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1Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

He is so sexy. The best cuter and sexy anime guy I ever seen. He amazed me from the first start. He act like some kind of bad boy but he surly has deep feelings. I love every scene with him but my best is when I misaki tap his had it was so cute and how he looks there totally didn't think that would happen. And when they kissed I was so moe moe moe moe in the air( maid chief said -satsuki or something) sorry for bad english

Takumi Usui, he is perfect! Handsome, intelligent, all-around athlete, awesome chef, miraculously survived a jump from the school roof, someone with realt good luck. Such a mysterious perfectionist. Nothing in this world that he can't do. He is clever, strong and pervert too! He is kinda naughty. He is very very very hot. The hottest character that I ever found. I'm sure, if you read Kaichou wa maid-sama, you will want Usui to become your boyfriend. He is damn hot! Felt like I was in love with him... Kya... Usui-kun~

SO SEXY my eyes were sizziling when I saw his SEXY FACE! This man deserves first definitely

Acts like a dope when he wants to, but he's fabulous. I love it when he goes into chibi mode.

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2Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Sebastian is a sexy demon who could save a girl from anything because he can seriously do anything. Anything. And those hands... Mm. His voice, that sexy british accent, and his impeccable taste are just a few of his best qualities. COME ON GUYS WHY ISN'T HE IN THE TOP TEN?

He is so HOT! Usui shouldn't be first. Unlike Usui, Sebastian can live forever, and so will his hotness. He will look like THAT forever. Usui will be an old man in 50 years. - Charlize

I don't know what to say but Sebastian damn he is hot.The smirk and all he got, the way he says "Yes, My Lord" oh my god help me I'm melting.He should be on the top ten because believe me no one can handle his hotness.He should be the number one, the hotness anime guys.I LOVE SEBASTIAN!

Personally, I like Sebastian due to how he is basically capable of doing anything, how loyal he is, of course, how handsome he is influences my opinion, and the list just goes on. Nobody's perfect but I feel like he is the closest thing to it, even though he does have a dark side... which just makes him more sexy. That aside, he's just my favorite anime guy, and haters are gonna hate, but it's just my opinion that he is the hottest anime guy.

He must be #1. He is hot like hell. Literally.

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3Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Oh man... Just... Oh my... This guy and his stripping habits...

He's the top 1

So hot... Need I say more?

He is too Manly!

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4Zero (Vampire Knight)

I'd say the the most appealing parts of him would have to be his hair and eyes. (The gun definitely boosts the hotness points as well~)

I'm surprised zero isn't higher up on the list... He's got that whole hot, sexy, smouldering look going for him... He's yummy!

HOTNES! That is all that I can say right now. I mean have you seen him? His selfless love for Yuki makes him all the better!

That boy makes anyone go crazy just to be with him. He is hot, sexy, strong, sweet and will do anything for the one he loves. Who doesn't want a guy like that?

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5L (Death Note)

L! L is by far one of the hottest anime guys out there 3 He's kind of quirky, but that'ts what make him even hotter! He doesn't other care what other people think, and he doesn't even try to be sexy, he's just like that. Plus he's extremely smart and is a total child at heart! I love L!

L is the most cutest guy in deathnote. I have to say even cuter that light. Only because light is a mass murder.

He is so hot that even I, somebody who tends to be very realistic about a lot of things, fantasizes about him a lot often than even I realize myself.

He's quirky. He's honest. He's smart. He's comfortable with himself. He's the perfect combination of cute and sexy. His dark circles add to his sexiness by giving him a little bit of mystery. And his name is a letter. How hot is that?!

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6Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

To some, Inuyasha is the reason why they started to like anime. (I watch it on adult swim on Cartoon Network years ago) and Sesshomaru is the hottest antihero there is! Cold and calculating, this demon hates humans... But it is such a shock when he took in a small girl. It proves that he has a sweet side too! His armour looks badass and I love white hair with golden eyes on a guy so what's not to like? To my first anime love, Fluffy-sama!

I'm sorry. This guy should be in number one cause if yu read you know that this guy is so attractively sexy and cool! I think he is the base of the best role! Cool, handsome, strong and smexy!

Plus don't forget about his fluffy and he can beat any guy with ONE HAND BEHIND HIS BACK (in his case he doesn't have one nor needs one) so if you add all this up HE ROCKS LIKE HELL!

SESSHOMARU is the hottest badass demon ever, I mean seriously. Look at him.

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7Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

Why the fudge is sasuke 8th! He deserves to be number and You know it! With his cool hair and killer attitude how can you place him 8th!

Sasuke was my first anime crush. In the first season, I thought he couldn't get any hotter. But by Shippuden he just. Got. HOTTER. Oh yes. Sasuke was the most certainly the hottest anime character I've seen so far.

