Best Weapons in Modern Warfare 2


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41 EMP

It ends the gong game and gives yu 6 kills

42 Minigun V 2 Comments
43 Dragonauv
44 M1911
45 Tactical Insertion

1 shot kill from any range and 375 rpm and little to know recoil this secondary will leave enemies drowning in puddles of their own tears.

46 MP7

This gun is the 3rd best in MW3 it's damage might seem low but if you had a silencer and extended mags it's a god gun all over again.

47 TMP

Unlock extended mags to get the ultimate gun, that kills fast and very accurately at all ranges!

48 F2000

At first, IT DOESN'T SUCK!
For me F2000 is and easier nuke than with FAL!
It's Pro is a perfect RDS that is IMMUNE to EMP and a
Nice no-recoil
I recommend Using it with Stopping power, Scavenger and a random 3rd perk.

This gun is very hard in pro and contra but in my opinion it's a good gun the recoil is a little bit heavy in left right but the rate of fire and the good iron sight makes it very fun to play

V 1 Comment
49 Desert Eagle

This gun is so accurate I just played mw3 w/ my friend and he got 21 kills I got 23 so just to prove tis gun is beats we both went and played again and he 46 kills I got 43 so I am usually worse than him but with the deagle I did better

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50 Riot Shield

Well, since getting the game and being at level 60 now, I have mainly used the riot shield. Mainly in which is because I have always drawn towards defense instead of offense. They even say the better the defense the better the offense. Having protection is never a bad thing. Amongst what a lot of people say about the riot shield is true, people online will make fun of you, but when you are putting them to shame, you can start making fun of them. Its all about tactics, which is why I like it. I'm a very tactical minded guy. But, the best thing in which the riot shield comes handy is in team deathmatches. You can be a vital asset to your team, don't just think about yourself and think that because you don't rack up the most scores you suck, it's all of eaches part. As the shielder you are the safe guard for the whole team, they rely on you to take the sentry gun hits while they take it out, they rely on you when there are a room of about four or five enemies and you go in first and they ...more

Once you know how to use it, it becomes a very powerful and cheap weapon

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