Best Spongebob Squarepants Characters

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Patrick Star
Patrick in the movie is absolute comic genius. Eg: At the trap ice cream stand surrounded by skeletons. Pat: Wait a minute... WAIT A MINUTE! SPONGEBOB! MAKE MINE CHOCOLATE! And Pat: Never mind the car, wheres the road (echo) road... Road... Road... Road... Cut to patrick repeating the word Road road road


His dumbness is his success to being the funniest character


You Have to like patrick! He is stupid but He Makes The Show Funny. PATRICK REPRESENT!


[Newest]Patrick is the most funny character in the pre-movie episodes like Shanghaied. Now he is so stupid that its not funny like in Rise and Shine ("oh, the food is IN the can! ") and Stuck in the Wringer ("Now your stuck FOREVER! ") or really mean spirited like in Yours, Mine, and Mine ("Have you not learned anything about sharing? ").
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2Squidward Tentacles
Even though Squidward's no longer my favorite in SpongeBob SquarePants, I still respect and like him because his personality is like mine in these ways.

1. He's uptight, sarcastic, cynical, moody, serious, mature, and ill-tempered.

2. He can't stand SpongeBob and Patrick due to their excessive mischief.

3. He hates Mr. Krabs for abusing him.

4. He can relate to Mrs. Puff due their hatred for that damn SpongeBob.

As I typed earlier, Squidward's being serious is one of the reasons that I like him. And I like serious character because I can relate to them. I don't like funny characters very much because they bug the hell out of me just as people who claim that Squidward is funny does. They're delusional if they think he's funny.

Since I'm similar to Squidward, I wish that I could beat the hell out outta Patrick 'n' SpongeBob because of how inconsiderate they are to that octopus. Why, I remember being antagonized by bullies who used humor as an excuse to make me feel bad.

If anyone asks, all those Squidward haters can shove their hatred for that octopus up their asses. If I'm him, I'd kick the crap out o' them.
Who could not like Squidward? He's awesome and funny sometimes, which makes up for his usually boring self
Although he sometimes is mean with Spongebob, without he the program would be bad.


[Newest]He is so good I even respect by writing him in my fictional stories

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3Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob is the star. Patrick is in only a little bit of episodes and if he was in every single one like Spongebob then who would have no material. Besides Patrick and Spongebob's dumbness is like almost the same thing.
Patrick should be #2 and Spongebob should be #1! But that's a good idea, they should give Patrick his own show.
Who's name do they say 8 times in the theme song? SPONGEBOB'S!
[Newest]SpongeBob is the best

4Sandy Cheeks
Sandy should be nearer to the top she is awesome and one of the most underrated cartoon characters, there more episodes with sandy in it and she's way better than mr. krabs, I hate him so much.
"SpongeBob's jumpier than a rattle snake in a pickle barrel! Wait... What?! "

Sandy's awesome.
I love Sandy because she is From Texas like me and I thought that was so cool when I was little. She is a funny, daredevil, squirrel! And she is great at karate!


[Newest]Sandy you are a karate girl. I love your behaviour. So always be a Queen of karate.

5Gary the Snail
Gary is underestimated, he doesn't talk much, and blends in. That's why I enjoy him on the show.
Gary is great. Possibly the cutest thing under the sea.

Even though most his appearances are cameos, you'll need the tissues once he's gone (Have You Seen This Snail? )
I don't know about Gary. He seems to not enjoy SpongeBob's company that much. I can't tell because all he says is meow.


[Newest]Gary is so cute and sweet and smart! Best snail ever!

I think he is the best character too the show wouldn't be the same without him I like him not only because he's evil but also because of all the evil schemes he comes up with and it makes me wonder if he will successfully get the Formula and keep it for good and be more successful then Mr. Krabs with his restaurant and when I think about it its too bad the residents of Bikini Bottom including Plankton himself don't know about the internet I mean could you imagine if they did a episode in which plankton discovers the internet learns how to use it and tried to looks up the Krabby Patty Formula he already has his computer wife karen and he connected her to the internet with him being a genius he could easily get the Formula and that worked for him just imagine what Mr. Krabs reaction would be if he discovered plankton found a way to get the formula without him knowing sure him and spongebob would try to put a stop to it somehow but I don't think it would be easy

