Best Soccer (Football) Players of All Time

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The Top Ten

Lionel Messi
No one is nowhere near him...
Greatest player to play football...
He is the B E S T...
Just amazing
Wonderful crazy
And he plays as someone play on a x-box or PlayStation
Go Messi go
Totally incredible
Out of word to say
Best player ever better than cristiano he is amazing wonderful spectacular incredible crazy unbeatable
He may be top 2 in real life but for number 1 Pele 2 Messi 3 Maradona
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2Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)
I think the best footballer of soccer is pele. He is the could be said as the king of football he is the number 1 player in the world of football. His shots are marvelous shots in the world. There is no way to defeat him
He's the best that ever played. He moved like a jungle cat. No one had ever seen anyone play like that before. His skill at full speed was mezmorizing. His passing was as precise as a surgeon's scalpal, un-locking opposing defenses. Look at what the Brazilians did to Italy in the 1970 World Cup. That wasn't TFC out there, that was the 1968 defending European Champions Brazil were playing. Italy's defense was known to stifle the opposition. Pele cut them open at will. Pele changed the way the game was played. Players today, that people fawn over because of their skill, Pele did 60 years ago. He did it before big contracts, endorsements and personal trainers. Most importantly, he showed up and performed at major tournaments. Ronaldo and Messi can't hold a candle to Pele. Simply put, Pele is a winner, the greatest of all time
Pele is the world's greatest his skills are unbelievable his passion for football got him to the top
Great player. not playing in Europe dosnet matter he akready proved he dosnet have to he won 3 world cups he proved it
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3Cristiano Ronaldo
Come on! He has the sweetest shot in the world and well does about everything! I mean, can messi ever jump over 6'3 defenders and send a powerful header? Can the likes of di stefano, pele etc. Score goals like he does and still have the rest of his attributes? The answer is... No
He is the perfect player, A complete package who can dribble, juggle, freekick, deadly crosses, long range efforts, never ending stamina, great accuracy with both feet, serious pace, his height which he can achieve when he jumps for the ball, perfect body shape, unforgettable free kicks and last but not the least he is from Portugal and unarguably he is the player they have ever produced and might not produce same again, his country of origin is not that famous as for pele, maradona, messi, ronaldhino and zidane but still he is now among them which means his will and hunger for goals and win is greater then any of em! I love his style!
I think the best football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. His transfer is the most expensive, he can jump, dribble and his free kick is magnificent. The PERFECT PLAYER.
Cristiano Ronaldo should 1st. Best sportsman Ever! Better Than Lionel Messi.
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4Diego Maradona
he was just, just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G I don't know nobody else playing football like that. Have you seen his dribbles?
He should be be number 1. He took on the team of England all on his own in 1986 and made the most spectacular play I have ever seen La Mano De Dios, whoever put him in the 4 rank are terribly wrong. Watch La Mano De Dios on Youtube then tell me what you think of him. Maradona is simply the best in soccer history!
Why the hell he is in number 4... Come on people cheer up. Vote for the legend... THE GREATEST football magician...
I love Leo Messi, he is MY favorite player but there is no denying Diegos
Skill on the pitch and remember if it wasn't for Diego you would never have known the name of Lionel Messi. Diego was the soul reason that Argentina won the 1986 world cup against some of the best teams in football history never mind the fact he scored the best goal EVER against one of the greatest teams in the world at that time. Though I do hate Diego and LOVE Leo no one, has his skills with the ball.
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5Zinedine Zidane
I have seen god... He played for France with no 10 jersey...
Zidane has done very well in his moment and he left with his skills
He lost none of his skill when he left so I believe he was one of the best
football(soccer) player in the history
zidane is not only the greatest football(soccer) player of all time but also the greatest athlete/sportsperson of all time!
Very great player always there in the big games not better than Ronaldo de Lima Ronaldo de Lima won 2 world cups zidane almost did he didn't control his emotions in the finals in 2006 I don't blame him the other person said something to him
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6Ronaldo (Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima)
TRUE KING, some players are best in striking... Some are best in passing... Some are best in speed... Ronaldo is best in everything! And that's not all... His will of playing was amazing... After such a awful injury he became worlds number 1
Ronaldo is the greatest striker ever played football with that speed an skill he's the best ever may I call him the phenomenon, the king, the number 9, the best ever ronaldo
No one else can do what Ronaldo did.
I can't forget the 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP that he played. Actually he didn't play, he mesmerized all people of the WORLD.
I just pray GOD, because he gave me the chance of seeing his carrier.
Thanks GOD
He is the best World Cup player you can have amazing striking great player with 2 world cups
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7Ali Karimi
The best player in the world ali karimi

Reza perspolisi 6, 10.10,3
He is king of Iran and Asian football
He has number 8 but he is number 1
Just --=Ali Karimi=-- for Ever
The best player in world and Asian.
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Perfect tricks, speed and precision... Shame he had to leave FCB
He has the best technique ever. No one could do such tricks
He is unarguably the best player I have ever Seen. His dribbling abilities are mesmerizing his passes and free kicks are awesome, but most important of all,... He is a team player unlike C. Ronaldo... I simply love him...
Ronaldinho is the best player of all time period I don't want to hear it
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9Farhad Majidi
He is 37 years old but still best player in IRAN and ASIA
He is the most popular in the world! In 2010
He is a LEGEND in esteghlal(the best team of Iran with 2 championship in asia)! Most popular player in world and daydream of perspolis!
Farhad majidi is the beat player in Iran
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10Johan Cruyff
Many people here don't know anything of football..

