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Juninho Pernambucano
In all aspect guy is a guru in free kick taking, even in a tight corner he deliver better result, I can remember the he took against Barcelona in a champions league match is kick was outstanding to an extent it force Victor Valdes to fumble. To me is the greatest in taking free kick.
There's a huge gap between beckham and juninho, not saying beckham shouldn't be second, but juninho is the best by a long shot.
Juninho is one of the only players to score more than 40 free kicks in his career (Beckham was in the 30s). Not only is that impressive, but some of the spots he managed to score from which were way outside the box! Talk about power and dipping skills! If the question was "who puts the craziest curve on the ball during a free kick", then Beckham rules all day. Juninho was the most EFFECTIVE and his statistics prove that.
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2David Beckham
He treated his game like an art and he was the artist!
How is Becks not at number 1, he is the best by a country mile. You would pay just to watch a beckham freekick exhibition, his freekicks are footballing artistry.
He is simply the best... Followed by Zico.
He is a one of the most hard working player I've never known despite of all the fame he got outside and inside the field. He never lost his cool - Respect!
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3Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano is always number 1... Period... Show me a better free kick than the one against portsmouth a few years back at Old Trafford?


Amazing his still in hi career but his not yet finished!
Beckham and juninho have never shot a free kick from more than 45 yards. But ronaldo has.. Against arsenal. He should be number 1.
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He is the best there is... The ball always finds the extreme top corner near to the far post... Scored an amazing low shot freekick against werder bremen. Top that and then talk
Here's the facts: Beckham may have a little more skill than Ronaldinho. But he can't curl a ball into a goal like Ronaldinho can. Ronnie can do it from anywhere on the pitch. He scored an amazing, amazing, amazing goal against England in the '02 World Cup. He was at least 35-40 meters from the goal. Beckham always takes them from about 25-30 meters, and if it's anymore than that, Madrid will get Roberto Carlos to power-shot one into the goal. Also in the year that Barcelona won the champions League (last season-05/06), Ronnie and Barca played against the Italian team Udinese. Ronaldinho scored a hat trick... From 3 DIRECT FREE KICKS. If you don't believe me, check the statistics yourself.
He keeps it simple but strategist and he has the cool needed to maintain while a kick.


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5Roberto Carlos
I had seen his one goal that is really impossible
Brazil vs France, Real Madrid the best long range free kicks ever
no one is like roberto carlos in free kicks
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6Andrea Pirlo
Pirlo can use both the inside and outside of his foot for free kicks and his consistency is second only to Juninho.
He was my favorite midfielder and in fifa 11 he was supposed to be a good free kick taker and I agree to it. In 2010, he scored at a distance of 35 m and for the keeper it is full stretch.
He is the best player in all the world and has a super super free kick and powerful shot and very accurate
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7Alessandro del Piero
Del Piero scored the most free kicks in the history of Serie A and the European Champions League! He is the best of all this list, Hands down.
One more thing you have to bear in mind is that Del Piero scored in the Italian League (Serie A) which has the best defenses and most experienced goal keepers (compared to the French League or any League in that matter! )
The greatest player ever! His good attitude, personality, professional player..
His goals against Real Madrid in the European Champions League 2008/2009. He is the Legend of Football, the Legend of Juventus who all the Juventini proud of!
Del Piero >> The greatest player!
he scored so many goals from freekicks that he's probably the best takers... or at least in my opinion
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8Sinisa Mihajlovic
Sinisa tira la BOMBA! A very rare left-footed free kick specialist who knew to combine power, accuracy and swerve all together. Free kicks from 25 meters were for him like penalties. A free kick hat-trick hero vs. Sampdoria, and many, many beautiful goals like the one when he scored a goal through the legs of the Udinese keeper from 30 meters far out... Too bad he didn't used "knuckle ball" technique from free kicks, who knew what would happened if he used that... Rumour has it, that his powerful left foot shot reached top speed of 165 kh during a research from the Department of Physics at the University in Belgrade. The best free kick taker in the world...
he holds the record for most international free-kicks. AND he scored a hat-trick from free kicks too
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9Pierre van Hooijdonk
Feyenoord won the UEFA cup because of this gift of Van Hooijdonk, every single match, again and again
Such a great free kick taker. I will always remember the one against freiburg.
"put your hands up for Pi-air... That's what we used to sing! Really cool, it was like half a penalty when he took a free kick close to the penalty area!
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10Shunsuke Nakamura
Nakamura is great player, he can provide feedback to the striker and allows the striker to score and with a fitting accuracy of the kick, he can score goals from dead ball shot
Week in, week out, Naka sticks them in from free kicks! Keepers just cannot get to the ball in time... Simply UNBELIEVABLE! Hail! Hail!
Nakamura is simply the best at free kicks. Not only that but his ball control, his football brain and passing. He is even good enough to play in the premiership (please don't leave us). He is awesome


