Top Ten Worst Big Brother Players

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The Top Ten

Lawon Exum - 10th place - Big Brother 13
Asking to go on the block? Asking to be evicted? Thinking he would have some kind of "special power" and get back in the house? I don't even know where to begin. He never played the game
As described below, Kaysar is a completely overrated player both strategically and competitively, but Lawon made a mistake that no other contestant ever would or could make. Not only did he ask to be evicted due to delusions of a 'special power', but he consequently allowed Rachel, the eventual winner, to stay in the game. If he hadn't made that huge error, he himself wouldn't have won, but a fellow newbie may well have!
Kaysar is overrated, but Lawon's easily the worst player ever. Not only did he want to be evicted because he thought he would come back with a "special power"- when he got his chance to return, he lost the competition that would send him back into the House by a huge margin.
[Newest]He doesn't need to ask to be nominated. I would nominate him because he is stupid

2Kaysar Ridha- 10th place- Big Brother 6 and 7
I agree, he is so overrated. CBS made him appear to be an amazing player, due to his "mysterious" nature. This was just because he was a by nature quite person, and they made him look as though he was an amazing person who conquered Eric in season 6... In season 7 against Will the doctor, they showed just how poorly he played the game, particularly by not going after the Doctor and Mike Boogie. Both seasons he was too trustworthy, which lost him the game very quickly in both.
Yeah... He had a huge target from Week 1 of S6, and it only grew and grew, leading to him being evicted the week after his HOH reign ended. He returned a week later, and he was not after blood from being evicted and coming back... He should have realized that being a returned would make him an easy target, which is exactly what happened.

In All Stars, did he seriously think that ridding Nakomis was going to help him? She was at the bottom of the totem pole in the house. Like Nakomis herself said, he was so wishy washy and made a huge mistake. His alliance thought ridding of Season 5 was going to get them to the end, and they thought that they would win all of the HOHs.

Him not playing in the Veto caused him his game in this season, since he did not want to put his ass out there for Janelle and James (he said this when his partner Michael was on the block in S6), completely not thinking about it one of them came off, Danielle would put his ass up, so someone from their team will leave pre jury.

He is a nice and likeable guy, but his mistakes are huge and fatal.
He made way too many strategic moves that hurt him. He was voted out fourth by making stupid moves, voted back in by America, then made another stupid deal, and was voted right back out next. In All-Stars, he made some more stupid moves, and went home fifth. He entered the house three times, and never even made it to the jury once.
[Newest]I liked him because he made moves that shook up the house, which made his seasons fun to watch. Unfortunately, those moves were terrible for his game.

For a player who was able to get back into the house three times and not make jury, he has to be at the top of this list.

3Kathy Hillis- 8th place- Big Brother 12
She was so dumb it was no wonder this texan was not the first to go I was in shock when she lasted until 8th place.
This is how her game went
Socially: She was a floater, outcast and a dumb southern
Strategically: The most strategic thing she did was volunteer to be a have-not
Competitively: She obviously bombed every competition and the other houseguests made fun of her and I could do 10'times better than that so called sheriff
She's been a police officer for 20 years and she is probably the most weakest houseguest she failed at ever challenge my cat could do better than her told britney she was the weakest player ever and she made it that obvious she was the saboteour idiot
[Newest]Floaters grab a life vest!

4Willie Hantz - 10th place - Big Brother 14
He was actually 14th place; not 10th place. Anyways, he as this season's example of "Guy playing too hard, too fast", as right as his HOH ended, it was clear that his ass was leaving in Week 2, but because he was a punk and did not want to leave with class, he got himself expelled. Ugh.
Russell would be ashamed
Seriously the hantz family needs a family therapy
[Newest]Any expelled player deserves to be in the top ten.


