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61EnderbizzV2 Comments

He is awesome I love his tnt cannons in tnt wars

He is good at everything he does and I am very proud of what he does!

Epic dude really shows care to his subs.

Lucky block mod here is amazing

V15 Comments
63Salems_ lady N

Salem and Amy should be in the top 3 I love their Amy and Salem series - MinecraftGirl48

V6 Comments
64TheNoochMV3 Comments

An active Minecraft player syndicate is not one to play it safe, taking challenging tasks and (most of the time) beating them into submission, he is one of the most fun player to watch and play with.

The best Minecraft player ever!

With the second most followed twitch channel, that let's you know, he's awesome!

Have you still got steeve

V9 Comments

Awesome animations, and will you stop swearing?

His animations are just So funny! - SuperBacca

He is awesome his videos are epic

Love your animations

V12 Comments
67Sly Foxhound

Funny, he's been around forever, but no comments?

V1 Comment

Hypixel is a BEAST builder and redstone-engineer

Building skills are off the top!

He;s the best builder in the world

He is epic... And BOSS at redstone!

V3 Comments

His 3 new songs (Promise, Running Out Of Time and Sad War) all give special stories

He's a best Minecraft troller and fixes everything when he's done.

Interacts with the audience a lot gotta love that

I love his videos there sad too

V8 Comments

You danced for What Does the Squid say I love that song, nice dancing

Gizza you're the best I watch you all the time that is y I vote for you

V1 Comment
75Deadmau5Joel Thomas Zimmerman (a.k.a. deadmau5) is a Canadian DJ producer, formerly a web developer, who produces a wide variety of electronic musical genres, such as electro and dubstep, but is best known for pioneering work in the areas of progressive house and electrohouse. Notable songs include Ghosts n' more.

I know him only cause he is mentioned in the loading screens on minecraft!

I've heard of him, don't know much about him though.

He's a legitimately good player. All success in the music bizz aside, he is a good player. Legendary skins :D

V3 Comments

He makes the funniest videos ever

V1 Comment

I love this guy he is just the best he should be up in the top 10 instead of the top 50s list he's that good you're biggest fan rendog we all love ya :) and you've come so far

He's hilarious! He tried to break redstone ore with a stone pick.

Rendog is just the best. He has good stories, lots of fails, great builder...

V2 Comments

He's not a good player, but he's funny and a really cool commentator.

He is my favorite you tuber! Zackscott! I love you!

"sorry but he fails at Minecraft"

V1 Comment

Well they did 2 episodes in minecraft

If you're talking about SmoshGames, SmoshGames are really bad.


Who doesn't appreciate a bit of Pete in their life?

PeteZahHutt is really good at PvP and is a pretty cool gamer/Minecrafter.

Pete is one of the best PvP'ers out there! He is funny and many have requested that he should be in the pack (I think he should be in it too! ) His videos are all edited perfectly, he streams here and there. He has recently hit 700 thousand Subs! Woo! His ign "PeteZahHutt" is based off of "PizzaHutt" so his name is on big punny joke! ;) get it? Punny? Funny? PeteZahHutt? PizzaHutt? no? ok then.. lol.

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