stupid people think that he's the only artist that makes electronic music (although they think all electronic music is dubstep). Don't hate the artist, hate the ignorant mass of people that don't know anything about electronic music, and make skrillex look bad. (If you truly don't like skrillex because you don't like him music, and not because of his awful fan base, then I have nothing against you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, If you barley listen to any of his music, and you just don't like him because he's gotten more mainstream and has an awful fan base, then grow up. Judge someone's music on their actual music, and nothing else. )
Skrillex is one of the best DUBSTEP artists out their and yes I say Dubstep. Its sad how some to many of his fans don't even know that dubstep is a sub genre to electronic music. To the electronic music is dubstep. And this may make skrillex look bad. However on the other side if you just hate skrillex because he has too much fame then just call yourself a hipster (ha ha hipsters don't call themselves hipsters) Skrillex did a nice job on his new EP with my new Favorite song The Reason. You should check it out. However even if Skrillex is the best Dubstep producer you should check out other sub genres like House or Electronica.
The main reason he's the best is that he knows how to create and combine kick-ass and beautiful in his tracks. That and the influence of his music in the modern society. He reached the point where every electronic artist want to make a remix of his songs ad that's because everybody gets amazed by them.
This guy should be number one had anyone heard scary monsters and nice sprites
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4The Prodigy
With classics like 'smack my bitch up' and 'breathe' the prodigy should be no. 1 or at least no.2 behind daft punk. How is owl city ahead of them?
How can you put them to 8 position? They must be at the 1 position! I think this guys are more better then any other electronic group in this top 10, come on people, they are fathers of this genre!
How are these guys down here! Are you people mental? The best live act known to man and just a godly band all round ;) forever prodigy
The gods of music.
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5Aphex Twin
HAHAHA Owl City at number 2 before Aphex Twin HAHAHA

Aphex Twin changed the face of electronica forever because he's a real artists who creates to express himself. He said it, the most important thing in music is emotion. Would Owl City say that? No. He doesn't even believe that himself.
Daft Punk: okay mainstream electropop... Catchy...
Owl City: Fireflies is supposed to be this whiny little false artist's masterpiece, but it's just one wimpy fantasy amongst all the other songs that this guy come up with, not to mention that his musicality is uninspiring, basic, terrible. The keyboards sound like garbage, everything is so thin.

Aphex Twin: Every one of his album is a distinctive and mysterious journey of raw emotion embedded with style, colors, textures. The variety of soundscapes is off the bounds and none of them sound like they belong on Earth. Every song speaks to you, inspires you. It touches so many lyrical grounds whilst having no lyrics whatsoever. The flowing beauty of S.A.W. vol 2 that evolves and rains down on you... Crawls under your skin... Enthralls you. The sparkling resonance of your own life that you see in Richard D. James Album. The brutally sad emotional assault throughout Drukqs, from the quiet piano compositions to the monster drum and bass frantics. And others.

Not to mention, he doesn't even care about how great he is... His existence is devoted to music.


