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1 Death

I am not afraid of death. Not at all. But I still don't WANT to die. Very sad thing, for anything that dies.

Death wouldn't be so bad if dying wasn't involved. Death isn't just a one time personal experience. We see it and feel it often throughout our lives. Whether death comes in the form of the first time you mushed an insect or in the form of someone you know passing away, we create some kind of understanding of what death means without fully comprehending it. Death can be ignored, but the effects can never be completely avoided. Yes, death is "the worst thing ever" because we're dying.

I wonder what happens after death

Not that afraid to die. But I do want to know what it looks like and where do I go next

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2 War

War terrifies me. The thought of senseless, blind killing is simply unimaginable but an unfortunate reality for many parts of the world. To be forced to fight for a government and pull the trigger on innocent people who just happen to be on the enemy lines... It's terrible. - SearchingForSunsets

you can survive cancer but war? having a thought of killing each other and you can't even imagine if there is still tomorrow - ronluna

War is usually fought over religion if people could just learn to love each other and put aside their differences the world would be a better place

I do not want a world war lll I'm afraid of dieing.

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3 Cancer

I've had it and been cured. The treatment was tough but Ann Wilson's music and voice has helped a lot to get through it.

This is the closest to torture followed by death on the list... so yea.

In case someone with cancer is reading this I just want say you can do it no matter what they say you can make it I know you can and good luck
This is not the closest thing to torture that is just a lie
From a believer

Cancer is bad...I think there are worse things though.

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4 Murder

I'm all for forgiving people, but I could NEVER forgive a murderer. Murder is pure evil. I have absolutely NO idea what kind of person someone has to be to murder someone.

This is the most extreme in all of sin. You could actually go to hell for this. No one will forgive for this no matter what.

I hope I'm don't killed by Jeff The Killer. - 05yusuf09

I mean how can you forgive murder?

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5 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claimed that he was Part-Indian) and he's Christian. He's the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

Yes! This kid is annoying. He deserves to be on this list. Just go on this website and you'll see what I mean. That place is crawling with justin bieber haters and lovers. Not only that, but, everybody talks about him. It's really annoying. Just look at his views, on youtube he has like 700,000,000 million views on his song "baby"


There are a lot of serious things on this list, but Justin Bieber can seem much worse than all of them laugh out loud!

Why is he above Adolf Hitler. Like seriously you guys he's bad but he didn't kill millions of people. - TheAlbinoWolf

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6 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.

I am Jewish and I would have to say that he should be number one. My family lived in Poland during the time of WWII. Because of Hitler my family had to move to a whole other continent. Besides that, he killed millions of other people. There is no excuse for that.

To Jews, Gypsies, etc. This f'ed up dude was death.

P.S. guns don't kill people... People kill people, and war is an unfortunate part of humanity it is inevitable. - fireinside96

Jewish people are the same as everyone else besides some rituals and holidays and he just killed them? This man is WORSE than death! - booklover1

It is truly disheartening to see that people think Justin Bieber is worse than hitler

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7 School

School is possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced. Homework, bad teachers, and every monday morning you wake up thinking "just (insert number) more years, (insert number) more years... "

What the heck is this doing here? Get this off the list now! Without school I would have never achieved the things that I achieved all the way until today and will continue to achieve it in the future too. School is here to helps us get great grades so that we can get into university and graduate and get a good job. And to the person that said teachers are bad you're wrong. Teachers are here to help you learn and teach you thing that your parents can't teach. They are also here to help you graduate everything including university so that you can find a suitable abd good job!

I am all about homeschooling :)
It is way easier and you get to goof off. School is just pointless and it doesn't really help. - Robobrain

School Is The Worst Thing I've Ever Experienced AND I Still Go To School, Homework, Teachers, Bullies AND I Know People Think School IS Important Because IT'S So Common, But In Reality, IT'S Not, School Is Pointless AND IT'S Really Just A Waste OF Time, I've Never Learned A Single Thing, I Learned More Thanks To The Internet AND My Brother, Which I Have When I Don't Have School.

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8 Bullies

Bullies almost ruined my life, they suck, only if there is a punishment for them which chops their stupid brainless heads, that would be better - Cobbleborg

I was bullied mostly for being a redhead, so this summed up in having the worst experience for.

