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1 Storm Capricorn

It's no wonder why storm capricorn is on this list. ANY one of my beys can beat it easily! Storm capricorn CAN JUMP, but only when you first spin it. AT MOST, it will spin ten seconds. When it isn't set to bounce, it has decent movement, but sliding shoot does not work on it. It does not last long, and doesn't even have enough smash attack to knock opposing beys out of the ring or into a penalty pocket. It moves too much to even hit opposing beys. I guess it can be kind of funny to watch it bounce, but that is all that it is good for. However, when it is bouncing, it barely even hits beys, it just jumps over them and then stops spinning. When it is set to bounce, it usually jumps right into a penalty pocket. Overall, this bey has too much movement with not enough smash attack, little to no stamina, and too high of a risk of a self-KO. Any bey on this list can beat storm capricorn.

This is the weakest and worst Beyblade ever. And, why is Galaxy Pegasus even in this list? It's probably the strongest bey ever and who ever got Pegasus in this list, maybe doesn't even have Pegasus or doesn't try him out at all. OK, so Storm Capricorn is very weak against Pegasus, here in less than 5 seconds, Pegasus was just spinning around, and then suddenly Capricorn just stops spinning which is a huge disqualification, and against every Beyblade, this guy will lose. Anyway, the school champion made a mistake and used Storm Capricorn against my Hell Kerbecs (but still Galaxy Pegasus is still my best, or Earth Eagle), and Kerbecs just hit Capricorn off the stage and there was a huge dent on the wall which means Capricorn was stuck. So he wanted a rematch which was based nothing about Capricorn but a lot about the much stronger Beyblades, anyway, he used Lightning L-Drago, and I used Basalt Horigium. It was an intense battle, and most of the bladers where watching in a Beyblade ...more

On the show his special move spin screwdriver looks SO cool. But in real life 1 special moves don't exist (which is pretty obvious) 2 in the show Tobio (the guy that uses it) loses to every main character. And 3 the quake performance tip is meant to make Storm Capricorn go crazy round the stadium smashing everything around it but in real life it does make it go crazy... But it does like 0.01 damage compared to a defense type (the type worst in attack. ) plus I agree it only spins for ten seconds giving it poor stamina. The only thing its good at (which is actually the best in the whole beyblade metal series believe it or not) is dodging. Because it jumps around like a kangaroo. The bey ray Gasher uses the same performance tip (which is what makes it so bad plus the rubbish spin track. ) so I don't know why it isn't on here. I need to admit though. If you change the performance tip and spin track to the one ultimate meteo l drago uses then you got a bey just like storm ...more

It is actually for me really really op if you learn how to use it and set the performance tip in the right angle it can spin normally for 2 minutes and it beat my friends hell kerbecs, hell crown, phantom orion and dark bull, earth eagle, dark gasher. if you can stop the spin track from moving around its really powerful that's why my username is the cap pro even creator said it was the worst bey but stop the spin track for switching it's a normal attack type with about 2 minutes of stamina

2 Storm Pegasus

Obviously it just depends on how much you train the beyblade. And I'm not crazy, I know beyblades aren't real but you can make them stronger. Put them in the freezer every night and it increases their strength. I didn't think it worked at first but I tried it and it really does.
After you take it out battle with it really hard and rip the cord as hard as you can and just let it spin. It really increases the endurance.
After I did all of this I wanted one of my friends beyblades and he wanted one of mine so we had a deathmatch. We made it to where you get a point after you win a battle and first to 3 points wiin. He ended up taking 2 of my favorite beyblade then I decided to use my newly train storm pegasus ( original parts) and it won both of my beyblade back plus one of his. So it's a good bey if you train it

My friend has this it is his only bey and it sucks, even electronic leone can beat it. Anyone getting into beyblade should not buy any pegasuses as their first bey. Instead, I recommend Flame byxis, Twisted tempo and Grand cetus. Also never buy its or electro unless it is for collector purposes. Don't buy: ldrago, pegasus, striker, virgo or fire blaze. Lacerate is decent but still go for defense or balance(except lacerate sometimes).

Storm Pegasus isn't that bad my Storm Pegasus can even smash Rock Leone straight OUT of my stadium! But one thing I agree is it has bad stamina, but I don't mean for like spinning for 10 secs my Pegasus can spinning for at least for 1min with out another bey inside the stadium.

