Best Football (Soccer) Clubs in the World

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The Top Ten

Persib Bandung (Indonesia)
PERSIB not just a football club, but PERSIB flesh and blood has become a tradition that the West Java & Bandung send down from the grandfather, grandmother, parents and children. Persib will always be in our hearts no matter what happens we will always support PERSIB.
I like Persib, because Persib is club football is very popular and has the greatest fans in Indonesia, including my family and I are fanatical supporters persib.

Persib well known in foreign countries, as they often do friendly matches with clubs from abroad, such as AC Milan, Ajax, PSV, Sampdoria and other clubs and Persib never escape until Champion Asia League quarter-finals in 1995.
Persib is the best team of the world, Persib. Persib has been be domestic league champions without any foreign players and foreign coach. On LCA, Persib get to the quarter-finals. This is a phenomenal achievement and the highest for the club from southeast Asia. And of course Persib have the best club management in Indonesia, without a penny of government funds. Persib also supported by millions of fanatic fans
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2Barcelona (Spain)
I think this is one of the best club in the world. And I must say this is the first time I've heard of Persib Bandung.
Barcelona are the best they have players like messi, villa, xavi, inesta, puyol, pique, fabregas and they have won so many trophies over the past three years the list is
3 la liga titles in a row
1 copa the rey
3 supercopa de espana
2 champions league
1 uefa super cup
1 world culb cup
And this is only the three past three seasons
And In 2009, Barcelona became the first club in Spain to win the treble consisting of La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League. That same year, it also became the first football club ever to win six out of six competitions in a single year, thus completing the sextuple, comprising the aforementioned treble and the Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. So don't be ignorant and vote for fc barcelona as the best club in the world
Barca is 10 times better than any English club. After all, they play football.. Not golf..!
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3Real Madrid (Spain)
Real Madrid is the best club in world. 6th place is not fair. I didn't even heard name persib before.
It should be at 1st it has glorious past present and future. It has beaten Barcelona and greatest team of world. And it has ronaldo, kaka and many more
My name is shahrukh and think real madrid is the best club in the world. Be case real madrid had the youngest footballers. And C. Ronaldo is also there
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4Manchester United (England)
A historic team known all over the world. Most people can name more united players than they can distant relatives. With the current era under sir Alex being seamlessly never ending they have every right to claim themselves the best football team in the world. No other club is hated by all fans of all teams outside of it.
Man utd is the greatest football club in the whole world judging from their performance so far in England and abroad. With 19 title to their credit I think they worth it.
No one else compares

Throughout history Man United has been the top English football club in the world with a close second of Arsenal or Chelsea
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5Bayern Munich (Germany)
Its the best team ever and they have the best players with robben, ribery, schweinsteiger, müller, lahm and gomez
Best team of Germany ever. Best Scorer in European Cups of all time (Gerd Mueller). Great team, great stadium, great supporters.
Number 11 is hilarious.. The deserve top 3 before real and barca say no more.
Simply because bayern munich perform amazing every year! They are almost always in the fina, theyve won way to many bundesliga titels and have 4 champions league titles too! Don't forget the amount of deutscher pokals they have!.. Underrated estimation is all that this rating is.
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6Chelsea (England)
Blues are an unstoppable team and whats with the first 4 choices laugh out loud people putting and voting for teams I've never heard before
Chelsea are best and fastest growing brand in world football. Chelsea are unstoppable and have two best strikers in Torres and Drogba.
No way! Why is chelsea 7th? They are not the best ones but I just don't know 1st football (soccer) team.

Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name. Here at the Bridge, whether rain or fine We can shine all the time Home or away, come and see us play You're welcome any day Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name Come to the Shed and we'll welcome you Wear your blue and see us through Sing loud and clear until the game is done Sing Chelsea everyone Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name. Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name.
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7AC Milan (Italy)
Milan have won more trophies than any other football team in the world. Should be number 1!
Ac Milan has all the best players and almost every soccer player dreams of joining it first one is kaka second nasri third tevez fourth cristiano Ronaldo only if Jose mironiouh would come to ac Milan which he will if he wants to win titles
Milan is one of the most successful clubs in the world with 6 UEFA Champions league titles, making it the second most successful in Europe in terms of UEFA Champions trophies and 18 Serie A titles making them the second most successful club in Italy. On top of this they, among other clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United, are well known in developing soccer nations like the United States
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8Arsenal (England)
Arsenal are the answer if you ask "what teams can make the difference for the player or even the fans to look the football game"
Arsenal is by far the best football club ever... My blood bleeds for arsenal forever... Till I die I'll scream for Arsenal as loud as I can...
Eat Sleep live Arsenal football club! We are the best! Come on Arteta! Good riddens Fabergas and Nari you loss
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9Galatasaray (Turkey)
Galatasaray is the one of the team of Europe's well playing club.
And we named "ultrAslan" the stadium called "HELL".
Yes, GS is biggest football team of Turkey as most fan, most cup and oldest
but in World most fan is Liverpool
Good team strikers are amazing
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10Liverpool (England)
Simple... Just the spirit of the club and fans makes me always want to support them, whether they far away and we from Indonesia just watch the match on T.V.. But our spirit we'll always walk with them. You Never Walk Alone!

