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1Ethel Booba ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

She is the funniest and ever talented housemate of Big Brother Philippines Celebrity Edition. She even gave up her chance to be the big winner to her fellow housemate Ruben. - hatcher234

ethel is flexible.She is really bitch when she wants to and can be a heart warming fellow too.Her acting as a comedian seems to be really natural.really funny!!!

Recently committed QUIT inside Big Brother's House due to misunderstanding between her and Kuya! Accompanying Mcoy Fundales in ousting the house

the most generous housemate ever! - hatcher234

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2Toni Gonzaga ( PBBCel2 Houseguest )

This houseguest was the best guest ever in the history of Pinoy Big Brother. She is lovely, talented, sophisticated, attractive, beautiful. - hatcher234

currently in number 19 as most sexiest woman in the Philippines FHM Mag! - hatcher234

great celebrity houseguest who touched the hearts of many people!


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3Gaby Dela Merced ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

i like gaby coz shes not a ordinary girl to me, shes my idol... in atitude and lfestyle... sayang umalis sya..

hi gabs, I'm you avid fan.. I like you so much go girl I know you will win...

the Racing Goddess who at first committed QUIT and now BACK in the house!

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4Riza Santos ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

I like Riza she is a god example to be a winner in pinoy big brother. They should chose riza because she is has a nice values and we can be proud of because even she went to other countries she remain a Filipina in heart. The pinoy big brother should consider that qualities not because one is poor be a winner thats wrong not because she is just god to others. I really like riza to be a winner. Pinoy Big Brother will be proud to that decision and Will also

ur so beautiful.u and will looked good together.hope u'll develop and intimate relationship with will.take care.hope u'll get the price

recently NOMINATED for the 5th Eviction Night of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2! - hatcher234

hi Riza ur so beautiful i hope ur t5he big winner im ur no.1avid fan - janetacaylar

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5Angel Locsin ( PBBCel2 Houseguest )

stayed inside the house for only one day! - hatcher234

6Jon Avila ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

i like jon...He is so cute..

he is a mysterious guy...

7Ruben Gonzaga ( PBBCel2 Finalist )
8Bianca Gonzales ( PBBCel1 3rd Big Placer )

the PBB Resident Host and termed as "Dating Boardmate ni Kuya"
Celebrity Edition 1, 3rd Big Placer!

Bianjoe will never be forgotten.
Their story was one hell of destiny

9Keanna Reeves ( PBBCel1 Big Winner )
10Megan Young ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

the number 2 of the house!
the 3rd Evictee of the house!

the number 2 of the house!
the 3rd Evictee of the house!

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11John Pratts ( PBB1 2nd Big Placer )
12Zanjoe Marudo ( PBBCel1 4th Big Placer )
13Yayo Aguila ( PBBCel2 Finalist )
14Victor Basa ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

recently one of the NOMINEES of PBB Celebrity Edition - hatcher234

the 4th evicted housemate! - hatcher234

15William Devaugh ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

I like Will he is also deserving to be a winner by being so tough and gentleman specially with riza and also strong by ethel's demon act.

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16Donnie Geisler ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

after the MOCK EVICTION, free to be called as a LONE HOUSEMATE after the TWO-IN-ONE, with his brother, Baron Geisler!

17Kris Aquino ( PBBCel2 Houseguest )

stayed in the house less than a day! - hatcher234

18Gladys Guevarra ( PBBCel2 Finalist )

This girl is also talented, she can mimic the voices of Annabelle Rama, Jaya, Mahal. She is really talented. - hatcher234

the 15th Housemate that entered Big Brother Philippines house last 28th of November! - hatcher234

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19Mariel Rodriguez ( PBBCel2 Houseguest )

hi ms,mariel ilike you very much your so simple i like the way you are...i am the one of your die hard fan.stay sweet...

your very sexy ate mariel, your nice person pala ha! stay sweet alwayssss... bye ate..

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20Kim Chiu (PBB TEEN EDITION Big Winner )
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