What a rubbish excuse for a beyblade. Its like a stupid cheap knokout for a bey. When ypou launch it, it wobbles like Susan OOZies flab or beads chin when hit with a rock. It's a stupid loser andeven though it's a good bey in the series and wins by cheating, its crap and again, can't win without cheating. It lasts for such a short period of time that ozmon can stand up longer without getting blown by the wind. What a brick and I don't know why on earth hasbro released. It. Selling plastic would be equal to selling pegasus. Also ozmon is a fat toad who copies so stay away and don't touch his yellow hands.

3 Meteo L-Drago

These lists do no really make sense. Meteo L-Drago is #1 best in the other list so you shouldn't even consider putting it in this list.
Same with storm Pegasus too. It clearly does not make sense. You might think that some Beyblades are bad because of the way you rip them. For example, rock orso does pretty well when you rip him really hard.

Meteo L-Drago has the capability to steal spin from the opposing Beyblade as long as it has an opposite rotation. This is because of the rubber energy ring, and has been proven by Beyblade Geeks on YouTube. Because of this, I believe that L-Drago should be lower on the list as in it's a better Beyblade.

This website is twisted! I've heard that meteo l drago is the strongest bey! I ordered the thing on eBay and it will arrive in a few days. By the way if you have it you will know that it is only good when you use a left spin launcher or it won't absorb and will lose easily.

Meteo L-Drago Is the best Beyblade ever I have no idea why it's on this list probably a bunch of weirdos made the Meteo L-Drago in the top ten worst Beyblades Meteo L drago is awesome!

4 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasis can beat all these beys you all think it can lose but it can't check on Beyblades 247 it beat Fang Leone, L Drago Destroy. So I wouldn't be talking these are all lies you bastards who are doing this are liars so if Storm Pegasis smashed him one time so but he has Final Drive so he has aggressive movement.

I'm experienced with this bey, I own a golden one and it is great I have not froze it or anything of course it doesn't stand a chance against my phantom Orion but it is a very good attack bey, the best of all.

Big Bang Pegasus is the best bey on the face of the earth! It easily beats Twisted Tempo, Hades Kerbecs, L-Drago Destroy, and can often beat Diablo Nemesis. Big Bang Pegasus is beast!

I have one and it span for 2:04.91 min by itself in a stadium! Rocks until it enter final drive mode then it runs out of stamina and loses.

5 Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasus is totally bad it should be #1 worst Beyblade in the world. All the other ones you say are bad, like Dark Wolf and Lightning L Drago, are really the best Beyblades in the world! Only Galaxy Pegasus and Ray Striker are bad. Some say Galaxy Pegasus is "high powered" and "the best" but really that's just in the Japanese show. In real life it sucks (and I don't usually say that word). My friend's neighbor said that Galaxy Pegasus was high powered and the best one ever, but they had like 10 battles and my friend won 9 of them using not the best Beyblade (I forget what it was). And the only time my friend lost was when his accidentally spun out of the ring! So, take it from me, a Beyblader and expert at stats, Galaxy Pegasus is THE ABSOLUTE MEGA WORST Beyblade EVER IN THE WORLD. Sorry if that was a bit harsh for you Galaxy Pegasus fans out there.

Galaxy pegasus is horrible. It has NO ATTACK, and NO STAMINA. I think that even storm Capricorn on the jump mode could beat this. This bey is cool-looking, but horrible. Many times, it will self-KO and go into a penalty pocket. I'm surprised that Galaxy pegasus isn't at least #2. I would've had a better bey if it wasn't for my self-centered cousin. To recap, the bey has NO STAMINA, NO DEFENSE, and NO ATTACK! It can even dent other beys, and I was furious when it dented my Thunder Leone. Don't get this bey

Galaxy Pegasus is the worst Beyblade in the world! When my Galaxy Pegasus fought with my Meteo L drago, it was crushed. L Drago sent Pegasus flying through the air and Pegasus had a crack on it! Pegasus has poor defense. When Pegasus fought with Leone, it had stopped much before Leone. Pegasus has very poor stamina!

Galaxy Pegasus will often sleeps out as its lack of stamina. But, when you use it a few more time to let the rubber at the bottom to smoothen, it can defeats my ray unicorno and storm pegasus. Last time, I also think that galaxy pegasus is useless and stink but I change my mind... IT IS AWESOME!

6 Dark Wolf

Beating Dark Dolf isn't easy. As long as it has its sharp point on the performance tip its awesome. The creator of this list should delete putting dark wolf on here. He's Dark Wolf! Any beyblade would give up its best parts just to be one! Please buy it. Don't listen to any negative comments. Is it the best? No I admit. But is it worth buying? You bet. It can even last after a whole bunch of punishment from a Cosmic Pegasus. Now go get one and see for your self.