Greetings from Indonesia
The amount of titles thy won prove their might in football and they are a talented club in history.
"You'll Never Walk Alone" is the song, and they don't. When do you ever see a half-empty Anfield or a miserable away following travelling around the world - never, not now, not before, not ever. Also, look at their history. Back in the day when money wasn't the be all and end all in football, look who was the best team in England - the homeland of football. Liverpool Football Club
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The Contenders

11Juventus (Italy)
Juve Always in My Heart And My soul
Forza Juve Until Die,
Forza Juve! Juventus Per Sempre!
I'm proud to be juventini.. I love JUVENTUS..
Invincible Juventus! Scudetto with unbeaten for whole season, with top legend like Platini and del Piero.. No more words to say, just Forza Bianconeri!
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12Persepolis (Iran)
Persepolis is the best team
We love Persepolis
This team have the most supporters in iran.
They are always red like liverpool fc.
According to the Asian Football Confederation, Persepolis is the most popular football club in Asia.
Persepolis is considered of the most successful football club in Iran with the most domestic league titles record in Iranian football with 9 titles as well as 5 domestic cup titles. Persepolis has also won an Asian Cup Winners' Cup.
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13Fenerbahçe (Turkey)
Their fans are very crazy! They play very good. I never forget their cheers.
Fenerbahce Sports Club is so big that makes even its rivals bigger than they deserve... Fans and its history make the Club the best... But most importantly, it is not only a football club... Perhaps, Fenerbahce is the largest sports club in the world... Besides football; basketball, volleyball, athletism, boxing, swimming, ping pong, rowing, and more... Many world and European championships, olympics medals... The best without doubt...
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14Esteghlal (Iran)
Iranian Football club.
This club has 2 Asian championship.
Esteghlal iran with more than 30 millions fans all around the world
They are the leading all time team in Iran in the followings:
Most point won in a single year
Most point won in total (all time leading points )
Most goals scored in a single year
Most goals scored in total
The first Asian team to have won Asian cup twice
Less defeats between the teams that have been presented in all every premier league season

And the list goes on and on
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15Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
How can you argue when they won the league championship last year and are on top of the league again. Plus they have the greatest attendance of any Bundesliga team.
Lewandowski plays there and the team is great. They have a nice manager too
Going to the final in CL. Heja BVB
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16Persebaya Surabaya (Indonesia)
We love crot, go green crot in mouth from Surabaya, heroes city

We have best young Asian player so far.. Andik Vermansyah! I'm sure this name will become bigger and bigger! Watch out for anyone, He is still on junior team right now but we believe in him!
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17Manchester City (England)
Hey, are now top of premier league they beat manchester united which are pretty good they also beat loads of other pretty good teams. That's why they are at the top of the premier league right now.
Manchester City are the best in England right now. They can thrash teams like Manchester United and Chelsea easily. And, by the way, Turkish and Indonesian clubs are at the top only because of huge fan bases... I'd like to see how they actually fare against the better English or Spanish teams...


City is the most improved team. The biggest rivalry in England football is Manchester united and Manchester city. They have some of the worlds best players with different nationalities.
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18Inter (Italy)
Inter is my life!
I've been a fan of Inter for 15 years, I always wait the time, when we become the champion, and in 2010 we've reached treble, first team in Italia, that's very impressive expectation man!

As far as I know, this is the team with the most harmony, friendliness among the players and the officials. Very nice atmosphere there
Inter milan the kings-liverpool will suffer against them in this 2008 champions league
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19Arema Indonesia (Indonesia)
Arema one of big football club in indonesia
Arema comes from malang city arema starting birth 1987 until now have never used government funds.
Arema indonesia is the best football club in indonesia,
They have achieved the last indonesian footbal championship..
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20Paris SG (France)
Zlatan ibrahimovic is on the team that makes it my opinion to say best soccer club in the world
I'm always with you
Psg win the uefa cup
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21Persipura Jayapura (Indonesia)
Melanesian-Papuan players have that 'black' thing, the swing, the control, the spirit to win, simply genetically better in control of the ball, balance and body than the Asian-Indonesians (mukrat) from Java and other parts of Indonesia.
Persipura is Better Team than Other Indonesian's Club
Persipura is the Winner Indonesia Super League 2013..!
Persipura the club is a amazing, persipura = barcelona

Persipura is amazing player in indonesia very good
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22Tractor Sazi (Iran)
A great football team with fantastic fans!
It has approximately 35 million fans throughout the country which support their beloved team enthusiastically. In every match it draws about 70,000 fans to the stadium in Tabriz.
Yaşasın Traxtor - Yaşasın Azərbaycan
Long live Tractor - Long live Azerbaijan

A number one football club with more than 100,00 fan... Wish every thing best for my favorite club...
This Team is anti racism symbol in middle east and Iran country. Tractorsazi located at AZARBAIJAN area which have different Mother tongue and language (Turkish) and for this reason Iran federation discriminated this team deliberately. Turkish people consist 30 million person of Iran and completely boycott by Iranian political people. Please announced this protest to FIFA.
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23Persija Jakarta (Indonesia)
Persija is team in the capital of Indonesia. Persija the only team in Indonesia that has a star on the chest signifying already more than 10 times league champions
Persija Is My Life..
We are also not a barcelona team who always excelled in the game
We are also not the PSG team which always shop the world's top players
But we strive to be the biggest and uphold fore more advanced
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24Atletico Madrid (Spain)
Maybe I have bad eyes but a team like this that won so many cups in the European league the latest year with players as "Forlan" few years ago and at this moment the best attacker of the world "Falcao" is not on top of this list?... Shows a lot of the people voting on clubs with no name and no history
I hope yall win la liga this next year
I think it would be d best in d world b'se defeating clubs ac milan n real madrid in la laga