5Adam Poch - 3rd place - Big Brother 13
If there was a book titled "How to win 500 thousand dollars on Big Brother" I'd expect the author to be Dan from BB10 or Will Kirby. If there was a book titled "How to win 25 thousand dollars on Big Brother" I'd expect the author to be Jeff from BB11. If there was a book titled "How to win 50 thousand dollars on Big Brother" I'd expect the author to be Adam Poch. He was the ultimate floater and butt-kisser. He seemed so sure he'd be asked back for all-stars on finale I felt embarrassed for the guy. I'm sure America can't wait to watch him float and butt-kiss and try to collect his 50k this time.
As one of the biggest floaters in Big Brother history, his gameplay was very similar to Zach from Big Brother 8. During season 13 former HG Matt Hoffman quipped "Can we just write Adam a check for 50 thousand dollars now!? " figuring that everyone wanted to take him to the final 2. Yet Adam botched his chances of getting to the final 2 when he told Rachel he'd vote for her if she evicted him! Laugh out loud. He didn't even do that!
! This guy was really annoying and on finale night he tells everyone that the reason why he isn't in the final 2 is because he would have beaten everyone. Yeah right! Plus he said that he would be coming back for all-stars 2 and win it. He is the biggest floater and butt kisser in the history of Big Brother.

6Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15
Her biggest mistakes in this game was opening her mouth and letting the absolutely most evil person to ever play the game (Amanda) to control her nominations.
People are just saying this because she was racist. She played a very strong game, being nominated a lot in the early part, then letting people control her nominations. Very smart game played.
Absolutely horrible. Racist remarks, quickly making her an enemy of most of the house.

7Devin Shepherd - Season 16
The fact that season 16 hasnt even ended yet and Devin is already number 11 goes to show how badly he did, and I expect him to eventually crack the top ten. First he went completely against his alliance by inviting two new people (Amber and Christine) into the Bomb Squad without consulting the other five. Then there was his relentless campaign against Donny, who is possibly one of the kindest and most wonderful people to ever be on the show. But it was his HoH reign when he became an absolute nightmare. Anytime someone said their real opionin to him (Caleb and Zach) he would throw a temper tantrum, and everyone else was afraid to go near him. He then promised both people on the block that he would veto them, which is pretty meant no matter what he did, someone was going to be pissed off at him. And then he put Zach on the block, who was in his alliance. Needless to say, his alliance made sure Zach stayed and Pao Pao went, and Devin was swiftly eliminated next week. He is made even more unlikable by how much of a hypocrite he is, saying he was going to play "honorabley" and not lie to anyone, and then proceeds to do the exact opposite. It got to the point that my two least favorites at the start of the season (Pao Pao and Zach) became two of my favorites because they both hated Devin's guts. Anyone who was against Devin was ok in my book.
This guy is a combo version of Amanda and Jeremy from BB15 aka bully. All he talks about is being loyal, having integrity, and doing this game for his daughter. And plays the gentle giant role when he clearly isn't. Created an all-everyone alliance with half the house and thinks he's running the ship.
What an idiot! He created an alliance on day 1, which would only work if you knew and trusted them, and then revealed the alliance just TWO WEEKS LATER! He tried to be "honest" and tried to have "integrity" but started to lie and scam everyone the minute he finished his awful speech. Finally, he tried to bring another member in the alliance when he should've known that zach had the votes to stay! WHAT AN IDIOT!
[Newest]He just plain dumb and crazy who puts up their own alliance member?

8Mike Dutz- 11th place- Big Brother 8
He was told if he tried to make Dick, the current HOH lose the veto challenge, he'd be on the block, but he did it anyway, and he was put on the block, and sent home.
One of the dumbest players in BB history. Basically asked Dick to put him on the block, which resulted in his eviction.


9Justin Sebik - Big Brother 2
He's crazy. He got himself kicked out of the house! If he played with the rules he would have done way better even though he's still creepy. Instead he wanted to threaten his way to the top, how is he not ranked the top most horrible player?
Psychopath! This guy is a total psychopath. How in the hell is he not on here yet? He was really creepy the entire time he was on the show. He constantly threatened houseguests with violence and held a knife up to Krista's throat.
5%? - Only because only the real and long term fans can fully appreciate his one blunder. We expected Hantz to be an a-hole. Hope you are doing well Justin.
[Newest]We should put him at number one. He put a knife against another contestant's throat!


