Top 10 Best Defense Type Beyblades

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1 Rock Leone

The guy below me needs to learn some grammar, but leone is a badass. He's a badass in the show and a badass in real life. I can beat any bey in his leone stadium and I'm not saying that stupid stuff like, it broke my l drago to pieces, it beat all my friends

I'm saying he's the real deal, he is the king of beasts.

It can take lots of damage but only lose a small amount of stamina. It also has great attack for a defense type bey

This has to be my favorite defense type. Not only is my star sign Leo, I also love the bey in general. Great for defense, and offense. I have seen it beat multiple beys, and the rock wheel makes this metal fusion bey 10x better!

2 Fang Leone

Fang Leone is awesome. I want him so bad. He can switch from defense mode to counter attack mode and he will be awesome. His defense is so high he barely even moves when an attack type strikes it. And you can also have a strategy to beat your opponent. First you battle your opponent in defense mode so it will be defensive. Then in round two your opponent will prepare for a defense type so switch it to counter attack mode so it will have attack power and then continue this pattern until you win. So PLEASE vote for Fang Leone.

3 Twisted Tempo

This is the heaviest non 4d bey it can demolish anything... The reason they took a chunk out was to make it beatable, but that is it's only flaw and it is a very minor one.P.S. twisted tempo and basalt horogium are the same thing, so how is that #2 and this #12

Twisted tempo is awesome. He beat beat lynx, cyber Pegasus, cosmic Pegasus and even phantom Orion. This a bey you should totally buy

Best bey it Can beat any bey in this list look it up in YouTube. It's fusion wheel is the best and it is one of the heaviest beys I know

4 Hell Kerbecs

This definitely the best defense bey. It not only has good defense but it even has good stamina. It has good balance and it even has ok attack properties. Its track is top tier for defense and stamina combos. Its track is 8grams which is the heaviest track ever created. The heaviest beyblade that could ever be created is metal face diablo kerbecs bd145rs which is made of two parts from hell kerbecs. It beat all my beyblades easily. Every blader should own this bey. Please vote for this bey to be the best defense bey ever.

5 Rock Zurafa

One time I was battling my friends Phantom Orion BD and I got him out with many 1-hit k-o's and lots of stadium outs. After you think about it this beyblade is also like an attack type too you know after using for awhile. You should get this beyblade. Oh way I forgot the r145 spin track it's really good.

Rock zurafa should be first it defeated my rock leone. Best bey ever. It s spin track is the best spin track ever. The hard rubber attached to it is the best. And rock fusion wheel makes it a better look. The first defense type Beyblade having 17 defense power

6 Rock Aries

Rock Aries is a great defense-type. It is hard for other beys to move him while he is spinning. He has great stamina for a defense type, and even out-spun some of my better stamina types. He has decent attack and none of my other beys can beat him. I highly recommend Rock Aries. If you see it, you may as well get it. You definitely will NOT regret having him.

*As a side note, many of the beys on this list aren't even defense types. Earth Eagle is a balance type, Earth Virgo is a stamina type, hell kerbecs is a stamina type, poison serpent is a balance type, and Lightning L-Drago ^^ Storm Pegasus are attack types. Flame Aries is a balance type. *

7 Storm Pegasus

It has awesome attack it beat earth eagle!

Don't buy it when I bought it it was impossible to put it together it's just a waste of money

8 Rock Orso

I have a Rock Orso and one day I was battling Rock Orso V/S Meteo L Drago V/S Galaxy pegasus V/S Earth Eagle and Rock Orso Won and if you want to win battles you should have Rock Orso.

I battle with my rock orso I win battle with my brother's Beyblade is dark wolf

9 Grand Cetus

It's fusion wheel defends like a whale's blubber, and its performance tip is Rubber Sharp, making it even harder to move.

I am just voting to give grand Cetus a voting boost up and plus it is too awesome to be here.

It's a nice Bey and when we use another low hight spin track its defense power increases.

