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His fails are hilarious, he only rarely swears, he is really nice, he is obsessed with cake (more than Jack dos rum in Pirates of the Caribbean! ) He is immature, (I like immature I'M IMMATURE! ) And please SKY. If you don't swear (THAT much) and stop saying budder, I will gladly subscribe. Until then... CAKE!
Stampylongnose is the best minecraft player ever and I watch his videos every Thursday and sunday 9thats when it comes on in Australia) and I'm all the way in Australia!
Hi stampy I download minecraft in Xbox360 I can't find you in minecraft please play with me
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Amazing how he has time to do everything he does but if he stopped cursing and swearing as much he'd be even better. BUDDER
Skythekidrs is my friend he is the king of butter and I love butter his skin is epiclly awesome he is a amazing guy
He is so kind nice funny and I really like his youtube videos
BUDDER BUDDER BUDDER BUDDER BUDDER BUDDER! Adam rocks. Hopefully, ill be able to record videos with him. I have youtube and will hopefully be apart of sky army! BUDDER!


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Captainsparkelz is hilarious and keeps everything interesting all the time. He has tones of subscribers and followers and he doesn't swear. He also went to the 2013 minecraft anniversary party thing in Paris I think. He was on the stage talking with the host and he found out how many people really likes home. Millions and millions of people love this guy. That is why he is number one.


Captainsparklez should be number one in my opinion
He is funny but his real strength is his insanely good survival skills... In minecraft.
I love him! His hunger games are the best! He is really good at them and is always lucky because everyone wants to kill him!
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He deserves number 1. He's basically a boy Katniss, hilarious, and awesome at PVP. Pretty good at survival, too.
Bajancanadian and Jeromeasf are a awesome team in the hunger games
He is funny cut and amazing so I vote for BajanCanadian
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Squid is just very FUNNY I like the way he talks and everything and I think that if stampy and squid could Minecraft videos like every time it would be just AWESOME!
Amazing. So is Stampylongnose, his mate! Cool.
Hi I watched all of his vidios
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Jerome is so funny and is a troller to other users on mc
Dude he has Betty always dude so epic and he's so fluffy dude
He is only cool, okay
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He Is Like The BEST! He Is Really Funny And Cool Because He is So AMAZING!
I watch this guy everyday I like his Christmas countdown and diamond dimensions
He desurves to be #3!
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He's awesome and I like his music videos
I love him hrs so cute I wath him play minecraft happy wheels and last of us it is so cool and he's so funny and I love SKYDOESMINECRAFT he's so funny or should I say they are best and I'm 9 years old :):):):)!
I think Tobuscus is hilarious and his rants make me crack up. Try killing the mini minotaur with your diamond sword that you have a patent on. It might work better than Tar Tar.
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He's so cool (as cool as his skin) and Funny and is so much better than SkyDoesMinecraft
Funny cool and awesome
He is an awesome Minecraft player and I love all his series especially in factions. They all want to join his factions and is faction is op (over powered) and is like better than everyone in all his videos so far!
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AntVenom is awesome. Nothing else to say.
Don't you know he is the best pvp player in the world he has won nearly all the youtube hunger games so please vote for this amazing guy and please subscribe (if you have a youtube channel) that is all about AntVenom except that he's an awesome youtuber so yeah that's all
How is he not in 1place he beat every one I. Hunger games
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The Contenders

He is so funny and he loves to shake his head in stampylonenose's love garden!
L for lee x id one of my favorite character in Minecraft I hope he is not just a kid because I'm a kid to I am 7 years old..
So funny and in every stampy video go l for le
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Always has been my fave probably always will, I think he needs more credit than he gets but, Quentin is an explosive, crazy, awesome, mudkip who makes Minecraft videos about almost everything (even pixelmon! ) and if you don't know of him, you should look him up!
He's so mad on Minecraft how to spawn herobrine the last part is funny!
He's say "i'm not a fish
Husky:i'm not a fish!
Me:then you what?