Dark wolf is amazing when it comes to stamina. Its FS performance tip has it sharp tip on the top and the sharp tip itself balances Wolf on the stadium and... Tadaa! Wolf is able to have a lot of defense and stamina. Still, as a balance type, Wolf should also have a use in attack but it is a question why it has no attack power at all. Whoever put this great bey the 6th worst really cracks me out.

My friend let me try it and it is weak. It only lasts for about 35 to 50 seconds. It spins in circles with not very good balance. It doesn't have very good attacks either. Its very speedy which makes it last very little. I wouldn't buy it.

It has nothing. It cannot attack and it barely has any defense. Storm Pegasus beat it at a stamina competition, and Storm Pegasus has a low-stamina Rubber Flat tip.

7 Lightning L-Drago

My l-drago sent my ray unicorno almost through the wall in my vortex stadium! At first unicorno was speeding and circling around the stadium when my l-drago just suddenly started charging for it, and the force was strong enough to send it flying almost out my door! Thank god I caught unicorno or else it would of cracked!

This thing is horrible I do not care what anyone says I bought the beyblade and when I tell you it's horrible well it is really horrible. My second reason why this beyblade is horrible well its because it can only spin for three seconds. My earth Virgo literally smashed it to pieces! I extremely don't recommend you buying this and in the anime I is supposed to be strong well it's not!

This Beyblade is good for knockouts or quick battles! The problem is that it lacks stamina! It has the attack to send earth virgos flying off the stadium! But if drago doesn't knock out its opponent in the first 15 seconds, it's doomed! Especially against stamina blades! I use my L-drago for knocking out opponent blades, not long battles!

Worst Bey in the history of the world. My Libra can beat it in less than two seconds (just so you know, my Libra is literally the best in the world, so this shouldn't surprise you). I have no idea what the rest of you L-Drago fan girls are talking about, this Bey SUCKS!

8 Rock Scorpio

The ones who said rock scorpio rocks then your right! Scorpio has beat some of my top beys which are my costumized balance type cyber pegasus, sometimes my burn fireblaze, and even one time my earth virgo. To the people who have tons of beys you are so lucky because I only have 8 Beyblades well I used to have 15 beybeyblades but I lost almost all of myns.

I beat my friend Ryan's Rock Scorpio with my Tornado L-Drago easily so that is full proof that Rock Scorpio stinks like crazy that bey is the dumbest and stupidest bey ever!

Rock Scorpio STINKS! If you put any other parts on it, it will still be a horrible bey. It's only useful part is the plastic Face Bolt.

It has some attack potential. JB is rather active and Rock can do some good attacks. Height is pretty OK.

9 Poison Scorpio

This should be number 2. It can't even spin properly because of its plain stupid spin track and tip. I don't even get the point of those awful and ridiculous pieces. "Let's take a flat tip and cut it in half as a horrible gimmick! "

I'm not sure which one it was. It was either rock Scorpio or poison Scorpio but one of them is a great bey because it blasted my earth eagle to 5 pieces.

Put this Beyblade at #2 on this list. The Quake Performance Tip's awkward shape screws up the top's Balance and cannot last very long at all in battle

I think that this Beyblade should be in the top 1 worst Beyblade. I had this before and I lost it. It is very bad.

10 Earth Wolf

This is the best bey in the world. My friend has one and it beat galaxy Pegasus, fury Capricorn, poison Pegasus, burn fireblaze, Hades kerbecs, evil Pisces, thermal lacerta, and an earth Virgo. I finally won when I used earth Virgo with poison Pegasus's performance tip. So I don't even know what he is doing here on this list.

No way this Beyblade is even on the list. Earth Wolf (assuming we're using the 105WD build) uses one of the best performance tips in the game, Wide Defense. This is the same tip that made Earth Eagle notorious when the game was originally released.

What! It is really good, spin more then a minute with a really good balance when it get hit it spinning perfectly. What did you use!

Are you kidding this is the worst list ever earth wolf is better than earth eagle! And yeah metro l drago sucks but number two really totally agree with number one though

The Contenders
11 Dark Bull

My dark bull beat storm capricorn in only two Hits dark bull spins like CRAzy plus he beat all of my friends beys!

Dark bull stinks. It's fusion wheel is mediocre and its spin track makes any Beyblade lose a lot of stamina.

I have dark bull and it does spin like crazy and it sent my dark wolf flying out of the arena! In 2 hits!

Dark bull is wack I put him up vs. Ray striker liker 20 times and he lost all of them

12 Fury Capricorn

Mine has a crack in it because of my Poison Pegasus even though it has like no attack power at all. I actually made the mistake of buying this piece of trash, don't make the same mistake I did!