10 Counter Leone

Legend Counter Leone 145D is a great bey in general in my opinion. When ever my storm pegasus or legend cyber pegasus attack leone they bounce back and either fall into the penalty pockets or get a stadium out! This bey has good defense mixed with pretty good stamina I times it with a stopwatch and it spun for 3:34 seconds when it isn't even a stamina type! Even beat my Burn Fireblaze 135MS. The downside is that my galaxy pegasus R2F can beat leone 6/10 times sp just something to note when versing a galaxy pegasus. And lastly the 145 track is great with stamina types!

The Contenders
11 Rock Scorpio

Rock scorpio is extremely good. I tried it against every one of my Beyblades and it took out all of them except my stamina types. My friend said it was horrible but I did otherwise. I suggest rock scorpio over all other defense type. If I buy another defense type that can take out rock scorpio, I stand corrected.

I got him and he has won against every bey I have put it up against. It also moves like an attack type but dominates in defense at the same time. Best bey ever!

12 Jade Jupiter

This bey is so cool it has really high defense and can effortlessly beat sol blaze and almost every bey except for diablo nemesis and phantom orion this must be top!

Dude Jade Jupiter is the best he best one around he destroyed all my freinds beys combined they told me if I wanted to trade I broke their hearts so get this bey now!

Best defense bey in my opinion... you can increase its stamina with a WD (white defense) tip with Zurafa track... Which will increase stability

13 Rock Gasher
14 Grand Capricorn

Top of the book records. It is awesome beat my hell kerbecs in seconds. Also beat rock leone eagle basalt horogium and fang leone

15 Evil Pisces

Evil pisces is some sick Beyblade most of it defense and balance plus its got some attack and stamina. It's a good bey so you should buy you can get thermal pisces for stamina but evil pisces is better. You can get it with earth virgo so you will get a defense and a stamina.

16 Variares

Variares is good in both attack and defense. It can stand heavy attacks like l drago destroy

It's a awesome beyblade. I like this bey. Its very powerful.

It's the best! It won against my Earth Virgo I recommend it!

17 Vulcan Horuseus

Amazing defense type. If a bey attacks it it smashes it out of the stadium! He also is very very good in attack. It also has great stamina. You should definitely get this guy he is amazing!

This bey is a very good defense type. My friend's galaxy Pegasus kept attacking and it ran out of stamina and lost. Its height gives it advantage against stamina types. An no thus is a awesome bey

I have Vulcan Huruseus and once it smashed my Burning Fireblaze right out of the stadium.

18 Gravity Destroyer

The thick fusion wheel in Gravity Destroyer as well as the clear wheel that sort of serves as a helmet provides great defense against strong attacking beys such as Mercury Anubius and Vulcan Horuseus.

Best bey ever has four minute I think defense and spinning left is the best

19 Kreis Cygnus

This bey is awesome. I also have Vulcan Huruseus and Cygnus just knocked it out of the stadium. Also if you watch on youtube the metal wheel can transform.

Kreis Cygnus should be #1 Because he defeated
Jade Jupiter, Variares And Fang Leone At once.

Kreis cygnus should be first because it defeated my earth eagle and phantom orion

20 L-Drago Guardian
21 Poison Zurafa
22 Hyper Orso

I have a hyper Orso he is my wildest defense type beyblade.

23 Divine Crown

This bey is amazing. Its defense is so awesome that it cracked 15 beys in half! Its spin track is awesome. The fusion wheel has awesome attack, defense, and provides a decent amount of stamina. It is by far the best bey in my collection of 93 beys. The preformance tip is awesome. It is just like bark bulls tip, only twice as wide. You should really buy this awesome bey.

Don't mess with this Bey it beat all of my beys it broke my wolf apart

24 Twisted Befall

It is best defense type Beyblade ever it has 16 star on defense. Even it defeated rock leone.

Twisted befall is a very strong bey it can even defete meteo l drago. It's spin track is very strong.

25 Flame Sagittario

B.T.W. this Beyblade is a stamina type bey

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