Greatest AFL Players Ever

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81Tony Shaw
82Cyril Rioli

He is the best crumber in the league he's also a very passionate guy I love him.

A magician with the ball in hand, hoping for a breakout season for him in 2016.

Extraordinarily skilled player that can change a game.

He has got a bag full of goals.

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83Majak DawV4 Comments
84Jim Stynes

One of the best. Can't believe he's been forgotten on this whole list.

Not growing up with the game what a great player

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85Tom Lamb
86Daniel Motlop

Motlop shouldn't be on this list, he was skillful and was a good forward when he wanted to be Kane cornes should be here a unrecognized work horse and legend of the port Adelaide football club

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87Kurt Tippett

Kurt Tippett will seriously be it soon such a great player strong, quick, tall, takes contested marks, good at ground level 10 times better then tex walker walker anit that good though tippo is better by far.

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88Lenny Hayes

Bravest player of all. Also so agile. Best side step. Top ten for Lenny for sure

Lenny Hayes is an absolute classic footballer. Playing in two three grand finals getting the Norm Smith medal in the drawn grand final of 2010 getting absolutely smashed by the shin boner of the century in his debut. He also had the most A.F.L tackles in history

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89Jamie Elliott

Jamie Elliot is an absolute gun. He is one of the best marks in the competition and kicks plenty of goals as a small forward. Silent but deadly Elliot should be in the top 50 at least

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90Dane RampeV2 Comments
91Haydn BuntonV1 Comment
92Richard Tambling

Greatest player I've ever seen. Absolutely rocked the little league

93Josh BootsmaV2 Comments
94Cedric Bonner
95Mark Orchard
96Tom Swift

I am a mad eagles supporter but he was bad

You can't be serious...I'm an Eagles man and this guy was a spud at AFL level, had a good run in the WAFL but not much more than that.

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97Jobe Watson

Should be ranked far higher up he is a huge player of the game and a massive asset to the club

Brownlow medal winner in 2012 and good player

He Is Great AFL Player He Should Be At Least In The To 20

Great player to low for him

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98Jack Watts

His ability to take Intercept marks in 4 week patches is amazing

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99Peter Matera

Never seen a player who could paddle the ball out in front and be in complete control, like Peter Matera could. Anyone who saw him play will attest that on his day he was almost unbeatable.

Not only had blistering pace but the ability to kick long and accurate at blistering pace. Best goal kicking wingman ever, built like a racehorse.

Yes a very underrated player, I know, because he killed Geelong in one of the 90's premierships

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100Luke Hodge

If achievement means anything Hodgy should be number 1. Who else has played in 4 winning Grand Finals, captaining 3, and winning 2 Norm Smiths for best Player in a girlfriend.? Hodgy is the leader and inspiration of the most successful club of the modern era deserves a bit better than 95..For results he should be number 1..

Ruthless the best captain I've ever seen play the game and I go for west coast

Never, ever lets his side down. Just about to become a 4 time premiership captain. The greatest leader of all time.

You put him in the 150s how dare you

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