Top 10 Worst Beyblades

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1 Storm Capricorn

It's no wonder why Storm Capricorn is on this list. Any one of my Beys can beat it easily! Storm Capricorn can jump, but only when you first spin it. At most, it will spin for ten seconds. When it isn't set to bounce, it has decent movement, but the sliding shoot does not work on it. It does not last long and doesn't even have enough smash attack to knock opposing Beys out of the ring or into a penalty pocket. It moves too much to even hit opposing Beys.

I guess it can be kind of funny to watch it bounce, but that is all it is good for. However, when it is bouncing, it barely even hits Beys. It just jumps over them and then stops spinning. When set to bounce, it usually jumps right into a penalty pocket. Overall, this Bey has too much movement with not enough smash attack, little to no stamina, and too high of a risk of a self-KO. Any Bey on this list can beat Storm Capricorn.

This is the weakest and worst Beyblade ever. And, why is Galaxy Pegasus even on this list? It's probably the strongest Bey ever. Whoever put Pegasus on this list maybe doesn't even have Pegasus or hasn't tried him out at all.

OK, so Storm Capricorn is very weak against Pegasus. Here, in less than 5 seconds, Pegasus was just spinning around, and then suddenly Capricorn just stops spinning, which is a huge disqualification. Against every Beyblade, this guy will lose. Anyway, the school champion made a mistake and used Storm Capricorn against my Hell Kerbecs (but still, Galaxy Pegasus is my best, or Earth Eagle). Kerbecs just hit Capricorn off the stage, and there was a huge dent on the wall, which means Capricorn was stuck.

So, he wanted a rematch which was based not on Capricorn but a lot on the much stronger Beyblades. Anyway, he used Lightning L-Drago, and I used Basalt Horigium. It was an intense battle, and most of the bladers were watching in a Beyblade stadium near my house. The two Beyblades had huge scratches all over them, and finally, Lightning L-Drago was slowing down, and Horigium was starting to kinda suck up the power, and suddenly just hit L-Drago off the field. Our next rematch is still maybe tomorrow.

2 Storm Pegasus

What a rubbish excuse for a Beyblade! It's like a stupid, cheap knockoff of a bey. When you launch it, it wobbles like Susan Oozie's flab or Bead's chin when hit with a rock. It's a stupid loser, and even though it's a good bey in the series and wins by cheating, it's crap and can't win without cheating. It lasts for such a short period of time that Ozmon can stand up longer without getting blown by the wind. What a brick! I don't know why on earth Hasbro released it. Selling plastic would be equal to selling Pegasus. Also, Ozmon is a fat toad who copies, so stay away and don't touch his yellow hands.

My friend has this Beyblade. It's his only one, and it sucks. Even Electronic Leone can beat it. Anyone getting into Beyblade should not buy any Pegasus models as their first Bey. Instead, I recommend Flame Byxis, Twisted Tempo, and Grand Cetus. Also, never buy Its or Electro unless it's for collector purposes. Don't buy: L-Drago, Pegasus, Striker, Virgo, or Fire Blaze. Lacerate is decent, but still, go for defense or balance (except Lacerate sometimes).

3 Meteo L-Drago

I just voted for this because my friend keeps bragging about how it is his main and it is awesome only when he launches it. I think it is okay, but mine stands no chance against my Ray Striker.

I recently bought a Meteo L-Drago. I was super excited and bragging to my friends about how good it would be. I got home and battled against a subpar Beyblade, and L-DRAGO LOST ALL 3 TIMES! I think it is either because of the tip or how the plastic wheel gets in the way of the metal wheel, so technically you are battling with a plastic Beyblade.

The Bey from Asia is very good, but the one from Europe and America sucks so badly. It just spins for a few seconds, falls, and it can't take any hits.

4 Big Bang Pegasus

Storm Pegasis 105RF can beat it. I saw it on First, Big Bang knocked Pegasis out two times, and then, Storm Pegasis 105RF smashed it all the way out, and that's how victory happened.

