Top Ten Best Noragami Characters

The top ten characters from the 2014 anime "Noragami".
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1 Yato Yato (Japanese: 夜ト), also known by his given name, Yaboku (夜ト), is one of the main three protagonists of the anime and manga series, Noragami by Adachitoka. He is an obscure god who aims to become a God of Fortune. In the past, he was known as a God of Calamity.

He's kind, nice and is absolutely hilarious with his childish manner. I feel bad for him, since he's a God of Calamity it's his destiny to be forgotten and neglected some day, like Rabo. He stopped killing people and tried his best to redeem for his past actions by becoming the Delivery God, and became the Yato we know and love today. He's also loyal to his friend, and is really caring ( though he doesn't openly show it very often ), enduring pain and risking his life in order to save Yukine despite everything Yukine has done to him,..etc... Overall he's the greatest character, and definitely worthy of the top spot.

2 Yukine Yukine (Japanese: 雪音), whose real name is Haruki Tajima (田嶋春樹), is one of the three main protagonists of the anime and manga series, Noragami. He is Yato's shinki and guidepost, and a shinki of Father under the name Hagusa (莠).

I personally really like Yukine as a character. Though some may hate him because he stung Yato really badly, but he learnt from his mistake and even put his life on the line for his master later in the series. If Yukine was not in the series and Yato just used Nora or Mayu as a Regalia I feel like it would have been less interesting, without someone to supervise Yato. I quite enjoy his sarcastic personality in contrast with Yato sometimes being playful, not to mention his design is quite charming, both in human and regalia form.

3 Bishamonten

She's one of my favourite female characters ever! Bishamon is a real badass, she's beautiful, kind, caring, she went out of her way to protect her Shinki, and despite being one of the strongest war gods out there, she's also one of the nicest. Her past is reallu interesting, and I like the nickname "Crazy Chick" Yato gave her

At first, I like Hiyori more (cause hse was introduced first and the main character and stuff) but now my favourite is Bisha.

4 Kofuku

She is definitely my favorite female next to bishamon my favorite male would have to be yukine. I also love nora. all and all this anime has great story and great characters so it is kind of hard to pick your top favorite of all

Has the best comic relief through out the series and ova. Not the most artistically detailed in most scenes but it shows her funny side

She is an adorable Fan girl. And the typical Teenage girl.

5 Hiyori

Honestly, I don't like her at all and I feel tired of all fans who worship her like she was the best anime character ever. Hiyori is very flawless; she is always kind, friendly, pure hearted, brave, intelligent, everything she says is right, she is smarter than gods (and shinki) who have lived for more than 1000 years, half of her school has a crush on her, Yato is obsessed with her etc. That's boring. All characters from the manga have some flaws and are complicated. Hiyori is a walking perfection. I feel tired of her, especially after the latest arc because honestly - she had absolutely nothing to do there. Everything was mostly about the gods and their shinki. Hiyori was there for fan service (showing panties while jumping etc). I also feel pissed off when I hear that Yato should marry her. Excuse me, but the closest person for every god should and is their guide post, not 16 years old school girls. Yato should work on his bonds with Yukine. Being obsessed over a teen girl is sick. He is 1000 years old immortal god and Hiyori needs to go back to her own life.

6 Kazuma

Kazuma's past was really intriguing and he's so loyal to Bishamon. He can be funny at times as well.

Such strength...trying so hard not to blight Bishamonten because he loves her

7 Daikoku

Daikoku is hilarious with his constant criticisms of Yato and how he constantly bickering with him but secretly caring for him all the same.

8 Rabo

Rabo is a character quite strong and misunderstood... It gives off more to the fact that the real villains aren't actually villains

Rabo seems quite misunderstood. I sympathizes with him quite a lot.

9 Nora

At the beginning of Noragami I used to hate Nora. But then, as the series goes on ( especially after season 2 ended ), I have to say that Nora has become one of my favourite characters ever! She's so misunderstood, she died so yound and cared for Yato so much, yet Father corrupted her. I truly feel sorry for her when Yato released her name.

10 Mayu
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11 Tenjin

Tenjin is the great hilarious fellow who secretly helps Yato behind Heaven's back! BROTP 4evah.

12 Ebisu

He seems like an antagonist at first, but later, he was shown to be a idealistic and respectable man who wanted to help humanity through ways others didn't think was possible.

13 Ichiya Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is a character in the anime and manga series "Fairy Tail," serving as the comic relief with his flamboyant personality and catchphrase, "Men!" He is the leader of the Blue Pegasus Guild's Trimens team and is known for his peculiar habit of sniffing and grading people's scents... read more

He was a good character in Noragami!

14 Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhart is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

I don't know what she's doing here but she's still best girl in aot. Fight me PLEASE.

15 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.
16 Minene Uryu
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