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The Contenders

11Lionel Messi
Messi is a really good free kick taker if he shoots almost every time he scores he shoots in top or low corners that's the key of free kicks
Does anyone remember the free kick where he put it under the wall... Cheeky and pure genius... Messi is by far the best player as well as the best free kick taker
Lionel Andries Messi is the Greatest player of all the time, and now he is becoming the best free kick taker, he can curl the ball and whatever he want he can do, magician is small world for him, He is complete Genius.
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12Steven Gerrard
The most controlled free-kick taker I ever saw!


Does nothing fancy but still achieves the best result... Some people A.K. A ronaldo try to do too much and their free kicks end up in the crowd!


He's the only guy that just uses sheer power to cannon the ball in. Just look at his free-kick against Newcastle United
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13Robin van Persie
He has an amazing speed, curve and power in his kicks plus I think he has the best left foot in the premier league. He is awesome.
Powerful left foot. He takes it so well.
Killer left foot with with class, he lost it because of injuries but still videos are evidence, and still he can come back to same level..
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14Gheorghe Hagi
big star. great shoots. Carpathian maradona. uefa cup 2000 winner. super cup winner. Hagi galatasaray clup player and past technical director. Romania super star.
He surely has to be in the top 5!
Top 10 freekick taker it's Hagi! It was brilliant on the field! We miss you Hagi!
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ARRGGH! These lists are terrible! Zico is the best ever, or at least in the top 10, yet he is beaten by the likes of Van Persie, Drogba AND Nobby Solano!
i don't care what anyone says, i firmly believe zico is the best on free kicks, he has no match.
Pele said to Zico " Your the best soccer player ever and your the closest person that went to my greatness"
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16Wayne Rooney
He should have become before. But there is a reason for this because he doesn't take any free kicks at all. He should prctise more and come to the top.
He is the best free kicker in the world
He's one of the most complete players.. maybe he's not the best in free kicks.. maybe not the best at dribbling.. but his game can be a force for victory in all games.. just Wazza..

17Didier Drogba
He's scored loads of freekicks and they're not the the ones where you pwer it but the ones that go over the wall and into the goal
He's one of the best strikers around but is losing his touch now as he is 33 years old
DROGBA THE LION.. awesome free kicks just brilliant, and I love alex too.. he's also one of the best free-kick takers
There migh be loads of other better ones, but whenever I see drogba about to take a free kick I expect him to score. And he usually does!
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18Diego Maradona
There's nothing to say. Simply the Greatest of all times. Magic. Go and see all his goals and you'll understand why he was the best.
The thing that defined maradona was he's dribbling and of course the hand of god.
Speechless for this player, he's not human but he's God...
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Power, curve, and genius placement: Rivellino scored absolutely classic game-changing direct-free-kick goals against Czechoslovakia and East Germany upon the biggest World stage. Yet, he gunned his shots in while the balls were still heavy and slow. Rivellino must be a top 10 direct-kick specialist of all times; perhaps top 5.

Go watch footage of Rivellino, you will not be sorry. He was the original master of elastico, had a rare close-control dribble mastery in dense traffic. All time greats like Ronaldinho and Maradona are self-proclaimed disciples of his. And as one of the original direct-kick specialists, he introduced shots that few can ever repeat.
Just watch his free kicks on you tube, I think he deserves at least 10th place, he had such accurracy and power, few players now have such.