So yeah anyone who agrees that Plankton is a awesome Character as much as I do then your awesome too
I love Sheldon J. Plankton he is hilarious and evil and he makes me want the Krusty Krab to shut down. I hope one day he does get the formula he deserves it he works so hard for that and Mr. Krabs is a jerk who wouldn't let his best friend share the least bit of credit for his success. I just wish he would give a bit more credit to Karen but other than that he is amazing. Squidward Quincy Tentacles is my second favorite and I love him to (hard decision) Squidward's hot! So is Plankton (he just needs more height)
He's funny and cool. Even he was shown to be rude in the beginning of a season, but at least he still have a heart to people unlike Mr. Krabs. As shows go on, he become more like a comic-relief and doesn't mind to steal Krabby Patty unlike the early season. I think in my opinion, Plankton is the only one who become good rather than all of characters in the new season

7Mr. Krabs
Mr Krabs is a cheap crab who owns the KrustyKrab rival of sled on plankton of the chum bucket and lives in. Anchor
A cheap stingy crab
If he was cheap then how come he bought the Krusty Krab if he wouldn't even spend a penny or more! 😠
[Newest]He didn't buy the krusty (rusty) krab

8The Flying Dutchman
He's the coolest of these stupid people's opinion over al the green and purple wrestlers are the best you idiots

9Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Dude BATMAN voiced him! Mermaid Man is completely senile and Barnacle Boy is like the useless sidekick!
I love heroes. However, I liked them younger

10Mrs Puff
Mrs. Puff is so cool. She is s uch a spaz and overreacts over everything! I love it! She is so cool! Plus, her and mr. Krabs do make a great couple!
I hate Mr. Puff! She is sooo mean to SpongeBob sometimes!

The Contenders

Wah is all he can say it's funny
Laugh at every word my man doodle says.

12Fred Rechid
Hey all you people, hey all you people, hey all you people won't you listen to me? I just hurt my leg. No ordinary pain, but pain that hurts really really badly. MY LEG!
That guy's awesome! He always gets hurt and no one ever sees him. I think in one of the episodes, they should show his appearance. I bet everybody including me wants to see him.
MY LEG! Haha! My favourite line in all of Spongebob..
[Newest]MY LEG! It just never gets old

13Mermaid Man

14Larry the Lobster
Larry is important too, you know! He actually debuted before Plankton.

"SpongeBob, you are so righteous. Will you sign my pants? "
I'm sorry! It was "SpongeBob, that was so righteous! "
Livin' like Larry. 'enough said.
[Newest]Dude I want to be a body builder like you.

15Patrick Not-Star
Haha, I was just watching the episode with this guy on it, and it is the first time I've seen this list and the first time I heard of this Patrick not star
This guy is absolutely amazing ^3^
[Newest]Personally I think Scooter is better.

16Barnacle Boy

You can only hear his voic from the episode
Are you talking about the French narrator voiced by Tom Kenny?

18Bubble Buddy

19Karen Valencia Plankton
The best computer in the sea
Since when did Karen have a middle name?
She's underwater, shouldn't she short out

20Dr. Gill Gilliam

21Smitty Werben Jager Man Jensen
"He was number one! "

22Dirty Bubble
The episode where barnicle boy turns bad is hilarious! But my favourite quote was when barnicle boy got to choose three things

Manray: World domination!

Dirty bubble: make him eat dirt!

23Perch Perkins

24Old Man Jenkins

25Tom Smith
How could you not vote for Tom, the most angry man in Bikini Bottom!
"April Fools, jerk"
HAHA THIS IS MY FAVORITE COMMENT. THE CHOCOLATE WITH NUTS, BUBBLE BUDDY, NO WEENIES ALLOWED, AND APRIL FOOLS REFERENCES ARE GREAT. I also like the line "Oh man, it itches" when he was in the iron butt in I Had an Accident and "You know this is the line for the bathroom" from Roller Cowards.

26Bubble Bass
Rude but funny when he is used for jokes with his fat ass.

27Squilliam Fancyson

28Mary The Snail

29The Hash-Slinging Slasher
The hash binging the the the hash tinging the the the hash screaming the HASH SLINGING SLASHERN AHH


31Stanley S. SquarePants
Why is he even HERE?!