They can easily ruin your life in so many ways.

No one realises the latter effects of childhood bullying! I now have body dismorphia! Bullinging damages both physically and mentally! STOP BULLIES!

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9 Pain

You may not fear death, but Pain is another matter - Raptork

Pain create misery. Pain cause people to become serial killers. It causes war. It is the reason people fear cancer or losing a sibling. Pain is the God of everything evil. Harmful and wicked in this world. Nothing can be good from pain. Heart broken? Bullied? Depressed? They are but drops in the ocean of pain. Pain is the sum of all malevolent things on earth. Nobody wants pain

You won't feel death. But you will feel the pain. Cancer is just another form of pain. School? It's a PAIN in the arse, really. Devil/Satan/Lucifer? You won't afraid of him if you are religious enough. Justin Bieber? I voted the wrong thing.

I don't fear death, but pain is my greatest fear. - RebeccaDarking

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10 The Devil / Satan / Lucifer

If it wasn't for him, none of these terrible things would happen! He is the bane of our planet.

Can't believe he isn't even on this list. He's the one creating the worst. He is one full **** up. I wish someone can just kill him already. C'mon Winchester Brothers. Kick his ass from the U. S. to the U. K.!

There is no evidence that Satan exists or existed. It shouldn't be on the list, put the real things on first - ryanrimmel

Regardless of religion, this is the worst thing in existence. I absolutely hate it

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You can survive Cancer but AIDS, no way. freddie mercury is one of the victims of it. - ronluna


AIDS is definitely scary. There ain't no way you're surviving that. It takes way too many innocent lives, including Freddie Mercury and millions of others - kaitlynrad11

A Naruto character is worse than AIDS?!?!?!

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12 Hell

No, No, No put this #1 on this list, It's endless pain and torture. Plus this is supposed to be the worst thing ever. Oh boy, what could be worse than Hell.

Yeah you're tortured every second for all of eternity. No breaks, just constant pain, horror, and fear. How is this below Justin Bieber? At least you don't have to suffer through listening to him for every second for all of eternity!

Hey, are you stupid? Hell is supposed to be endless pain and torture, so I disagree with you quote!

There's no proof that hell exists.

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13 Crime

This is actually something I'm paranoid about. - RockFashionista

14 9/11

9/11 changed America more than some think. It showed us that we are not safe. That we should be scared. That innocent people who thought, or their ancestors did, they would be safe in our boundaries can be killed by some "freedom fighters". It was a terrible, terrible thing to happen. - pandagirl

This is crap I mean it was bad but no this bad Americans are just stuck up their own asses and are ignorant about other countries this is not even one of the worst attacks and its above terrorism and poverty

They call themselves "freedom fighters" when they are really just sick people who would die to kill innocent civilians. - UglyBull

Way worse stuff. It was really bad but not even close to some other stuff.
Bit close-minded are some people on here

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15 Terrorism

Shame on me that this causes war.

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16 Heartbreak

I'd absolutely HAVE to say heartbreak! Death is just a transition, as scary as it is, but heartbreak is terrible! - moose4life19

It is the worst thing ever. I just went through it and it is worse then death in my opinion

Um what heart break you get over it

Something happened to me witch broken my heart forever

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17 Racism

It is pure stupidly to be racist. We all bleed the same color.

Racism deserves to die! It's cruel and stupid!

It is evil! Haven't ya heard about segregation it was terrible!

I hate racism, it's just unforgiving as well! - ClassicGaminer

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18 Guns

Man, guns don't suck. Their actually interesting, but if you think about it if their were no guns then their would be less deaths, but then you have knives and spears so if you got a gun they'll think twice about messing with you so yeah guns rule

Actually, strict gun laws are the main reason for all these awful terrorist attacks. It prevents citizens from being able to defend themselves. - RockFashionista

Guns are for the weak, for cowards, and for the criminals

Guns suck. Neanderthals love them because they make noise and make tiny people strong. But they're the worst.

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19 Being Buried Alive

This is my worst nightmare. Its like death only it would be a particularly horrible death.

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20 Poverty

As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.
-Nelson Mandela

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