25Sport Club Corinthians (Brazil)
Biggest and best club in Brazil and South American at the time, won the Boca jrs in the final of which was a liberating mitoo / Legend of the competition, but the team overcame and won.
1, the first World Champion FIFA clubs
More than 33 million fans.
One hundred of the most modern training america.
Stadium which will host the Opening of the World Cup.
Penta Brazilian champion.
The biggest Brazilian team.
First Champion of the World (FIFA cup, 2000), champion of Libertadores the America 2012 (without losses), actual Champion of Brazil, 30 million fans around the world, and the most impressive chant.
More than 30 million fans around the world! Corinthians... My life, my history, my love! The champion of the Libertadores the America undefeated!
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26McDowell Mohun Bagan (India)
Mohunbagan forever... They won against British team in 1911 with naked foots against spikes...
They are the best. As they play with blood. They should be in top ten


The National Club of India.. The proud of India.. Mohun Bagani till death.. Joy MOHUN BAGAN.. SOHAN
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27Kingfisher East Bengal FC (India)
Most successful club indeed. Respect EAST BENGAL. You are my first and only love. I will keep loving you till my last breath.
Undoubtedly this is the best club of India. Won Kolkata premier league for the maximum number of times. Not only they are most successful, but most popular too. Have won all the major trophies, in fact leading the list of overall trophies won by any Indian club!
East bengal club does not only endorse Football it Represents the community from which we belong... It is like mother.
History and Statistics says we are the most successful club of South-East asia... We may lack the footballing supremacy but when it comes to madness and support we are No1 in this Football Crazy World
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28Besiktas (Istanbul)
1903 First football club of Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. Maybe its not the best football team of all world but our hearts world champion is Besiktas. Besiktas fans are the best supporters of the world ( Carsi ). Our Legend players are LES FERDINAND, STEFAN KUNTZ, KLEBERSON, RICARDINHO, CAREW, RONNY JOHNSEN, H. ALMEIDA, SIMAO SABROSA, GUTI AND QUARESSMA QUARESSMA ALLEY ALLEEY ALLEY
It's not just being a supporter it's a way of life And for most Besiktas supporters it's not about winning or losing but how you won or lost and the way the team played with soul and passion. No Glory hunters here. Besiktas till I die. Fenevbahce wishes they had our soul then maybe they won't be so scared when they play us.
the best team in turkey. has the best fun in the world. the oldest team of turkey
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29Club Atletico Penarol (Uruguay)
Peniarol The best club in the world! Uruguay Forever! We are the champions we ruled the world Cup 2010 we are better than any other country in the world! We have better values better soccer players and Forlan is the best not messi! Viva Uruguay!
Won 3 world championships, deafeating nothing less than real madrid, and is the greatest south american club in history


Club Atletico Peñarol is a traditional football team in Montevideo, Uruguay. It's a three-time World Champion football club, five-time Copa Libertadores de America Champion. It was founded on September 28, 1891 as Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club by british railway workers in the Peñarol suburb of Montevideo.

Peñarol is named after its home neighborhood, in Montevideo, Uruguay, which in turn, takes its name from the city of Pinerolo in Italy. Peñarol's colors are, yellow and black, derive from the colors used in railway signs and barriers.


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30Guadalajara (Mexico)
Best soccer team in the World, with the most Mexican soccer players.
I am a chiva de Corazon. Please vote if you are a chiva de Corazon forever.
Go Chivas!
The only thing that I like about this team is that this club is 100% Mexican... No foreigners are allowed in the team... Ohh and my dad loves this team..
Other than that its all about morelia>
Best team in the world. They are not only %100 percent Mexicans but they have one of the bests soccer schools in the world. The team is full with young and experienced players that always give their best out on the field. Plus is full of players in the national team (Mexico). There are a lot of players that were once in the team and now in Europe: Chicharito (Machester United), Francisco Rodriguez (PSV), Carlos Salcido (PSV), and others.
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31A.S. Roma (Italy)
The italy cup 2007 winner
Totti legend for italia
Okay, Roma still in sky forever. Not instant for to be real winner but only roma can be it.
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32SL Benfica (Portugal)
Benfica is simply the best. With Eusebio and Bella Gutman Benfica won 2 Champions Leagues by beating Barcelona 3-2 and Di Stefano´s Real Madrid by 5-3. Benfica has more titles then the major part of the other europen clubs and also has many european and intercontinental finals. His stadium is one of the most beautiful and one of the biggest in europe and the world. Dispite Oporto´s dominance in the last few years Benfica has over 6 million fans in Portugal and many more around the world. Last time Benfica played on Paris against PSG there were more Benfica supporters then PSG supporters, amazing! Only the biggest club on the planet is able to do something like that!
Simply the Best! "Benfica will always be a top club, it as the most massive associate fan base of the world (which is an official guinness record), it has won the Champions League 2 times and as been second place team in Champions by 5 times also, also won the Intercontinental Cup 2 times.. In the Portuguese League, it has a history of 32 league titles, 23 times in second place and won the Portuguese Cup 24 times... It really is a top club, without any doubt! "
Benfica will always be a top club, it as the most massive associate fan base of the world (which is an official guinness record), it has won the Champions League 2 times and as been second place team in Champions by 5 times also, also won the Intercontinental Cup 2 times.. in the Portuguese League, it has a history of 32 league titles, 23 times in second place and won the Portuguese Cup 24 times... It really is a top club, without any doubt!
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33Celtic (Scotland)
The best supported team in scotland, FIRST team in uk to win the european cup outside latin america, FIRST team in scotland to win nine in a row, BIGGEST ever win in a british final,1957,7-1, against ha-ha, rangers! A club formed on charitable foundations for the good of ALL, catholics and protestants. CELTIC while on their way to the uefa cup final(V PORTO) with 80-120,000 fans had NOT ONE ARREST and won the fair play award from fifa, the sports governing body. After the road to seville(see the video! ) supporters from villareal and seville formed CELTIC supporters clubs as they had never experienced such passion and integrity after defeat whilst partying with the opposing fans, on the flipside, our rivals(tax rangers, oops, tax dodgers, went to manchester and rioted, almost killing one of manchesters finest police officers, FACT! YOU, LL NEVER WALK ALONE! HAIL HAIL!
Anyone who really knows their football, the origins of the modern, which of course lie in England and Scotland and at the heart of those roots were charity to the poor, and helping working class communities. Well no club personifies this more than Celtic. An Irish marist priest called Brother Walfrid founded them in 1888 to raise money for the poor Catholic Irish and native protestant Scottish in the east end of Glasgow. Today fans from both those communities have honoured this great man by making them the biggest and most distributed "genuine" fan base in the world. True fans that love the club for the right reasons and not for what it might win at the end of a season. I write this as an English Arsenal fan by the way, which I hope is as big as honour as I can give this great club north of the border. Hail Hail!
Best fans, most extensive fan base, most loyal fan base, first non-Latin nation club to win the European Cup with all home-based, home-grown players, best behaved fans, developed three of the world's greatest players, Jimmy Johnstone, Kenny Dalglish, Henrik Larsson.
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34CA Independiente (Argentina)
Independiente is the REAL Trophies' King. Argentina's national pride.
1st. Club in south America to have a stadium made of concrete.
7 Libertadores Cup Winner (This cup is the South American Champions League).
El orgullo nacional- the national pride
The King of Cups
The National Pride
The Libertadores de America
The Bochini club
Simply the best