Leo Messi is not as good as Zico.
Cristiano Ronaldo & Ronaldo is not as good as Maradona.

And nobody I repeat NOBODY is as good as Cruyff was.
Simply the best ever..
No.14 Johan Cryff is the world's best of the best soccer player of all time in the whole entire world. No doubt he scored more than 1000 goals
He undoubtedly is the best the world has ever seen
He has been an inspiration for the most successful clubs in europe
And a great ambassador for the game
Great player he is a guy you can have very useful for a team building
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The Contenders

11David Beckham
The best free kicker this world has ever seen and will never see like this
He is the best ever. There's no doubt that he's not that good in dribbling, but he knows where he's good at.. Freekicks, assists, etc.. Especially freekick.. No one like him ever...
A truly magical player, always made a difference in an england shirt which was really important to him. Absolute legend, best crosser and free kick taker the game has ever seen... Laugh out loud at those who consider Cristiano Ronaldo to be in the top 10 you obviously don't watch football.
He was in the England team but in FIFA World Cup England lost all their machsis
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12Franz Beckenbauer
You are right! But to reduce the Kaiser to a DEFENDER is a huge mistake, fail, blasphemy. He was one of the best players ever technically!
nobody can get passed him when he is defending! one of the greatest defenders of all time!
A good team needs a good defense, and for that reason Beckenbauer is the greatest ever. You can go on about the likes of Messi, Kaka & Christiano Ronaldo but none of them could have got past the Kaiser
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He is the great madridian and brazilian hero as well as playmaker
um he's poetry in motion when he performs
He really should be number 2 after pele. People say ronaldinho but he doesn't have the right playing style or smarts to even be near number 1.
Why kaka at 13? He should be on top 5. He is awesome


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He is a coach of Fenerbahce...

Fenerbahce was played quarter final match with Chelsea in CL.

Fenerbahce will be most valuable football club with Arthur ZCO



His name alone goes with the other single-name greats like Pele, Ronaldo and Gherson.
Deadly long range shots with machine precision combined with all other football skills to the mastery level.
Zico is one of the greatest in the history of soccer.
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Awesome... This kid will not go the extra mile but the extra trillion miles. I hope he stays focused. His country men: Ronaldinho, after Pele, are my past favourites.. Next is Messi, but I hope to be right with this future pick!
Another year, another cluster of near moves for Neymar.

The constant speculation linking him to Real Madrid and Barcelona often takes away from what a fantastic year he's had, scoring 31 goals and providing 15 assists back in Brazilian football for Santos.

He had a solid London 2012 Olympics during the summer, scoring some great goals and grabbing a silver medal.


See the future when he start to be one! And one of the best Brazilian player! I believe to his skill and kick messi's ass off
Neymar is the best player known for his pace
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16Wayne Rooney
Did you see that bicycle kick with the assist by NANI. Rooney should be up there a lot higher. But he is still young with a bright future.
Wayne rooney is without a doubt at least third on this list he is an engine and deserves to be up with the top footballers
Wayne rooney is the best soccer he have best skill run fast
Bad boy of England
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17George Best
Pele himself once claimed that George best is better than him, what is wrong with you people George best was the first football superstar and he was awarded player of the year in 1968. People who saw him play claimed that he was certainly a legend after his death in 2005 people forgot of this legend who deserves to be in the top 5, people who've not seen him play can check his videos on YouTube and also read his famous quotes. I hope my comment helps you recognize a true legend.

Maradona good, pele better, George best
A player that was so far ahead of the rest that he made it look easy. From his time on the pitch to now there has never been a player that could single handedly turn defenders inside out and change the out come of any game he was in (and did many many times).

Skill that has no equal.
Insight of the game second to none.
Unparalleled self belief.
A true god of the game.

If George Best is not number 1 then there should not be a number 1 because there is no player alive or dead that deserves it more (FACT).
George Best should be number 1. What is wrong with you non George Best fans beside other manu fans who vote for a manu player.
Maradona good, Pele better, George best
Makes me proud to be from Northern Ireland


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18Thierry Henry
The best striker to ever live! If you don't believe this then you don't know real football!
whoever voted for anyone else never watched an arsenal game before 2007


best goalscorer of Arsenal and France and best striker of all time with Brazilian Ronaldo...
Thierri, was as sleek as swift, and pound for pound one of the best strikers that ever played and definitely the greatest that ever played for Arsenal and now in his twilight days for NY Red Bulls.
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19Alfredo di Stéfano
What is this guy doin here? Rooney, Owen, Gerrard above Di Stefano?
U gotta be kidding me... should be in the top 3 at least if not at the top.. Ppl not aware of Di Stefano should just take a look at his Wikipedia page.. dis guy has won EVERYTHING.. definitely better than Cristiano who is at no.2
The greatest player of all time. Though nominally a striker, Di Stéfano had the tackling, shooting, passing and dribbling ability and (most importantly) endurance to be able to play quite literally all over the field, and excel in all facets of the game, and it is this all-around brilliance that made him the best. He is one of only 8 players to have won multiple Ballons d'Or, and was recently declared by Pelé to be the greatest ever.


