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Spoink is so cute. Plus, it's a psychic type. Psychic types are so strong. But I wish that it doesn't keep loosing its pearl. It will get so tired. Poor Spoink.

Spoink no matter if it evolves is a god amonst Pokemon. All others show bow down to Spoink. - IronMainiac666


I always thought this Pokemon was cool


Perfect in battle. All stats are pretty consistent and balanced. This Pokemon is amazing at level 100.

I really like mesprit and when I catch it on diamond pearl the pokemon league will disappear right before my eyes

Mesprit has balanced stats and is good for battle almost perfect
Also, Azelf is my favourite
Uxie is cool too - ScarlettTheAzelf

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Yes! It is the best Psychic Pokemon because it ISN'T A DUAL TYPE AND IS ONLY A FIRE TYPE!

It changes its mode when it needs more power.

In this mode it can use attacks like confusion and zen headbutt.


When u think about it really is a giant upturned squid! I love this design now

Kinda inappropriate but still great

Malamar is a badass Pokemon and whats not to like about an upside down squid with good stats all around

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Not a psychic type but he should be I'm just advising this you can still call it one though I'm all for that.

Why is he in the top10 he got strongest confusion

How many Pokemon here are not supposed to be here? golduck is water type!

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Is it just me, or is Gastly a ghost and poison type? - Pikachulover1

Gastly is a ghost type and ghost types are psychic type's weaknesses!

Someone needs to shoot this person.

Poison and ghost type= bad fart

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He is so cute and a pretty good fighter

Wut dafuc is wrong with you people this thing is only worth catching because of its evolution. JUST LOOK AT IT. People say its seeds but no ITS CLEARLY A BUNCH OF EfING EGGS taut somehow evolve into a palm tree.

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