20Ashkan Dejagah
I love you ashkan
Reza of iran
We love ashkan
Hamid from karaj-iran
He is a good football player
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21Juan Arango
How the hell this guy is not on the list.
I have seen like 50 goals on free kicks that he did, But he is underrated by lots of people..
High accuracy in long distance.. Is amazing, is simply magic when he kicks the ball, he makes easy the difficult
He is one of the best in the world he should be top 10 no doubt
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22Ali Karimi
™ ali karimi is the best football player in the world♥
He is the best in the world
Ostad ali karimi 8888888888888888888888888888888888
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23Juan Roman Riquelme

The more creative midfielder that soccer have right now. His free kicks are just too accurate. For me the best with Nakamura.

Man He Is Good Fit For Bayern Munchen Ill Tell You That He Is Good Free Kicker Good At Curve

24Roberto Rivelino
Rivelino's shots had power, curves, surprising placement. He defined free-kick specialist. Scored incredible free kicks on the biggest stage. He did it when the ball was still big, slow and heavy. Ronaldinho and Maradona are self-idenfied disciples.

25Alvaro Recoba
Alvaro Recoba is the greatest free kick taker in the world and shooter the first game he played foe inter he scored the best goal I have ever seen even the english commentators were amased at the power of the kick with no run up to shoot.
not only in shooting freekick that even greatest
but he done well also in passing freekick.
his passing freekick bring the goals so many too
He is the best left free kick player in the world
Recoba have a quality passing, can play as striker or play maker..
His left foot strike just be silent of goalkeeper
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26Mehdi Kiani

27Thierry Henry
Great Man.. Great player... God of football.. Best footballer ever.. Scored 20 free kick goals (screamers.. While just for Arsenal.. LEGEND)

28Michel Platini

I'm actually very shocked that Michael Platini, the man who revolutionized the free kick, who reinvented it, isn't in the top 3, but what's worse is that he's not even in the top ten. He had accuracy that only Juninho and Beckham could match, and he put the ball over the wall and under the bar with such pace that few people realized how near impossible it was to take a free kick the way he did. This list is flawed. Platini, then Juninho, then Beckham, the C. Ronaldo and the rest of the top 20 are about even...

He is good, kok bisa gak masuk 10 besar? Laugh out loud
Ayoo vote naik terus bray, zico, bambang pamungkas yes

He in my opinion is not the greatest ever free kick taker, however he is the inventor and perfecter of the "over the wall, under the bar" free kick and deserves to be number 4 (behind 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. David Beckham 3. Juninho) because he revolutionized the art of taking a direct free kick.

29Ryan Giggs
Best and talented free kick taker

30Nolberto Solano
He's scored greatest goals in Sporting Cristal, Boca Jrs, Newcastle, Aston Villa, West Ham United and the Peruvian national team.
Solano deserves to be ranked in the top ten or maybe at least 11, 12 or 13.
He is one of the best, even Maradona called him "Maestrito"
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31Alex de Souza
So calm and clean shoot. Keep his nervs in cool mood what ever the pressure of the game is... Consistent delivery with perfect precision and good speed.
Consistent delivery with perfect precision and good speed
High precision in every kick.
Big legend of Fenerbahce & Coritiba.
His statue is next to the Fenerbahce Stadium.

32Francesco Totti
He is just one of his kind.. There's just no other one to compare him with.. Completely versatile with both foot. This is a player that doesn't care of the leg to score or shot with at any given time in sight of goal.. In terms of foot versatility, especially with chips, shots and volleys.. And all sorts of goals, I haven't seen any as accurate as he is. Not even Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka and some others of today are close enough..
He provides passes from anywhere.. In fact just get to watch his bests.. Only that he was unlucky with world best player awards.. Just like my Jay-Jay Okocha..
just have a look at his free kicks as good as any in the top 10. Also, lovely volley and semi volley shots on the run from outside the penalty box. Magico He's a beast
Master of the art. Among the elite. As is Andrea Pirlo.
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34Reza Ghoochannejhad
He is really good.

35Milan Radovic
I Like miljan radovic, because you the best of free kick taker...

thank's miljan radovic for starting eleven in persib bandung...
Milan Radovic is the best free kick taker... now Milan Radovic played for Persib Bandung Team From Indonesian...
This is...
The next Yunus Fauzan Apriliatna, and he is Persib Bandung player
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36Javad Nekounam
He is the best player in iran and asia... Amir haqiqi from iran-mashhad 444444444444444444444444444444444
Javad is the best. I love him

Farzad fro chalous iran
Best player in ASIA.
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37Zlatan Ibrahimović
Sweden game, enough said. Joe hart didn't stand a chance. He was smart, put it in the bottom 90 and he got a goal. He's certainly better than 79.