Many people seem to have no idea what makes a great player or cannot recall players of the past.
Di Stefano was the greatest with Pele second. Players like Beckham, Ibrahimovic etc should not be mentioned in the same article.
George Best was skilfull but would have been better off as a ball juggler in a circus. He would beat the same defender four times when he could have passed to a team mate with an open goal... Not a team player at all.
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20Zlatan Ibrahimović
I cannot believe he is not up here already, this player holds one of the most impressive highlight reels to date. Dribbling through what seems to be an entire team and promptly puts the ball in the net. Players like C. Ronaldo make many pretty moves, but do not put the ball in the net. This player does.
He is officially the best (not ever) I cannot believe he is only 35. He should be top 10. His goal when he played for Ajax is simply amazing. Plus he's Swedish. GO ZLATAN!
Ibrahimovic like no other
His moving his shoots his dribbles no one like him
He is 1.95 m height with unbelievable skills
He's at 19! Zlatan disapproves
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21Steven Gerrard
steven gerrard is the best football player I have ever seen. zidane is very good, ronaldinho, ronaldo, messi, rooney,.. but gerrard is really the best. he plays with heart and his is leader who motivates all other players. his shot is so powerful and accurate, his passes just stand and watch it, he is very good in defense also also in attack, he has also very good dribble skills. SIMPLY THE BEST!
The best football player with good manners and full power!
Liverpool is lucky to have him. Royalty, Loyalty, Totality, his life is for Football and of course in Liverpool FC!

hey guys Gerrard is without doubt the most successful soccer player in the world.. he has unmatched talent, enthusiasm, history, achievement, determination.. Go for him instead of Rolando
Captain Fantastic has always been one of the greatest in the history... He has have had bad moments and poor performances but has always stepped in wherever and whenever he was needed!
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22Xavi Hernandez
he is the best midfielder nowadays and he is a world champion with spain
;] he should win a golden ball
Very very very good player
He is king of the playmaker in the world.
His just the best ever... Mad about him
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23Ferenc Puskas
The best Hungarian football player ever. In my poin of view his name is very well-known on the whole world. When someone hear the word "Hungary", almost the first what you can hear in the answer: "Puskás". Many Hungarians have the same opinion: Ferenc Puskás is the greatest Hungarian.
His powerfull kicks was also really presice as well! For example, on one game, he nailed a freekick, but the refere asked him to do it again. Puskas told to everyone that I'm gonna kick it exactly the same way! And so he did it and scored again! Well this days I'm watching lot a games but I've seen noone near to that confidence, precision and loveing to the game on the field! Ferenc Puskas rest in peace! Thank you!
The Hungarians of the 50's changed the way football was played and he was the star for his great team. Those who played against him said he was impossible to pay against - 20 years ahead of his time.


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24Andres Iniesta
Obviously Iniesta is in the Top 100 footballers of all time.
Andres is going to be the best footballer in the next 10 years
Or so. No one will ever beat Andres the beast Iniesta in the next 10 years! Iniesta should be the 11th best of all time. Againist Italy in Group Stages of Euro 2012, he made Gianluigi Buffon (the best goalkeeper for the last decade or so)jump like a frog. Iniesta is small, but he can get through footballers(Peter Crouch or Nikola Zigic)who are about 1 foot and a quarter taller than him. Iniesta has helped Spain for a long time and all matches with Spain, Rain or Shine, Iniesta would always play in the 1st team. In the 2010 World Cup, Iniesta helped Spain with a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the Final. Fabregas set Iniesta up and Iniesta scored the only goal in the match. Iniesta is the best Attacking Midfielder in the
World, By a long, long, long way.
It's impossible steal the ball to him.
The second best soccer player. Iniesta is a midfilder. He is a awesome dribbler and he has scored only 46 goals but still...
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25Roberto Carlos
great player, best shooter and responsible for the greatest goal of all time
The Best Free Kick In The History Of Soccer. Better Than Beckham.
The best left foot in football history
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26Garrincha (Manuel Francisco dos Santos)
I can't believe you guys, have you ever seen Garrincha playing football. Garrincha is one of the 10 best player in the world.
Garrincha was a footbal artist, a player with an unique dribbling style which resembled a drunken man trying to walk. He's an underrated footballer, perhaps overshadowed by Pele, and he should be in the top ten list. It's definitely worth seeing his videos.
Just watch his highlight reels. A true legend.
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27Gheorghe Hagi
A real playmaker, who always look forward to do something incredible. Probably we can claim that a very few players with such a great technique can be compared with him. There is no player (including messi, ronaldo or maradona) would even attempt to try his long-bullet shoots. Unlike other #10, he was also tenacious warrior for the clubs he played. Briefly, a true football legend, I would die to watch on the pitch. Respect from a AC Milan fan.
Best player ever. Led Romania to a world cup quaterfinal almost by himself. What has Christiano Ronaldo done for Portugal? Got them out of the group stage? The only players who can compare are pele and Ronaldo ( the Brazilian).
He is real unstoppable and long shooter
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28Fernando Torres
Fernando torres should at least be in top 10 or at least top 15
he is the star of spain
25 is not the place for a player of such huge quality
El Nino I believe is one of the best soccer/football players of all time. He is very fast, skillful and is great with his finishing. He has scored many goals, especially with Spain, and that is why I reckon he deserves to be in the top ten.