35Aston Villa (England)
One of the oldest and proudest teams anywhere in the world. Helped found the english league and helped get football spread world withe. Now often over shadowed by the big spenders, we still have a great following and loyal fan base... And I'm sorry, but those teams at the top of this list from indonesia etc would be slaughtered by Villa on the pitch... Even by our reserves
The worlds most historic football club... Founder members of the football league... European champions 1982... Come on you lions..!
Aston villa is the best
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36Fc Porto (Portugal)
We can still win our league and do well in the champions league even though we sell our star players, we don't have much star power on the team only (mostly) players with great potential, some players that have played for us that we sold are Falcao, Hulk etc, and we showed the rest of europe the excellence of mourinho.. We can take on any team in the worl and have a good chance of winning even against barca
Best Portuguese team and one of the top european team of the XXI century. The way they keep discovering new great players year after year is amazing. Don't you forget that guys like Deco, Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira, Diego, Raul Meireles, Bosingwa and Falcao all came from Porto.
The team with the highest number of trophies in the XXI century. In the whole world
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37Melbourne Victory (Australia)

2007, 2009 premiers. Most successful A-League team in history.
Sydney FC= Scum FC
Highest attended team in the very underrated A-League, produced Bundesliga players Marco Rojas ("Kiwi Messi") and Robbie Kruse. Can I get much better in Australia?

Got to vote for the home team on this 1, at least Victory is number 1 of all the Australian teams! The best team overal in the A-Leagues short history.
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38Sriwijaya F.C (Indonesia)
it is the young team, but they have won many titles. they are so famous, either in INDONESIA and in ASIA..
Sriwijiya Winner Liga Indonesia 2007, Piala Dji Sam Soe 2007,2008
Sriwijaya Winner Piala Community Shield 2010, Inter Islan Cup 2010
Forza Sriwijaya
SFC is the best team football Indonesia. The first team double winners in history football Indonesian...
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39Rangers F.C (Scotland)
Rangers have the biggest pure fan base in the World. In three days in May 2008, Rangers fans converged on Manchester for the UEFA Cup Final. 250,000 fans joined their team. The biggest human deployment of humans since the 2nd world war. 11 arrests helped the press ruin it.

Considering there were normally an average of 72 arrests in Manchester on any given Wednesday.


Championes :D
Rangers are the most successful club of all time. We might not be the best behaved but our fans are brillant! Celtic are our main rivals and they do a have a bigger fan base. But at the end of 2009-2010 season they only had 2000 people at a competitive league game. While across the city we had 25 times that. Rangers the best team of all time
Simply the Best! The club has won more major honours than any other professional team in world football. As the club's most iconic manager Bill Struth said, "we welcome the chase".
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40America (Mexico)
Amazing, cultural players who can be relied upon to never let their fans down. America plays from their heart, and can give the world a universal impact with the faith and determination that they show on the field.
"what can I say the historic team of Mexico has 10 titles in Mexico has a historic stadium where the world cup was played and always an offensive team I don't have a heart I have a America logo I LOVE MY TEAM"
Team with the most championship in Mexico, and two times all america champion against some other giants as the Boca Juniors
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41Sao Paulo F.C. (Brazil)
Certainly the best soccer club in Brazil, is the biggest winner from Libertadores the America(UEFA from south america), the biggest winner in Brazil from the FIFA Club World Cup, and the biggest winner from the National Championship(Campeonato Brasileiro).
No doubts about it... Barcelona knows it, Milan knows it, Liverpool knows it... Everybody knows!
The best Brazilian club
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42PAOK (Greece)
PAOK's fans are just as fanatic as the infamous fans of Boca Juniors and River Plate. Just for the incredible fan support for an otherwise not so important club, I vote it the best.


Great Club, has the best fans in world football. Superb Atmosphere in their home ground, only if you have been at a match at the Toumba Stadium in Salonika will you realize what football passion is about.
P.A.O.K Salonika rules
paok re... the best fans in greece with distance from the others...
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43Tottenham Hotspurs (England)
Ok I'm in the USA and I love the Spurs. I don't even know who the heck Persib Bandung is. So when you think about it a team that has influence in another country is far better than a club NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF
The spurs are the greatest!
White Hart Lane is my favorite place to be!

