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21John LynchJohn Terrence Lynch, Jr. is a former American football strong safety who played fifteen seasons in the National Football League and is a current color commentator for the Fox network's coverage of the NFL.

2017 should be John Lynch's year. Super Bowl champion, made the pro bowl in his 15TH YEAR, nine time pro bowler, 3 First team All-pro, AND Defensive back of the year in 2000.

He played from 1993 to 2007. He was amazing.

Big time hitter in one of the best team defenses last decade. Still productive at the end of his career in Denver. Career and reputation was very similar to Atwater.

How is he not in?

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22Tommy Nobis

Tommy was a big time LB for the Falcons during an era when linebackers were the face of football. He was a big time hitter who covered ground from sideline to sideline. He should have been inducted to the HOF years ago.

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23Ryan LeafRyan David Leaf is a former American football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League for four seasons.

Worst Bust! Worst ever draft pick! Horrible quarterback!

He is truly the best player of our generation

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24JaMarcus RussellV1 Comment
25Irving Fryar

Had a great second act in his career. May have been more of a threat in his thirties than his twenties. Never see him getting the love for the HOF unless senior committee sees his career differently when he gets on that ballot years from now.

Irving Fryar is on the list, but not Jason Taylor, Brian Dawkins, and Alan Faneca. Kevin Mawae also didn't get included on this list.

26Brain Mitchell

Special teamers have found tough sledding when it comes to the HOF. Not sure he ever gets there, but I would vote for him before Steve Tasker.

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27Leslie O'Neal

A very specialized pass rusher, not great against the run, but I would say he compares favorably to Fred Dean and Richard Dent and they are both in the HOF.

28Leroy Butler

Not before players like Johnny Robinson, Steve Atwater, Cliff Harris and Jake Scott.

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29Drew Pearson

I find it hard I believe the man who caught the first Hail Mary pass isn't in the hall of fame. He was a part of arguably one of the greatest plays in football history. He has to go in.

Has been lost over time, but he was every bit as good as John Stallworth, Lynn Swann and Charlie Joiner. Hard to tell the story of the Dallas Cowboys without including Drew Pearson. He would get my vote.

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30Randall CunninghamRandall W. Cunningham is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League and current football coach and pastor.

People voting obviously don't know too much about old NFL players, learn your history children.

Cunningham was a great player to watch. I liked him best on the Vikings

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31Torry Holt

Some of the most reception yards of all time

Torry Holt & Isaac Bruce make it tough on each other

I like his teammate Isaac Bruce as a better candidate. That Rams group is not getting a lot of love currently for HOF with only Faulk and Aneas Williams. Pace, Warner, Holt and Bruce have all been on the outside looking in.

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32L.C. Greenwood

If it were not for so many Steelers he would have already been elected. He and Donnie Shell get the shaft as a result.

A valuable member of the steel curtain.

L.C. greenwood needs to be in the Hall.

Definitely belongs

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33Scott Studwell

Not a decent enough career, but it is amazing that between Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall and Studwell, they never won a Super Bowl.

Jim Marshall's partner on the doomsday defense.

He has the 2nd most tackles ever and isn't even in.

34Albert Lewis

Was a excellent cover corner for Kansas City and an incredible special teams contributor. If you look at his career numbers he should be Hall worthy.

35Richmond Webb

Richmond was a great tackle charged with protecting Marino's blind side. Played in many Pro Bowls.

36Harvey Martin

Until DeMarcus Ware broke The Cowboys sack record, Harvey Martin held the mark. He was a dominating DE during the Cowboys of the seventies and early eighties. He had the goods to be considered for the HOF.

37Kenny Easley

Another player hurt by short career

HOFamer Ronnie Lott admits Kenny Easley was the best safety from his generation. Short career but dominant. Long overdue for HOF recognition. Played for Seahawks team that overcame years of poor play to rise as a dominant defense.

Kenny Easley was just nominated as the senior canidate for the class of 2017. Honestly many Senior Canidates deserve it more than him, including: Randy Gradishar, Jerry Kramer, Ken Anderson, Chuck Howley, Alex Karras, and Jim Marshall. He didn't play long enough and he didn't have the best stats. His own team "accidently" made him retire by giving him to much Advil when he was injured. One of his kidneys had to be taken out because of it. Two years later when he did get a new kidney, no one from his seahawks team congratulated him. He was a big hitter who the voters felt sorry for and now are trying ton get him in the Hall of Fame.

38Ladainian Tomlinson

Should have made it in his first year of eligibility

Why is Ladainian Tomlinson 37! He had 31 touchdowns in one season! He should make it in this year with: Randy Gradishar, Terrell Owens, Joe Jacoby, John Lynch, and Jason Taylor.

Only 29! How? One of the greatest RB backs of all time. He deserves nothing short than number 1. Unless the voters go insane, he should make it in this year with: Randy Gradishar, Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins, and Kurt Warner.

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39Pat Fisher

Belonged in the HOF years ago, but not many post season honors may be keeping him out.

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40Brian Urlacher

Very underrated. The retired leader of the bears defense

He was awesome. Play maker. Tackling machine. Leader. When he left defense not the same.

He was a machine for the Bears in that entire 2000's decade. - htoutlaws2012

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