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29David Villa
Ultimate striker... Nightmare of Defenders... Kicks most on the list in the butt without even looking.
Ultimate striker!
The dream finisher!
The real man of aggressive football!
scores many many goals, national and clubs.
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30Jari Litmanen
My dad has supported Jari Litmanen since the early 70's so when I was born I didn't really have a choice. I got my first Jari Litmanen t-shirt when I was two years old so my father just made a icecold decision: you support Jari Litmanen. I cannot even imagine what would have happened if I've started glory hunting Ronaldinho instead of Litmanen.
He is the best player the world has ever witnessed. He can see the whole pitch better than anyone else. TIMO JUTILA once said that Jari is also really good at making fantastic barbecue. That said, he is without a doubt the greatest player of all time.
There are only a handful of players at Litmanen's level when it comes to vision and creativity, the most important traits in football. He was the nucleus and brains behind the most surprisingly successful club side of modern era football - Ajax in the mid-nineties. That team was built around Litmanen, and for a good reason, since he is a rare example of a player who makes his team mates play better.
In Finland we have many presidents but only one king, Jari Litmanen! His awareness and passing ability were simply mind-blowing.
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31Eusebio (Eusebio da Silva Ferreira)
Eusebio was amazing.
How you guys have courage of talk about Sukur, Beckham...
are you loosing your mind...
Laugh out loud, Eusebio 30th? Talk about people being ignorant and not knowing crap about soccer! He's Easily top 5 material, and only people who never seen him play could think otherwise!

Come on Beckham 12? Wake up idiots! WATCH SOME SOCCER!

LOOL di stefano 40? Should be top 10!

FIGO like 50 -. -, one of the best players I've EVER SEEN, amazing dribbles and crazy crosses, the man who was there for ronaldo and rivaldo and raul!

I think eusébio was one of the greatest football players ever, he was clearly better than maradona and between eusébio and pele the result is some kind of a tie, he didn't have a long career but he deserves at least the 2nd place here.
'I can dance for Mozambique everyday and every week! What about Portugal
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32Alessandro Del Piero
Fantastic, Unbelievable, Genius! If not the all-times number 1, he certainly deserves a place in all-times top 10. Personally, I could only compare him with Maradona.

Watson: "Del Piero is the icon of Italian football. " No truer words have been said in football in a long time, Alessandro is truly a legend and his name will forever be engraved in the history books of not Italian football, but across the world
We are the champions no time for losers
Del piero is history of soccer better than Zidane he should be n 5 and he was important in Germany 2006 that Italy won
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33Iker Casillas
Obviously Casillas is the best Goalie in the world. Buffon, Casillas, Cesar, Cech, Lloris, Reina, De Gea, Van Der Sar, Stekelenburg, Hart.
Hi is the best goal kiper in world
The best goalkeeper in the world.
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34Ali Daei
Ali Daei is the top scorer all over the world.
He is Legend.
The best player of iran...


The man of goal


The best Iranian player ever
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35Mesut Özil
Mesut Ozil was a little patchy for Real Madrid toward the end of last season, but has cleaned up his act considerably over the last few months.

He's back scoring important goals for Los Merengues at pivotal moments, and of course, he still remains the No. 1 provider to Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of assists.

He was one of the better performers at Euro 2012 for Germany.


The best player in bundesliga, and he is young as well! I can't believe he wasn't on the list. Search his name on youtube and you will understand...

He should be in the top 30, at least!
I like Mezut Ozil...
You pantastic in Team Geermany an the good in the Real Madrid...
Hopefully your career at Real Madrid getting's good, and give the best for Real Madrid...
And can bring Real Madrid win the Champions League (LC)...
Amien Ya ALLAH Ya Robal'alamien...
Salam Satu Hati
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36Michel Platini
Three times European Player of the Year.
Over 40 goals for his country from midfield.
Highest scorer in Serie A 3 years running.
One of the greatest passers of the ball in history.
Highest goal scorer in European Championship history.
I rest my case.
This greatest footballer remind me about best times of football.
In most polls, he is ranked in the opt tens if not the top 5

37Gianluigi Buffon
This amazing player should be higher then 45


He is a Goalkeeper. The Best goalkeeper.
This list has problem how are Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas and Thiery Henry not in top ten


Worlds best goal keeper can stop CR7
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38Enzo Francescoli
Francescoli, who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, was one of the best players of the modern era. He was a striker with unusual grace and elegance on the football pitch. He was affectionately known as "El Principe. " Watch him play and you will see an artist at work, and understand why he was called "The Prince. "
He was one of the most elegant players of his generation.
Francescoli was noted for his grace and fluid abilities on the ball. These qualities would later influence the style of French midfielder Zinedine Zidane, who has stated that Francescoli was his favorite player as a young boy and even named one of his sons Enzo.

