Top Ten Reasons Why Mortal Kombat X Is a Terrible Game

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1It Has a Terrible Graphics

Actually it has amazing graphics.

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2It's the Most Violent Game in the Series

So?! Does it decrease the quality? - Therandom

Mortal Kombat is not for the faint of heart. That does not mean its bad.

More violent than the Grand Theft Auto series which has guns and bombs

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3It's the Number One Killing Game Ever

You don't have to kill anyone and five people died in the story

The characters come back to life! - Danteem

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4It Has Sex in it

No sex in the game it's the least sexual game in the series.

This isn't true. I've played the whole story it has zero. Check the esrb rating. - Therandom

Exactly! If you don't like what the game has, don't play it. It's Mature 17+ for a reason. - spiderskull98

5It has Terrible Fatalities

It does not and by the way they're supposed to be unrealistic.

The fatalities are cool. Creepy but cool - Chaotixhero

6It's Evil

Most evil game in history! - Danteem

There are some games that are evil, like um... Grand Theft Auto. - Delgia2k

Violent yes evil no

Not a good reason. - Therandom

7Jason Isn't Free

This is actually the only item on the list that makes sense.

I hope NetherRealm re-releases MKX and makes Jason free, like Freddy. - spiderskull98

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8Raiden Became Stronger

And that's a reason why this game sucks. How does that even make sense

Yes but Luigi is still better! Haha! - Danteem

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9No Heroes

Half the characters in the game are heroes.

Let's see, Raiden cleaned the Jinsei which saved the universe. Raiden must really be evil! (Sarcasm) - Therandom

The least evil vs the most evil not good vs evil! That's what the game is about! - Danteem

10Unnecessary Jumpscares in the Krypt!

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11Brutalities are Basically Fatalities

That does not make sense! Some people don't know what brutality means! - Danteem

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12Johnny killing Cassie
13How is Jax more powerful than Quan chI
14Terrible fatalities
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