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61Memories from the Underground

Such an awesome song! Megan McCarthy would be awesome with Bankrupt, huh!?! EVIL SPINACH!

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62Lullaby for a Princess

Even though this song is fan made, it's so beautiful and I can never get enough of it.

63Make This Castle a Home

I love this song so much! It's so catchy especially. RD's part! It should be way higher! - QueenTerra

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64Octavia and Vinyls' Dubstep

I know it doesn't have any lyrics, but who cares? They make an AMAZING dub step to MLP and I just love techno music! ANyone who loves techno music and MLP should enjoy this song.


This song just has a fierceness and a fire behind it that you can't ignore! So catchy, and sums up the conflict of the movie pretty well. Canterlot High vs. Crystal Prep.

Awesome song love the two teams singing their views for each other my favourite

It has good gags about our awesome characters! And the song fits in awesome.

Really, 58? I love this song. Even its new, doesn't mean its not good.

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66The Spectacle

Seriously, listen to it once? No stick. Listen to it twice? You will sing it under your breath.

Wow even my three yr old twin bros know the lyrics after hearing this for 1hour...

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67Equestria Girls
68The Ballad of the Crystal EmpireV1 Comment
69Rainbow Rocks

The fact that I had to add this song myself is absolutely atrocious. This and Welcome to the Show and the best songs in the entire franchise!

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70Music In the Treetops

That should be the number 1 worst song ever. Because this song make me cry for 24 hours.

How is this so low? This song shows off the beauty and range of Fluttershy's voice.

This is one song from Filli Vanilli and it is sung by the one and only... FLUTTERSHY!

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71Evil Enchantress

Kay how does pinkie do that with her eyes? That fast?!

This is a very funny song when Pinkie sang it.

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72Daddy Discord

I LOVE this. Even though it is fan made

73Nightmare NightV1 Comment
74I Am Octavia

I can sing this exactly like Octavia. Is that strange?

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75The Perfect Stallion
76Join the Herd

It's about a person who turns into a brownie.

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77Find a PetV1 Comment
78Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows

Come on why didn't you think about this song

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79This Day Aria Reprise

Queen Chrysalis is a cool and amazing. The lyrics are cool and that laugh at the end was so cute.

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80Snips and Snails Rap

Do they even know what to say because there was a uhh, if so were they just winging it?

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