Francescoli is known as El Principe (Spanish) or Le Prince (French), which means The Prince.
Great player, like many Uruguayans and coming from a small country, he punched well above his weight!
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39Naser Hejazi
He is the best saver ball in all of the time
Naser hejazi eshghe naser khane hejazi behtarin dar vaze bane
He was the best goalkeeper in all of the world in few years ago
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40Lev Yashin
This is the best goalkeeper to have lived on Earth. He is the only goalkeeper to have won a Ballon D'Or, and will probably will be the only one. He has made some unbelievable saves and I just don't know why he has always been underrated or even unknown to the general football fans.


The single most agile and most brilliant goalkeepe the world will ever see!
Best keeper ever with George Banks, Iker Casillas and Buffon.


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41Raúl Gonzalez
Surely the best striker and one of the best players ever. Football is not only dribles.


Playing with very simple skill ability, but always creating a lot of beautiful goal... Fabulous. One of the best striker in the world. SIMPLICITY and MAJESTIC
Surely the best striker and of the best players ever. Football is not only dribbling football is score game and Raul the best scorer ever.
The best simply put!
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42Marco Van Basten
Best ever! Marco had it all. Was a great passer of the bal as wel fast with the ball and his technics were just amazing! Remember euro 1988
A real top top striker to ever grace football. His bicycle kicks, volleys and strikes were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I don't think any other striker can do what Marco did, no doubt he was called San Marco. I've never seen anyone can do a spectacular volley from a tight angle in the Euro 88 final. It's a shame he has a lot of injuries and retired young from Milan.
Nr 1 in my book! Had all the qualities a forward should have!
Why is he so far down on this list? You guys don't know football!
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43Michael Owen
He is one of the best finishers in the world. It is same the injuries have destroyed him but he will come back as he always did
Truely the best England striker that had ever discovered.
The best striker that the world has ever seen, his ability on the ball was immense and his movement off the ball was even better, for those reasons alone michael owen certainly gets my vote! Trololol
He is the might on England
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44Roberto Baggio
He was the best Italian soccer player that ever lived


Probably the best Italian player of all the time. Should be in the top 10 at least. 29 it's just unacceptable. So much better than Totti, Del Piero etc..
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45Hugo Sanchez
Let's be honest, if he were Brazilian, Argentinian, or German, he'd be in the top 10 or 15 at least. If not, name another player who even comes close to scoring such beautiful and difficult goals at the same time. Keeping in mind that most of them were not a one time lucky shots. And for those who say "well all those pichichis were won because he was an opportunist or because he just parked in front of the goal" if it's that easy why isn't any other player (in la liga) doing it every other year. I'm not putting him in the same level as pele or maradona, but come on lets give the guy credit where credit is due.
By fare, one of the best soccer players I have seen played. The footage of his goals are stunning, to say the leas. It is hard to argue what he achieved in Spain. The results speak for themselves. His acomplishmenst speaks volumes as to what kind of player he was. This is an wasome list of player. But with all due respect to them, not many players in the Spanish league (or on this list) come close to what he has achieved. An absolute underrated player. Stats don't lie or have bias. I am afraid some of these great players that are placed before him on this list will never get close.
Most of his goals were bicycle kicks, HE IS THE BEST PLAYER WHO EVER PLAYED IN REAL MADRID
And he is a dentist!
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46Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh
Abedzadeh is the proud of Asia and Iran
He was the eaghle of Asia.

47Mehdi Mahdavikia
He is the player of perspolis and some years ago he plays in humborg
He is the best and popular player of the world forever!
He plays in fc. Perspolis and used to play in hamburg for many years!
He is the love of Iranian football- 6only 6
Mahdavi kia, surely, is the best...
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48Eric Cantona
You always be the king from Old Trafford and from France!
he turned united from a great team to one wanted for breach of competition laws for monopolising the premeirship
He truely is the best french player ever
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49Ryan Giggs
The most decorated british player the world will ever see, ryan giggs is an inspiration
He plays at the same level for now 20 years! And no end in sight :-)
Brilliant skills with fantastic insight... sets up many other players and goal situations...
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50Seyed Mehdi Rahmati
Number 1
Best goal keeper
Eagle of asia
He is best goal keeper in the world
Bestt goalkeeper in the world!
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51Francesco Totti
The best player of Italy... His freekicks are amazing. His passes are accurate. A goal scoring machine. Great dribbler and has capacity to destroy any defender... Should be in top 10
The best striker
Ronaldo is nothing compared to him
Totti should always be thought as a legend he made roma as one of the best teams in the world, he is always loyal to his team and would always fight for the win. I believe he should be one of the best players ever lived, NO TOTTI NO PARTY
Francesco totti is the best italian football ever with great skill and charismatic person
Best game vision of all tima
More comments about Francesco Totti

52Andrea Pirlo
If we are talking about footballers who carry the team in which they play, you can never forget to mention the name Andrea Pirlo, arguably the best deep-lying playmaker ever to play the game, AC Milan of Carlo Ancelotti and Italy of Marcello Lippi with this of Prandely, all are built aroud Pirlo, very few players have been pivot like he does! The boy should occupy the higher echelon in any rankings of the soccer masters!
Pirlo Is The Most Awesome Player

