Top 10 Scariest Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that could frighten us the most in our nightmares. WARNING: These enemies really are scary. So before you go to bed tonight, hope that you can face your fears by looking through this list. No bosses included.

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1Phanto (Super Mario Bros 2)

It haunts your darkest imaginations! This giant mask with its evil grin is the ultimate stalker! If you have its key, it'll track you down to get it back. Even if you're a million miles away from the Phanto, it'll find you! - Super-Eric1993

2Mr. I (Super Mario 64)

This is a giant eyeball that'll never keep its eye off of you. It'll stare at you without blinking. It's more terrifying when it shoots beams out of its pupil! It is like an alien from another world. Since they're many of them, you're being watched all the time. - Super-Eric1993

3Grim Leecher (Yoshi's Island)

This horrifying ghost is best described as the symbol of death. The skull on its face makes it even scarier. It'll chase you and attempt to latch on to you. You definitely do not want this enemy to sneak up on you. - Super-Eric1993

4Dry Bone (Super Mario Bros 3)

They are like zombies. They're undead Koopa skeletons that keep reviving after every stomp. Sounds like something that came out from a horror movie. - Super-Eric1993

5Boohemoth (New Super Mario Bros 2)

The biggest Boo is the scariest. It is truly humungous! Just like any other Boo, it'll only follow you if you look away from it. But unlike any other Boo, this gigantic terrifying ghost can crush you to the wall! - Super-Eric1993

6Swooper (Super Mario World)

They live underground and fly like bats. They are even scarier in the dark, even with their glowing eyes. - Super-Eric1993

7Pidgit (Super Mario Bros 2)

This flightless crow is known as the bringer of bad dreams. Since it can't fly, it uses its flying carpet to swoop down and attack. - Super-Eric1993

8Hot Foot (Super Mario Bros 3)

It may light up the dark, but it's no night-light. It will sneak up on you when you look away from it. - Super-Eric1993

9The Mad Piano (Super Mario 64)

I laughed so hard when I first saw this one! It's like, "Hey, I'm-a gonna play this-a piano OH SWEET MOTHER OF Bowser! " - Garythesnail

How is this not #1? Out of no where, a Piano starts screaming at you and jumping around trying to eat you. This and phanto scare me the most.

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10Eerie (Super Mario World)

It is a spooky ghost found in haunted houses. There are sometimes a pack of them and they can fly in wobbly lines. - Super-Eric1993

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11Ninji (Super Mario Bros 2)

This is a small black creature that attacks like a ninja. It's fangs make it look more scary! - Super-Eric1993

12Unagi (Super Mario 64)
13Goomba (Fan Art)
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1. Phanto (Super Mario Bros 2)
2. Mr. I (Super Mario 64)
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