Aphex twin produces amazing beautiful and emotional music. I have no problem with daft punk but Owl city? Come on people. Deadmau5 is pretty good but he isn't among the ranks of Aphex twin. I think everybody who voted for owl city should go out and listen to aphex twin now to change their mind. This is great music.
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You don't even need to know the name of the song to know it's Zedd when you hear it! His style may not appear different and unique the first time you hear it, but as you listen to more of his music, you soon notice things that make his style unique.
He is great.
His different style really stands out among other artists, and the way he has brought singers in to feature in his songs is amazing. Definitely a great buy if you are beginning to enjoy house music.
Great Artist with better and better songs with every release!
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7Owl City
Owl City AKA Adam Young has created an entirely different branch of electronica. With mesmerizing melodies, waves of emotion, and clever lyrics throughout his pieces, he spreads a type of euphoria only to be found through listening. Every time you listen, his songs take on entirely different feels and meanings, which is one of the reasons why I highly recommend him. One of the most unique artists I've found in this world of generic pop chords and incessant raps.
Adam's music is like a dream, a fantasy. It's electronic, but in a completely different way. There's nothing like it, even the Postal Service and Freelance Whales are nothing near to his music, even though at first hearing they might sound familiar. But Owl City is made of instant happiness, sheer enjoyment and overwhelming beauty.
I was going to vote for The Prodigy but then I realized even this guy is electronic. And for the next 5 mins I was like Owl or TP, Owl or TP. Finally, the happy side of me just clicked on vote - Owl City
This is pure magical never mind Electronic. When you listen to any of Adam Young's songs you have to wait five minutes to realise you are back in Reality. Owl City is a completely new state of mind and his can inspire and leaves everyone feeling satisfied vibes.
Don't forget to check out the new EP Ultraviolet and support Owl City and Adam by buying it.
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This group is the new electro. They are changing things by their music and the quality of their tracks. Hard Rock Electro is the best
Justice presence can't be ignored.
Justice has been definitely deserves a spot next to daft punk. With their innovative style and popular songs they definitely should not be lower than top 5.
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OK, could someone please tell me why the pioneers of electronic music are on #13, under Owl City? I can't imagine someone who doesn't think Kraftwerk are the best... they should be #1 for sure!
You kids won't get electronic music if it wasn't for this genius German group from Germany! Respect the true pioneers of electronic music!
There has been a misunderstanding here. At least I hope so. Would you exclude Michael Jackson from a pop top 10? It is the same thing, even if you are fifteen years old. Kraftwerk should ALWAYS be in these lists, until another pioneer comes on and does sth so radical. Until then, let us be serious and realistic. :P
DJ's are musicians? Where is depeche mode for example?
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This guy is king with his awesome promises remix
Second best dubstep band.

The Contenders

Moby is my favourite electronic artist. I like a lot of music in many genres, and Moby is my favourite.
Moby has highly underrated rapid electronic beats, contrasting with breathtaking ambient pieces, and has powerful and excellent vocals, and hires the guest vocalists from the very top of the list. And what better artist to see live!
His songs have catchy beats like in "Go! ", ambient beats like in "Sunspot" that take you to another world, meaningful lyrics like in "We Are All Made Of Stars" and thought provoking music videos like "In This World".
Moby never let's me down with his music. I love ALL of his albums, each one is a masterpiece, from "Play" and "18" to "Innocents" and "Everything Is Wrong".
Moby has committed a lot to his music to make it unique and excellent. I would say, with all honesty, that Moby put more into his music than the Beatles. And if you automatically vote that down, then fine, be nonsensical, you clearly don't appreciate Moby's all-round brilliance in everything, and I mean everything that he does.


I simply cannot believe that Moby only got 0.8% of the vote!
Seriously, Moby is so underrated; things like Daft Punk are simply obsolete when you look in Moby's direction.
Where would we be without "South Side", "In This World", "Extreme Ways", "Raining Again", "Sunspot", "We Are All Made Of Stars" and several other wonders of musical genius! His upbeat electronic rock and his laid back ambient are both unbeatable!
Listen to Moby as much as you can, get the albums "Play", "18", "Hotel" and "Destroyed"; and your ears will love you for all eternity!
I grew up with Moby, and all of my life, I have been trying ever since to find a music artist that is like him. So far, I can firmly say that there's no music artist quite like Moby. He is definitely my all-time favourite music artist EVER! I'm still looking for a music artist quite like Moby, and will probably not find someone quite so awesome! He is the most unique music artist I know, and definitely the best!
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12The Chemical Brothers
Galvanize Hey Boy Hey Girl Believe Swoon don't Think...
The test and the private psychedelic is the best song I've ever heard in my life! The chemical brothers are always making psychedelic master pieces much greater than that of daft punk or deadmau5.
The chemical brothers is one of the best musicians compared to skrilles that uses his mac...
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Radiohead should be way higher on this list. They completely got me into the genre of electronica. It's just real intelligent music and Radiohead are way better than Skrillex.
Sad, happy, sappy and Amnesiac and KID A FOREVER
They got awesome tracks like Idioteque, Everything In Its Right Place, Where Blue Birds Fly and Feral
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14Massive Attack
Massive attack created the urban scene in Britain. And have some absolute classics up their sleeve like unfinished symphony how are these guys not higher?
Daft punk are annoying, owl city is just a one hit wonder, so massive attack are the best