My club in Belgium is AA Gent, within 5 years they will win their first title!
They already won the cup 3 times!
How Spurs is not number 1 is hard to believe. The dedication and soul that the fans have and the pure fact that Spurs are legendary just make it amazing. They may not be the best but they are close enough, and that's all I ask for.
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44Club Atlético Boca Juniors (Argentina)
This whole list is a mistake on it's own, not only does Boca Jr rank in the top 10 in the world but I must pay my respects to the other great clubs as well, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and etc. This list was made for those who maybe even watch the game. Unbelievable to think of teams yet alone clubs never even heard of or organizations put on the list just because they are well known for the countries themselves. This list is disrespectful in the lack of knowledge for soccer and everything else that goes a long with the greatest game in the world and history.
Boca has won 18 international titles, like the AC Milan. They both has the highest number of international titles and, I think, they are the best. Boca has excelled at every cup played. Tons of great international players, who made great other teams, were discovered by boca juniors
Why number 28? Boca juniors have to be in number 1, we have the best fans ever and we used to have the best football player ever diego armando maradona {: so you people don't now anything about it!
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45Flamengo (Brazil)
Team with most supporters in the world. Had its origin in the poor classes of Rio de janeiro society and became very popular among the masses.

In late 50s, Flamengo became a symbol of brazilian soccer and won the nickname "the most loved". Flamengo won the toyota international cup in Tokyo in the year 1981 and became the most victorious team in Brazil in the same decade.

One of the 10 legendary teams of the world by FIFA.
Flamengo is the most important club in Brazil, with more than 33 million supporters, six times champion of our national championship, team of Zico, Adriano, Rambo Petkovic... We are the best in our country!
Once you are Flamengo always Flamengo, Flamengo always will I be. The king of Brazil just win just win just win once you are Flamengo Flamengo eternally.
Founded 1895 Flamengo is a winner of 15 olimpics sports beyound soccer. Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball and so on. I'm veru proud to support Flamengo.
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46Al-Ahly FC (Egypt)
The best team in Africa, Egypt^^ the world they have won more championships than any team they have won Egyptian primer league more than any team in Egypt and they have won Egyptian cup more than any team too they have won African championships more than any team they won more than 120 championships in total they can beat any team in the world like:Real Madrid for the the club of the century world title so in my opinion Al-Ahly should be the best club in the world not only now but in history
Al-Ahly needs to be at least one of the top five teams. They won the Egyptian cup 36 times!
Simply, the greATest in africa and middle east. And great history 1907


More comments about Al-Ahly FC (Egypt)

47S.C. Damash (Iran)
S.C. damash is the best football club in Iran. It has great talented players and amazing fans.
Best Sport Club For ever :X It has best players and Fans In Asia
We have the most passionate fans in Iran. We are the best team in the north of Iran. We love our club by the depth of our heart.
More comments about S.C. Damash (Iran)

48Ajax (Amsterdam)
AFCAJAX! THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD! 1 out of 5 teams in the world who won all the prices there is! Milan Milan Who is Milan! 30 times winner of the Dutch 1st Division! Ajax where Legends Are Bourne! Like Cruijf, Davids, Van Basten, Seedorf, De Boer, Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Van der Sar, Bergkamp, Kluivert.. And Many MORE!
I have nothing to add. I've been supporting Ajax my whole life since I also was born in Amsterdam and I totally agree with what's stated here. Like we say in Dutch:

Ajax has a huge history positive and negative but still we have won the europacup 4 times and in a few years they will be at the top of Europe again and win that big cup AGAIN!
More comments about Ajax (Amsterdam)

49Newcastle United (England)
Newcastle should be above nearly all of theese, they have the best supporters in the world and are about the only club on the list that doesn't get constant help off referees such as scum like manu do. Newcastle dwarf clubs like Chelsea and loads of the dodgy foreign ones no one has heard of. Rating a club on how many trophies a club has won is a disgrace to football, they are much more important things on what makes a club the best.
Newcastle may not be the greatest on paper, but we do have one of the best fan clubs in the world! And nufc are starting to get more recognition after finishing fifth! The passion in nufc is unbeatable! Howay the lads!
Toon army are the most loyal fans in the premier league, and they're a proper team who work as a team, not just lots of good players stuck together. If they lose, they lose together and don't blame on one player...
More comments about Newcastle United (England)

50PSS Sleman (Indonesia)
PSS Sleman not just a club, but also its people, culture, natural resources, and much more.
Playing with unyielding spirit, the strength that comes from the soul, mind and soul, the love of football, and playing with heart.
We all love PSS Sleman, ranging from our father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, mailman, security, businessmen, local governments, and even shoe cobbler and parking attendants.
This team is not as rich as other teams in Indonesia.
But it has big resources called supporters and local talents (Brigata Curva Sud 1976 and Slemania are two biggest PSS fan community).
Located in Special District of Yogyakarta, the heart of Java island, PSS Sleman has so many fan base outside its own region.
One thing that Sleman pride is its local talents. For your information, PSS Sleman has its own internal league with more than 50 amateur clubs. So, those amateur clubs become the supplier for PSS Sleman to produce our future "local hero" in football.
PSS Sleman doesn't have many commercial sponsorship and this team isn't funded by using government money but believe it or not, PSS Sleman is still survive till today. Even, PSS Sleman is growing bigger and bigger every single day. Why? Because it has true loyal supporters.

In Sleman, supporters is the true owner, sponsor, and THE ETERNAL HEIR of the team..