Not really that good… It has very low stamina and cannot compete well in a non-attack type stadium…

I think that Big Bang and Galaxy Pegasus are the same and one of the poorest Beys in the world.

5 Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasus is totally bad. It should be ranked as the #1 worst Beyblade in the world. All the other ones you say are bad, like Dark Wolf and Lightning L Drago, are actually the best Beyblades in the world! Only Galaxy Pegasus and Ray Striker are bad.

Some say Galaxy Pegasus is "high powered" and "the best," but really, that's just in the Japanese show. In real life, it's terrible (and I don't usually use that word). My friend's neighbor claimed that Galaxy Pegasus was high powered and the best one ever. However, they had about 10 battles, and my friend won 9 of them using not the best Beyblade (I forget which one it was). The only time my friend lost was when his Beyblade accidentally spun out of the ring!

So, take it from me, a Beyblader and expert at stats: Galaxy Pegasus is THE ABSOLUTE MEGA WORST Beyblade EVER IN THE WORLD. Sorry if that was a bit harsh for you Galaxy Pegasus fans out there.

Galaxy Pegasus is horrible. It has NO ATTACK, and NO STAMINA. I think that even Storm Capricorn on jump mode could beat this. This bey is cool-looking but horrible. Many times, it will self-KO and go into a penalty pocket. I'm surprised that Galaxy Pegasus isn't at least #2. I would've had a better bey if it wasn't for my self-centered cousin.

To recap, the bey has NO STAMINA, NO DEFENSE, and NO ATTACK! It can even dent other beys, and I was furious when it dented my Thunder Leone. Don't get this bey.

6 Dark Wolf

My friend let me try it, and it is weak. It only lasts for about 35 to 50 seconds. It spins in circles with not very good balance. It doesn't have very good attacks either. It's very speedy, which makes it last very little. I wouldn't buy it.

It has nothing. It cannot attack and barely has any defense. Storm Pegasus beat it in a stamina competition, even though Storm Pegasus has a low-stamina Rubber Flat tip.

Rookie Bey, my Burn Fireblaze broke that with one strike and it's worse than Storm Pegasus, Lightning Drago, Dark Bull, and Burn Fireblaze. Not a chance, Mr. You must be joking.

7 Lightning L-Drago

This thing is horrible. I do not care what anyone says. I bought the Beyblade, and when I tell you it's horrible, well, it really is horrible. My second reason why this Beyblade is horrible is that it can only spin for three seconds. My Earth Virgo literally smashed it to pieces! I extremely don't recommend buying this, and in the anime, it is supposed to be strong, but it's not!

This Beyblade is good for knockouts or quick battles! The problem is that it lacks stamina. It has the attack to send Earth Virgos flying off the stadium. But if Drago doesn't knock out its opponent in the first 15 seconds, it's doomed, especially against stamina blades. I use my L-Drago for knocking out opponent blades, not for long battles!

Worst Bey in the history of the world. My Libra can beat it in less than two seconds (just so you know, my Libra is literally the best in the world, so this shouldn't surprise you). I have no idea what the rest of you L-Drago fangirls are talking about. This Bey SUCKS!

8 Rock Scorpio

I beat my friend Ryan's Rock Scorpio with my Tornado L-Drago easily, so that is full proof that Rock Scorpio stinks like crazy. That Bey is the dumbest and stupidest Bey ever!

Rock Scorpio stinks! Even if you put other parts on it, it will still be a horrible Bey. Its only useful part is the plastic Face Bolt.

Make this piece of junk the worst! Even Storm Capricorn beat it.

9 Poison Scorpio

Poison Scorpio is the combination of some of the worst competitive parts: Scorpio, one of the lightest energy rings. Poison, a light fusion wheel with minimal smash capabilities or stamina. And M145Q, a gimmicky spin track and performance tip combo, which has zero competitive value outside of bouncing and being a semi-good flat tip. These traits alone make it one of the worst viable beyblades for competitive or general play. Only something like Torch Aries can surpass this in being the "worst Beyblade."