15Peer Van Mladen
Like peer van mladen


Um, how the hell are skrillex, owl city, and deadmau5 ahead of pendulum. This list is being made by people who only listen to mainstream electronic
Sorry there Captain Hipster but Pendulum IS mainstream. In Australia. Still I'm surprised that they aren't higher on the list. They're music is some of THE best out there. It's a crying shame they ended the group. Oh well. At least we have Knife Party now.
Perhaps the furthest drum and bass from just loud noises. Bravo, Pendulum. You made real music. Good for you.
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18Glitch Mob
Amazing! Love every song by these guys. Their new album Love Death Immortality is just mind blowing. Not to mention that even some of their older songs are just as amazing, like fortune days and we can make the world stop. Greatest of them all, this band.
If you don't believe they are the best, listen to "Fortune Days" by The Glitch Mob. Be prepared to have your mind-blown.
Awesome albums with absolutely sick songs. Warning: you will be hooked by listening to them.
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19Knife Party
From the perspective of an avid listener to bot the dubstep and electronica genres, I was a huge fan of Pendulum's drum and bass sound and Knife Party's emergence into the electronica and club music genre has made a significant impact in my opinion. They have some really strong beats to dance to in addition to their unique sound all their own. Internet Friends is just the beginning but move into Rage Valley and the new Haunted House EP and you'll truly discover the talent these individuals possess
Knife party surely is better then deadmau5 deserves a higher position then number 25. Internet friends by knifeparty is an amazing song by him and I guarantee that if people were to actually listen to him they would like him in an instant.
You can have no regret that knife party brings the pack of electro and dubstep to a beast
Knife Party should be in the top five!
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20Feed Me
I'm flabbergasted Feed Me isn't in the top 10. Their hard hitting, fast-paced beats are what got me into electronica. Listen to a few of their songs like Green Bottle or Grand Theft Ecstacy and you'll understand why they deserve better than 17th place.
What the crap!?!? How can Feed me be no. 55? Everybody who reads this, go and listen to Death by Robot or Pink Lady, you'll be amazed, I'm sure of it! Thank you
Incredible talent, absolutely needs to be in top ten. Calamari Tuesday album is spot on, as with the rest of Jon Gooch's work as Feed Me.

One of the best live acts ever.
From far the best dubstep dj on earth
He created a whole new genre
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22Breathe Carolina
Especially their song "Blackout", which is one of those songs that you absolutely know and have heard but you just do not remember the name or the artist. They have a great Electronic/Rock sound, and they should be in the top ten!
Breathe Carolina should be before Skrillex! COME ON MAN!
Best band ever! Check them out cx

23Calvin Harris
May be he deserves a mention.
This guy is the best electronic artist in my opinion, he should be in the top 10 at least.
How is he only no. 21?! He should be in the top ten!
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24Depeche Mode
Laugh out loud, Depeche Mode is #1 by a mile
Depeche mode are one of the originals!
Depeche Mode is absolutely the best band. And I think not just among the electronic band but among all bands.
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25Pretty Lights
One of the few electronic artist who put emotion and passion in to his music, a true underrated genius

26SALM (Something A la Mode)
G-string is better than the actual thing. Haha. But really. These songs are so amazing that I am in constant awe whenever a new song is released by them. They are an all around great music group. I recommend it 110%

27DJ Shadow
owl city in top 5? a copy of the postal service in top 5? ok, back to DJ Shadow, Endtroducing is one of the best albums ever made, is the pioneer of the trip hop and has one of the most original styles of all. Now this deserves to be at the top 5.

Owl City and Massive Attack better than DJ Shadow?


28Wolfgang Gartner
Not much songs but great songs!

29Porter Robinson
Language. That is all that needs to be said.

The best female vocalist I've ever herd. Screw all the female pop stars that gets so much publicity, Bjork's music is a work of orchestra & as well a piece of art. Anyone who says other does not know art in music whatsoever.
One album: Homogenic. An album that combines real life strings with icy beats and electronics to make a tundra of emotion. It's THE best electronic album ever and possibly one of the best albums ever PERIOD.
Screw all these DJ's and hip groups in the top ten. Without this woman's artistic genius back in the 90's, the DJ's of today would still be doing underground gigs and living paycheck to paycheck. "Post" and "Homogenic" along with Madonna's "Ray of Light" made the DJ's and aspiring electronic musicians of today popular. She should at least be top five. And where is Brian Eno?


