Hottest Female Big Brother US Contestants

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1Sarah - Big Brother 6
2Danielle - Big Brother 8

Hot but no tits

3Janelle - Big Brother 6

I would date her!

Hottest player ever! And great player

4Britney - Big Brother 12

Britney is the all around package every guy dreams of. Great personality, great looks, great figure, and great sense of humor. She is a 10/10 and I would take her out on a date without hesitation!

She looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar... But with nice Massive boobies.


She is the hottest girl in big brother history.

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5Lisa - Big Brother 3
6Diane - Big Brother 5
7Keesha - Big Brother 10
8Jen - Big Brother 8

Her boobs were so huge. She should win a big brother Allstars season just cause of her tits.

She is so hot! She has amazing boobs and such a nice ass!

9Kara - Big Brother 14
10Erika - Big Brother 4

The Newcomers

?Liz/Julia Nolan - BB17

They are really pretty along with most of the other females, but they take the golden spot.

?Nicole - Big Brother 16

She's so nice and pretty

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The Contenders

11Cassi - Big Brother 13
12Aaryn - Big Brother 15

I hated her socially but I had to cheer for her because she was so hot! She was racist but her looks made up for it! She had no boobs but her ass was amazing!

13Porsche - Big Brother 13
14Amanda - Big Brother 9
15Danielle - Big Brother 14
16Jordan - Big Brother 11

Number 1 she is so sexy and hot

She was so sweet and pretty!

She is one of the hottest!

17Allison - Big Brother 9
18Alison - Big Brother 4
19Ivette - Big Brother 6
20Brittany - Big Brother 16
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1. Janelle - Big Brother 6
2. Danielle - Big Brother 8
3. Lisa - Big Brother 3
1. Britney - Big Brother 12
2. Janelle - Big Brother 6
3. Diane - Big Brother 5
1. Sarah - Big Brother 6
2. Lisa - Big Brother 3
3. Erika - Big Brother 4

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