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121Where's the Modding API?

Best song ever! I JUST CAN'T STOP! Can you be addicted to a song?

122Minecraft's End
123That Girl Is Crafty

This song is OP as diamonds

It is a girly song

124Make Anything
125If I Want To
126Very Crazy Griefer

all four of us want to say awesome

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127Last Life for Me

An original song that has bad audio quality but worth checking out!

129New Mineshaft
130Ender DragonV1 Comment
131No Life Minecraft
132Hey Creeper
133Hostile Mobs

A parody of the theme song for my favorite game its pretty good

134Block Party

From Annoying Orange. It has an original tune, but awesome.

I'm surprised this isn't on the list! It's a good song!

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For me, this is the second best Minecraft parody ever (Ocelots is my favorite). Listen to it. It is AMAZING.

136Have You Seen the Herobrine

This song is amazing its kinda like the the song hellfire

137We Wish You a Merry Creeper
138Half a Heart

Piggy! Piggy Piggy! DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO! Piggy! Piggy! Piggy! DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO! Piggy Piggy! Piggy! DO-DO-DO-DO-DO! Piggy Piggy Piggy!

Anyone like Wiggle? This is the song you can vote for

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140Creeping Up

A Creeper Claiming Victory over a diamond sword, eh?

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