10Jessie Godderz - 10th place - Big Brother 10, 9th place - Big Brother 11
It was America's fault jesse went out twice, though I do agree that he played badly season 10. He was running the house until CBS handed jeff a coup de ta which is the only reason he was sent to JURY.
His run on Season 10 is completely horrendous. His arrogance and entitlement turned most of the HGs off from him, his antics caused him to be on the block in the first week, and after saving himself and winning HOH the next week, you would think he would humble himself down. NOPE.

He storms up to Keesha's HOH room like a lunatic the next week, demanding her to put up Libra, and yelling at her (when he is on the block). He is lucky that everyone kept their word to the HOH that week. He was put on the block AGAIN on Week 4, and thought that exaggerating the Keesha and Libra convo would help, but it only made him look worse. Oh, and I forgot about the pathetic ploy he created to make the banner say "Libra is a liar; avenge Steven." He should not have been shocked he left early in that season.

He actually did a good job in BB11, and if it was not for that Coup, he could have very well won. He had many people who liked him, and was not a raging lunatic.
Of course I would vote for jessie because he is hot.
[Newest]Very lackluster gameplay. Slept for 70% of his time in the house.

The Contenders

11Jase Wirey - 10th place - Big Brother 5, 12th place - Big Brother 7
Tried to win everything at the very start of Big Brother 5, which puts a huge target on your back. Acted cocky and annoying when he was in power, and had a creepy power bro-mance with Scott, making him an even bigger target. Loved his face when he realized Nakomis was getting rid of him. Somehow he was voted back into the All-Star house, and again won the first co-HoH. Jumped from side to side, and when Kaysar told his S6 was putting him up, he freaked out instead of trying to get votes to stay.


He's just one of those born competitors that are only good competitively and very bad strategist and are OK socialists and are gone early
Jase was actually pretty funny to watch

12Elissa Slater - 6th place - Big Brother 15
Only survived first 3 evictions because of the horrible mvp twist, cries about it when the mvp is in America's hands, then floats and rides Helen's coattails till helen was evicted, then wins hoh and doesn't nominate the power couple together, then decides she wants to keep the most hated person in bb history thus making herself equally hated, the getting the boot right after
I wonder what Rachel thought of her game? Because I thought it was more than awful
Actually elissa is a cute duckling and shut up haters

13Frankie Grande - Season 16
Plays the exact same game as ANDY therefore I hope someone in that house gets him outta there I hate this guy


You can see his true colors as the season goes on. Anything he does that is nice is to cover up what a terrible person he really is. He thinks he's better than everybody because of who his Step-sister is
I think Frankie is just a horrible player he can't even be creative ( taking Andy strategies!
[Newest]He was only on the show to promote his sister.

14Amanda Zuckerman - 7th Place - Big Brother 15
Please move her up on the list. Why did no one care that she was producer Allison's good FRIEND?! Being a controlling personality can certainly work in a game, but the whining when things didn't go her way jsut made me sorry for everyone who knows her in real life.
The Nastiest Bitch to ever be on a reality show
Why is she not # 1 or at least on top ten on this list?

15Chima Simone - 8th Place - Big Brother 11
Chima should be high in this list because she was dumb enough to disobey the Big Brother rules and not wear her microphone. She had been throughout the game disobeying rules like not going to the diary room when asked and not wearing her microphone. The night before the veto comp, Big Brother set out a mini golf game to practice for the upcoming veto comp. Chima had put a big enough target on her back that at that point she was pretty much feeling defeated, so she took her microphone and tossed it in the pool. When they asked her to get a new mic and wear it, she refused and got herself expelled from the game.
I don't understand why did their alliance think they were the good and genuine side of the house. They were grateful for nobody but themselves, and they had the evildoers Natalie, Ronnie, Lydia, Jessie and mostly herself.
Just a huge diva has been breaking multiple rules since Week 1

16Chelsia Hart- 8th place- Big Brother 9
Her strategy was horrible cussing at people and cause her own alliance to drop in numbers. She definitely made James look really bad in the end.
Her strategy was just to yell at people all the time.
Repulsive behavior... She was the definition of skank
[Newest]She's acted like a pre-Amanda just cussing and bullying people absolutely doomed James

17Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Big Brother 12, 1st Place - Big Brother 13
Rachel is super annoying and won because she had (insert annoying voice) Bren-dan! Protecting her. Sorry Rachel fans. She is a horrible payer.
So mean and nasty. Only won because of that god awful RIG of a twist that paired people back up and then gave her a Veto comp the producers tailer made for her.
She won just because she's popular with the producers. Every single twist in BB13 was planted just so she should win.
[Newest]Rachel, if you ever return, you better grab a life vest! (Even though you are not a floater)


18GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15
Her comments to Candice before her eviction are awful
She is so crazy over Nick, who was evicted weeks ago, and has a shrine devoted to him. She is also very poor when it comes to strategy, just following Aaryn's commands.
Happy she didn't win bb 15, she was a horrible racist person. No one should ever say those things to someone who was adopted.
[Newest]Look out Nick if you hear that cartoon laugh

19Victoria Rafaeli - Big Brother 16
How in the hell is she only at 19? She isolated herself from the cast, whenever she found out something was hidden from her, or whenever she realized she was on the outside, she let her entitlement block that out, acting like she is a competitor, and she is only on the block because everyone hates her. I do not think she ever had an intelligent conversation during the season.
The fact that she made it all the way to the final 3 without a strategy makes me sickening. Why is that there is one houseguest that's the non threatening floater in the house and they make it farther than what they deserve. She was worse than Devin. Keep voting for her
What really angers me about her is how amazing she thinks she is. She sucks in competition. The only reason she made it to the top three was because she was stupid, easily manipulated and obviously not a threat.

20Marcellas Reynolds- 5th place- Big Brother 3
He won POV and left himself on the block after being nominated? huh... does not make an iota of sense.
He let Danielle talk him into backstabbing anyone she wanted him to, and then when she got Jason to put him up on the block, he was suprised, and claimed that they should never have messed with him, and that he will get them back, but when he had his chance, by winning the veto that could've saved him from the block, he chose not to use it, and he was sent home.
All I got to say is why would you not use the veto? Most dumbest move ever on Big Brother history. I truly think he is the worst player in Big Brother history. I don't see why he was in Big Brother 7 All-Stars. He didn't deserve to be there. He won it and he should have used it.
[Newest]He went against Danielle and thought that was a good idea

21Dustin Erikstrup - 9th place - Big Brother 8
Volunteered himself to be a pawn against Dick when Daniele was removed from the block, when it wasn't even sure he had the votes and there had been swing votes all season. The best part was his face when he realized he has backdoored himself. When he won HoH, he acted all high and mighty, and annoyed a lot of people with his arrogance. Took both prizes in a veto competition and angered a lot of people. Too confident.


Should be qualified to be one of the dumbest players in BB history for volunteering to be a pawn. PAWNS GO HOME!


22Scott Long - 11th place - Big Brother 5
Tried to win lots of competitions from the start, making him a big target. Part of his strategy was telling people he had lots of money, which was a terrible plan because it makes people think you don't need the money at the end of the game.


Quick Game Lesson:
This is big brother don't tell the truth about your awesome life

23Kent Blackwelder- 7th place- Big Brother 2
He thought he was good, but he just stayed in as long as Will let him, and make the stupid mistake of thinking he ran the show and acting like it, which made everyone want to prove him wrong, which they did by eliminating him.

24Mike Lubinski- 14th place- Big Brother 5
He made alliances with so many different people, without even trying to be secretive about it. When he was nominated, he decided to get into fights with the people with the power, and tried to get Diane, and only Diane to save him, because apparently one vote out of ten is enough to keep you in the game.
Played too hard at the beginning.

25Jordan Lloyd - 1st place - Big Brother 11, 4th place - Big Brother 13
Big Brother's ultimate coat-tail rider. Former HGs will be the first to tell you that Jordan winning her season was a freak accident and Jordan openly admits she had no idea what she was doing in her first season. She won her season by riding Jeff's coat-tails, sucking at competitions, being perceived as clueless, being nice to everyone, and (crucially) taking someone everyone hated with her to the final 2. She finished 4th in season 13 by riding Jeff and Rachel's coat-tails. The houseguests in season 13 openly had contempt for her ability to win competitions and she only won one HOH by making a lucky golf put. If Porsche hadn't won the veto in final 4 and for positioning reasons in the final 3 choosing to evict her, Jordan probably would have won again (shivers).