This should be number 2. It can't even spin properly because of its plain stupid spin track and tip. I don't even get the point of those awful and ridiculous pieces. "Let's take a flat tip and cut it in half as a horrible gimmick!"

Put this Beyblade at #2 on this list. The Quake Performance Tip's awkward shape screws up the top's balance and cannot last very long at all in battle.

10 Earth Wolf

He is uncool, a total sucker, and he has horrible stamina! He stinks and even lost to a Storm Pegasus. A Storm Pegasus, yo!

Earth Wolf is a bloody useless one. Please don't buy it!

It just plain sucks. My L-Drago beat it in a second flat!

The Contenders
11 Dark Bull

Dark Bull stinks. Its Fusion Wheel is mediocre, and its Spin Track makes any Beyblade lose a lot of stamina.

Dark Bull is wack. I put him up against Ray Striker like 20 times and he lost all of them.

12 Fury Capricorn

Mine has a crack in it because of my Poison Pegasus, even though it has like no attack power at all. I actually made the mistake of buying this piece of trash. Don't make the same mistake I did!

He sucks. My friend has him, and he lost to Ancient Rex!

I don't know what Takara Tomy was thinking with this one. An Attack type with no attack power? Just why!

13 Dark Pegasus
14 Torch Aries

It's hard to understand just how bad this Bey is until you see it in person. It's so light that it flies when hit by a stamina Bey. It cannot attack and has mediocre stamina at best.

Can someone explain to me why this is number 23 instead of number 2?

Bad, but not that bad.

15 Thermal Lacerta

He does not last long, maybe like 30 seconds. But his attack is alright, and they call it a Balance type!

16 Flame Libra

It's not bad, but the ES Performance Tip does have terrible balance.

He stinks. He almost broke my arm just because he was sent flying all over the room from a bash of my Earth Eagle. Even though he's okay.

17 Counter Leone

Counter Leone sucks because the tip wears down so quickly. After too much use, the tip tends to slant, well, at least mine did. My Counter Leone also stops spinning very quickly. Known as a defense type, Counter Leone's defense can only take a few hits. Terrible Bey, I do not recommend getting this Bey.

Once, I was versing a Counter Leone with my Flame Libra. My Flame Libra sent Counter Leone flying out of the stadium, and it had flown so far that it blew up into pieces.

Counter Leone is definitely the worst Beyblade of all time. It seriously has nothing going for it, with it losing all battles, and its tip becomes garbage after a while.

18 Cosmic Pegasus

This Bey... Who created this Bey? I hate it. It can't even fight with a plastic Bey. Once it was fighting with my Lightning L-Drago, and Cosmic Pegasus wasn't able to spin even one round. I just want to throw it away.

He's not that good, so I suggest buying the Hyper Blade of Cosmic Pegasus.

19 Tempo Hammer Hit

Most of the Beys from XTS really suck, so we can't truly compare them to normal Beyblades. Although Jump Pegasus has a chance of actually flying out of the arena when the Stealth Battler Function activates, I'd put Pegasus ahead of Tempo in this case.

Tempo Hammer Hit is the worst Beyblade. It can get knocked out with zero hits. However, it can easily knock down cardboard brick buildings.

Hasbro really just shouldn't have made XTS at all, but this is the worst. It spins for five seconds, and then when it hits something, the hammers come out and scrape, and it dies. Worst Bey ever.

20 Inferno Sagittario

Flame Sagittario's attack is the worst ever! But it has a good stamina tip...

All right, I know a lot of people think it sucks and it does, but hey, it's still a legend.

21 Thunder Leone
22 Burn Bull
23 Storm Serpent
24 Galaxy Destroyer
25 Mercury Anubis

This should be #2 because it doesn't have good control. For me, Omega Dragonis is better than Mercury Anubis.

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