Top 10 Pokemon that Don't Look Like Their Type

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21 Mr. Mime

Psychic made sense to me but ever since gen 6, I can never understand why they made Mr. Mime a fairy type. - Ruee

22 Porygon
23 Gligar
24 Torkoal Torkoal
25 Flygon
26 Yanmega
27 Inkay
28 Tapu Koko Tapu Koko

It doesn't look fairy to me. I'm kinda glad it is though, we need more fairy types that aren't just adorable or elegant. Bad *ss fairy types should be in the mix as well. - Ruee

29 Zygarde

Zygarde does not look like a dragon/ground type in ANY of its forms. It just doesn't. Unless I'm not understanding that there is something in mythology for Zygarde to have this typing. And if so, tell me. - Ruee

30 Lurantis

I personally feel that Lurantis should've been grass/fairy or grass/bug. I don't see how it's only a grass type. I guess because it's the same for Florges with not wanting to give them too many weaknesses? - Ruee

31 Florges
32 Latias Latias
33 Darkrai Darkrai
34 Latios Latios
35 Exeggutor
36 Golduck
37 Zekrom Zekrom

Similar coloring to a dark-type, but it is actually dragon/electric instead.

38 Altaria
39 Beheeyem V 1 Comment
40 Tapu Bulu Tapu Bulu
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