Jordan is the weakest player ever. She didn't do ANYTHING... And I mean ANYTHING, yet she whined about Porsche and Kahlia not doing anything. In season 13 she only won HoH once and that was because Brendon and Jeff let her win. She isn't even as nice as she seems to be.. It's like an optical illusion, look closer and you'll see the truth
THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Like shut up and get over yourselves she had a strategy and Jeff didn't do everything for her if you haven't watched season 11 and season 13 go watch it unless your a stupid ass and you don't know anything Jordan's amazing and your not if you think she's bad player
[Newest]Floated her way to win

26Danielle Murphree - 3rd place - Big Brother 14
She didn't make any of her own decisions. She only did what Dan told her to do.
How is she not in the top 5?!? She let Dan walk all over her. She used the point of view at the end to take off Dan after he screwed her over multiple times. That move cost her at least $50,000. People probably don't remember her because BB14 sucked, but if they did, she would have to be in the top 5.
The bad thing she accomplished throughout the whole season was being Dans puppet. The good thing she accomplished was voting for Dan to win the game.

27Bryan Ollie- 6th place- Big Brother 10
When all of his allies had either betrayed him, or were out, he had the power to win HOH, because it was an endurance challenge, and the more you wanted it, the better a chance you had to win. He was in the last two of that challenge, and made a deal, and asked for his own safety, the safety of his one semi-friend left Michelle, the ability to choose one of the two nominations, and the veto replacement, had it been used. He really thought that the deal would be honored, and he gave up the challenge, and Michelle was eliminated, followed right by Ollie himself.
Ollie's biggest mistake in the game was trusting Dan that if he was HOH, then he could have 66% of the power. The problem with that is ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!


Ollie's biggest mistake in the game was trusting Dan that if he was HOH, then he could have 66% of the power. The problem with that is ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!


28Andy Herren - Big Brother 15
Just an all around nasty person. His constant spewing of hatred is almost unbearable...must have extremely low self esteem along with a total lack of self awareness as most things he says about others are qualities he possesses. Gross, nasty "human"...using that word loosely. He will look back at the season and cringe at himself...I can hardly watch him without being embarrassed for him. Nice job, DONKEY!
Almost single handedly made BB15 the worst season in history. He was a major part of the exits of all the interesting players (Helen, Amanda, Elissa). From a game perspective he's not one of the worst, but from an entertainment perspective, he's been atrocious.
Not the most likeable winner... He definitely had solid gameplay. He joined up with McCranda in the very beginning seeing as they were holding the power for the first 5 weeks and even thereafter. After McCrae and Amanda were of no use to him, he started the Exterminators, an alliance of outsiders comprised of weak players, to ensure him the win in the end. BIGGEST rat to play the game but it worked for him!
[Newest]He's a rotten carrot

29Joey Van Pelt - Season 16
Telling the Bomb Squad that you have an all girl alliance. Now your on the block!
This girl is actually pretty nice but sadly, She was extremely clueless as to how to play this game.
Girl alliances only work on survivor

30Rachel Plencer- 8th place- Big Brother 6
She could've been so much better because both sides liked her at first. Her game fell apart once she and Howie put up James and Sarah. At least she can admit her mistakes... But she still seemed like wasted potential.
Oh hell no, Rachel is a goddess
She won HOH, and found a secret clue in the very beginning, which made her seem like she'd be great, but then she just said, "vote me out" with her actions, and her attacks at other people. She just rode coattails, and said at the very end that the coattail riding was a good strategy, which shows why she didn't last very long.

31Brian Hart - 13th Place - Big Brother 10
Made way to many alliances on the first day and was ultimately taken down week one by Ollie and Jerry.
Played the game, but played it too hard in such little amount of time which led to his downfall.