So, trust me, GOD SAVE PSS SLEMAN!
More comments about PSS Sleman (Indonesia)

51Panathinaikos FC (Greece)
P. A. O. anti-fascismo! -anti-racismo!
the historical team of the center of athens. since 1908
Panathinaikos is the most successful Greek club in terms of achievements in European competitions. They have reached the European Cup (later changed to UEFA Champions League) final in 1971 and the semi-finals in 1985 and 1996 at football
.. at basketball 6 times european championships at the last 15 years... thats all falks
PANATHINAIKOS GATE 13! Panathinaikos exists since 1908 and Gate 13 since 1966. Panthinaikos is the most historical team in Greece and one of the best teams in the world. As far as basketball is concerned Panathinaikos is the best team in Europe for sure. In addition Panathinaikos has the greatest fans Gate 13. Finally Panathinaikos is from Athens capital of Greece. I am proud to be Panathinaikos. ΠΑΝΑΘ - ΝΑΪΚΟΣ ΘΥΡΑ 13!
The Historical team of Athens
More comments about Panathinaikos FC (Greece)

52Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)
Red Star is the most successful football club in Serbia according to the number of championships (25) and cups (24). Greatest success was achieved in 1991. Year when he won the European Champions Cup in Bari, Italy, and the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo, Japan the same year.
According to a recent (February 2008) of respondents Star is the most popular club in Serbia, where it has the support of 48.2% populacije. You Belgrade also the largest number of people cheering for stars or 41%.
Since 2011. The Red Star has its Women's Club.
They got the best fans because they do things that no other fans do! And they love their team more then others! God bless serbian fans! They make football so much better!
English fans? Funny! Spanish? Sucks! U can feel the power HEROES from BELGRADE!
More comments about Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)

53Semen Padang FC (Indonesia)
The best team from indonesian
Semen padang the campione indonesia and asia
Forza padang
Only one finalist, indonesian team in Champion Asia... Go.. Go.. Go... Red Bufallo...
More comments about Semen Padang FC (Indonesia)

54Gresik United FC (Indonesia)
The best supporter in the world.. Alangkah indahnya bersatu! Forza gresik united.. No anarkis no racism!
We are ultras, we are gresik united..
Now and forever...

Kami disini menantikan piala kemenangan
Ultras gresik is the best.
More comments about Gresik United FC (Indonesia)

55Everton (England)
Amazing club! Great supporters, brilliant history, and very consistent, surely should be higher than Newcastle United and Aston Villa, two teams who very much lack these qualities!
Everton FC are great because they haven't sold their souls to satan like other clubs and yet are a massive club! Dixie Dean had 60 goals in a season! Nobody wanted to mess with BIG Duncan Ferguson! It doesn't matter if you call them "The Toffees" "The Blues" "The School of Science" or "The People's Club" they represent what is pure about Englsh football! COYB!
Alls you have to do is look at the finance of Everton and the possision they have got to over the past few years and look at the other clubs who have spent hundred of millions and haven't got any better just worse off. One amazing football club who has players playing for the game not the money!
More comments about Everton (England)

56Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)
First Eastern European club to get a major trophy (the Champions League winner of 1986)
The best team from Romania. We love F.C.S. B - Next title winer will be 24.
'86-'89- European football was dominated by Steaua.
More comments about Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)

57Cruz Azul (Mexico)
As always mexican league under rated. Really? When have you ever seen a spanich team completly destroy a mexican team NO! Maybe only the really crappy teams! But NO! Either its a 1-0 mexican defeaT OR win or most of the time a tie. Sure there not better than barcelena but they will put up a good fight with them. Chivas and America are 100 years old only 10/11 titles cruz azul 45 years with 8 and go to the play offs every year! CRUZ AZUL IS THE BEST MEXICAN TEAM... Not the worlds most likely but they are up there too.
I know Cruz Azul is probably not the best soccer team but I've bee "azul" since I was born. I gave my vote to Cruz Azul because to honor my dad.
Cruz Azul can beat any team in the mexican league they might not e the best of the best but they sure are sure good
More comments about Cruz Azul (Mexico)

58Leeds United (England)
How Leeds are not higher on this list I'll never no. They are at least the sixth biggest club in England won countless trophies and the title. Even in the championship the attendances are better than some premier league teams. The fans are fantastic and any team would love them back in the top division.
Poor ol' leeds they used to be so good. they have had a rough few years i wish em well to try getting back to the top flight. they do have history so its very correct they should be on this list.
How are teams from Scotland and Sudan above the mighty Leeds. Should easily be in the top ten even if they are in League 1. Have the most amount of fans easily!
More comments about Leeds United (England)

59River Plate (Argentina)
Best team ever!
They are the best team in the Argentina's football soccer history, although they are passing by a bad time right now I am sure they will pass over it.
Great History, Great Stadium, Great Players
More than 30 Leagues titles
2 Libertadores
Di Stefano, Higuaín, Saviola, Aimar, Passarella, Crespo
Crazy fans
More comments about River Plate (Argentina)

60Selangor FC (Malaysia)
Selangor fc is the greatest champions team in Malaysia league and cup and they are the team that have successful go to the afc champions league final
Why Malaysia is down under? Indonesia is lose every match with us.. Indon is 1-8 chelsea you know.. They shall not be top Best Football ever
Malaysia boleh... The manchester united of Malaysia5 times Malaysia Cup Champions...
5 times FA Cup Champions...
6 times continental champions
25 times league champions..
28 times charity shield winners

61Litex Lovech (Bulgaria)
The best bulgarian football club Ever!


