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81 I'm Gonna Build a Base
82 Mine V 5 Comments
83 I'll Play Minecraft I'll Play Minecraft

This would have to be the best song ever found it yesterday and so far listened to it over 8 times best Minecraft song ever and it is an original Minecraft Song at that.

This is an amazing song, come on guys it deserves to be much higher than this :D

84 Redstone
85 In a Nutshell

Everyone should listen to this! Its awesome especially the fast rapping part!

V 2 Comments
86 One More Fright One More Fright
87 We'll Always Play Minecraft
88 Never Mining Together V 1 Comment
89 Someday or Whenever
90 The Minecraft Life The Minecraft Life V 1 Comment
91 My Favorite Things

The most awesome song I've heard

The song Is from the sound of music

This song is good I love it its is nice I think it is very funny its is nice its is good al mostt as good as...SPAACE!

92 Spawn This Way
93 Creative Creative

I have never ever heard this song

V 2 Comments
94 Mobs Can't Handle Us

This song should be way higher on this list, come on people, this song is really good!

We take our pose out to make them turn and run as we fall out these mobs can't even handle us right now

This takes the win. Best catchy song and Animation are #onPOINT

Love love it number 1 no doubt

V 2 Comments
95 Talking Zombies Talking Zombies

I love it how it shows that the Pack has each other's backs and that they can take out anything. The singing, the tune and video are all amazing.

V 4 Comments
96 I'm a Noob V 3 Comments
97 Creepers Paradise

Very catchy you should listen to it

98 Night Time Night Time
99 Heaven
100 Minecraft Rap
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