Sasuke is so cute I am a bit like him I have his attitude his front hair and for the last time HE IS NOT EMO OK. He must have been the second at least and that stupid vegeta those who say he is stronger than Sasuke can go flush their head in a toilet. Sasuke rocks. And vegeta is a vegetable, it's in his name. SASUKE IS THE BEST I SAY THE BEST!

Sasuke is the best and I love him so so much

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8Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)


Lelouch is so bad! So very HOT! He isn't afraid of anyone, yet he has a sensitive side and at the end thought about the good of man kind. If you ever want a sexy, handsome, mysterious, adventurous, bad boy you would have to pick LELOUCH LAMPEROUGE!

His so cool! Evil and kind kinda bipolar but cool. He not only has looks but also brains. And his death is so awesome. Every body out there who watches anime, you have to pick Lelouch Lamprouge! He is most definitely the hottest guy

He's got the beauty and the brains. What more can I say! Lelouch is so handsome. The hottest prince/emperor in history. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

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9Lavi Bookman Jr. (D Gray Man)

I personally love him because of 1: How every time he is told something by bookman he calls him an old panda and gets pounded because of it, 2: his sweet and funny side, and 3: his looks. And when road takes control of his body I just feel like I could fly through the T.V. and punch her in the face and tell her to stop messing with peoples minds!

Ultra sexy, Lavi is very sarcastic but selfless. He has orange hair that normally is kept in a bandana. He has an eyepatch (that looks hot on him). He is normally very smart but sometimes he can be stupid.

Lavi is my abselute favorite Anime character. He is so sweet, kind and loving... I love everything about him.

Lavi is so cute and such an amazing character! He totally deserves a higher place!

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10Tomoe Mikage (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

Damn that sexy fox..

My heart is broken knowing that he's only a character in an anime. He needs to be real! Somebody make this happen. He's so hot and his voice and his hair and his eyes. He's kind of feminine in a way but he's still really strong and ugh. He defeated a WAR GOD in 5 seconds with his hot fox fire. Ugh. The feels are real. I love him with everything I have. I just can't.

Tomoe is so sexy with that long, silver hair and furry ears. His personality is up to par with his killer looks! However, it'd do his character justice if he would buff up more~

Tomoe is one of the most ideal anime guy

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11Light Yagami (Death Note)

I definitely think Light Yagami is the hottest and sexiest male anime character ever! Many people may dislike him but I can't help but admire him. His intelligence makes Light even more attractive and, yes, Usui is also hot but sorry he can't compare to Kira's greatness! First time in my life that I support and like the bad guy, besides the fact that I actually wanted him to win so...Kira for the win! He deserves to be number 1

Light Yagami in "kira mode" IS by far the hottest anime guy ever! The thing is that because of what he does in the series, makes people to critisize him morally speaking, but this list is for HOTTEST ANIME GUYS not better or nicest personality, so definitely either hate him or like L better you have to admit that he is in fact attractive and really sexy. Thanks for your time.

No, he is not traditionally "sexy" in terms of anime but the look that he gets when he is killing someone is a look that makes me shiver. Also, thanks to his looks he was able to seduce multiple women in the anime to get what he wanted such as Misa and that other girl that didn't have a huge part. All in all, his personality (his intelligence, Maliciousness, lack of conscience) seems to heighten his looks.

Looks + intelligence (- mercy) / two personalities = Hot = Light Yagami - ihelptheearth

If we're going by looks alone, he's way up there. His God complex and overall personality drop him WAY down as far as I'm concerned.

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12Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

He's so crazy, strong, and rebellious! So, these are my top three! I'll just leave the rest of the choices to you guys! - minja903

His face is perfect... Everything about him is just so perfect Ichigo's hot.

Why isn't Ichigo in the top 10? He's a hunk! The moment I lay eyes on him, I blush, get sweaty and wet all over. This is coming from an Ichigo Fangirl by the way. - ( 0///0) -

He is the reason I watched bleach oh my god

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13Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara)

COME-ON guys! Let's vote for Ikuto until he reaches to Top 10! We can do this together! Ikuto is like the MOST adorable cat I ever seen! You couldn't get a AWESOME cat like him!
His personality is warm but somehow cold. BUT he CARES about others that he would even make them hate him to protect them from danger. He is ALSO the ONLY male character I ever seen play a badass violin so beautiful but yet so sad. I believe he loves the violin more then other Anime characters. ALSO, his pervy talks are so funny that it will make Amu blush!
His looks, his eyes, his hair, his hair color, his clothes, and everything about him is... Perfect.