53Michael Laudrup
You guys must be out of your mind, if you don't think that Michael can be in at least top 10. His passing-skils were insane, and techniqually he is one of the best ever. He scored goals and made his team mates better. Besides that, he was a true gentleman who never got a red card or dived, like many of todays players do. Watch some videos of him, on YouTube!
Laudrups skills were amazing! Played in Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid! Needs to be much higher placed on this list!
M. Laudrup being outside the top 20 is a joke (many would argue that he should be in the top 10 actually...).
Just goes to show that most players only get judged on either hear-say or media exposure - nobody talks about Laudrup anymore but he was easily the most creative playmaker football has ever had. Just that alone make him worthy of a top 10 spot?
More comments about Michael Laudrup

54Cesc Fàbregas
He has helped arsenal so much rember the goal against sunderland and aston villa and also the pass he gave during world cup finals
no doubt he is the great ball passer of all time. Give him the ball and you are ready to score.
He is now the best player of his age and good looks too
More comments about Cesc Fàbregas

55Dennis Bergkamp
He should be top 3 and he is the best foreign premier league player of all history and he loves seeing boys in bras plus best dutch player ever in england
he's skills and he's goal are superb
Dennis bergkamp in view is greatest goal scorer that has ever played the beautiful game. He does nt score goals in quantily. But that of quality. If you gather all the best20 goals scored by players, you will agree wit me that he is exceptional. He has the finest technique of all. A super human vision in assist. Litle wonder both Thierry henry lan wright who played with him at different times said that Dennis is their best strike partner and play marker. D goals he scores makes you cry and indeed a appreciate d beauty of football as creative game and not just a round object we move around. Then please go and watch is clips and then tell me who on earth has a perfect ball control than bergkamp outside zinadin zidan who equals him. Oh arsenal fc you trully recognized this inch perfect ball control that you had to put up is monument in front of the emirate stadium shown the master piece to the world onball control. Oh Dennis my children children must watch your clips. You are simply the best
More comments about Dennis Bergkamp

56Luis Suarez
The new Kop hero Luis Suarez is really a sensational talent. He is a curse for opposition defenders and produces sensational magic in the pitch. He deserved to be best player in Copa America.


One of the best liverpool strikers of all time, single handedly helped liverpool to go up the table with amazing tricks, nutmegs, assists and goals, a true liverpool star, definitely one for the history books
He is just phenomenal! He filled Fernando Torres shoes very well. He got skills, scores many goals, creates chances for his team mates. And he does nutmegs, nutmegs, nutmegs.. Vote! Should at least be number 20!
More comments about Luis Suarez

57Gareth Bale
the young Welshman has got the best finishing for a left footer
he powers up and down the left wing

One of the best Welsh players of all time he should be at least top ten
Welsh Wizard, Magic Man, Simply amazing player for Spurs he is the best no.11 we have ever seen!
Should be ranked higher than neymar simply better and does more for the team #BALE11
More comments about Gareth Bale

58Bobby Charlton
Survived a terrible plane disaster but still came back to be one of the greatest players of all time. This guy should be top 10 no doubt
The best English player of the post war era both for England and in a magnificent Manchester United team.


Come on guys. how bobby Charlton can be number 64. he won the world cup 1966. and he is the best england player ever.
More comments about Bobby Charlton

59Franck Ribery
the French international has tons of pace its unreal he completely humiliates defenders

60Robin van Persie
In one of the only years Robin van Persie's ankle hasn't given way, it's no surprise to see him turn in consistently excellent performances that place him among the best in the world. Coming off a 30-goal season at Arsenal and a £22 million move to Manchester United, expectations were so high the Dutchman could have crumbled.


Robin Van Persie The Best Striker and Winger ever, Good technical, good shoot, and the left foot number one in the World, just stay in Arsenal and Gunners. Come on Van Persie you can do that. I trust you.
Van Persie has great skill he can take shots from distance and he is wonderful on volleys
More comments about Robin van Persie

61Frank Lampard
Frank lampard is the only midfielder who scored the most goals ever in english football.
Lampard at present is arguably the best midfielder in english football.. He has it all he can score from long distance
+ he can also put in those lovely passes for the strikers to score..
one of the best mid player I have seen is really pleasing to watch him play
For me, he is no. 1! (i know Messi is better but I just love him) he is my motivator my inspiration! In midfielders he MUST be number 1...
More comments about Frank Lampard

62Didier Drogba
He is excellent the top scorer in barclays premier league
he is a powerhouse
he has so much skill and precision it is unreal

He kills and he got the most goals for Chelsea in 2006. Better than all the other Africans. Go Ivory Coast.
More comments about Didier Drogba

63Oliver Kahn
This is the greatest goalkeeper in the history

64Petr Cech
Amazing Goal Keeper. So sad that he was knocked unconscious. Still, after all that, he is an awesome goalie. Best Czech player by far and the most talented goalie in the EPL and before the injury, the best goalie in the world (and he has the trophy to prove it! ). The goalie is the most vital part of the team. So often we overlook our defense. Look at the top ten! A bunch of strikers and midfielders. We need to learn to appreciate our defenders and goalies much more.