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31Infected Mushroom
HOW is this way down here? I guess you just haven't heard it...
They ae just the best they should be number 1
I'm is an Israeli psytrance/electronica duo formed in Haifa in 1998... Nice

32Benny Benassi
I think that he's just awesome when it comes techno and electronic and let's not forget about what a hit Satisfaction was and come on the guy's a legend

33Gary Numan
Give Gary attention, guys. He's excellent.


No 32 really! Gary numan is the god of synth pop and should be in the top 5 at least
All I can say is Poly Moog Synth at its best since the late 70s. Listen to Pleasure Principal sincerely, Solo Harmonics.

Why isn't he in top ten?
Guys? Support please!
What! 78! Ya gotta be kidding me! Without a doubt he s one of the top electro house dj of all time! For sure should be in the top 5! Afro ya the best man!

35KOAN Sound
Really? #29?! KOAN should be in the top ten or at LEAST higher on the contenders list. His (or they, I don't know) songs are so well structured and intricate and FUNKY!

36Blood On the Dance Floor
BEST ELECTRONIC BAND EVER! Just listen to their song Call me Master.
Best band ever! Jayy and Dahvie are Awesome! With a capital A!

37Armin van buuren
Armin is far better than most of this list in my opinion. It looks like there are only Americans in the top 20. So this list isn't objective, and thus, waste of time..
ARMIN on #70 what even Zedd is rated above armin seriously its high time for you voters to listen to real electronic genre of music this guy is a legend..
What's wrong with this list? 38th Seriously? Armin Van Buuren is simply amazing. He's in the electronic scene way before the commercial/pop stuff. Dj like Skrillex can't be above him.
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Listen to Kaskade Live at Coachella and you'll realize they should be Top 15. It may be a 1:45:00 song but from start to finish, it's a party.
I really would have thought kaskade would be higher then 43. Still he is really awesome to go see, Great artist ever.
Kaskade Truly is a amazing Artists.

39Flux Pavilion

40I See Stars
I'm not sure these guys should be classified as electronic, but they're incredible if you like the hardcore stuff.

41Swedish House Mafia
Um hello Swedish house mafia should be before Skrillex.
The king of electro house.
Steve Angello? Axwell? This cannot possibly be 33rd, top three at least.

42DJ Nebir

43Kashiwa Daisuke


45Aleksander Vinter
Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, is one of the most unique artists I have ever heard. His music is a magnificent mixture of electronica, complextro and glitch hop and he is absolutely wonderful. Plus, knowing that he actually does have savant syndrome adds an interesting level of complexity behind his music.
Listen to some of his music and you will know
This dude far surpasses many of the names on this list. He should be way higher. Top 15 at least, and that's being modest. The fact that skrillex is higher than Savant and Aphex twin shows how screwed up the vast population is.
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47World's End Girlfriend

To be honest Madeon is literally 2x younger than many of these artists and he's making music just as good, or better. He has a distinct style to his songs, which is hard to find nowadays with many artists using the same kinds of sounds.
This kid is a badass
Please can someone tell me why Madeon is at 49? He should be way up there with deadmau5 and Daft Punk for sure.
Madeon puts so much effort and emotion into his songs and can spent over 80 to 400 hours on a song. Tell me that isn't dedication!
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49The Orb

50Crystal Castles
Come on! Please explain why Crystal Castles is so low!

Best french band ever. It needs go up for sure on this list

52Digital Rust

53Fatboy Slim


55Jean-Michel Jarre
Number #16, you havin' a laugh!. This pioneer of Electronic music has in his lifetime broken 4 world records for concert attendances, puts on the worlds best laser light shows found anywhere on the planet, and at the grand old age of 63 can wipe the floor with any of these so called artists above. Who hasn't heard of the multi million selling albums which started it all in the late 70's Oxygene and Equinoxe, both superb albums. Others to listen to are the excellent Magnetic Fields, Rendez-vous, and if you have the box set as I have then the very rare Houston concert from 86 is a must. Jarre should be number 1...
The N°1, the Best!
Stupid people educate yourself

Does Deadmau5, Daft Punk or Skrillex has mad any concert for 3.5 million people? Jarre should be definitely in top 3.