He sucks. My friend has him and he lost to Ancient Rex!

I don't know what Takara Tomy was thinking with this one, a Attack type with no attack power? Just Why!

13 Dark Pegasus

If you get make a Dark Pegasus 105 MF it really kicks butt! The metal flat tip gives it less friction and the dark fusion wheel provides it the stability needed against other beys such as my Grand Eagle 145 WD. My Dark Pegasus is usually the winner against any of my 15 other quality beys. I have been blading for 6 years. I know what's up. Try it.

14 Torch Aries

Hard to understand just how bad this bey is until you see it in person. It is so light, that it FLYS when hit by a stamina bey. It cannot attack. Mediocre stamina at best.

Can someone explain to me why this is number 23 instead of number 2?

Bad but not that bad

15 Thermal Lacerta

The person who said that thermal lacerta was battling phantom Orion and bounced of the wall into phantom Orion I have one thing to say... LUCK.

He does not last long, maybe like 30sec. But his attack is all right and they call it a BALANCE type!

If there were a REAL list of beyblades ranked best to worst... Lacerta would be right in the middle

16 Flame Libra

I have flame libra it rocks it can beat any Beyblade. Go flame libra. Has really good defense, speed, stamina, balance and attack. It can beat any Beyblade in the world. Everybody at my school lost against it.

I must agree.. Flame Libra is one of the best beyblades there is. Sure it can lose by "stadium out", but still it wins a lot less than it loses.

Who ever made this list crazy, Flame Libra totally killed my earth Virgo.

It's not bad, but the ES Performance Tip does have terrible balance.

17 Counter Leone

Counter Leone SUCKS because the tip wears down so quickly. After too much use the tip tends to slant (well at least mine did). My Counter Leone also stops spinning very quickly. Known as a defense type Counter Leone's defense can only take a few hits. TERRIBLE BEY, I DO NOT recommend getting this bey.

Once I was versing a Counter Leone with my Flame Libra my Flame Libra sent Counter Leone Flying out of the stadium and it had flown so far that it Blown up into pieces.

Counter Leone is definitely the worst beyblade of all time. It seriously has nothing going for it with it losing all battles and its tip becomes garbage after a while

Rock Leone was better

18 Cosmic Pegasus

This bey... Who have created this bey I hate it it can't even fight with a plastic bey. Once it was fighting with my lighting ldrago and cosmic pegasus have wont been able to spin 1 round also I just want to throw it

Cosmic pegasus is good when you give him the right spin.

I have a cosmic pegasus hyperblade its good for knockout battles not with stamina types but its awesome!

This is literally the same bey as Big Bang.

19 Tempo Hammer Hit

Most of the Beys from XTS suck really hard, so we can't truly compare them to normal Beyblades. Although Jump Pegasus has a chance of actually flying out of the arena when the Stealth Battler Function activates, I'd put Pegasus ahead of Tempo in this case.

Tempo hammer hit is the worst bey blades, he can get out with 0 hits. But, he can knock down cardboard brick buildings easily.

Hasbro really just shouldn't have made XTS at all, but this is the worst. It spins for five seconds and then hits something, the hammers come out and scrape and it dies. Worst bey ever.

What the actual heck is this thing? Why have 2 dumb hammers stick out of the Bey to get caught on stuff and kill it? Why were these XTS things EVER INVENTED?

20 Inferno Sagittario

This bey is sick it smashed my rock aries, galaxy pegasus, cyber pegasus and storm pegasus is good as. I don't know why it would be on the worst Beyblade list. Pick this Beyblade as your next Beyblade it rules

Thanks for reading bye!

This stamina type is absolutely useful. It is an amazing bey and can be a counter usage for flame.

Don't hate this bey is so lit and is super swag like me and my Sagittario in real life.

Flame Sagittario's attack is the worst EVER!
But it has a good stamina tip...

21 Thunder Leone

Thunder leone has great stamina, he is just as good as earth virgo, and beat opponents of all kinds. If you beyblades that barely anyone else has, and that is good buy him now

Best stamina ever

22 Burn Bull
23 Storm Serpent

Well I kind of think storm serpent looks kind of cool but I don't have him but I want to find out what stores I can find him at and the one that siad that thermal lacerta sucks then you are mest up.

24 Galaxy Destroyer
25 Mercury Anubis

This one bey beat my earth eagle, gravity destroyer, and my big bang pegasus in one rip beat that!

This Beyblade is cool

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