65Luis Figo
He has the greatest class of any player, with his trademark curl, he is Portugal's greatest asset.
one of the best portugal has offered and one of the best the world has seen


He led Portugal to the semi-finals in the 2006 world cup


More comments about Luis Figo

66Samuel Eto'o
Eto' is to me the best striker in the history of football. Other people may say Ronaldo yes he made his name in the Brazilian national team especially during world cup. If Eto'o had this same opportunity to play I a team like Brazil with the worlds most talented players I believe he would have done even more than Ronaldo. The boy is a naturally born footballer. I say he is among the first 5 world best footballers ever.
Eto'o is the most useful player in the history of football reason being that he can score any how any where and any time. These other players made name because they were highly watched by people
Africa magic man. World's best striker. Put him in any
team of clao he will be the highest goals scorer for that season
He is better than all those strange names I see up there. His fire is still burning. Africa's best player 4 times. 4 champions leagues to his credit. Prolific goals scorer in La Liga. Highest goals scorer in CAN archives.
More comments about Samuel Eto'o

67Ruud Van Nistelrooy
Nistelrooy has proved over the years that he is certainly the best finisher in the present game
He is the best he should be No 9 at least
I love him! What class and calibre he has to his play! He's th bis dqjdldjeldleqdlqj kwjekwj

68Gerd Müller
If 68 goals in 62 internationals is not enough, consider 14 World Cup goals, and one of just 3 to score 10+ goals in a single edition (1970) of the World Cup (the others being Fontaine and Kocsis and they did it in the 1950's when the scores tended to be higher). Definitely one of the top 10 strikers of all-time.


Come on guys he is the best striker ever, so much goals, so much trophies, what an instinct for striker I can only compare him with nistelrooy


Best striker of all time. Not debatable
More comments about Gerd Müller

69Gabriel Batistuta
Best striker Argentina ever had. He has the record of best foreign serie a goal scorer ever. He also scored 10 goals in 12 world cup matches.
ohhhh! he was a total legend of Argentina. His goal scoring ability was great. He's the best!
One of the best sharpshooters of the game.. he is one of those strikers who had most shots on target...
More comments about Gabriel Batistuta

70Kenny Dalglish
How can Kenny dalglish not be in at least top 20.
One of the most naturally gifted footballers ever
I honestly think ken was the best ever player to come from or play in britain and by some distance he really should be in the best ever world 11 with out any arguments
List dominated by numb heads kenny not even in top 20
Best british player
More comments about Kenny Dalglish

71Abedi Pelé
he was the most skillful african player
The greatest dare devil of our century, He was more than a team. His dribbles, his placements and accuracy has no description. Abedi Pele lacked nothing while with the ball. Abedi is the only speedster that lives
heartbeat of contemporary african and world soccer
More comments about Abedi Pelé

72Pavel Nedved
He was present in every time of the match. Also was a complete soccer game player, ideal to hold wathever position he was designed to.
This guy is a legend

73Marco Reus
This list is so screwed up how can reus be
Reus is great! Whoever made these rankings made a mistake, I think they meant to put Messi here and put reus as number 1

74Mario Balotelli
Because he has a mohawk
Just goals and more goals
He just crazy
His future bright star...

75Giuseppe Meazza
The legend of inter
The greatest that ever playd the game.

76Arjen Robben
he has got a sweet left foot
he is an ace at volleying

He is an amazing player

77Yahya Golmohammadi

78Khosro Heydari
Best player in Iran and Asia

79Ali Parvin
The best captain for perspolis

80Alan Shearer
who votes on here you can't tell me the great alan shearer and GEORGE BEST are not in this top ten and are behind the likes of keane owen, ronaldo what a load of wank people forget to easily


One of the greatest premier league player that ever lived. long live Shearer!
THE best striker ever! how on earth is there people like micheal owen or david beckham ahead of him! wake up!


More comments about Alan Shearer

Deserves to be higher than some of players that are in the list
This guys is a soccer god, deserves a better place here. He is so intelligent, and could win a game in seconds. The true master! To 10 easy for him.
More comments about Rivaldo

82Manuel Neuer
He is the best goalkeeper I have ever seen
Greatest goalkeeper of all time
BEST Goalkeeper EVER!

83Hakan Şükür
World best striker. world the fastest goal. 9. seconds. 2002 world cup. uefa 2000 goal king. fifa 1997 striker of the year. Turkey goal king. Turkey national team 51 goals. turkey super league 249 goals. uefa cup win turkey league win world cup 3. The best striker of all time
The best striker ever. Hakan Sukur was and is the goal king of all time, not only in turkey but all over the world. Hakan sukur must be at the top 10.
All time best player of Turkey
More comments about Hakan Şükür

84Xabi Alonso
One of the greatest midfielders of all time, shame he left Liverpool.


Xabi Alonso's playing style hasn't changed a jot in six years, and that's not a bad thing either.

He has rare ability on the ball that's consistently put to good use, sharing a midfield with the formidable Sami Khedira and producing one of the world's finest double pivots.

As far as deep-lying playmakers go, there's only one man who's better.