38Zinedine Zidane
though zidane lacks power when passing and doesn't lift the ball high up in the air like beckham, ronaldinho, or pirlo, he still manages to score from an average range. he doesn't have speed like carlos or accuracy like juninho, however he's still fairly better than those regular soccer players you see
He is claim and more released when taking penalties. His targets are serious for the keep to caught.
Zinedine is the best player in the world
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39Marco van Basten

40Frank Lampard
Are all the people out off their minds. Lampard is best free kick taker in whole universe and from when is baichung bhutia better than him. He is aWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AND AWESOME
Power free kick trait is lampard's art and he uses it so well. I remmember finals of wc 2010 england vs germany, he didn't miss by much.
FRANK! FRANK! FRANK! Best free kick/penalty taker ever! Have you seen him miss?
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41Karim Ansarifard
یا'اسین انصاریفرد یا'اسین اذربایجان یا'اسین تراختور انصاریفرد بیا تراختور

42Bastain Schiewnstiger

did you see his game vs Portugal it was his best game in the world cup that free kick man he should be in number 12 he can curve the ball pretty good and thats why when bernd scheider out he takes Gemrany's free kicks

He's the master of both curved and power free kick. Let him put the ball on the pitch, and goalkeeper's nightmare begins.

43Wesley Sneijder
Because he plays for the best team in the (REAL MADRID) he has scored 4 goalz this year and 3 were on a free kick
Ps. Madrid are gonna smash roma in the champions league

44Selçuk İnan
His Free kicks are amazing, since 2011 he is one of the best "freekicker" in the World!
His accuracy is unbelieveable. His free kicks are more dangerous than a penalty
He's and will be the best one!
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45Xavi Hernandez
Fabulous. This guy is good.


Alex's freekicks are the BOMB! He proven his worthyness vs arsenall

guys! Alex is different from other free-kick takers because he has de ability to fire his bullet shot to his preferred position... and at last the Goal-keeper will not get a chance to touch the ball... dats Allexx


47Arief Fathurrahman

Indonesian player? I don't even know who is he... but I'd vote him

not really famous..but has an amazing talent


i've ever seen the match between LPJ Gol.III/XI and FO's. he made a fantastic goal by curling the ball from distance...what a strike!!!!

48Ronald Koeman
Maybe the youngsters can't remember how good he was at free kicks.

49Honda Keisuke
Couple years ago, Japan vs hong kong. If that free kick doesn't convince you he's the best nothing will.
Should be loads higher, he is an actual tank and has ridiculously good curving skills, he's up there with the best in my opinion, top ten I believe, without a shadow of a doubt.
Simply the BEST! The only man for the job and he plays like a Pro TOO!
that's WHY I SUPPORT JAPAN AS WELL AS ENGLAND! Woo common you Samurai Blues!
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50Farhad Majidi
Farhad majidi is the most popular soccer in the world
fahad love

51Ponaryo Astaman
Fantastic ponaryo astaman.. The best free kick.. He is player in sriwijaya fc palembang

52Roberto Baggio

The divine ponytail was a player ahead of his time. His touch, creativity and skill were second to none. He scored loads of amazing free kicks at Fiorentina, Juventus, AC Milan, Bologna, Inter and Brescia. I particularly recall a very intelligent freekick he took while at inter. Everyone expected a cross and he fooled them all and passed it into the net. At Brescia he took a corner kick directly into the net during a league game against Leece. A true legend!

53Bhaichung Bhutia
The legend of INDIAN football. Good to see him in top 50.

54Michael Owen

55Sagar Thapa
Captain of Nepali football team. His free kick against Bangladesh was awesome.
He is the best free kicker in the world
He is best captain of Nepal team
More comments about Sagar Thapa

56Darijo Srna
He isn't well known just because he doesn't play for a big club or country but he certainly belongs to this list. He's got great power and accuracy and can score from any angle. He's not only a great but great player as well and one of the best full back in the world.

57Diego Forlan
The key to succes in Uraguay.