Hs's a hot super sexy guy with CAT EARS! How can you not love him! Not only that but his personality just makes him even more loveable! And his eyes have you seen his eyes there gorgeous! IKUTO TSUKIYOMI IS THE SEXIEST GUY WITH CAT EARS EVER!

Ikuto has been the second anime character that I've fallen in love with (after Inuyasha). He is quite an original character, and by not being a main character in the series, he pretty much caught all of our attention. The fact he is so cold-hearted, yet so sweet and caring with Amu makes us adore him. I remember that every episode where Ikuto did not appear, it was a waste of time cause he was always in the best moments of the anime.

He's like a younger Sebastian Michaelis...

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14Kakashi (Naruto)

Kakashi is my dream! Oh my gosh. I think it's strange to have the hots for a dude in a mask but it makes him all the more intriguing. I just love how laid back he is but can kick associated if he needs to. He should not be 25th on the list. Intact, the only reason I came to this Site was to see if he was number 1. But he's not. And I'm disappointed. And so should you all be. Shame on you.

He's smart, strong, witty, fun! Although what makes him very intriguing is his mysterious demeanor and sarcastic attitude. Just can't get enough with it...! =^w^=

He is such a beaut, definitely my first love. Stupid just rating them on looks, he deserves higher. if it was an all around who is the best man he would win. how many times did he risk his life top prove lessons and to save others? And also, the reason he wears a mask (this is a fact) is because if he took it off he would be too beautiful to be taken seriously, and he would be harassed too much to remain a secretive, powerful Jonin Ninja. so he's a technical first place.

When some one mentions kakashi to me, the first thing that comes to mind is the way he poked Naruto's butt hole lol

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15Kyoya Hibari (Katekyou Hitman Reborn)

It's HIBARI. He's a bad boy that's also a geek. I mean, who can really beat that? Also, he has awesome fighting skills. And of course, he's super hot. :) AND he loves fluffy animals. Whoever put this up is a god. XDD

Well for me personally I think he's a pretty cool character and he has a mysterious like aura...

The reason Hibari Kyouya is in the first ranking in the Top ten list is because of a few reasons,
-Being in Hitman reborn
- Being a badass characters and also who can forgot the word 'Kamikorosu'?

Hey it's hibari were talking about... How can you not like an hot guy with an cool and cold personality but still has a cute birds friend? Besides think of 1827(hibari x tsuna) got a nosebleed yet?

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16Kei Takishima (Special A)

His smart, handsome and hot and I like smart guys like me that's why I vote him

Even though he's cold-hearted guy, I like the way he show his love for hikari. Even if hikari is extremely dense, he manage to expressed his feelings to her. That's why I like him and gave him my vote.

I like him his cute and smart but there's a little bit something about his cold heart. yeah I know people, I know. :))))

He has good looking face and figure.. He is so smart. He is the richie rich! He has everything! He is just perfect!

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17Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

He is so hot and cute, I love him

Rin is amazing, not to mention how cute and hot he is! He should be in the tops along with other cuties~, and he's gonna have my kids, my dream said so


I wish I could have sex with him he is the most sexiest person I've ever seen in my life - Makaylee

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18Renji Abarai (Bleach)

Ok. So why is Renji at the end! He is so hot, the room gets so hot when he's on. I'm practically screaming "Take off your shirt! " He's got hot hair, hot tattoos and hot, sexy muscles (DROOL! ) - SapphBlood

With Renji you have a sexy and beautiful man at the same time. He is incredibly sexy and he can be gorgeous too, especially when he let his hair down.

I have loved him forever, I kept watching bleach thru all the arcs and watched all those years till the series ended just for him

LOOK AT HIS MUSCLES! Look at his muscles, and then tell me he shouldn't be at the top of this list. He is strong and cheeky, perfect in every way!

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19Deidara (Naruto)

Ah! Deidara is my most favorite character! He is the most hottest and the most sexiest in the akatsuki member!
I love when he smirks! He looks so cool to me! So I vote him!

Oh my god he is so hot. He is so funny and has a great personality and how cool is it to date a guy who can blow things up. Deidara's personality is almost as sexy as his face and the way he says hmm after everything. Hmm he's sexy

The hottest of them all! He's been the hottest in my eyes since he appeared!

There is no way in hell that he is cooler or sexier than Sasori. Sasori is way cuter than Deidara will ever be!

Wrong. Sasori and Deidara are BOTH cute. Stop picking on Deidara when you praise Sasori. It's your 2nd faux pas.

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20Yu Kanda (D.Gray-man)

DAMN RIGHTS. when he smiles oh!

His I will hurt you if you mess with my friends personality is what makes him so smexy

Part of the reason why I like him is because of Allen yea I ship them got a now think about kanda x Allen yasss that's the a nosebleed yet?

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