56009 Sound System
Although many will disagree because "With a Spirit" is what people have dubbed the 'YouTube's national anthem' because it's constantly played as a default song, I believe their music really lifts the soul :) Definitely deserves a higher spot on this list!

57New Order
Please.. NEw order has had more hits than majority and should be in top 20.. not hanging down at 56


I think Zomboy should be right under Skrillex. He's excellent at the art of dubstep, and is just a really cool guy.
What?! He should be in top 10!
10th was a hard decision... But I gave it to Zomboy because its really the only Dubstep I can listen to with out squirming, with the exception of a few of skrillex's songs. I love Zomboys sound. A relatively new artist... he could have a lot of greatness to come. :P


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It's all about Yello



Röyksopp should be in top 20, they're quite underrated.
Definitely underrated. Worth a listen by far --especially their album: Melody AM

64Doctor P

65Brian Eno
Brian Eno had his start with Roxy Music and produces for U2. Base and Apex by Eno/Cluster is my favorite of all. Sincerely, Solo Harmonics.

I guess this group isn't as well known as the others mentioned... But I think they are an excellent electronica group that comes up with innovative ideas in their songs and puts true effort into their songs (Not that these guys don't :P) Anyways, if you haven't heard of Noisia, give em a listen!
Noisia deserves a much higher place, there vibe has a unique feeling to it.
Another group that should be placed before Skrillex.



69Submotion Orchestra

70Eric Prydz
Love this guy so much

For the last ten years my ears have been pushed more and more outwards by the smile on my face caused by the Hartnoll brothers (Orbital).

Their music has such variety, and live they are just simply the best.

From hard and fast, to soft and mellow, even a recent touch of dub step. Everything Orbital does, is up to the highest in production standards.

If you have never heard of them, I emplore you to listen to a couple of tracks. I suggest:
One perfect sunrise (Beautiful)
The Box (One of my favorites, listen to both parts)
Nothing left (Listen to both parts for a journey)
Chime (The most well known track, amazing)
Never (Another beautiful track)
Where is it going? (Last track off the latest album, and I think the best)
Can't believe Orbital are down here, try listening to the back catalogue
Halcyon on and on + straight sun = epic.

These guys are top notch, check out their boiler room set or glasto sets.

A completely revolutionary style of music. Dubstep mixed with Ambient. Chillstep. His music is so powerful! How can this not be higher on the list?!?


Love this guy should be number one ever hear music that makes you feel alive then listen to Blackmill because you will really experience a whole new perspective and I doubt anyone cares but my period and comma keys are broken laugh out loud
Blackmill is one of the few electronic artists I can listen to for hours on end. It never gets old or repetitive. Absolutely great music.
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Flume is just awesome
Flume didn't just do what everyone else was doing. He made his own genre and it amazing!
Best mixes of electronica. Plus he's from Australia. He should be number 1 to be honest
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7412th Planet

Besides other artists and groups like Jean Michael Jarre and Isao Tomica, Walter and Wendy Carlos, Butter with their famoous "Popcorn", the still going strong Tangerine Dream, Vangelis has always been able to create the ideal environment with his music which was also tapped into by Hollywood producers! Been rated the number one electonic artist of all time on the global scene.

76LCD Soundsystem
This is one of the few examples where there is a band, actual musicians backing up the entire endeavor. Their music is rich, and is worth a better place in this list.
I love these guys, 52 is injustice when skrillex is third and radiohead is on here

Ratatat may not deserve #1, but they should be way higher on the list. They do such a great job combining instrumental with electronic and synth music.
Come on.
Ratatat absolutely destroys with awesome insturmental loops and sick beats. Just take a listen to a couple of their songs like load pipes, seventeen years, wildcat and more.
Why is the not higher on the list?!

Bitch Please. Have you heard Kill the Noise!

