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41 KimiKiss
42 Air
43 Kirarin Revolution

Again a very adorable story with lovable animation though the ending is kind of disappointing but a great shoujo anime

44 Strobe Edge

Very sweet love story...

45 Princess Tutu Princess Tutu Princess Tutu is a Japanese magical girl anime series created by Ikuko Itoh in 2002 for animation studio Hal Film Maker. Inspired by ballet and fairy tales, particularly The Ugly Duckling and Swan Lake, the story follows a duck who is transformed into the mythical ballerina Princess Tutu in order to more.

It's a great story. The characters is base on Swan Princess. Ahiru is the female lead of the story. She is also Princess Tutu the story was about her having a crush on Myuuto the one who was suppose to be the prince. But there was the black swan Rue who also like Myuuto. In the end Myuuto end up with the black swan and Tutu was happy for them. And Fakir is the guy who had helped Tutu the most. He's known as the prince's knight. In the basic Swan Princess the knight is suppose to die for protecting the prince but in the end he changed the story. To me really I feel like it's mostly about Tutu and Fakir!

46 Candy Candy

There's no exact words to describe of how awesome and gorgeous this classic anime story is like. Beautiful, wonderful anime worth watching! MUST WATCH I PERSONALLY WOULD NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING IT.

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47 Life (Keiko Suenobu)

Might be sad and depressing at first but this manga made me cry a lot, I lot how the heroine completly changed with time and became much stronger to overcome all the bullying and fix everything, not much romance here, but truly amazing manga

48 Tokyo Mew Mew Tokyo Mew Mew

I loved watching this anime as a child. You could say it's the first anime I've watched my whole life. I wish a second season was made, because I really enjoyed the anime. Though there are a few things I would change about it. Like how the anime seems to focus on mainly Ichigo (female lead). There were one too little scenes focusing on the other people in the anime. Nonetheless, I think it's an anime people should watch.

49 Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
50 The Familiar of Zero The Familiar of Zero
51 HeartCatch PreCure HeartCatch PreCure Heartcatch Precure is a Japanese anime series and the seventh series of the Pretty Cure anime franchise by Izumi Todo that premiered on February 7, 2010, replacing Fresh Pretty Cure! on its initial timeslot. The series theme is flowers, which leads to their true definitions of Hanakotoba as of the season's more.
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