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1Daft Punk

Even a brainless monkey will no that daft punk are the true essence of electronica. There should be a statue of them in every city in the world!

With out a shout of a doubt, the best electronic duo ever! They made more memorable songs than ANY electronic artist ever! You cannot argue with "Da Funk, " "One More Time, " "Aerodynamic, " "Harder Better Fast Stronger, " "Robot Rock, " "Technologic, " & "Too Long, " because they are all the pioneer of the electronic genre!

Daft Punk are the creators of a genre, Thoma and Guy-Man alone brought us French House, and shaped the electronic music industry into what it is today. The Robots have worked alongside classic disco artists like Nile Rodgers, Georgio Moroder, and even more. While I don't disagree with Deadmau5 being on the list, these two belong on top. Joel said himself he was inspired by Daft Punk, and even the idea of a helmet came from them.

Deadmau5's best songs are better than Daft Punk's in my opinion (Ghosts n Stuff, I Remember and Strobe. Oh, my goodness, Strobe! ) but Daft Punk's depth and diversity triumphs everyone else on this list. Digital Love, Human After All and the Funk are not to be missed for someone looking for great house and then some. - Donut

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He revived the electronic genre scene and his talent shows in his original mixes and his remixes. He can be considered the "Kanye West" of the electronic scene with his oversized ego but a genius when it comes to his art.

I wouldn't EVER compare deadmau5 to that knob we call Kanye West. Deadmau5 is actually inspiring, and doesn't call himself what he isn't. - PositronWildhawk

Why is Deadmau5 no. 19!?! Has anyone hurd of em. He's amazing listen to strobe, aural pynapse, ghosts n' stuff then come back here and vote for him!

This guy is a music genius! In todays electronic music scenario he is truly turning the tides! Just check out the number of genres he's into! Being where he is demands a lot of respect! His music is well thougt of, not randomly aranged pumping beats! I like his progressive style and the fact that he iexperiments a lot, not making music just for seling he truly puts his creativit to test which is a mark of a future legend!
He called skrillex a dumbass on phone! Its on youtube! That said skrillex rocks 2!

Its just a Deadmau5!

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He truly is great. I feel that people only hate on him because he's gotten so popular all of the sudden, and a lot of stupid people think that he's the only artist that makes electronic music (although they think all electronic music is dubstep). Don't hate the artist, hate the ignorant mass of people that don't know anything about electronic music, and make skrillex look bad. (If you truly don't like skrillex because you don't like him music, and not because of his awful fan base, then I have nothing against you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, If you barley listen to any of his music, and you just don't like him because he's gotten more mainstream and has an awful fan base, then grow up. Judge someone's music on their actual music, and nothing else. )

Skrillex is one of the best DUBSTEP artists out their and yes I say Dubstep. Its sad how some to many of his fans don't even know that dubstep is a sub genre to electronic music. To the electronic music is dubstep. And this may make skrillex look bad. However on the other side if you just hate skrillex because he has too much fame then just call yourself a hipster (ha ha hipsters don't call themselves hipsters) Skrillex did a nice job on his new EP with my new Favorite song The Reason. You should check it out. However even if Skrillex is the best Dubstep producer you should check out other sub genres like House or Electronica.

Skrillex, outside of his Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites song, sucks. His music is annoying, employs so many disturbing vocals in it, and just ruins every one of his songs because of it. If you want to make a song great, put things people would actually want to hear! Those "chipmunk" voices are just awful. Please take them out, and your music will be GREAT!

The best in dubstep!

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4Aphex Twin

HAHAHA Owl City at number 2 before Aphex Twin HAHAHA

Aphex Twin changed the face of electronica forever because he's a real artists who creates to express himself. He said it, the most important thing in music is emotion. Would Owl City say that? No. He doesn't even believe that himself.

Aphex twin produces amazing beautiful and emotional music. I have no problem with daft punk but Owl city? Come on people. Deadmau5 is pretty good but he isn't among the ranks of Aphex twin. I think everybody who voted for owl city should go out and listen to aphex twin now to change their mind. This is great music.

My personal opinion is that Aphex Twin should be at Number 2, second only to Daft Punk. Anybody that has a passion for electronic music would agree I feel.

Aphex Twin revolutionized electronic music. Sure he hasn't sold as many records as Skrillex or Deadmau5 but he's a genius that injects a much needed heart and soul into the electronic scene.

I feel bad about this, because Daft Punk is awesome too, but the diversity of the genres Richard has worked in are unbelievable. Everything from jungle to modern classical to ambient (of course). His catalog is daunting, but absolutely amazing if you're willing to check it out.

