Top 10 Bravest Enemies In Mario Games Excluding Bosses

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that are the brave enough to survive the worst! Bosses are not included.

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1Heavy Para-Beetle (NSMB Wii & NSMB U)

Para-Beetles may be brave in the sky, but Heavy Para-Beetles are even braver! It's shell is a lot heavier than its wings, and yet it can fly super high! If it loses its wings, it will fall thousands of feet straight down! It carefully and bravely flies with caution. - Super-Eric1993

2Climbing Koopa (Super Mario World)

This Koopa is brave enough to climb on fences over lava! One slip, and the Koopa falls to its doom! - Super-Eric1993

3Cooligan (NSMB Wii & NSMB U)

This brave penguin can slide fast on its belly on ice, big slopes, and even water! It's even brave enough to slide through small holes! This is a brave way to keep cool in the cold season. - Super-Eric1993

4Skeeter (Super Mario Sunshine)

It uses its feet to bravely float on water. It carefully balances as it moves in different directions. If it loses its feet or its balance, it'll drown in the water! - Super-Eric1993

5Beezo (Super Mario Bros 2)

These little swarms fly fast! Different swarms bravely fly to avoid crashing into each other. Every Beezo holds a trident, so this is very risky flying! - Super-Eric1993

6Banzai Bill (Super Mario World)

Since it's big, it tries to not to hit any obstacles that cause it to explode! It bravely goes full force! - Super-Eric1993

7Cheep Cheep (Super Mario Bros)

It bravely jumps high out of water into the air! After that, it crashes down into the water! - Super-Eric1993

8Waddlewing (New Super Mario Bros U)

This brave enemy avoids falling by gliding over big gaps. If it touches a wall, it'll bounce back and continue gliding. - Super-Eric1993

9Stilt Guy (Yoshi's Island)

It's brave enough to avoid danger on ground and shallow water. The Shy Guy is safe as long as its on stilts. - Super-Eric1993

10Jumping Piranha Plant (Super Mario World)

It can jump out of a pipe or bushes to catch a meal above it. It jumps pretty fast! - Super-Eric1993

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1. Heavy Para-Beetle (NSMB Wii & NSMB U)
2. Climbing Koopa (Super Mario World)
3. Cooligan (NSMB Wii & NSMB U)



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