Top 10 Things that Amourshippers Say that They Need to Shut Up About the Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime

Amourshippers still won't talk about Serena and their stupid shipping, it is completely irritating. Come on already, Ash is on the Alola region now, he looks different than he was recently and he STILL doesn't need a "girlfriend". It's over and we want to enjoy the new anime in PEACE, stop AMOURSHIPPERS, just STOP! PLEASE?!

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1"Serena should've went to Alola with Ash!"

Has Serena done something bad enough so that way I can put her on my naughty characters list? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

These idiots think that Serena's obsession with Ash makes her special. Not true. - FrozenHatingPokefan

NO! SHE... IS... GONE... FOREVER! Can't you (Amourshippers) just shut up for God's sake! - ClassicGaminer

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2"OOOOHHH! Ash is 'cheating' on Serena!" ("Wait until she 'hears' this")

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that normal interaction between friends counted as 'dating.' (Or a one-sided, forced kiss, for that matter) - eventer51314

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3"Ash left Serena so he could build a Harem"

Ugh! This should at least be number 2. Unbelievable. - eventer51314

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4"We will bash anybody who ship Ash with Mallow or Lillie!"

What do you think, nonshippers? Shall we ship Ash and Mallow just to piss off the Amourshippers? I think we should! - ClassicGaminer

5"Mallow must 'die' because she has a 'crush' on Ash"

Burn that picture! First, she wears Ash's clothes. Now, thanks to amourshippers, she's wearing the sun & moon female protagonists outfit. Burn it! - eventer51314

Look who's talking! You Amourshippers have been sending death threats to people because Ash and Serena do not "belong" to each other! NOW IT'S OUR TURN! - ClassicGaminer

I really feel like having Santa's reindeer run over Serena in that image. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't think she's interested in him - TwilightKitsune

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6"Imagine how Serena 'reacts' when she sees Ash with Mallow"V1 Comment
7"We want Serena! We want her to go with Ash!"

As Ruee said, "She has the right to go where she wants."
Serena's got her own path and Ash got his, so please let Serena go out and do what she wants. - ClassicGaminer

8"We (or 'I') refuse to watch the new anime because Serena is not on it!"

I hope you like watching "Boku No Pico" (as "ModernSpongeBobSucks" said) or Saturday Night Television (as I said before.) - ClassicGaminer

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9"We are still going to make fan art of Serena and Ash even if the Sun and Moon anime is still there"

No you won't, you'll eventually realize later soon that Amourshipping was your biggest mistake, Amourshippers. - ClassicGaminer

10"Serena will come to the anime, but not for long. Stay strong, Amour!"

No, Amour won't stand strong and you guys might be right she will appear less, but if Iris didn't make an appearance on the XYZ anime series, then Serena won't either. - ClassicGaminer

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11"Pikachu shocked everyone when Lana's sisters asked Lana if Ash was her girlfriend because Pikachu approves of Amourshipping"

NO. It was clearly because her bratty, annoying little sisters were being too rough with him. - eventer51314

I doubt Pikachu gives a fudge about Serena - TwilightKitsune

I want to be able to look at comments on the episodes to see why people think about the characters and story but NOPE. 90% of the comments are still about Amourshipping and shipping the newer characters with Ash.

Serena created an awful trend when it comes to female characters being defined by shipping instead of their character. I wish she never existed. - Ruee

So do I! She had to exist! What a failed attempt of a character, and a poor ass excuse for a character to have a stupid personality, unforgivable! - ClassicGaminer

12"Ash looks awful!"

This isn't even the first time they changed Ash's appearance in a major way. Best Wishes anyone? Everyone DESPISED the anime look. Downright hated it. They didn't stop hating it until XY came out. You'll get used to the new style eventually. It's your own problem that you don't like how Ash looks, not the animators. They want to make Ash more expressive and fun while you want him to look stiff all the time just so he's on model. - Ruee

It's the animator's decision to make the characters look how he/she is, we need to understand. It may not be a hatred to the new anime for not having Serena going to Alola, but the majority of the people have criticized the way how Ash looks. And Amourshippers count with the criticism. - ClassicGaminer

At least he got his personality back in Sun and Moon.

He really doesn't. The new animation is really an improvement. The characters aren't so stiff anymore. God, they are so shallow. - eventer51314

I don't see why people hate it, at least it's better than nothing. I'm good with Ash's look, although it looks a bit silly, I like it. - ClassicGaminer

13"I kissed girls when I was ten years old, why can't Ash?"

I think 10 is way too young. I think you should wait some more time before having a relationship with someone. - TwilightKitsune

Amourshippers have kissed at age 10, so what? It's just a kiss. Pokémon isn't about love, or romance. It's about traveling through a region befriending and catching Pokémon, challenging Gym leaders, collecting gym badges and etc. There's no excuse to squeeze in romance. Amourshippers sure want it to be something but it's just a failed attempt. - ClassicGaminer

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1. "We will bash anybody who ship Ash with Mallow or Lillie!"
2. "Serena should've went to Alola with Ash!"
3. "OOOOHHH! Ash is 'cheating' on Serena!" ("Wait until she 'hears' this")



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