13Amy lee33
Amy you guys are my hero. I watch you and the others almost everyday. Like when I'm feeling down or my parents are fighting I go to you guys to cheer me up. thanks guys!
Amylee33 is so kind and caring and loves flowers. She is the best Minecraft player ever. Why isn't she #1 she really deserves it. I AM OVERLY OBSESSED WITH HER AND WATCH HER VIDEOS EVERY DAY:)#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#1#131#1#1#1#1
I love Amylee she is so funny she is a Silly goose
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He rocks with his awesome stuff and skin
You r amazing your the best I've seen play hop you still play as good I would like to be like you
He is super good at parkour, and should be at least number 3.
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This guy is #1 because he made minecraft.
He created Minecraft So He shood Be #1!
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! She is the best person ever! She is so sweet and kind!
She is the nicest of the bunch
I vote for ihascupquake she is the best and she is herself all the time she is kind and a sweet persone red too. Plus she encouraged me to make a YouTube channel its called (beshobbb). She should be the first.
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Adam's friend, funny, and he is Awesome ya
Amazing I love your videos you need 2 b in the TOP 10
Deadlox you are the bomb yo you are funny I laughed loud
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Keralis is the best minecraft builder ever
Diamonds and love! He's the best builder in the world making Amazing shapes and everything. He's so crazy awesome and everything.

Diamonds and love. "❤️


Keralis is awesome, he's the best in building
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This guy does everything!
God damn this guy is awesome I subscribed to this guy I love his survival series this guy should be in the top 3 this guy is my top channel on YouTube and his skin is the lich king and his mob battles are so funny like the king vs mobzilla and his tnt series is funny like maps with bosses even some times he blows up some thing the boss appears like the wither in herobrine's mansion and herobrine and he owns his own adventrue map
He knows a lot of stuff in Minecraft the mods, gameplay, survival and he's pretty funny
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He's awesome, loves his subscribers and doesn't swear.
The best should be #1
What why is he so low down? He is my 2nd favorite you tuber on Minecraft (on everything)
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Etho is the best survival redstoner, he is really good with a bow, has a great sense of humor, never swore before, knows more than notch about the game. Invented a living creature in Minecraft by the name of wilson who thinks and has emotions all in survival, alone.
From the Mindcrack server
Absolute pro at every area of Minecraft. Doesn't swear, great sense of humour and is lethal with a bow. Very scary to face in pvp.
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Finn ball you are awesome and will there be more finnball kingdom
Hi finnball love your videos

He males God animations
I have to say, I really adore Slamacow's work! His animations make me laugh all the time! Keep animating Slamacow! I'll keep watching your videos! :D

The best of the best. He may not be as good in actual Survival as other people, but his redstone creations are top notch. (pun intended)
He's to good at Redstone
He is the redstone god, his creations are awesome.
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He is totally cool

I love your video it's funny.
Chris isn't a very known YouTuber (not like TC or anything but) he is a great YouTuber who does all kinds of endless Minecraft series and other games too, like Sims 3, Assassins creed, Ace of Spades, and much much more so please go look him up!

He's the one who got me into Minecraft. I love all his videos from Man vs Minecraft to Minecraft Dad to the Survive and Thrive tutorials that taught me how to play. What an awesome voice as well and he almost never swears. Paul really deserves to be much higher up this list in my opinion.
Barely swears has really funny shows and a perfect voice
Doesn't swear only once in a while really funny and has an awesome voice!
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30Honeydew (YogsCast)
He is underestimated. Because you almost never see him build.
Hi honeydew your friend is xephox right or I spell it wrong
He is my favourite Minecrafter and Xephos the person he plays with

31Real Thinknoodles
I know thinknoodles is not popular but I like how he also funny and very creative and awesome one day he is going to be the best
Think noodles is better has done more than things then everyone
He's so cool and never stops building stuff
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So my favorite., funny, not as popular as Sky but I like him the most. Huskymudkipperz was my next pick.
Love his voice<3 he is so halariouse

An active Minecraft player syndicate is not one to play it safe, taking challenging tasks and (most of the time) beating them into submission, he is one of the most fun player to watch and play with.
The best Minecraft player ever!
With the second most followed twitch channel, that let's you know, he's awesome!

Amazing at making adventure maps and parkour maps
The biggest Bulgarian troll in Minecraft, he is known for his channel, his EJM (Epic Jump Maps), and his laugh, and I suggest going to look at his channel!
Funny accent he is awesome

These guys are awesome
These guys have put Minecraft to a higher level.
Yogscast rocks I love yogscast so much thanks duncon simon louis.

