Top Ten Worst Characters in Five Nights at Freddy's

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21 Golden Bonnie

It's spring bonnie not golden bonnie

Spring bonnie 30 years later is springtrap

His name is Spring Bonnie. Get it already. - MinecraftHater

Golden bonnie is a rip off of spring trap what a rip off bo

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22 Bare Endoskeleton

Like WHY does this thing not kill you, and secondly I want it to! It's not even in the AI list like what the hell just why!? This character deserves to be on the list!

How is this on the list? I mean come on! It doesn't move, hurt you, or even share a part in the story! (I mean the MAIN parts people) I just don't get it...

Literally, what does this guy do?

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23 Phantom Balloon Boy

Can balloon boy get sent to the junk yard

Send him up Marionettes but crack

I'm about to write to scott to never make me have to look at his stupid rusty face again he should change balloon boy to mangle cause people actualy like her

Are you insulting Mangle?!?!? How dare you!

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24 Plushtrap Plushtrap V 10 Comments
25 Chica Chica

Why you guys keep hating on Chica just because she looks stupid? Well you know what? She doesn't look stupid. In fact she is really awesome.

NO SHE'S AWESOME AND PRETTY! Come on! She also wears a bib that says let's eat!

Look at the picture. Does this...thing look pretty to you? It's a creepy, weird chicken that tries to MURDER you, for the love of Arceus! - RiverClanRocks

Chica is and always will be my favorite character. I'm glad she's far from being on the list! I wish she wouldn't have had to be a contender, but oh well.

No way, chica is 1000% non retarded, she is one of my favourite FNAF characters of all time

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26 Paper Plate Boy

It is just a stupid Paper plate that withered chica steals.

Paper plate boy looks very stupid

He has no purpose and he looks like a kids craft gone wrong

I think its shadow bonnie

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27 Balloon Girl Balloon Girl

Why is she hated she doesn't do anything but hide under desk

The Balloon Girls Real Name Is JJ

No, not balloon girl, JJ. The name has been revealed in the source code files.

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28 Nightmare Balloon Boy

He may not be added to the game yet but that thing scares the hell CRAP outta me

To torment you further, he is now apparently canon - QuarterGuysApprentice

I'm OK that he is in the worst list

Holy crap what is wrong with his model

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29 Shadow Bonnie Shadow Bonnie

I have never encountered him before but he looks like a very cool Easter egg and is kinda creepy

Stupid Shadow Bonnie... I was having a very good night in FNAF2. I was playing perfectly. But, Shadow Bonnie comes, and crashes my game! I hate it

Shadow Bonnie is like the only character in fnaf that scares the hell outta me

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30 Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy

If you stare at shadow freddy a long time he will crash your game

I love shadow Freddy he's a cool Easter egg and he looks cool

Almost non existent still crashes your game

Don't call him purple freddy!

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31 Toy Freddy Toy Freddy

I think toy freddy needs to be noticed and he is hated because people say "oh he's fat so yea" well, to the people who think that you are very rude. You don't judge people on how they look. because LOOKS DON'T MATTER! And if you don't like toy freddy because he is fat, you are saying that to everyone in this world that you don't like them because they are fat. I love toy freddy and he will always be one of my favorites. If you read this then, thank you and have a good time.

I hate t freddy because he's like the dumber version of freddy

First of all, I don't think an ANIMATRONIC ROBOT can be dumb. Second of all, Toy Freddy is one of the most overhated video game characters. They think he is too cute and not threatening, but THAT IS WHY THE TOY ANIMATRONICS WERE CREATED. So they'd look less scary than the originals! - DCfnaf

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32 Nightmare Nightmare

I consider Nightmare as a badass leader of the whole 'haunting/ nightmare' group. Half hallucination, half embodiment of a pure nightmare, that makes one heck of a badass.

Nightmare, leader of the Nightmare animatronics... WHY IS HE ON THE LIST!? Well, he isn't too high on the list, and we all have different opinions.

Nightmare is awesome and kawaii I don't care what anyone else thinks he's one of my favour characters along the Marionette

For arceus's sake! This guy is KAWAII?! HOW IS A DARK TRANSPARENT SHARP TEETHED BEAR THAT WANTS TO KILL YOU KAWAII?! Okay, sorry about that. This guy is so interesting, but also very creepy. He's like fredbear's evil brother or somethin' - astroshark

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33 The DrawKills

I agree, they are just boring ripoffs. They aren't even canon, why are they so popular everyone acts as if they were canon for some reason.

What the hell are drawkills there not even real characters

They didn't deserve being nice, after all!

They're not canon, so why are all the fnaf fans making SFMs about them / with them in? - astroshark

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34 Ballora Ballora

Creepiest character in Sister Location. Too nervous to get past night 2 because of her. I bet there is going to be Ballora fan art...crap. Anyways, I think she is awesome. - DCfnaf

She is beautiful, sister location is my favourite FNAF game

I'll say she might be on the nice list?

Ballora? nice she's ballerina and the robot, well, I can see are those minireenas?

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35 Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Bonnie

He scares the crap out of me but that's cool, Bonnie gets hated on for being purple and having a girl name so we kinda deserve it.

Nightmare bonnie is one of my favorite characters

Nightmare bonnie scares the hell out of me

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36 Cindy the Cat

Cindy The Cat Is In Five Nights At Candy's Or Something.

Wait, what is Cindy even doing on this list? She is from Five Nights at Candy's, not FNaF you idiots :-P

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37 Withered Chica

Many people may not agree to this, but there's nothing wrong with Withered Chica! People say they don't like her cause she's _ugly_, but you know what? She has natural beauty, and she's amazing! But one thing I don't get... in FNaF 1, her beak is smaller then the FNaF 2 version.

The other ain't even fnaf and I love W bonnie (the other one is candy from five nights at candy's/cindy's

Haters I must say she the best.stop hating on chica. I bet u all mangle lovers. But in your fan fictions. Chica get jelly of mangle. (Not true mangle is a pull a part toy. Kids did this.) Chica cuts of all mangles fur ( still not true.) But mangle try to Kill chica after that. (That is most likely true.)oh and thanks foxy for saving chica. Now u still love mangle? Oh and chica the bezt. Chica swag cute pretty cool awesome and awesomeswagalishios.

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39 Phantom Chica

Man, chica has a phantom sibling, well, neat!

She the best HATERS. How rude. Rude rude rude. U chica hating stupid jerks

She is too creepy to be in fnaf 3. I like toy chica and chica. I think phantom chica's jump scare is creepy with the swish noise.

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40 Nightmare Chica Nightmare Chica

I want to turn nightmare Chicago into KFC!

The reason why I can't beat night 2

Nightmare Chica is a jerk! It always kills me on night 1 and 2 in FNAF4, she is so active, and, I hate it! When Nightmare Bonnie is gone, she's always coming for me!

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