Best Grand Theft Auto Characters

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Carl CJ Johnson
I like this character 6 girlfriends so much respect from gangsta families nice life story too much helpful to he's friends and almost everyone knows him at san andreas he have the balls to face number of enemies alone and he breaks 2 times and kill everyone in military areas alone and face number of vagos and ballas to take revenge for his brother and his mother sorry for bad english
gangster, manager, owns a air plain owns a garage and is a member of a gang
grove street famalies and got a boot drives lisens and air plain lysence en car lycens and motersycel lycens cj is the best
Cj personified gangster and was a realistic personality. He had real stats and could be built from the grond up. No other Grand Theft Auto character short of fido could match his swagger and capability, but fido was still a good thick hair off that. CJ grew from small G to big G and became a world class speck op master and besides his violent capability's he still kept a slightly optimistc outlook on life and some humor to go with it. Tommy V was a cool character and a tough dude but no other characters are as cool as CJ, but few are close such as Trevor and Fido. To put it plainly CJ had the hardest missions, such as stealing a jet from a carrier to swiping the beloved jetpack from area 69. The Grand Theft Auto 5 squad did not do stuff at that level but are still great none the less. Niko was an ok character but was no were as hard as CJ or Fido and even versetti. The good thing about niko was his friendly and corismatic but a deep death dealer he wasn't. Just think to match CJ they had to make 3 characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 and that just hit par. They should make the next los santos story about what happend to CJ maybe have franky ( CJ JR ) and the gang bust him out of the prison. CJ gets out and has a nice little party on grove street taking out his old enemies the ballas, mission title ( cleaning house ).
[Newest]CJ and Trevor are the best!

2Niko Bellic
Just... How can CJ be first? Niko Bellic is awesome and could kick his butt any day. He has a great story and he is not all gangster unlike some people.. Grand Theft Auto IV is awesome and Grand Theft Auto V is going to be amazing!


The reason niko is great is because he is a deep character, he has the greatest story, he has his own needs, problems, a realistic personality, he is affected by his crimes and the moral damage created by them, and the only character in the series who doesn't want a life of crime, he wants his American dream.
Niko is special... He was not a gangster and he cared for Roman even though he was a criminal. You can see how regretful he was when Kate (revenge) or Roman (deal) dies.
[Newest]He is the best Grand Theft Auto character ever!

3Tommy Vercetti
Never took crap from anyone and was a real leader, CJ is tough but times he was a little soft.

Plus Tommy had more depth since his back story and connections with sonny forelli mattered for most of the game and as the game progressed, the story moved on (tommy at first finding out who took his boss's money and drugs, then the story moved on to standing alone and making his boss lose patience etc). With CJ, his story is mostly about proving himself that he is a true grove by mostly focusing on getting his brother out of jail for most of the time.
Complete badass he is strong cj however was scared of tenpenny and T. Bone mendez tommy never took orders from anyone he only worked for cash real badman right there
I totally agree, he is my favouriate Grand Theft Auto character he was fearless and took orders from no one (unlike CJ! ) and only worked for a profit plus his lawyer Ken Rosenberg use to make me laugh, he was kinds funny! I wanna see Tommy inside another Grand Theft Auto game!
[Newest]Tommy deserves to be no. 1. He is the best character in the whole Grand Theft Auto series.

4Trevor Phillips
Trevor was the first Grand Theft Auto character that actually made sense to play with. You could kill/blow up cars and people without it feeling random while you're playing with Trevor. Without a doubt in my mind, he deserves to be number 1.
Trevor Phillips is the definition of Grand Theft Auto
Only character in Grand Theft Auto V not motivated by money, shares many similarities to Niko Bellic, especially when it comes to loyalty. His Special Ability is also extremely powerful in and out of combat making him a fun character to play. "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother"
[Newest]Michael is pretty cool, Franklin is subject to to many stereotypes but Trevor represents how the average person plays Grand Theft Auto, a bad ass overly violent psycho

5Michael De Santa
Michael is the best!, he is rich and have a luxurious life style, and is a successful bank robber!
Definitely Michael because he is rich, has the best story line and Grand Theft Auto V is the best Grand Theft Auto yet


I love how developed this character is so much. I mean I guess it's weird to look at characters from a game like this and take them seriously, but I do. He's not just some other rich guy, he's a criminal with a family and marital problems. He's unhappy with his life until Franklin tries to take a car, and he remembers those good ol' days of fighting crime.
He's not just a character looking for power and money, he's alwso wanting to help make ammends with his family, but he's so messed up he has trouble doing so. and I think it's really touching that rockstar can make a complex character that you just sort of have to love, despite him being a douche and all.


[Newest]Michael is awesome. He is certainly the most connectable out of all of the protagonists.

6Franklin Clinton
Cool man! Such an bad ass.
He was a bad ass guy he was awesome. / he was a bad ass guy I liked every thing about him
Franklin is the one of the mostly baddest character in Grand Theft Auto 5 but he had power to live 60 days without remains water and driving bu driving is too.
[Newest]He IS Grand Theft Auto!

Come on guys! Why is Claude not higher? The first character to appear in a 3d grand theft auto game and (possibly) the only character to be the protagonist in multiple grand theft auto games (grand theft auto 3 and grand theft auto 2). He's more stylish than CJ and more cold blooded than Niko. He doesn't hesitate at all!