Are you the one looking for good girlfriend make out with

32Christine Brecht - Big Brother 16
She thought she was a somebody but she was a nobody who the guys made do their dirty work. Plus, she made a cuckold of her husband. I'm so glad she got booed. Haha those boos were deafening.
She got rid of her best friend in the house wich was so stupid and she thinks that it's better for her to go all the way with the guys. Hello have you seen what hapenned to britney on season 12

33Brendon Villegas - 6th place - Big Brother 12
Basically Kaysar 2.0... Showed his cards way too early both times (mostly with competitions), and got evicted 3 times in 12 months. The only difference between them is Brendon actually made jury.
He basically got evicted, trying to get evicted just to save his "fiance".
He was voted back in in bb13 after getting evicted.

34Jessie Kowalski - 10th place - Big Brother 15
She annoyed the whole house week 1 then when she had the most beautiful spot in the game until she tried to take Amanda out knowing she didn;t have the numbers to do that which turned everyone against her then when she gets nominated she turns the house into drama central then she got evicted dum player she always thought she was better than everyone else she's horrible
I love Jessie. But she didn't even have a gameplay. And when she tried a big move she couldn't even execute it. She had potential but she threw it all away quick.


She is the best player to ever play the game and she would beat Dan in a unanimous vote. Actually, she wouldn't because the girls would be "jealous" and catty and vote her out because she is the prettiest.

35Lydia Tavera - 7th place - Big Brother 11
, when Jessie was evicted from the game she acted like Jessie was hit by a double decker bus, struck by lightning and eaten by an elephant all at the same time HE WAS ALIVE WHEN HE LEFT AND PROBABLY HAPPY HE MADE IT A WEEK FURTHER THAN LAST TIME. She was in Jessie's trans all along and just lost her mind when he left
She was obsessed with Jessie since Week 1, if it was different and she didn't go off the block week one chima would've most likely go home and she'd have Kevin, Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Braden, Laura, Casey, and maybe Ronnie as allies. But no she fell under control of Jessie and dragged Kevin with her. Ugh
She didn't have much game; she was blinded by Jessie the whole time and asked people to vote her out just to be with Jessie.
[Newest]Was there for Jessie.

36Janelle Pierzina- 3rd place- Big Brother 6
Good competitor...terrible at strategy. Still don't understand how she was such a fan favorite in BB6. She was so annoying and displayed similar qualities of many other hated HGs in history. Season 7 and 14 she was much better and I was semi a fan of her's. But I disliked her in Season 6 and overall she is a very overrated player in history.
She should've known what strategies would've worked for her, but just let everyone tell her what to do, even when it was bad for her. If it weren't for Erika waking her up in the top four in All Stars, Will Kirby would've won Big Brother twice.
She won a lot of competitions but in season 7 Dr Will could make her do anything he wanted.

37Paola Shea - Big Brother 16
First, she always admitted she was horrible at competitions. She put all of her trust in Devin and let him use her as a pawn which got her quickly evicted.
Who decided she was a good fit for Big Brother? Terrible mistake.
All parts of her game suck
[Newest]Horrible at competitions and blindly agrees in Devin.

38Jenn Arroyo - 5th Place - Big Brother 14
Won the point of view, stupidly used it on Dan, CLAIMED she made a "big move" (yet Dan was the one that really did it for her), then gets taken out by him two weeks later.
Stop calling it a point of view, it's the power of veto for Christ sakes
She had a nice vacation

39Jen Johnson - 8th Place - Big Brother 8
She was despised by America. She was crying over a picture, she's a bad inspiration, nobody was happy when she won hoh, and she gave herself a penalty vote because she was supposed to be eating slop but didn't really care and ate a Turkey burger. So in this one human we have an ignorant, a snob, and a cheater.

40Erika Landin - 4th place - Big Brother 4, runner up - Big Brother All Stars
In the all stars finale the only thing she "did" was get Dr. Will out of the house maybe Janelle voted to evict Will because you suck at Big Brother and you'd be an easy win. Anyway, the whole Dr. Will thang, is that all you got girl, besides floating for the entire game, you have the man Mike Boogie who took you on his coat tails and no one votes for floaters
She was blinded by Chilltown (particularly Boogie) the whole time. She was clueless and answered the jury questions very poorly.