32Electric Eel
This guy needs more appearances! His tiny appearances are awesome!
Steels ice cream and plays shock tag

33SpongeBob RoundPants

34Worm from Appleworld

He/she is in "I Had An Accident".

36The Health Inspector

37Nat Peterson
He works at about every single place in Bikini Bottom. I love him in Plankton's Regular. Where would the show be without background characters.

Nosferatu is actually a black and white silent movie and I love this reference.
Wait if that was you in the bus and you on the phone, then who was flickering the lights? Nosferatu! But his real name is Count Orlock.

Why is he here he sucks!
He's so mean to poor SpongeBob

40Hoopla Fish

41Painty The Pirate
Are you ready kids?


43Alaskan Bullworm

He/she is in "I Had An Accident".

45The Tattletale Strangler

46Sheldon J. Plankton


48Kelpy G



I wanna be in this show!
I love the fun song, the pizza one too. If you go to my friends tree on moshimonsters (jay8yrs is my name) lizi7654321 changed my account! HELP ME!

52Jim the Wrestler

53Purple Wrestler



56The Cyclops

57Miss Appear

58Professor Magma

59Elastic Waistband

60Goofy Goober

61David Hasselhoff

He is the guy that dies in ripped pants. I love his voice and he is usually in goo lagoon
He dies in "Bubble Buddy", not "Ripped Pants".

63The Quickster

He rescued each jellyfish he is so awesome. Without him each jellyfish would be in Mr. Krab's money grubbing company.

65Sergeant Sam Roderick


67Dr. Actor
He is the actor in "All That Glitters".

68Potty the Parrot
He/she is voiced by Stephen Hillenburg in the early seasons and Peter Tibbitt in the newer seasons.

69Guy in the Shower (Tom Kenny)
He appears in "Suds" and "Neptune's Spatula".

70Flatts the Flounder

71Squidward's Toilet
He dies in "House Fancy" and frowns in "Choir Boys".

72Squidward's Toilet Paper
He talks in "Choir Boys".

73Mr. What Zit Tooya

He/she is the antagonist of "Gone".

75Sea Bear

76Sea Rhinoceros



79Octavius Rex
He's long, tan, and handsome!

80Nancy Suzy Fish
Best character in the earlier seasons. So glad she reappeared in "Little Yellow Book".

81Frank Fishbowl
Even though all his appearances are cameos with the exception of mermaidman and Barnacleboy V he's pretty good for a background character

82Kenny The Cat

83Shiny Bubble

84Le Schnook

85Squid Wood

86Slasher Mcgee
Yay. He was in my favorite Halloween episode!
He's kind of a reference to Jason.
"Oh, it's just slasher Mcgee..."

87Lord Royal Highness

88Mr. Seaweed Monsterman

89SpongeBob's Grandmother

90Patchy the Pirate
He is basically Tom Kenny, the voice actor of SpongeBob, in a pirate suit speaking with a pirate-like accent.

91Ms. Krabs
She lives in a pink anchor

92Man Ray
He's the arch-nemisis of Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy, who are parodies of Aquaman and Aqualad. You simply cannot go wrong what that!

93Angry Jack
SpongeBob : You are not really angry!
I'm really ANGRY!
Blistering fury!

94King Neptune
He's hilarious in the movie with his lines such as "It's ot bald! It's... Thinning! ". I never stop finding that line hilarious! It was especially fuuny when his baldness makes that guys eyes start burning. How can you not laugh at that scene?
In all three episodes (one being a movie) he is a jerk and should be fired from his job as "king of the sea"



He is the assassin in the movie played by Alec Baldwin.

I hate Pearl! She's moody, bratty, and impatient! Example of that last adjective: DADDY!


Surprised no ones voted for her
I love pearl and I can't belive spongebob is such a great show but there only a few girl characters

98Puffy Fluffy
Puffy Fluffy acts like he's so innocent with everyone but Gary! He's an ugly (Once he turns into a vicious sea monster) stupid sea animal who creeps Gary out and tries to eat his flesh for no reason at all! Whoever put him on this list put him on here just because he's cute when SpongeBob first gets him and brings him home!


Whoever put this on has never seen a pal for gary! :0
Why is even Puffy Fluffy here?!? Puffy Fluffy sucks!
[Newest]This is a troll I'm pretty sure

99Sam Star
She was in one episode she was mean and rude I dislike her

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