Simply epic "We Come 1" and "Insomnia" blew my mind. I can't believe they're not on this list they make Skrillex look like a little kid.
An unbelievable electronic band they're nowhere near as popular as they should be
Insomnia should already be enough for #1 but faithless as a 100 great songs like we come 1, tweak your nipple, take the long way home, woozy, salva mea, god is a dj, tarantula, not going home... I could continue for ages
More comments about Faithless

80The Knife


22? Avicii is so amazing! And has made some of the best tunes, levels, I could be the one, wake me up, YOU MAKE ME! And as others below me have said he deserves higher than 22!
He just makes great music and I think he deserves a higher spot than 22 and id love to see him move up to the top ten
Second best electro house artist.
More comments about Avicii

He has sold hundreds of millions of albums across europe, asia, the americas, and even oceania and africa! HOW is her not even on this list to begin with?! You guys are to generic with your one-hit wonders and your mainline dubstep. Loosen up a bit
Love basshunter he was the one that got me into techno and electronic music. Should be better than 52
He is WAY better than half the people above him, so why is he number 58? He has sold millions of albums all across the globe, VOTE HIM UP!


85The Postal Service

Extremely under rated musician. More people need to hear his music.

Just no 84 I mean really. -_-
Why is Ephixa so low O-o He is the most amazing electronic producer I know...

88Tertium Non Data
I quite like these guys, they take a lot of getting into but they are good, I suppose I agree that all the songs in the album The Third Is Not Given SUCK, but the rest of them are quite good, but daft punk kick these guys asses!
Tertum non data are ok but they can be VERY boring, I mean all of their songs in the album the third is not given are terrible!
The otherthing about tertum non data is that their second album is proper music like when the leve breaks.

89Sasha & John Digweed
Haha you have to be kidding right? No.77? This guy needs to be at least top 5. His work makes me speechless. Just listen to sasha's Xpander and Cloud Cuckoo and be blown away.

The fact that Netsky isn't higher up is sort of a joke. His songs are how electronic music is done. His fast pace is great.
Netsky should be way higher on this list.

91Sub Focus
Along with Pendulum and DJ Fresh in the early to mid 2000's, took Drum N Bass to a stratospheric level. He is the master of catchy riffs and slick deep sounds. Check out some of his older stuff.
I just love everything he's made. Catchy, and great to listen to.

Great Music, Great Vocals, Great Vibes. An artist that only comes around once in a lifetime.
Best electronica indie artist.
Best. Electronica artist. Ever.

93The Loops of Fury

94Boards of Canada
Why isn't this on here, are you people crazy

95Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream 40 behind Skrillex and Deadmau5, come on people?! Skrillex and mau5 may be popular, but if you look at the musicality and production quality Aphex Twin and Tangerine Dream are light years ahead of the artists today. AFX and TD were musical pioneers and engineers who spent countless hours crafting their own electronic instruments and coercing music out of them. Skrillex and Deadmau5 are just two guys sitting behind a computer who happen to be turning the charts, yeah they're talented, but their not bloody pioneers. It's like comparing Michael Bay to Stanley Kubrick.
I am a hobbiest electronic musician and so Tangerine Dream is my #1 influence since the late 70s. I can't believe most in the US have hardly heard of them. Wake up America and appreciate the best of the best in electronic music. Tangerine dream has released over a hundred albums over the decades. Sincerely, Solo Harmonics.
I am a hobbiest electronic musician and so Tangerine Dream is my #1 influence going way back to the late 70
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Hardwell's sets are so energetic!

Votchik "For You" is one of the best songs for me. I like his voice, very unique

Consistent sound, big in the early electronic dance scene with hits like "9am (Till I Come), " later evolving to a more melodically beautiful style ("Autumn Leaves"). In my opinion his "No Silence" album represents him well, and I would say it is one of the best out there.

His music is real by definition: it contains a melody, a harmony, and a rhythm. I can see that some of the artists on this list don't produce real music, but ATB makes real electronic music. He should represent not only the trance world in its golden age, but the electronic world in general.


What is the God of Trance doing all the way down here?

That drop at 2:28 of his song "Daybreak" is awesome.
That is not the only reason, but they're so many reasons...

100Approaching Nirvana
My favorites, but nobody knows about them. All they have is a YouTube channel and a website that people don't know. Seriously guys, check them out, you'll be glad you did.
Totally the best electronic artist check them out their songs are sick!
They are amazing! But nobody knows who they are... I agree with the previous comment

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This list was created 4 years, 334 days ago and has been voted on over 2,000 times. This top ten list contains 192 items, has been remixed 20 times.

Updated Saturday, September 20, 2014

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