41Natalie Cunial - 5th Place - Big Brother 9
Had the chance to save all of her alliance member's but made a deal with James which ended up getting her 'boyfriend'. And also tried to play both sides of the house, which is the worst game move ever, and then getting betrayed by her alliance member's *facepalm*. Love ya girl, but you really could have used your brain.

42Jeff Schroeder - 5th place Big Brother 11
Using the good old, "Shut up, or I'll beat you" intimidation that surprisingly worked well, we can see how arrogance and an empty head stopped him from doing too good.
Definitely the most over rated HouseGuest in Big Brother history. I have absolutely no idea what the BB cat ladies and casual fans see in him
One of the biggest, nastiest bullies in BB history. Got a golden edit from CBS that still didn't mask his aggressive self entitlement from everyone who wasn't distracted by his showmance with Jordan.

43Neil Garcia - 15th Place - Big Brother 9
He was literally in the house for only seven days. Even though he had to leave for personal reasons, you came to play a game you should have tried to stay longer. When the show was broadcasted he had only one diary room session so he was a pointless player.

44Matt Hoffman - 7th Place - Big Brother 12

45Jeremy McGuire - 14th Place - Big Brother 15
No concept of the game. Was a male "mean girl" who started fights just for fun

46Caleb Reynolds - Big Brother 16
The first half of the season Beast Mode is just a creepy stalker... But he became such a cute ninja after Amber's eviction. Dumbest player ever, yet really adorable.
Quite possibly the dumbest player ever to play the game. Everybody in the house manipulates him, yet he thinks he's running te house. He can win comps but how did he make it this far in life?
He is the biggest idiot to ever play the game. Nobody should like this annoying prick

47Cody Calafiore - Big Brother 16
He sucks at the game and he's such a tool. He's always picking at his arms and his temple. He had chances to get big players out but he was to spineless to do it.
He whined so much when he was put up on the block for the first time. He's pretty much one of the WORST players ever as he has no backbone and has made zero moves
Was basically a puppet during most of the season. He barely made any decisions by himself and it was all really disappointing because a lot o people had high hopes for him
[Newest]He;s always so like yeah so what who cares whine whine whine

48Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16
The only reason he made it so far is because a) he's a guy and all the guys target only girls, b) he is one of the only people who is not a retarded 20something year old that doesn't even have half a brain, and c) only half of this seasons cast even knew about big brother before they got put on the show. SOME OF THE PEOPLE AUDITIONED FOR OTHER SHOWS AND SOMEHOW GIT THROWN ON BIG BROTHER. He did not orchestrate anything that has happened. It is final 8 and he is still afraid to have power. He needs to go. ASAP
If he was on any other season he would've been caught, but these dumb house guests are oblivious. He is not a great player. He's just playing with clueless house guests who have no strategy.
To this day, I still refuse to give him any credit for the way he played the game.

49Zach Swerdzewski - 3rd Place - Big Brother 8
Oh my gosh, this dude was a total moron. In final 5 he won the veto and saved jameka or eric and vote out danielle when dick was the hoh and powerless in the voting, but no he decides to go after them the next week when he's hoh and it totally backfired in his face. I really could not stand watching this idiot play.

50Amber Borzotra - Big Brother 16
She totally manipulated Caleb when he was so sweet to her!

51Enzo Palumbo - 3rd Place - Season 12
Enzo was really, really, annoying! I was just praying he would be evicted, but no! The "Meow Meow" HAD to slide/float!
He was a huge floater
How did he float, he was the leader and orchestrator of the Brigade the only reason I would really put him on the list was that he only won one competition

52Brittany Martinez - Big Brother 16
Her biggest mistake was trusting Cody and Derrick much too soon in the game. Once she got herself removed from the block in Week 3 on Devin's HOH, I figured she might have potential to at least get to jury. That's until she opened her mouth and couldn't see a shift power if it smacked her upside the head. Plus she was a recruit that apparently never watched a single episode of Big Brother. A part of me wished she wasn't blindsided but another side of me was if your that oblivious you should be voted out.
Nope sorry Brittany was a GOOD player. She was willing to make big moves and that scared the male houseguests so Cody and Derrick basically turned on her and evicted her when they realized they couldn't manipulate her
I liked Brittany... She fought hard to stay in the house. I think if she had stayed longer she would've made season 16 a little more interesting.