I love this guy he is just the best he should be up in the top 10 instead of the top 50s list he's that good you're biggest fan rendog we all love ya :) and you've come so far
He's hilarious! He tried to break redstone ore with a stone pick.
He is my fave minecraft player
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The Incredibly good looking gamer how hard is that!
He is awesome and amazingly funny

Best Pocket Edition player, and, seriously,
Why isn't he top 10


Why is he at 65 he is THE best. He is not the one who swears the most on his server that is CrazyMacAttack.


42L for Leeeeee x
He's always one step ahead
L for lee is nothing compare to me in killing I killed all of the players in the server hunger games they are so weak hahah!
Good at killing and he helps stampy
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He Is Really Good at parkour and doesn't swear a lot. And his videos are never boring
He is awesome#harldly ever cusses#friend of skydoesminecraft#just as good as stampy#in team crafted.

You just got to love him and his awesome world
Ruler of redstone (redstone king)
Best guy at redstone!
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He makes good songs
He should be number one:) He is great at PVP and his a hilarious nice guy:👍

49Sly Foxhound

One of the owners of the HiveMC and great entertainment!
The best Youtuber ever!

He's a sapling lover
He cool and epic at Minecraft
He, s with stampy and squid
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Ash your awesome love you in the attack of the b teem Ash's Rusty Doors!
He's the best like like like ever you no if I ever met him
I would die from his epicness

53Garlian X

Minecrafter of the century


Woofles rocks and stampy is a big beep no joke

He is so funny because he swears and he is a great builder

He's a legitimately good player. All success in the music bizz aside, he is a good player. Legendary skins :D
He is awesome at dubstep

59Salems_ lady N
Just wanted her on because of amylee33! Lolz
Salam your so awesome!

He is really good at Minecraft, and his laugh is so weird. Also he always slams his hand on the table when he laughs, so that's really funny.

Quite an excellent player, always with his sense of humor. His wiki ( is coming along nicely and is my #1 source of Minecraft info. Come on Gray! Keep making those videos! (His website's channel is MCC Wiki)
Awshum MC player, sense of humor, cares about people, doesn't cuss

Building skills are off the top!
He is epic... And BOSS at redstone!
He;s the best builder in the world

My Favorite YouTuber plus loaf is resource pack
He is the best at PvP!

Well they did 2 episodes in minecraft

The most hilarious and awesomest players go suscribe at xeraingaming on youtube!



Straub is probably the funnest, I love him!

Forget redstone he's the BEST at comands

П Should Definitely be FIRST. What is everyone thinking.
Best people ever no one can beat em
Are you at yogcast

I watched is glitch video its awesome and the eli kid is like the side kick I belive


He's awesome espacially his funny jokes




He's Funny, Every1 Loves he's videos Every1 Will Like Too Play with Him Number 4 for me
I've sen some of his videos you r tots right man



French but a really complete player. Pretty much the best youtuber I saw.

Awesome guys don't cuss. Play the best minecraft maps nf mini maps ever definenetly try it out!

Best player out there! He'll beat anyone and everyone! One time he hacked Notch's server and trolled him outta the sky! Pound-for-pound, the best MC player out there all the way!
The. Best. No questions asked. I'm surprised that he isn't very popular, yet.
This guy is incredible! How is he not incredibly popular yet?
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Best girl in minecraft! The princess of diamond budder and emerald. She is nice to everybody and just like Notch. She knows everything about and in minecraft. I know everybody hasn't herd of her but that's why I am putting her on here. She is so sweat.
Best girl in Minecraft! Just like Notch. Knows everything, smart, beautiful, and really funny. Really nice too. PLEASE VOTE AND RATE!
The most popular and awsomest girl player ever. Never does anything bad and is nice to
Players. Bcookie4 is the princess of diamond budder and emerald


An amazingly dedicated player. Shows charm. Really cares about what he does and always has thoughts.


I love their Morph Hide n' Seek!


She somtimes appear on stampys videos


89Magic animal club

90Choo Choos Gaming


Not The Best No Where Near 50 Subs But I Think He Will Make It "AWESOME MAPS"!




He is the first best Minecraft player
He's epic lika a dick



You danced for What Does the Squid say I love that song, nice dancing
Gizza you're the best I watch you all the time that is y I vote for you

He is a friendly youtuber
UMM he is amazing I've never seen someone so funny I've watched him since I was 6 so come on sub him ty GOD BYE MAKE THE LUUV

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