62Perspolis (Iran)
The most popular team in Asia, and a people's team that got millions of people fan of it, and with all the up and downs we still love it! Persepolis the best team ever!
All the Red man. In the number of 8..
Perspolise is my love
More comments about Perspolis (Iran)

63Aris F.C. (Greece)

The best and most fanatic fans in the world.Can see them in youtube (ARIS fans)

Best fans ever! Ofc everyone writes about the team he supports but honestly these fans are the best! No doubt about it! Aris' fans are the real deal!

64Cruzeiro (Brazil)
Single Brazilian team to win at least one title per year for fifteen consecutive years (1990-2004). This feat so far only been achieved by big European clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United.
The most beautiful club of Brazil.
Some players who played here: Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Alex, Ramires, Fred, Sorin, Dida...
This is the actual champion of brasil undefeated it should be top 10
More comments about Cruzeiro (Brazil)

65Boca Juniors (Argentina)
Boca Juniors is one of the best teams in America, Without doubt, the best team of south america, barely equal with Sao Pablo and Corintians. Boca should be further more in this list.
Best team in south america...
One of the biggest teams in the world
More comments about Boca Juniors (Argentina)

66West Ham United (England)
definitely don't forget their history they won the world cup


Best team ever...
Literally won the world cup
R.I.P bobby moore legend
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles.

Irons 'till I die. WHUFC best team ever.

More comments about West Ham United (England)

67Maung Bandung (Indonesia)
the greatest football club in south east asia... maung bandung, west java indonesia, more than a club but one of proud I'm my city... bandung... go persib... bravo... hidup maung bandung
The great football from indonesia
We will stay behind you!
More comments about Maung Bandung (Indonesia)

68Wellington Phoenix (New Zealand)
Wellington phoenix rule and basically the NZ football team line-out
I love you perspolise
I love you Ali Karimi.
I love you IRAN.
More comments about Wellington Phoenix (New Zealand)

69Barito Putra Banjarmasin (Indonesia)
The best club in 1000 rivers borneo...
From zero to hero with nothing expensive player but can fighting in big five ISL (Indonesia Super Liga).
Barito putera, is the best
My team the best
More comments about Barito Putra Banjarmasin (Indonesia)

70Malavan (Iran)
Na Ghermez na Abi, Sefide Asiayi
No to Red(Perspolis) no to Blue(Esteghlal), Asian White
Well I was shoppin' for a new car, which one's me?
A cool Convertible or an SUV?
Too bad I didn't know my credit was whack,
Cuz' now I'm drivin' off the lot in a used Subcompact.
F-R-E-E that spells free,
Credit report dot com baby.
Saw their ads on my T. V.
Thought about going, but was too lazy.
Now instead of lookin' fly & rollin' phat,
My legs are sticking to the vinyl and my posse's gettin' laughed at.
F-R-E-E that spells free,
Credit report dot com baby. love these ad's so addicting to sing along


Iran malavan world malavan
More comments about Malavan (Iran)

71Lyon (France)
According to me this is the best team in the world! I love this football club because they play fantastic. Go, Lyon, go! :DD
LYON HAVE The Young Playerr every time

72Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia)
Champion's League will be ours!
In the world's best city can exist only the best football team! Even without Ars_shavin.

73FC Schalke 04 (Germany)
Schalke 04, have been so brave to make it to the champion league semi-final, what a nice brave team and I think Schalke should be just outside the top ten from this great performance and by the way, they beat Inter 5-2 away for god sake.
Not many clubs out there with more passionate fans and a bigger tradition...
Schalke is the team with the best fans.
I think they are the best team in the bundesliga
Theyve won the dfb like times and that's very impressive

74Seattle Sounders FC (USA)
Best fans - thousands march to match at home and away. Sell out every match - average about 40,000 people! Only serious club in USA
The future of soccer! Great team and great city!
Guys seriously? Barcelona? Manchester United? Please they couldn't even handle the Sounders.

75Kelantan F.A. (Malaysia)
Kelantan F.A. is one of the best club in Malaysia. In terms of their player, their fans, their skills, yes they are the best among the best. Whether they win the game or lose it, their fans are always there, giving their support and courage to their warriors.
Gomo klate gomo. Malaysian champions in modern era with a crowd of millions fanatic fans.
this club has the greatest fanatic fans... their players also give full commitment in every game...
More comments about Kelantan F.A. (Malaysia)

76S.S. Lazio (Italy)
I like your team very much becub your team work hard and played professionally. Wish good luck, Sakana
My life from iran
I like this team since 1999. There is roberto mancini that time
More comments about S.S. Lazio (Italy)

77Persitas Tasikmalaya (Indonesia)
Football good in tasikmalaya
Club from Galunggung Mount city..
Its my team, by putrasingaparna @yudhialiefs GLORYGLORY

78Persikab Kabupaten Bandung (Indonesia)
The best team in dalem bandung

79VfB Stuttgart (Germany)

VfB Stuttgart is probably the best German football club in South Germany after Bayern Munich, they have won the German Meisterschaft 5 times and the DFB-Pokal for 3 times. Once they beat Manchester United 2:1 in 2003. They have a great stadium with 61.000 seats. They also almost beat overrated Barcelona 2 years ago in the Champions League.

VfB Stuttgart! Remember that name!
Most of the good youthplayers come from VfB Stuttgart and many have found their way into the German national team.

Gomez, khedira, hleb and many others are from this great club. the fans and the stadium are great.