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You don't even need to know the name of the song to know it's Zedd when you hear it! His style may not appear different and unique the first time you hear it, but as you listen to more of his music, you soon notice things that make his style unique.
He is great.

His different style really stands out among other artists, and the way he has brought singers in to feature in his songs is amazing. Definitely a great buy if you are beginning to enjoy house music.

Great Artist with better and better songs with every release!

Zedd is my all time favorite artist, he is amazing, all of his songs are great!

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6Knife Party

From the perspective of an avid listener to bot the dubstep and electronica genres, I was a huge fan of Pendulum's drum and bass sound and Knife Party's emergence into the electronica and club music genre has made a significant impact in my opinion. They have some really strong beats to dance to in addition to their unique sound all their own. Internet Friends is just the beginning but move into Rage Valley and the new Haunted House EP and you'll truly discover the talent these individuals possess

Knife Party knows exactly what they're doing, and what they are doing is great. "Centipede" is a staple of brutal electronic music, and the reggae beats of songs like "Bonfire" and "Give it up" are surprisingly nice combinations with electronic music. Knife Party, in my opinion, has not reached its peak, and has a long way to go.

Knife party surely is better then deadmau5 deserves a higher position then number 25. Internet friends by knifeparty is an amazing song by him and I guarantee that if people were to actually listen to him they would like him in an instant.

Knife Party should be in the top five!

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7Glitch Mob

Amazing! Love every song by these guys. Their new album Love Death Immortality is just mind blowing. Not to mention that even some of their older songs are just as amazing, like fortune days and we can make the world stop. Greatest of them all, this band.

If you don't believe they are the best, listen to "Fortune Days" by The Glitch Mob. Be prepared to have your mind-blown.

They are by far the best artist on this list, their music is perfect. They don't only do one type of song like most others do, and they are all the best.

Very good. There is some untapped talent here and I wouldn't be surprised if they were to become much bigger in the next years.

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8The Prodigy

With classics like 'smack my bitch up' and 'breathe' the prodigy should be no. 1 or at least no.2 behind daft punk. How is owl city ahead of them?

How can you put them to 8 position? They must be at the 1 position! I think this guys are more better then any other electronic group in this top 10, come on people, they are fathers of this genre!

How are these guys down here! Are you people mental? The best live act known to man and just a godly band all round ;) forever prodigy

The Prodigy are the greatest of all time because they bridged the gap between alternative rock and electronica and managed to create some of the greatest electronica jams ever conceived. They are also basically the founders of the rave so most electronica artists owe their souls to the Prodigy. - Duality

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This guy is king with his awesome promises remix

Nero is the best! I love doomsday they should totally be at the top of this list!

Second best dubstep band.

These guys are kings at electronic if you look it up in the dictionary it will come up NERO

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OK, could someone please tell me why the pioneers of electronic music are on #13, under Owl City? I can't imagine someone who doesn't think Kraftwerk are the best... they should be #1 for sure!

You kids won't get electronic music if it wasn't for this genius German group from Germany! Respect the true pioneers of electronic music!

Come on, why is Kraftwerk number 9? All of us have to at least some credit and gratitude for these guys! They were one of the most original and influential electronic pioneers and has even existed 23 years before Daft Punk!

I don't think people realize that without Kraftwerk, NONE of the people on this list would be here.

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The Newcomers

?The Fat Rat

The best group out there with creating unity, time lapse, xenogensiesis, and never be alone

?Capital Kings

One of the best bands I've ever listened to. - RiverClanRocks

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11Owl City

Owl City definitely belongs to the Top 10 best electronic artists. He manages to create a whole harmonious musical world with each of his albums, mixing synthesizers and theremins to piano or guitar. The effect is a dreamy and organic world, which is pretty funny as it all comes from a computer. You need to be pretty dang talented for that. Also kuddos to him for his drums: whilst he started using real drums on his latest album The Midsummer Station, he used to sequence fields recordings and on his upcoming album, he's using kick flips. Without exaggeration, his instrumentals might be the most worked instrumentals out there - probably because before vocals, instrumental music is his original passion - and offer a brand new, yet high-quality experience after you've heard the final song. Enough about the instrumental work, though: the melodies are just GREAT. Adam Young comes up with happy, upbeat, poppy and fizzy melodies that unavoidably catch your ear and makes you want to sing, uh, ...more

Owl City AKA Adam Young has created an entirely different branch of electronica. With mesmerizing melodies, waves of emotion, and clever lyrics throughout his pieces, he spreads a type of euphoria only to be found through listening. Every time you listen, his songs take on entirely different feels and meanings, which is one of the reasons why I highly recommend him. One of the most unique artists I've found in this world of generic pop chords and incessant raps.

