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61 Funtime Chica

There is no such thing as Funtime Chica

There's no such thing as toy chica

62 Phantom Puppet

Phantom marionette is soon cool she just looks in your eyes and doesn'the do any thing at all

63 Phantom Bonnie

Phantom Bonnie Is In The Game But Is Never Seen Because You See The Future Of After The Fire And Bonnie died

There is no phatom bonnie dummy the name is called springtrap

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64 Nightmare Balloon Boy

He's still my soul mate...but much creepier!

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65 Nightmare Mangle Nightmare Mangle

The second head look's wired the eye looks like it's going to pop out any minute but I still think nightmare mangle is cool and amazing

Nightmare mangle is my favorite because her plushie is so adorable, and she in my opinion is the most dangerous of them all because when she is in your closet she makes static noises and blocks any audio cues.

Nightmare Mangle is awesome! Mangle was already my fave, and NM Mangle's jumpscare is freaky awesome! :D

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66 Funtime Puppet

This is not an animatronic. It could be a mystery animatronic but, Funtime Chica and Funtime Bonnie have a bigger chance being the mystery robot. - BonnieRules

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67 Funtime Foxy (Sister Location) Funtime Foxy (Sister Location)

Can I ask WHY Funtime Foxy is lower than Funtime Puppet, a MADE UP CHARACTER? - DCfnaf

His cheek has the puppets parts

She is so amazing and much detailed

My favourite character from fnaf sister location. - astroshark

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68 Golden Bonnie

Golden bonnie s actually a girl if you don't agree find spring bonnie in the fnaf world wallpaper she has long eyelashes and that presents that she's a girl!

Golden Bonnie is just golden Freddy

Anyone that has learned about fnaf knows his name is spring bonnie

Do you mean "spring Bonnie"

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69 Purple Freddy

Purpl Freddy what a huge joke why name him purple Freddy when you can name him red Freddy

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70 Animdude

He is cool and powerful in fnaf world update 2 and a bad ass as a hard mode boss

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71 New Cupcake

Come on, you're just making stuff up now!

*Toy Cupcake And Look Up Toy Cupcake Look At The Diffrents Beetween First Carl And Toy Carl

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72 Withered Puppet

There isn't any sign of the withered Puppet. - MinecraftHater

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73 Paper Pal Fredbear
74 Baby (Sister Location) V 2 Comments
75 Chica the Chicken

This is already on the list in 5th place! The creator is a Chica fan! LOLOLOLOL - BonnieRules

76 Withered Freddy Fazbear

He is so cool, he's really big and strong. (One of his eyeballs is very glitchy)

This is the same thing as number 5 pretty much.

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77 Paper Plate Boy

She could use her arms to to move paper plat boy like hug it and move it like that

Another Five Nights at Freddys Easter egg yay. paper boy (aka. Plate boy) is found in one of the party rooms in Five nights at freddys 2 rarely move he will somehow teleport in the office your in but not only that the old/witherd chica hides the paper plate boy but how does it have came in the room? Chica could not have done it because notice her hand are gone she has nothing but wires it really scares to to be honest but its still a mystery.

There was once a joke about how Chica lifts the plate boy with her buttcheecks.

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78 Eyeless Bonnie

Bonnie Death Screen: Keeping you from sleeping since 2014

Eyeless bonnie is ugly!

This animatronic, is :a, not creepy and unlike fazzbear, this guy is one of THE most damaged. Also, he is one of the the most active characters.

79 Sparky The Dog

I love dogs don't get me wrong but he does not exist

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80 Nightmare Chica Nightmare Chica

She's pretty radical. I like her because she seems to have her pesonailty (if you can call it that) explored a little bit in the game

Such as:
She holds generally always holds a Cupcake
She likes to go into (presumably) the kitchen
And instead of coming in your room she kicks back and allows the cupcake to have all the fun in mauling you.

Nightmare Chica for the win!

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