80Sporting (Portugal)
Won a bowls of bowls;Portuguese championships won eighteen;won the cup 4 times league;gained fifteen times the glass of Portugal;won seven times the super cup;once won the Iberian Cup;nineteen times won the championship lisbon;gained thirty times the cup of honor and gained forty two times the reserve league.
Best youth squad and develops a lot of great players vote sporting!
I which to join the term if opportunity is given
More comments about Sporting (Portugal)

81PSM Makassr (Indonesia)
The greatest Club In Indonesia maybe in the world... Never degradation to a lower league on Indonesia... Not Like The other club they are all ever have degradation.. The greatest Indonesian Football Ramang from PSM not from Java Island
Great team from Makassar... Bravo celebes
Not like other, they not the best but still the best
More comments about PSM Makassr (Indonesia)

82Persisam Putra Samarinda (Indonesia)
Football club in Indonesia which is has biggest supporter at Borneo island. Many star players here. Will become as champion of Indonesia Super league 2011/2012
Go Indonesia, Go Persisam
Go Persisam
I come from Borneo
So I support for Persisam
More comments about Persisam Putra Samarinda (Indonesia)

83PSIS Semarang (Indonesia)
PSIS Semarang is the club football from central java
This club is my life
PSIS jiwa raga kami
More comments about PSIS Semarang (Indonesia)

84Club Pachuca (Mexico)
Pachuca is winning every league that they have been qualified for even beating chivas


Man just look at all the titles they acomplished in less than a year. This team is the best.
Chivas suck just saying. Pachuca is the best. They are awesome this is my favortie team. Since I. Got into soccer.

85S.L. Benfica (Portugal)

86Nottingham Forest (England)
No club in England has ever come from relative obscurity to win back to back European cups, no team will ever replicate this without billions being pumped into it,
nottingham f should be bout 15th we were untouchable won european cup 3 times fa cup twice lots more
European Champions for threes years, enough said.

87Split (Croatia)
Fastest, most agressive, smartest team in the league! The checkers will lead you all the way!

88Hamburg (Germany)
I love you more than anything else )
Hamburg ist schwarz weiß blau

89Trabzonspor (Turkey)
Trabzonspor is best Turkish team ever!

90Zamalek FC (Egypt)
The best players in africa played in zamalek like hassan shehata, hossam hassan, hazem emam, amr zaki and more

91Persijap Jepara (Indonesia)
Just an ordinary football club but can make a world of so extraordinary

92Persikabo Bogor (Indonesia)
Persikabo Bogor is a professional football club based in the Stadium Persikabo, Bogor Regency. West Java, Indonesia


Persikabo is the best team on the world, with a peace suporter, and now, was at the big twelve on second division indonesian league :-)
Persikabo most phenomenal team in the top division Indonesian Super League (ISL)
More comments about Persikabo Bogor (Indonesia)

93PSPS Pekanbaru (Indonesia)
Persatuan Sepakbola Pekanbaru Sekitarnya (PSPS) is an Indonesian football club based in Pekanbaru, Riau. Oversized cage PSPS is Kaharuddin Nasution Stadium. PSPS have nicknames ASKAR BERTUAH and Fanatical Supporters called ASYKAR THEKING.


Psps the best team in sumatra
Bravo PSPS Pekanbaru, I'm always support you, I like you so much,
Go go go psps
Jayalah engkau selalu
More comments about PSPS Pekanbaru (Indonesia)

94Nepal Police Club (Nepal)
Dedicated players, with the support of the dedicated follower makes this club one of the best football club in the country.
I am from Nepal. I like Nepal police club. It is on of the most success club in the world.
MPC is pride of Nepal. This club is gonna be one of the best of the asia. We always have our best regards with this team.

95SSC Napoli (Italy)
Best italian club, won the league twice with Maradona...
Napoli smash nearly all these teams they finished second in the italian league how r there there
Napoli Are One of the most underrated clubs in Europe, just look at what they're capable of against top clubs like dortmund (2-1); arsenal (2-0); chelsea (3-1); galatasaray (3-1) and marseille (3-1).
I mean, they should be in the top 20, I don't see how they are beneath clubs such as ASTON VILLA (what? ), and SEMEN PADANG (WITNOFG? )
More comments about SSC Napoli (Italy)

96Kaizer Chiefs (South Africa)
Elo, I'm Gustus Manyike aka Gustus Justice, from BUSHBUCKRIDGE, HLUVUKANI I Think this team earn a title on top 20, they won a lot of titles majority of players paying for national team are from this team
I think this team need to be on the top 20
Simply the best... Lots of support, lots of fan more sponsors, lots of truiphies etc need I go on
More comments about Kaizer Chiefs (South Africa)

97Santos (Brazil)
Santos 8 Brazilian Championship
3 Libertadores
2 Mundias.

Destroy Milan and Benfica in 1962 and 1963.

Pelé the Great play in Santos, Carlos Alberto Torres, Gilmar do Santos Neves, Coutinho, Robinho, Neymar, Ganso and etc.

Santos don't buy players, make.
Best team in the world, the king of the football team.
More comments about Santos (Brazil)

98Pune FC (India)
A role model for other clubs in terms of how to run a professional club in India. Has created a niche of its own with a fan building process through almost every major Social Media platform, videos, regular professional updates of the club.
The most coveted club in Pune! 1st Indian club to play against an EPL team (Blackburn Rovers) Has been in top 5 since Pune FC entered the I-League.
Not Best in world but of course best in India.
More comments about Pune FC (India)

Great team especially in the area of ​​Central Java with fanatical supporters who nicknamed LASKAR NUSAKAMBANGAN (lanus)
Cilacap go isl now
The best club in 'divisi utama'pt LI

Calon juara... Go PSCS CILACAP

100LA Galaxy (United States)
Good team and one of the richest team in the world. Soon to be the top 10 in the world.
This is crazy football is supid!

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