He is a great fast player who scores lots of goals

85Mojtaba Jabbari
Is The Best... ♥
He plays in Esteghlal(the best club in iran)
He is 29
He was recalled by Carlos Queiroz in 2011 and was scored his first national goal on 11 October 2011 against Bahrain. He was also scored an other goal in the match with Bahrain on 11 November 2011 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification.


86Jamie Carragher
A great defender. He plays for Liverpool and is a sub for England's international team.

87Pepe Reina
Simply best ever goalkeeper he is a gifted goalkeeper if I was barca's manager I would buy him for 999,999,999,990 at least in the top 25 if he isn't I want him in at least 100th place behind Stevie G best liverpool's best keeper ever jamie carrager best defender Stevie G best midfielder ever robbie fowler best forwarder ever

88Radamel Falcão García
One of the best right now.
Best player ever he's like the third best player in the world I wouldn't be surprised to see him win a balon de oro soon
Dam to bad he wasnt in the copa america with colombia it would of been a different story right now... Colombia vs. Brasil Copa America final...

Had he got a chance, he could sit in the same category as Maradona or Pele. He had the talent and Skill to single-handedly win a world cup. Zagalo and Zico made the worst mistake ever by not letting him play the 98 world cup.
I dont believe you guys forgot him!!! he won the 1994 world cup alone!! hes one of the best striker alive.. end he doesnt even like to training.
This player was an absolute genius. He played well into his forties. Romario deserves to be much higher on the list. Come on guy!
More comments about Romário

90Roy Keane
you people know nothing about football. this man has captained his team in the greatest league in the world and won every competition worth winning and he did not have buck teeth
Greatest Midfielder of all time, he dragged United to the Champions league final and Ireland to the 2002 world cup and didn't get to play in either.
Most passionate player ever


Have to agree what a player. The real captain fantastic!
More comments about Roy Keane

91Paul Scholes
Arjen Robben, Paul Scholes Ryan Giggs, Wesley Sneijder deserve to be at least in the top 20..
Berbatov and Carlos Tevez also great players
Scholes is without doubt the greatest English player of all time and should be in the top ten of this list!
He is the perfect player!
Best footballer ever. No one else can control a game like Paul Scholes. He is perfection.
More comments about Paul Scholes

92Lukas Podolski
Excellent german striker who plays for arsenal and he was the one who saved arsenal from losing 0-3 against Bayern by scoring at least once. That's why I think he is awesome. SO START VOTING FOR HIM.
Certainly one of the footballers to have an incredibly powerful shot, if not the most powerful shot. His shots are just full of power. (Like in the game vs Australia his shot had so much force not even the goalie's hand could resist the force. )


Favourite, has the best long shot
More comments about Lukas Podolski

93Diego Forlan
Best player 2010 World Cup. Ability to score and assist in addition to be lethal on free kicks. Great team player, excellent at club level and also at country team level.

94Ruud Gullit
Greatest ALL ROUND player of all time. He had the skill and ability to play up front, and bang in outrageous goals, and also play as a centre back with his impeccable defending. Also a master tactician on the field, he deserves to be at the top of this list for ability alone, nobody can or ever will replicate his play style and how he mastered every position on the field.
Could pass, score goals, great in the air and the best player in a great Dutch. No weaknesses.


Best player ever no doubt could attack defend he could play defense mid wing striker even keeper and don't no why he's 94 better waay better then every1 above him should be 4/5
More comments about Ruud Gullit

95Carles Puyol

96Lothar Matthaus
Der Kaiser II was the only player who could kill the ball (WC '90 West Germany-Yugoslavia).
The stats speak for themselves. Even pele who I think is the best of all time was in awe if matthaus skills, vision got the game and durability. Pele has him as one if the best of all time.
The most sucessfull football player in history! WORLD CHAMPION, EuropeAN CHAMPION, WORLD FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR, CHAMPIONS-LEAUGE WINNER, Italian CHAMPION, German CHAMPION AND CUP CHAMPION, 150 INTERNATIONALS FOR Germany. You could not ask for more!

Why is Rivelino so far down this list, one of the 3 greatest players in the greatest team of all time (with Pele and Jairzinho), these guys would have put 7 past todays Germany, not the other way round!
Never seen him play.
The best soccer player I've ever seen.
More comments about Rivelino

98Emile Heskey
When Heskey gets on the ball he is feared by all, his shot is more powerful than a thousand hammers, he is stronger than a million men. You see players who are known as 'great' Heskey surpasses mere greatness he is a true legend of the game.

Emile Heskey has scored more goals in the premier league than Messi. If Messi is at number 2 Heskey should be number 1. Heskey is a more versatile player and has scored more goals for the England national team than Messi.
When Heskey touches the ball hundreds of thousands African child get fed
More comments about Emile Heskey

99Andriy Shevchenko
Simply the best, he can make a come back!
Modern football best forward after the fenomen Ronaldo
He led Ukraine national soccer team all the way with his skills and talent!
More comments about Andriy Shevchenko

100Robbie Keane
Robbie Keane! Are you on lsd! What about Roy keane? You must be mistaken surely
Plays for LA Galaxy and captain for Irish national team
Yummy that sexy beast is so hot
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