Top 10 Ideas for a Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Game

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41 Five Nights At Bubsy's

Here's my impression of Bubsy in this game.
"Genesis does what Nintendon't. Now you're playing with power. SUPER POWER! So many times I heard people talk about those stupid consoles. I lived in the shadows of Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog. I was played as the good guy. The entertainment for all children. Well, I'm sick of those titles. Accolade was too stupid to know who I really am. Nobody bothered to asked because I was the most hated. I am a monster. I can't wait to kill all of you! Are you afraid? Well...WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? (Evil laughs)"

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42 Three Nights At The Beach
43 Five Nights at Mars

Basically your one of mars's explores with five friends. Your friends all die from mysterious bites. Your last friend managed to record some messages before they died to help u - HATOOTEH

So bassically your a new member of EMCOPERATION. You had nine friends but they have died of mysterious symptoms. Travel through the mars shuttle to discover how they died!

44 Five Nights At Calvin and Hobbes's

Animatronics: Calvin, Hobbes, Calvin's Parents, Susie, Moe, Rosylan, and Amy

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45 Five Nights at Pokémon Lab V 2 Comments
46 Five Nights at Disneyland

That could be the sequel to five nights at treasure island

47 Five Nights at TheTopTens

Heh, make Justin beiber play this and include parts of the Justin beiber hate lists! That would be SO SO funny!

If this is made, I call the role of Goldie - QuarterGuysApprentice

48 Nightmare

Explore the horrors of Funtime playhouse as your hunted in first person by Paw Paw, Bunny and Nightmare the animotronics! First person game and has only five nights, mingames and a hidden animatronic room.

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49 Fredbear's Fright
50 Shoot the Foxy
51 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Graveyard Shift
52 Five Nights at Markiplier's

All the famous You Tubers

53 Five Nights at Minecraft

You are "Steve Minecraft" and you have to survive 5 nights with "Flesh The Zombie, Bone The Skeleton, Bomby The Creeper, Ender The Enderman, and in the back room "Withy the Wither Skeleton. All we need is someone to make the game and here it comes

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55 Five Night at Mike V 2 Comments
56 Five Nights at Nick's V 1 Comment
57 Five Nights At Cartoon Universe 2: The New Attractions V 2 Comments
58 Five Nights in Shady Records 2: The Aftermath

Animatronics: Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent
Jumpscares: Forgot About Dre- Dr. Dre (Dre Kills you with an AK 47), Stan's Revenge- Eminem (Stan's ghost attacks you), In the Club- 50 Cent (50 Cent takes you to the club and you are drunk for 2 in-game hours and you can't work Lights,Vents, Doors, or Cameras), Eminem- The Monster (Rihanna Appears and turns into a monster that kills you) - EGreen

59 FNaF 5: Fredbears Family Diner V 1 Comment
60 Five Nights at The Loud House

I love that show but NO worst five nights fan game idea ever! Get your conscious from cartoon universe

Someone tried that and it was pretty horrible.

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