53April Lewis - 4th Place - BB6
This was a woman who tried to hide how evil she really is, but didn't always do a good job.

54David Girton - 16th Place - Big Brother 15
Why isn't this guy on the list (or in the top ten)? He was LITERALLY the dumbest player in his season
Hahaaaha! I didn't know people like him even existed! I seriously think he had a learning disability... Or he was on drugs. It seemed as if he didn't know where he was. Haha! He cracked me up though--because he was so dumb.
Came to the house for a showmance, not the 500 thousand dollars.


55Hayden Voss - Big Brother 16
Another moron from BB16. If you get evicted by a bunch of idiots, what does that make you? I don't think he understood that BB is a game that you try to win. He thought he got selected to hang out and party with strangers. He was a complete waste of space. He should not be allowed to procreate with Nicole... That kid would not stand a chance in life.
All he care about was his showmance and he didn't even realize what was going on until he was blindsided.
Hayden is actually really good he was just too lax

56Nick Uhas - 15th Place - Big Brother 15
The only thing I remember about him was that he was a total tool.
Way to confident in his alliance

57Eric Littmann - 12th Place - Big Brother 6
A pathetic bald little ass who needs to get his teeth knocked down his throat. I wish Michael would've hit him.

58Ashlea Evans - 14th place - Big Brother 6

59Dan Gheesling - Runner Up - Big Brother 14
He is the second best player to play the game
His jury management was awful. He is so overrated, yes his game was flashy. But losing in a 6-1 blowout with no one in the f4 he could beat in the end is not a god-tier game. Also he had three lifelines.
Haha I just wanted to see his name his amazing

60Keith Henderson - 13th place - Big Brother 13
His strategy was to basically copy the Brigade, and when that failed, he betrayed his partner Porsche, leading to his eviction Week 1. He also seemed to think calling out Kalia and Shelly was a good way to get their votes? Think again.
Yay I added this item laugh out loud Anyway, his strategy was to alienate his only allies
Was only in the house to chase girls

61Mike "Boogie" Mallin - 6th, Winner and 10th place- Big Brother 2, All Stars, and 14
I agree, he really did ride Dr. Will's coat tail. I need someone to let me know what he has done that was great?


Dr. Will took him where he is.


He road dr. Wills coat tails

62Joe Arvin - 6th Place - Big Brother 14
The worst player ever in the house all he did was sit and watch the drama. He would always float on Shane because the fact he couldn't do anything good in the house
Oh that phantom headbutt

63Helen Kim - 9th Place - Big Brother 15
"It's too soon to get rid of Amanda."

After she was able to get rid of Jeremy in week 2, she was nothing more but a foolish player trapped in Andy's web. Annoying as hell!

64Zach Rance - Big Brother 16
Came super close to going down as the worst BB in history. He wasn't on anybody's radar until he told Devin to put him on the block--he volunteered! What a moron. Then he rips off Dr. Will by telling the house he hates them all. Everybody said he was tough in comps but he barely won anything. He was The idiot among idiots. Fruitloopdingus was the only thing he brought to the table... But he probably ripped that off somebody as well.
Only house guest I can stand besides Donny. Very good entertainment.
The comedy relief of the season


65Will Kirby - Winner - Big Brother 2, 4th place - All Stars
I Just voted for him because he's not even close to being the worst player ever.
He is the best player ever to play the game. When he was nominated he told the house guests that he hated everyone and no one voted against him
Dr Will is the bomb! Never had to win HOH or point of view manipulated everyone in the house except for boogie still one loves him! ;-)

66Mispelling Joshuah - 7th place - Big Brother 9
He basically didn't know what show he was on.
I dislike with a passion so so much

67Jameka Cameron - 4th Place - Big Brother 8
She gave up thousands of dollars, a trip to Barbados, and took MULTIPLE punishments all so that she could win veto to save house guests that weren't in her alliance. Why? Because it was "god's will"... Not to mention she was completely useless in the game.
I appreciate that she's focused on her religion but she let it get the best of her she saved people who weren't even aligned with her just idiotic

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