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Not only is Sesshomaru powerful, but he's also good-looking. And he has a soft spot for Rin! He has such an emotionless attitude toward everybody, but really, he has emotions deep down. And when he wants to protect someone or defeat somebody, he pretty much always wins (unless it's Inuyasha I think that deep down he cares for his brother).

For a few amount of episodes Sesshomaru has great character development. His emotionless attitude makes him unpredictable, a total badass, and lovable. Especially when we do start to see his true emotions later on throughout the series. Plus he is the first character in the feudal era that we get to meet the mom of! Altogether he is just fabulous!

Sesshomaru seems cold outside but inside he actually has a good heart
Despite his cold demeanor he care of Inuyasha. He is also really strong! Probably the strongest in the series.
Not to mention very handsome too.

The minute I laid my eyes on I him I knew it was love

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Inuyasha is my top character because of his excellent character development. He starts out as a bad-tempered, cold, arrogant, and unfriendly character particularly because he thought that Kikyo had betrayed him and broken his heart all those years ago. Throughout the series, with the help of his friends and his other companions, we see him start to truly develop as a character. He learns to care about protecting his newfound family, and to seek justice, not only vengeance for his and Kikyo's sake. He learns about the kindness of others and finds in himself a kind and understanding side as well.
By the end of the series, Inuyasha is still recognizable as himself, but has also changed in so many ways compared to the beginning of the story.

Inuyasha is like a more pissed off me

Inuyasha is so cute and how he cares for Kagome In his own dense way and how he swallowed his pride and apologized for not protecting Kagome. He is so cool and funny,I totally think that he is the best.

He is exactly like me

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Kagome is the best. And you have to admit she at least all ways tell the truth and she's always ignore kikkyo and inuyasha

The sweetest anime character I've ever seen and arguably the powerful protagonist by the end.

Love her! She is the truly the best character in the anime! Go Kagome!

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She is really pretty but powerful at the same time, which is great.

She is a human, yet able to keep up with InuYasha without any problems. She is very strong and her tomboy attitude is awesome

She brings one of the best stories to the show. A great combo of beauty and badassedness. Awesome costume too!

My name is reina

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He is just so funny! The 'I want you to bare me a son' line still cracks me up when I think about it. Plus how nice he is to Kagome. SInce InuYasha is rarely nice to her she deserves a guy like Miroku

His one of my favorites his funny crazy when it comes to beautiful women but just lovable

The funny, lecherous and a holy monk. What a combination!

He always makes you laugh when he flirts with girls. Plus he has a wind tunnel!

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I wish I had a cat like kirara

Kirara is the only reason I even watched this show.

Badass companion of a badass owner

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Shippo is the most adorable little kid ever

So cute! I love his tail!


Perfect example of a down right villain who uses/manipulates other to do his dirty deeds

Best character ever! Without Naraku, there would be no show.

Ok character but not strong as sesshomaru


All Kagura wanted was her freedom. She was chained to Naraku for the entirety of the series, and even on the verge of death she was still tied to him since she was murdered by his hands. She has great character development and is a villain that isn't truly bad, making her one of the most loveable characters by far. In many ways she reminds me of Kagome. Both are strong-willed and aren't afraid to get what they want. They won't stand for injustice, especially against Naraku, and are strong in their respective powers. Kagura relates to most of the other characters in the anime as well, such as Sesshomaru. He is also one of those characters that isn't truly bad. Kagura deserved better than what she got. She deserved to get her freedom and enjoy it too, as well as live a long happy life free from Naraku.

Kagura is my number one favorite, she was forced to work for Naraku because he has her heart in her hand, that's why I hate Naraku. She is strong willed and strong even though she's just a part of Naraku but I think Kagura has her own life, own freedom, and own love and shouldn't be controlled even though when Naraku gave back her heart and killed her, the last one to find and see her was sesshomaru and he tried to heal her but didn't work that means he feals for her and Kagura was happy that she saw her own last time. I think they make a good couple, even better than inuyasha and Kagome.

Kagura want only freedom and have a miserable life. I love her strong, courage and ambition.

My favourite female villain of the show

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! Kagura is higher than Koga?! KOGA IS AMAZING! He is way fast and really hawt! Laugh out loud But looks aside, my favourite anime moment probably ever is when Koga declares he loves Kagome. He just comes out and says it which I LOVE! Also he is always trying to protect Kagome, and is never to far away when she is in danger. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED KOGA/KAGOME TO GET TOGETHER! But it was really disappointing that they didn't... and Kikyo could'e went with InuYasha or something. Koga is really funny and honest and strong and hawt and... I LOVE YOU KOGA!

Koga doesn't stand a chance against sesshomaru's speed! And Inuyasha's tetsaiga

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Kikyo's short life was centered around slaying demons, making her the the most skilled and capable characters in Inuyasha. Without Kikyo, Naraku would never have been defeated. She is one of the most intelligent characters, often giving Inuyasha's group advice on how to defeat Naraku. She is also the most beautiful with an enviably clam and collected manner. Kikyo is the most outstanding female character.

I don't like kikyo, she thinks she so strong and great but she couldn't win a guy like inuyasha.

She's cold, arrogant, selfish, cruel, ungrateful and obsessive. Still like her?

She's just perfect! She sacrificed herself just so Kagome could be with Inuyasha. She's a true example of a heroine.

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Kaede was pretty but now shes just an old hag.Anyways after inuyasha's seal was broken by kagome she wasn't able to seal hom back although she had finished her miko training




Definitely the hottest guy in any anime he is just so laugh out loud but seriously he deserves to be way higher he is loyal, a good friend and despite being just human can kill the toughest of demons and yes like you when he die I cry too :'(

Lol he is badass

The Leader of the Shichintai and the hottest character in the series Haha but he is strong despite only being human and he is so nice to Jakotsu even though Jakotsu is like... really weird laugh out loud But anyways I cry when he die :'(


Tragic character, his story is the most painful. Its almost Shakesperian

17Amari Nobunaga

He is the only characte I think in the entire series who did'nt want to kill anybody. He is stupid but in a cute way and I know he is only in InuYasha for a short time but he did leave an impression.

18Inu no Taishou

But eventually he was surpassed by both of his sons

Probably even stronger than sesshomaru! He's the legendary demon who lended the power to defeat Naraku! Inuyasha snd Sesshomaru"s basic power is all based on him. If he was the main charactoer and hold grudge on Naraku, Naraku would of died in that moment! Nothing can defeat him!


-_- it says Jakotsu, not Kagura, idiot.

Kagura is one of the minor characters that should really deserve more credit and happiness.
Her life was so miserable :(
I wish she and Sesshoumaru gotten together

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