58Sejad Salihovic
He's really underrated but has an amazing shot with his left foot, he's one of the best free kick takers in Europe.
Most underrated free kick taker. Look up Salihovic free kick vs. Turkey and dortmund... Or any other ones
See some freekicks by him, they're amazing. Watch the one against Turkey
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59Ashley Young
He's a pretty good free kick player and is Uniteds best best free kick taker by a long shot. He should be at least in the top 20come on people

60Pabel Pardo

he was one of the best free kick takers in the mexican league and there was a reason y they wanted him in Stuttgart because of his free kicks and becaise he plays good this also goes for Ricardo Osorio!!!

He was one of the few best soccer free kick shooters in the mexican league and now he has made it to the germany team in stuttgart as a starter player along with Osorio.

61Morten Gamst Pedersen

62Leighton Baines
54? You can't be serious, he is better than all of these minor league players in the middle east above him, if you don't believe me, watch clips on YouTube!
Baines in very consistent because if he doesn't score a freekick, it's gets on target or hits the frame of the goal.

63Xabi Alonso

talented free kick taker and well he deserves to be number 4

hesby far only got 1 better
free kick taker
Steven Gerrard by far

64Charlie Adam

65Katlego Mphela

66Andrés Iniesta

67Luis Figo

He Can use Any Foot He Wants And Is A Legend

Maybe the best winger ever... Left and right, and even as a 10 he was special, look at his goal againt Danmark...

Best all Time Can Use Both Sides Of His Foot He Is Awesome

68Mikel Arteta

69Gianfranco Zola
100% should be in top 10 without doubt. All distances and from and angle. Genius who worked harder than most to become an expert in this field. Model Pro
Zola would be higher in the list if he was still playing today, just watch old footage of his free kicks and you can see for yourself.
Laugh out loud..! Zola isn't in the top 10 list... Maybe they just know football since 2005... Very surprising at all...
More comments about Gianfranco Zola

70Sebastian Larsson

Seb is a specialist. He deserves to be higher on this list! He is amazing free kick taker and has a wicked right foot.

His freekicks are sublime
5 goals from set pieces/freekicks

71Marcos Assuncao

Incredible, best ever... But little attention because he plays in Brazil and not Europe

72Bernd Scheider

Best German Kicker Out There He Takes The Corners And Free Kicks He Can Score Free Kicks When He Wants To

73Jaime Lozano

74Frank Ribery
Man Did You See His Five Free Kicks In The World Cup They Were Awesome Did You See There Curve They Were Incredible He Should Be Number 15 Or 10 at least 15 maybe 10 He He Can Score Them When He Wants To

75John Aloisi

76Mark Kewell
Who's the imbecile who wrote this, his name is Harry Kewell not Mark, and he's not that good at taking free-kicks.

77Mohammed Abo Tricka

Excellent Player. Scored some wonderful free kicks in his time. Quite underrated.

78Oleksandr Aliyev
Man if you see his free kicks and his accuracy and the shot power you will be amazed. He is a specialist seriously check him out on you-tube!

79Rogério Ceni
Best in Brasil even according to Juninho Pernambucano

80Eden Hazard
Its quite funny this guy is not in between 1-20, the youngest freekick taker in the world footballing history
Great power and curve

81Fernando Arce

82Mark VanBommel

Man He Can Use Both Feet He Is Amazing He Takes Bayerns Free Kick And He Scores A lot OF Them He Should be Number 20

83David Bentley

84Patrich Wanggai

85David Silva

86Rafael van der Vaart

87Kevin Doyle
Ridiculous, can't kick snow off a rope, and I'm Irish
I think his better the messic

88Iván Valenciano


89Bernard Parker

90Sabri Sarioglu

91Alan Stubbs

92Hristo Yanev

93Johan Cruyff

94Jorg Albertz

95Eri Irianto
Eri Irianto (Sidoarjo, 12 January 1974 - Surabaya, 3 April 2000) was a former player of Persebaya Surabaya. He died on the 3rd April 2000 after collapsing with a heart attack on the pitch during a league match against PSIM Yogyakarta at Gelora 10 November Stadium. The mess was renamed from Persebaya and is now "Wisma Eri Irianto". He wore number 19 which was retired after his death.

96Jose Gomez

97Yohan Cabaye

98Dragan Stojkovic

99Juan Mata

100Clint Dempsey

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