Adam's music is like a dream, a fantasy. It's electronic, but in a completely different way. There's nothing like it, even the Postal Service and Freelance Whales are nothing near to his music, even though at first hearing they might sound familiar. But Owl City is made of instant happiness, sheer enjoyment and overwhelming beauty.

Owl City is definitely the best electronic artist ever! My all-time favourite song is Fireflies. And that says a lot because I LOVE pop music.

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This group is the new electro. They are changing things by their music and the quality of their tracks. Hard Rock Electro is the best

Justice has been definitely deserves a spot next to daft punk. With their innovative style and popular songs they definitely should not be lower than top 5.

Justice presence can't be ignored.

Unique electric music which is easily comparable to the musical quality of Daft Punk.

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Radiohead should be way higher on this list. They completely got me into the genre of electronica. It's just real intelligent music and Radiohead are way better than Skrillex.

I admit they are more of an alternative rock band, but their electronic songs (15 Step for example) are some of their best and they deserve to be higher. - Duality

Radiohead is like my favorite band granted they are mainly alt rock but they are still really great, but I think Thom Yorke's solo work and his side band Atoms for peace are more in the electronica genre.

Radiohead is alternative rock not electronica

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14The Chemical Brothers

Galvanize Hey Boy Hey Girl Believe Swoon don't Think...

The test and the private psychedelic is the best song I've ever heard in my life! The chemical brothers are always making psychedelic master pieces much greater than that of daft punk or deadmau5.

"The holy trinity" of Exit Planet Dust, Dig Your Own Hole and Surrender are without a doubt the greatest electronic albums of the past 30 years. Should be top 3 definitely, past skrillex!

Should easily surpass Skrillex, the live performance is electrifying, but the experience such as visual effects is out of this world. How is The Chemical Brothers not top 5?

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15Porter Robinson

This guy is a musical genius! At a young age, and SELF--TAUGHT, look what he can make! Just listen to his album "World." It is amazing and a truly beautiful album. Don't listen to all those copycat DJs, they flat out don't know a thing compared to Porter Robinson. He's a true musical genius, and should be at least in the top five choices. If you love electro music, please take my word and listen to his album "World." It wouldn't hurt to try

Porter's live shows are amazing. Why? He has an amazing live version of all of his songs. Look up Say My Name (Radio Edit) and the Say My Name live version, you'll hear the difference.

Porter Robinson's music quite literally takes you to another "world". He is one of the most unique artists of all time his music gets better every time you listen to it!

Language. That is all that needs to be said.

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How is bassnectar not in the top 10? Nothing beats seeing him live. close your eyes take a trip and never come home

More musical talent than many of the metal musicians who inspired him

One of the best live acts ever.

He is the best, how is he not in the top ten

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Avicii (when he doesn't remix his own songs) is one of the best producers in the world because unlike most of the single note bass lines and hard drops that make no sense to me, Avicii creates a really melodic Drop every single time. Avicii is #1 for me

22? Avicii is so amazing! And has made some of the best tunes, levels, I could be the one, wake me up, YOU MAKE ME! And as others below me have said he deserves higher than 22!

Are kidding me! 21?!? This is insane to see a artist with his talent sit in the back of the curtains... He has songs out there that are well known like levels. He deserves a spot in the top 10 with out a dought

Just because he is Swedish!

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18Feed Me

I'm flabbergasted Feed Me isn't in the top 10. Their hard hitting, fast-paced beats are what got me into electronica. Listen to a few of their songs like Green Bottle or Grand Theft Ecstacy and you'll understand why they deserve better than 17th place.

What the crap!?!? How can Feed me be no. 55? Everybody who reads this, go and listen to Death by Robot or Pink Lady, you'll be amazed, I'm sure of it! Thank you

Feed me just consistently delivers good quality and artistic tracks

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Sorry there Captain Hipster but Pendulum IS mainstream. In Australia. Still I'm surprised that they aren't higher on the list. They're music is some of THE best out there. It's a crying shame they ended the group. Oh well. At least we have Knife Party now.

Um, how the hell are skrillex, owl city, and deadmau5 ahead of pendulum. This list is being made by people who only listen to mainstream electronic

Perhaps the furthest drum and bass from just loud noises. Bravo, Pendulum. You made real music. Good for you.

Awesome Music. Good Job Pendulum

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20SALM (Something A la Mode)

G-string is better than the actual thing. Haha. But really. These songs are so amazing that I am in constant awe whenever a new song is released by them. They are an all around great music group. I recommend it 110%

It's just a great name!

The first lp was Magnetic Fields. Since that time fan for about 40 years. 😊

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