Top Ten Video Game Franchises We Love to Bash a Lot

We enjoy purposely bashing these gaming franchises a lot.

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1Call of Duty

Not a fan of Call of Duty but it's a hated franchise that we love to hate and bash. - Randomteenager

Certainly, people love bashing it - Martinglez

2Five Night's at Freddy's

This and Bubsy are the only franchises here I dislike. - RalphBob

The franchise is a horror game but it look like's a ''Roblox horror game''. No joke but with better graphics. Because of the reasons above we love to bash this franchise as well. - Randomteenager


Oh look, another single game franchise that has annoying fans that we love to bash. The game nothing new yet gotten a ton of fans. We like to bash this game because of the reasons above. - Randomteenager


This is single game franchise that has a lot of annoying fans that we all hate. The game isn't bad but love to bash this game. - Randomteenager

5Sonic the Hedgehog

A franchise that is hated for annoying fans and it's going downhill. - Randomteenager

Hey, take it off! Just because you are a fan of Mario doesn't mean this should be here! I love Sonic! - DCfnaf

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A old franchise with mediocre games that's dead but we still hated despite being dead for 20 years. - Randomteenager

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7Grand Theft Auto

This franchise is known for drugs, guns, swearing and running over people with cars. I've seen game play of this franchise but it looks pretty boring to me. Maybe that's just me. This franchise has a hate base for how overrated it is. - Randomteenager


Another franchise that's going downhill. Also known for awesome local multiplayer but Halo 5 didn't give us that. - Randomteenager

9Crazy Frog Racer

This, Bubsy, And Call of Duty Are The Only Things I Dislike Here - VideoGamefan5

10Final Fantasy

A awesome RPG at one time but is going downhill like the last few franchises on this list. - Randomteenager

The Contenders

11Resident Evil

A real horror franchise that is getting lot hate of because it's going downhill. - Randomteenager

12SkylandersV1 Comment
13M&M's Kart Racing
14Flappy Bird
15Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt
17Iron Man (Game)
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1. Sonic the Hedgehog
2. Call of Duty
3. Halo
1. Call of Duty
2. Busby
3. Crazy Frog Racer
1. Call of Duty
2. Five Night's at Freddy's
3. Undertale



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