The starting Character of the new era. One of the toughest and should be placed higher fir the sake of Grand Theft Auto I
Claude is clearly the strongest and the mast accomplished. He also made more appearances than any other character
[Newest]Even though this guy didn't talk at all through out Grand Theft Auto 3, he was one awesome guy. he also earned a cameo appearance in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

8Big Smoke
All You had to do was follow the dam train, CJ!
Big Smoke was an awesome villain.
I hate this guy cause he's the one who killed cj's mother in Grand Theft Auto sa.

9Toni Cipriani
Toni goddam awesome he is tough and his swearing is so cool. He is very fat in Grand Theft Auto 3. He has one of the best missions in the whole Grand Theft Auto series.
He's great character killing a made man and he's back should be top 5 great but cj is the best forme
He should be higher. He's the original babadass of the Grand Theft Auto series... Everyone is still great though :P

10Yusuf Amir
Best character in Grand Theft Auto

The Contenders

11Patrick Packie McReary
Cash cab guy haha

12Vic Vance
Best protagonist ever! I don't care what anybody says! He's my Hero.
He was just an all round badass
He is fun to play as.

13Brucie Kibbutz
Just completley insane all of his missions are roid rage. It's a shame that he didn't get on jersey Shore.

14Roman Bellic
Funny character who appreciates the wonder of titties!
If I need someone to ask me to go bowling or play darts when I'm ABOUT to go on a date, I'll go to Roman.

15Frank Tenpenny
Best villian in Grand Theft Auto history, hope he and catalina have kids in hell.

16Mark B Dup Wayne

17Cesar Vialpando
CJ my favourite character and this guy is his homie for life

18Mike Toreno

I believe Catalina is the daughter of Marty and Louise, because she has Louise's eyes and nose and Marty's personality... Maybe after her parents died, Mary-Jo couldn't cope with her and gave her away, but had a cruel new family and decided to rename her to Catalina, or Mary-Jo married to a abusive man.
I believe Catalina didn't die from the explosion, I think the gunshot was her, to kill Claude and Maria.
Completely crazy. I don't wanna know what she did with CJ.

"ow! Eh! Ooh! Aw! Ouch! Damn! Oh"

He is hilarious and so awesome and is not afraid of anything
He smoke a lot of weed but he cool
Funniest charecter in Grand Theft Auto


22OG Loc
You are not voting for him because he's GANGSTA.
What a trip. The guy is hilarious.

23Huang Lee
The first Asian in the Grand Theft Auto Series! How can he not even be on this list! Here be Dragons! A loyal Triad forever!
Huang is totally the strongest because he's the one survived facing the large amount of enemy and he is rarely aided

He's gonna be awesome in Grand Theft Auto V. So is Trevor and Franklin but Micheals my favourite. Trevor second best :).


Skilled criminal with family issues & he's a funny guy


Maybe not as good as Niko, but best character in Grand Theft Auto 5

25Lance Vance
Why is this annoying backstabbing twat on here?

26Lamar Davis


28Luis Fernando Lopez
The first Hispanic protagonist in Grand Theft Auto!
Deserves to be at least #10

29The Truth

30Little Jacob
Lil Jacob seems to be like a backup for niko which is why he's my favorite character. Not just that he's like a ninja too.

31Madd Dogg

32Tony Prince

33Lester Crest

34Donald Love

35Johnny Klebitz
Johnny Rocks. Anyone who thought Johnny was dead by Trevor, you are wrong. I don't Care what people say, Johnny will always be my favourite character. Most Badass Character of the Grand Theft Auto Universe.


Johnny was badass when he run the gang & how he broke into the prison just to kill their "so called leader" named bill (billy grey).
Johnny is the ultimate badass of the Grand Theft Auto Universe. He is a member of the Lost MC. He stood up against their crazy old former leader who later betrayed them. Johnny will beat up anyone who don't watch their mouth

36Chop (the Dog)
He Has franklin'S Back When YOU Feel Like Going On A rampage.


38Eddie Pulaski

39Lola Del Rio

40Ken Rosie Rosenberg

41Ankita Muskan

42Salvatore Leone


44Sweet Johnson

45Manny Escuela

46Jerry Martinez
One of the most memorable antagonists in the series

47Phil Cassidy

48Vincenzo Cilli
Eaten by Toni. This is the food chain.

49Louise Cassidy-Williams

50Mary-Beth Williams
I want Mary-Beth to be in Grand Theft Auto 6, as a main character.. She would be 28 or 29 now. She could be a wealthy business woman in which from the money that Vic and Lance had before they died. She could be married with a daughter of her own named Louise II, her husband could gamble away the money and use it on prostitutes, where one of the prostitutes is a daughter or niece of Armando Mendez, Mary-Beth could avenge the death of her mother.
Are you hinting that she should be the first female protagonist?

51Wade Hebert

52Hilary King

53Ray Machowski
Love to meet him... If I could get to the last phone, without crashing and running outta time.

54Devin Weston

55Patricia Madrazo

56Lazlow Jones


58Martin Madrazo

59Amanda De Santa

60Fabien LaRouche

61Steve Haines

62Iggy Pop

63Jimmy De Santa

64Tracey De Santa

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