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181PSMS Medan (Indonesia)

The true football club from Indonesia!

The legend club in indonesia and asia

No one knew Indonesia Until PSMS create a record as The team which has the most spectators in the world on match against persib in 1985. - brens

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182PSIM Yogyakarta (Indonesia)V1 Comment
183Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia)

Dinamo always play elegant game

184Persipasi Bekasi (Indonesia)V1 Comment
185Bradford City (England)
186Loyola Meralco Sparks (Philippines)
187PSGC Ciamis (Indonesia)

The former name of PSGC is Persigal. Persigal is the stand for Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Galuh (Indonesian Football Association of Galuh). The best achievement of PSGC is the Champion of The 1 Division PSSI (+/- 1990). Some of best player of Persigal / PSGC is: Nury Allan (Galatama Cahaya Kita, +/- 1980), Komar (+/- 1970s), Herry Kiswanto (The best libero of Indonesian National Team, 1980s - 1990s, now he is a Head Coach of Barito Putera, ISL Division of PSSI), Herry Rafni Kotari (+/- 1990s - 2000s he play in Bandung Raya, Persib, Persikab). Galuh is the former name of Ciamis Regency. Galuh is the name of the Kingdom in the past (612 M - 1482 M).

Galuh is the great kingdom with the superiority of the soldier, the wisdom, great integrity, fair of the king. Some king of Galuh is Sang Resiguru Manikmaya (The founder of Galuh Kingdom +/- 612), Sang Kandiawan, Sang Wretikandayun, Rakryan Sanjaya (+/- 700s M), Rakryan Manarah (Ciung Wanara, +/- 700s), Raden Adipati Aria ...more

PSGC stand for Persatuan Sepakbola Galuh Ciamis (en: Football Association of Galuh Ciamis). PSGC Ciamis is an Indonesian football club based in Ciamis Regency, West Java. Club played in Liga Indonesia Second Division.

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188Persibo Bojonegoro (Indonesia)

We group of people bloody angling dharma, orange forces driving the dragon will always support you because we Boromania

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189Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)V2 Comments
190Southampton F.C. (England)

What the saints have beaten united and chelsea so they should be in the top 20

Well, they're simply better the skates down the road.

191New York City FC (United States)V3 Comments
192Selangor FC (Malaysia)

Selangor fc is the greatest champions team in Malaysia league and cup and they are the team that have successful go to the afc champions league final

Why Malaysia is down under? Indonesia is lose every match with us.. Indon is 1-8 chelsea you know.. They shall not be top Best Football ever

Malaysia boleh... The manchester united of Malaysia5 times Malaysia Cup Champions...
5 times FA Cup Champions...
6 times continental champions
25 times league champions..
28 times charity shield winners

193Litex Lovech (Bulgaria)

The best Bulgarian football club Ever! - ne6tastnika

194Lech PoznaƄ (Poland)V1 Comment
195Ceres FC (Philippines)

Some people say that Philippines teams are a bunch of "clones" but these clones have pure filipino blood running through their veins that can be lethal watch out world the Philippines is rising Ceres la Salle is a best example of it!

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196Queens Park Rangers (England)
197Malaga CF (Spain)

Should be in the top 20.They have beaten Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

198Montreal Impact (Canada)V1 Comment
199HNK Rijeka (Croatia)
200Bastia (France)V2 Comments
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