Top 10 NBA Players of 2013

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The Top Ten

LeBron James
Lebron is an amazing ball player, I am a big Laker fan and I know that I should vote for Kobe but I think everyone could agree with me that Lebron is amazing. When Lebron played against the Chicago Bulls he made 32 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists compared to Kobes isn't considered the Lakers top performer anymore his thunder was stolen by Dwight Howard and Antawn Jamison.


King James is so good and he is young he will be better than MJ soon. Very big Strong, Great Athlete, Nice Size to get hole, Over Power Defenders, Can shoot Mid Range, Friendly on Court, Great Passer, Have Strong handles To Control Ball.
Your the best player and I want to become you.
[Newest]7 rebounds is nothing loser

2Kevin Durant
He is the best scorer in the league by a long shot. He manages to be the top scorer even with Russell Westbrook who averages 20 points a game, and Serge Ibaka who has become a dominant power forward.
Heck yea! Kevin durant needs to be first! LeBron can't score as good and easily and frequently as kevin durant. And he is beast. They only have 3 good players so no wonder they didn't make championships, russell was hurt too. Lebron has the perfect team but I admit he was extremely clutch in the playoffs. But not as clutch as durant could be GO OKC


What other bball player has own movie, an avidly called nickname, and the most popularity in the NBA. Who other than Kevin Durant. He also has cool shoes laugh out loud
[Newest]I think kevin Durant is better than LeBron james

3Kobe Bryant
Kobe is the best I think its unfair to compare a 35 year old kobe to a prime LeBron even at 35 LeBron is not that much better then kobe I bet at 31 32 LeBron will still be good but no way near how kobe was at that age go black mamba
Kobe bryant is the best ever at his position sorry michael you are the best ever to play but kobe is the best at the position
Kobe is the best player of all time!

4Derrick Rose
WOAH! What the hell is Rose doing at #7 he should be in the top 3
He's the best rookie of the year 3 times
Rose can shake lebron if he wanted to so what is he doing at number9?
[Newest]He's better than kobe!

5Dwyane Wade
No way that the highly non factor Dwayne Wade should be 4. He sat out like 25 games and they WON most of them.. #Non-Superstar.. He is good, but not anywhere near the level of CHRIS PAUL, or James Harden... What kind of Superstar averages 20 and 4?! Not Kobe! Not Harden! Not Paul, Irving, Curry. Come on now.. He's NOT top 10. You want proof? Ask KD
Wade is certainly ranked 4th he is one of the best all around players in the game and the best scorer in the NBA too.
I think wade is one of the best at what does as a shooting guard

6Chris Paul
Paul's one of the best point guards in the league
Good player he know how to move that ball around
May not be top five point

7Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo is hands down the best. But what makes him even better is the fact that he's a modest player and doesn't need to broadcast How good he is, the way LeBron does.
Melo is at least#3
Carmelo is the best LeBron is the worst
[Newest]Melo's my top guy!

8Russell Westbrook
Best in the game #1

9James Harden
Has anyone seen the play when he went between the legs backwards and got an and 1 that has to be the most sick play of any rockets player of all-time
FEAR THE BEARD this guy needs to shave and go to play with the knicks but he can stay with houston
I love James Harden he should be the MVP I just love him. He is so smooth on the court I just love the way he play!

10Kyrie Irving
What a GUN! Keep going Kyrie you BEAST!

The Contenders

11Dwight Howard

12Stephen Curry
Best 3 point shooter in the NBA
He is the best in the league
Best shooters in the nba

13Blake Griffin
Man common at least top 5 with those double wind mills
He's the best player in his team.

14Tim Duncan
How is tim duncan not in the top ten. He lead the spers to the nba finals and took miami to seven games. He is also one of the oldest players in the leage but still made the all nba first team enough said
The best PF ever.

15Kevin Love

16Jeremy Lin
What is jeremy lin doing here he's not supposed to be at top20

17Rajon Rondo

18Javale McGee

19Chandler Parsons

20Deron Williams
He should be before jeremy lin and chandler parsons

21Chris Bosh

22Tony Parker

23John Wall

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