Best Christmas Gifts for Dad In 2014

What do you get for the guy who has everything? He doesn't need any more ties or aftershave and everything you think he wants you either can't afford or he already has.

Below are the best gifts you can get your dad that won't break the bank. Chances are he doesn't have this already and if he does, he'll want more.

The Top Ten

1 Nexus 5

Why a nexus 5 of all things

2 Guitar


3 Samsung Galaxy S5
4 Subscription to Overland Journal

This is the end-all of expedition magazines. product reviews, adventure/expedition stories... This will get him feeling both rugged and adventurous.

5 Leatherman Tool

Even if he isn't the handyman he wishes he was, carrying one of these around with him will sure make him feel like he is. Not the type of guy to carry a tool on his belt? Get him the smaller keychain version.

6 Samsung Galaxy Tablet

While this one is a bit more expensive, every guy loves gadgets. If he's an Apple lover then substitute for an iPad Air.

Hey I've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) which I've had for going on 5 months now. - Cazaam

A very good present to receive, father or not. - PositronWildhawk

7 Ugg Slippers

They're dumb. and they're for girls who don't have any idea what "self expression" is - username34

Like wearing a cloud on your feet. If he doesn't wear slippers now, he will start when he opens these babies. Warm and functional.

8 Xbox One

I don't know why people don't like Xbox one. It's basically the Xbox 360 but with more functions. - username34

Why would a dad want this

Who wouldn't want this?

It's a best thing that will happen to a kid.

9 Flannel Pajamas

Even if he isn't the type of guy to sleep in full pajamas, this will give him something to wear around the house while watching football on the weekends.

10 Sennheiser Headphones

Every bit as good quality as headphones 3 times the price. Still a classy enough look that he can wear them at the house or the office.

The Contenders

11 A Gun

The gun is for when Santa breaks into the house, again.

Most dads have multiple of these. - username34

My dad is a cop you know

12 iPhone 6

No but Apple phones are really easy to use and plus they are just awesome. Everyone wants an iPhone not a windows. So Apple has them topped.

I like iPhone and iPad. Because it is a most uses thing.

Windows phones are basically tiny touchscreen computers. top that Apple. - username34

Who ever said said that iPhones are the same and sumsung is better you suck. All of the new iPhones are faster and better. Also who cares about windows Apple can way over top that.

13 Wall Art

Something Vintage that matches his hobbies (golf, Star Wars, Cars, etc). If you feel so inclined, paint him an original work of art or take a photo and frame it for him.

14 Gym Punch Pass

Let's face it, if he already goes to the gym then get him a pinch pass for a different gym to add some variety. If he doesn't go, maybe this will help him work off some holiday weight.

15 Vodka
16 Aviator Sunglasses

Even if he wears prescription glasses, wearing a cool pair of these will be worth him getting contacts.

17 Locman Watch
18 Duffel Bag

Whether he needs a new gym bag or an overnight bag for work trips, guys love to store stuff in duffel bags. Rugged and useful.

19 Football

Go out and throw it with him, or if he is into any sport get him the components of it and show interest in it

My dad would hate a football (even though we are American). He would much rather a soccer ball

20 PlayStation 4

If my dad wasn't 57 I'd totally think about getting him one of these. He didn't even have Pong as a kid. Video games, sadly, aren't his thing. - BKAllmighty

Greatest gift that could possibly be given. - Lasvegasxavier

21 Coleman Grill
22 Chain Necklace

It'll make daddy gangsta!

Just a simple plain chain, gold or silver. Dads will love it! ^_^

23 Nokia Lumia 930

Is the best phone for everyone

24 Sports Jersey

Almost every dad has a favorite team. On game day, there's nothing better to wear around the house or to the field than your favorite team's Jersey. Just make sure you get the right size that will diminish rather than accentuate your dad's pot belly. - ignoble

25 HP Laptop
26 Coffee Mug
27 Bally Bag
28 Christmas Ornament
29 A Movie

A movie is a good way to BE HAPPY!

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